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Susan Miller on Monster Moons, 2013

Getting Real with Partnerships


Astrologist Susan Miller attends the Henri Bendel celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Henri Bendel Boutique on September 10, 2010 in New York City.
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Editor's Note: This is (Part IV) of a conversation with Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. Here she explains "Monster Moons" and how hard aspects keep us moving forward.

Monster Moons

Susan Miller: The best day of the year is when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun (in Cancer) on June 19th (2013). And there’s a Monster Moon coming up.

We had one September 29th (in Aries) last year, 2012, and my Mother died on the 27th. I never thought I’d be the subject of a monster Moon, but there it was. We never knew she had Libra rising because there was some question about how they recorded it. But she had Libra rising at 4 degrees and it was opposite Uranus in her (Aries) 7th house and AND it was square Pluto.

This year we have a real horror of a monster Moon on March 27th It’s a very tightly calibrated Full Moon in Libra. And then we have a monster new Moon on October 3rd and those, I think are the two pressure points of the year.

Molly Hall: Susan, What’s a “Monster Moon?”

Susan : A monster Moon, well, when you look at March 27th, and I’ll show you the aspects (looks at ephemeris)…the Moon is exactly opposite Uranus AND exactly square Pluto; it’s exactly opposite Mars. Well, it is trine Jupiter and that’s the one thing that’s good. It’s at 7 degrees of Libra. So Jupiter is at 11 degrees (Gemini), so it’s within orb. But you know, opposite Mars, these are rough aspects. Opposite Uranus, it’s tough, tough, tough.

Molly : And it feels like there are going to be this shocks about who someone really is...on the personal and the macro level. The latter being people in the public eye.

Susan: Yes and this is in Libra. Who is your partner? Who is your business partner? Who is your love partner? These hard aspects are always on our side. It’s easy to forget that.

It’s info you need to protect yourself. And a lot depends on how you’ve been proceeding all along. Some people are much more realistic in their relationships than others.

Gift of these Shocks

If I had a dollar for every girl who told me that they stayed in a relationship, 6, 8 10 years hoping that the proposal would come. And it never did. So sometimes you have to create a situation where you say, “I’m going to leave if this is not going to lead somewhere.” If it's important to you. Not everybody wants to get married. Not everybody wants to have children, but some do.

These hard aspects kind of wake us up to it sooner. Ultimately, the universe wants us to be productive. I see it over and over...that our time on Earth has to count for something.

Sex with Meaning

Molly: I saw this comment the other day, related to the Super Bowl half time show -- a young woman wrote, "Sex is always in our face and it’s getting boring."

Susan: That’s because there’s nothing attached to it. There’s no expression of love. Yeah, some of the ads are really in your face.

Molly: I was thinking about Saturn in Scorpio and that sexuality may go through this shift in how it’s perceived. As something that should happen within a committed relationship.

Susan: Something more real.

Molly: And have a purpose.

Susan: I was thinking about love and looking closely at people around me. And sometimes the answer about love is driven by our behavior, not the other person’s behavior. And it’s totally unconscious. And you can see it – you can see it around you. That people are sending the message out that I don’t really want this relationship. And yet they’re hurt when the person leaves.

So we first have to square off our own intentions, our own expectations. And be clear to ourselves about what we hope will happen. And if it doesn’t, have the courage to keep moving on.

The number one question that people ask me is, "Can I have a baby?... at 40, 41, 42….43…you know, the door is closing. And I’m so worried." And I’m trying to prevent that. I hope girls start thinking about it a bit earlier. We got the education we always wanted, the jobs we always wanted but now there are new problems.


Valentine’s Day always seems like a litmus test for all of us. OK, here comes another one – no Valentine’s, no card, no chocolate...nobody in my life. And everybody grumbles, it’s a Hallmark holiday –- yes and no. It’s nice, if you are with someone you can have a lot of fun.

Molly: I try to think of something for the singletons, but I always feel like it sounds kinda trite. I just remember my own single Valentine’s and doing little things for myself.

Susan: I’ve heard of dinners of just single people …my daughter went to one in LA where her friend gave a dinner for 14 and there were men and women and they were all single. I thought that was a sweet thing to do. She said you never know, you might meet someone…and it was a sit down dinner.

I’m a proponent of going out. Nothings going to happen if you sit home. You know, go out with a couple of friends.

Molly: On the subconscious driving the experience, this just happened to a friend of mine. Her boyfriend broke up with her, but she admitted that she had been on some level driving him away. Luckily, she is able to see both sides.

Susan: Wow, she is really good if she can see both sides. That’s amazing. It’s hard.

Molly: Yeah, and I remember once, when I was so unhappy in this waitress job in NYC, and I went in the restroom, and I said, “Oh God, I just don’t want to work here anymore.” A couple of hours later, I was fired.

Susan: Isn’t that interesting… maybe you showed, ‘This has run its course.’ And you didn’t even know you were admitting -- or emitting –- those little signals.


Mollyl: And as we go into this water trine, I think there’s going to be a release of a lot of emotion that people have stuffed down. It could be the end of all this isolation. You know, going out with your anonymous mask on. I feel like it will bring a more humane feel to the public space.

Susan: You know, I think we’re more transparent than we think we are. I think sometimes people think they putting up a good front -- like I’m making a good salary – and I’m really progressing and I have a great guy...And the more pretending we have to do, with certain friends, the harder it gets to keep up that façade under stress. Under stress you can’t keep anything up. You’re just trying to get through the day. And all those facades start falling.

I think people can kind of see through them. Why can’t we just live honestly and say, Oh, I’m going through a hard time right now, my boss doesn’t earn enough to give me a raise and I have to make do. I don’t think we have to be something we’re not. I never under stood that, keeping up with the crowd. I’ve always been a bit of an outsider…because I had to be in the hospital all those years, I had home study. I never understood that whole keeping up (with peers) and I think it’s a waste of energy.

I hear about women who say, I can’t go out with him because he doesn’t make enough money. But just because he makes a lot now, he could lose his job. And is he nice? Is he good to you? Would he make a great father? Would he play with the children? Will he try to be a provider? Is he ambitious? Those to me, are better qualifiers

I was actually also shocked by the whole digital dating, where you put in how much you want the person to make. I was thinking, Whoah, that’s a bit personal. I didn’t know you could give a whole list of qualifiers. So I think, yes computers can help what we think we want …but maybe when we find what we think we want, we never wanted it to begin with.

Molly: It’s almost like dating from the outside in, rather than the inside out. Instead of meeting and seeing if there’s a resonance, you have this wish list and it’s almost like an online theatrical presentation. There you have the Neptune Pisces again.

Susan: Yes, and it's a shield against true intimacy. So that's why I think there's going to be a softening.

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