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Susan Miller on the Astrology of 2013


Susan Miller on the Astrology of 2013

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Editor's Note: Under the dark Moon in Aquarius (February 9th), I caught up with world-famous Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, who is headlining on the covers of both Japanese and French Vogue this month. Her international audience is growing, becoming a larger share of her overall readership. Her reach is vast, and yet, one-on-one, she's very accessible, and generous with personal stories and thoughts.

Her lively, free association style led to this series. This is an overview, see also Parts II on Neptune and 2013 Love Trends and Part III (coming soon) life's work. From Susan Miller:

Timing is Everything

This is one of those years where you have spectacular aspects, very, very close to difficult ones. I would say it’s a year when you have to carefully time your initiations. Because even from one day to the next could be the wrong day to do it.

Movable Feast

And I love the series of stelliums that we have – that crown of stars – these groups of planets, not so much in February, but in March, April and June. I’ve never seen so many of these clusters of stars in one sign. It’s almost like the year opened (2013) and the planets were having a party in Capricorn and they decided they didn’t really want to leave each other.

It’s almost like a movable feast. They had to get things done in February so they split up a little bit, but then they will gather together even more in March (in Aries). And then, they stay together all the way to June. And that’s when the universe really speaks clearly and gets us to really focus on things, and get things done.

And I think there’s real progress with these stelliums. You know sometimes we have so many opportunities, we run in different directions, but here, the universe is giving us a blueprint.

So we don’t have it as much in the second half of the year, but we do have it in November. But of course Saturn’s got his fingerprints over everything in early November. So the first half of the year is very special, but the very finest part of the year comes this summer.

Golden Triangle

This summer there’s a beautiful golden triangle I call it, to my readers, a trine, of water (sign) planets. On July 16th and 17th, you’ve got Neptune, Mars and Jupiter there and the Sun gets involved too. It’s glorious! And we haven’t had anything that good for so long.

You start to feel the energy in the beginning of June and then it goes to the beginning of August. You know we all deal with bell curves. You start feeling it, start feeling optimistic, and it grows and grows until the middle of July, and then there’s some glow left after it – I would say to the first week in August there’s still some stardust around.

Gift to the Weary

And this is kind of a gift. Because we’re all, well, a little weary from the pounding of the cardinal planets. You know the cardinal cross that’s been in place for several years and with the most obvious manifestation.

You have four planets sitting at a card table having lunch – a square table – and usually they get along and lately, they’re not. And each one is saying, “Don’t talk to me about helping out….talk to somebody else.” This is what you see in (the United States) Congress.

That cardinal cross is so manifested in an inability to get along with other people But sooner or later that will dissipate. But not right away. It’s a little bit better this year – we don’t have as many planets mad at each other as we had a couple of years ago. So things are moving in the right direction, but we still have to be patient.

I’m a little concerned about the beginning of July, for the United States chart because I think the United States is 13 degrees and Uranus is at 12, and Pluto is going back and forth between 10 and 11. So around the 4th of July there could be problems. There could also be problems May 20th and November 1st. And that’s the Uranus-Pluto, a very difficult aspect.

Last year, I was worried about possible terrorism, but what happened was James Holmes, the man with the orange hair in Aurora, Colorado, that was the manifestation of that same aspect. And later in September, we had that same aspect and that was Libya (attack on the embassy). And these aspects show up weak links, things we have to sow up tighter, have discussions about, decide what we want to do to prevent things like this from happening again.

Uranus and Pluto will be having a dispute this year on may 20th and November 1st (exact square). So we have to keep our antennae up. And see what’s presented, that’s all we can do.

Editor's Note Read more about the Uranus-Pluto Square (2012 to 2016).

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