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Mark Borax' Cosmic Weather Report

2012: Ignition Point


Mark Borax' Cosmic Weather Report

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This was written end of May 2009 by Mark Borax, author of 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future.

Igniting Aquarius with the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Alpha-Omega (Chiron), and Neptune
Can you feel it in the wind? ...a tingling wave of cutting-edge transformation washing over the world.....Are you and those you know in the throes of the great galactic restlessness rising from this planet?

These are mighty times you've chosen to be alive in. Your truth is required in the Great Unmasking of Souls. Stories of lack, urge for control, disguises you've worn so long that you forgot you had them on; places you're trapped in there have to come up now to be cleared at this critical gateway of the ages. Another being lives inside the dull trapped one, a silvery-blue radiance that shines brighter when the way ahead is uncertain and we need to steer by inner light.

Jupiter, Alpha-Omega, and Neptune are now linked in the same degree of Aquarius, the most important celestial event in the millennium so far. This triple conjunction is our age's Star of Bethlehem, heralding the coming of the new. In this case the new is a long-foreseen Age of Human Liberation, Age of Aquarius. For centuries astrologers have been predicting this time as the great pivot point of humanity, the great turning from all-that-was to all-that-should be, the slow, maddening, inexorable crawl of our species from muck to enlightenment.

Whatever is in the way of igniting your fullest participation in this Choice Point of the ages, it is bound to come up now, and keep coming up until you witness your old fears as a karmic role you chose to play. Your crippling self-limits, the nagging critical voice in your head, your deepest demons and most dangerous dupes is a Friend you invited onto the Karmic Stage long ago. That role is a persona you took on in order to act out the shadow you've wrestled with through the ages. Deeper than those karmic dudes (or dudettes) is another part of you, dormant in recent centuries, the One Who Radiates Truth, and that one is being ignited by this triple conjunction.

With so many of the world's stories boiling off now like the dross of an oceanic essential oil, evaporating into the shared atmosphere, our alchemical mix reverses. Instead of being largely surface and slightly core, we become more essence and less artifice. Regardless of your birth sign, the Aquarian in you-the future being in you that your old self was an early prototype of, gets the go-ahead to come out, come out wherever you are. And even more, to come in, come in, come all the way in, to merge the scope of our lives with the power of the soul.

Jupiter rules our third eye, enabling us to see clairvoyantly, beyond the confines of the way things appear, into the way things are. When our vision is caught in the karmic filter of the past we get caught in the illusion of separateness. Seen through that filter we fail to ignite our full potential. We get snared in the ten thousandth replay of an old karmic melodrama.

When we dissolve that filter with the galactic laser beam of our third eye, (being amped up now by this threeway Jupiter blast) we recognize the role each thing plays in a grand design. Nothing is separate, not even ourselves. All is connected. Dowsed by this powerful celestial event, old stories have to change or die. Old structures fail. Old stories give way to deeper stories of the soul that were always hidden within them.

Is it any wonder tales of the previous age, the Age of Pisces (which began with Christ) are fighting for dear life? Tales of "My God is bigger than your God,"? or "you and your kind are different than us and must be feared," are fading. These three planets igniting Aquarius are freeing the dream of our species which has been sleeping for so long. The numbness is wearing off. The two thousand year Age of the Fishes is ending. A new star is rising in the east. We are gathering on a River of Time, where history unravels and the soul opens. Whatever is barring your entry into the bright future is bound to come up. Rumors of the new always threaten the old.

But if you dig down deeper than distortion you hit the pool of sparks; Aquarian knowingness that even the greatest darkness doesn't last forever, even the oldest stories of hate have an ending, and we're winging into a new corner of space where dreamers are needed to dream up a new world mythology.

Visionaries, wizards, priestesses, magicians, shamans, storytellers, time-travelers, heroes, bards, and fools are much-needed now. Join us by freeing yourself to creatively reimagine who you are and what great soul gift you have to offer at the turning of the ages.

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