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Venus-Saturn Trine

Love's Gravity


This transit creates harmony in relationships that comes from being grounded in the real needs of the other. It's one for helping in some practical way, or collaborating on some task requiring patience and endurance. This transit favors barn-raising kinds of activities, where the end result of happy effort is a practical boost to someone's life. Venus rules the arts, and Saturn's harmonious meeting helps artists get serious about their gift, and make it real in the day-to-day. It's a fleeting transit that reconnects you to that daily commitment.

Saturn shows us limitations, the boundaries of what's possible with the given resources. During the Venus-Saturn trine, friends or co-workers offer support for specifiic tasks, and these kinds of projects move forward step-by-step. Friends give tough love if you're straying from your purpose, or shirking responsibilities. Allies guide you toward making the best use of your skills and time. Couples may find it easier to sit down and face their shared financial situation. Venus rules money, and Saturn's presence helps us be realistic, and work within a set budget. And some lovers may find that now is the time to seal the deal. The Saturn-Venus trine has us taking a sober look at who's beside us. This transit casts a general mood of gratitude, and responsibility, for those that 'deal' with life alongside us.

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