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Venus in Libra


What You're Like...:

If your Venus is in Libra, you're easy to be with, and a dynamic talker. You've got good manners, and show balanced consideration across the board, like leaving a fair tip in the restaurant. You're graceful, charming, an elegant dresser, and probably don't like to say cuss words. Sometimes you veer toward people-pleasing, which can look empty if only meant to avoid an argument.

Quality and Element:

In Love and Romance:

You're a true romantic at heart, and thrive when in a committed, loving partnership. Even if you seem emotionally detached, you're prone to quickly merging lives, and sometimes it's too much, too soon. You're looking for someone with whom to be more than the sum of your parts. You'll instinctively know if a potential lover balances you out, makes you better. At home, you like a calm, pleasing environment. If you press against your mate, it'll likely be because you see room for improvement. Like with Libra in other planets, this Venus is able to unlock the sexual passion of others.

Friendship Style:

At the party, you're the one taking the tray of cosmos around, and simultaneously introducting people to each other with the ease of a social pro. Your mind is clear, so friends value your insights and advice. When it come to the give and take, you'll make sure things are balanced, and will make it right if it isn't. You're drawn to stylish and smart friends that will make you look good, too.

Creative Expression:

Your flair for language could lead you into writing, making speeches, drafting policies, acting, etc. Your social finesse helps you grease the wheels in any profession, and get you ahead, especially in sales or business in general. Consider going into a partnership or collaborating, since you thrive when working in tandem.

The Big Attraction:

You've got style, and you know it. You know how to put people at ease, and this quickly endears you to a potential partner. As part of a twosome, you're at home, and this can make the other feel like part of something intimate and special. You're witty, mentally clear and tactful. You know when to move in, and when to create distance. In the bedroom, you're gifted at creating a romantic mood, and will likely go for all the enhancers -- candles, music, silk sheets, fresh flowers.

Winning Your Heart:

You respond to the power of someone's ideas, and love to be wowed by smart people. You're looking for the total package, and may seem detached while sizing up a potential mate. You're drawn to good-looking, intelligent, well-mannered people and will feel cheated if you think you've settled for less. You admire those that champion the cause of justice, and are turned off by snobby, brash or arrogant people.

Famous People with Venus in Libra:

Grace Kelly, Pablo Picasso, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, Elvis Costello, Tim Robbins, Prince Charles, Sean Connery, Georgia O'Keefe
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