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Apocalypse Tips


It's a word that gets bandied about a lot these days. If you consider that "Apocalypse" means unveiling, then it's easier to see our age as a time of novelty (new) events and bam, bam, bam revelations that rock our world. Many sages and wise ones see this as a time of opportunity to quickly blow through karma and experiment with new kinds of power. Here are some perspectives on chaos, tuning in, and staying in wonder that I've found inspiring.

1. Do Your Own Dance

Rob Brezny writes Free Will Astrology horoscopes, proving that 'scopes can be enlightening. If I could have one astrology book during the "apocalypse," his book, Pronoia, an Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World is Conspiring To Shower You With Blessings, would be it.

In it, he writes that we're given catalyst events -- break-ups, loss of purpose, etc., as doorways for rebirth.

He writes, "Seeded inside each of these personal turning points is the crux of the evolving global apocalypse: You get to choose whether you'll adjust by taking a path that keeps you aligned with the values of the dying world or else a path that helps you resonate with what's being born."

2. Get a Dog

The writer Kurt Vonnegut saw the inhumanity of war as a young POW in Dresden, Germany during WWII. He was a Scorpio (ruled by death-dealing Pluto), who never forgot witnessing a jewel of Europe being turned to ashes. He lamented the hideous waste -- Scorpios hate waste -- of war spending, and wondered how it'd be if that money went to education and libraries. But even with dark themes, his writing emerged from the soul of a humorist (Moon in Leo).

In his very last speech in 2007, he said, "And how should we behave during this Apocalypse? We should be unusually kind to one another, certainly. But we should also stop being so serious. Jokes help a lot. And get a dog, if you don't already have one."

3. Keep Listening

We can all learn to listen more deeply to messages. But it's not easy. It means finding a way to quiet the static of thoughts, so you can hear the deeper currents. Author Sandra Ingerman writes in her August 09 Transmutation Newsletter: "I am sure you can see that changes keep increasing and getting more dramatic. And it is so important to follow your inner wisdom and guidance right now. It is essential in order to thrive to watch omens, trust your deep inner feelings, keep listening to the inner messages you are getting."

Her advice is to tune into the elements in simple ways, and let them carry you past mundane thoughts. Sit near a river or waterfall; let fresh breezes clear your mind; gaze into a fire or candle; perch on a hilltop.

4. Cut out the Middleman

We're moving from an age of looking to spiritual authority figures, to going straight to the Source ourselves. It's not an easy transition, but there's an awakening underway that reminds each of us of our divine power. Linda Howe teaches people how to access the Akashic records, said to be the etheric history of the soul. She said recently, "It's the karmic imperative of our time to have a conscious relationship with our own soul."

Anything that opens and strengthens that relationship helps you now, since it reminds you that you're eternal. Your birth chart is a guide to that cosmic connection. Ways to tune in are through meditation, being in nature, yoga or an artistic practice.

5. See it as a Time of Speedy Karma-Cleansing

A lot of people are experiencing a spiritual crisis, where old wounds are rising to the surface. Author-Astrologer Mark Borax writes that we're called to push on through centuries of shadow and karma, so we can be set free, and take part in the "new age." He wrote recently, "Your crippling self-limits, the nagging critical voice in your head, your deepest demons and most dangerous dupes is a Friend you invited onto the Karmic Stage long ago. That role is a persona you took on in order to act out the shadow you've wrestled with through the ages. Deeper than those karmic dudes (or dudettes) is another part of you, dormant in recent centuries, the One Who Radiates Truth..."

This is a path of making healing and letting go a top priority.

6. Take the Historical View

It's upsetting for many to see a dramatic loss of home value or that the 401K is now a 1K (forgot which comedian said that). Astrologer Richard Nolle wrote last year that "money is a way of valuing what's important to humans, and without it there's no accountability, no responsibility - ultimately, only anarchy. And the money, in a word, is gone." We're in that in-between time of not knowing what stuff is worth, or what to invest in.

But Nolle doesn't buy into apocalyptic thinking. He writes, "I’m no prophet of doom, because I know better. The fall of Rome may have seemed like the Apocalypse at the time; but all it really was, was a change of management." In this vulnerable in-between, we all can play a role in the re-structuring.

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