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Venus in Aries Women


Venus in Aries Women

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In the Company of Men

Venus in Aries women are at home with men, and may even prefer their company. Her Venus is Mars-ruled, adding raw spice to her everything nice. She's the one with many men friends. That doesn't mean she's not feminine. Oh no. She's a fiery brand of feminine, that's direct and forceful.

Some with this Venus have typically male interests. She finds meaning in life (Venus) through active, head-on challenges ( Aries). She's vivacious and overt with her sexuality. A twist is when you discover she's a competitive kick-boxer, or has a death-defying bucket list. If you're the adventurous type, she's for you!

She desires to fall for someone that's his own man. She's attracted to Aries traits of courage to take risks and confidence. A cocksure male with a bit of swagger and hint of the fighter is for her. She finds it pleasurable to test her own mettle against another. She'll need a mate that's willing to give as good as he gets.

What Venus Aries Women are Looking For
  • The rush of new love. Sometimes she's easily bored after the initial excitement.
  • The thrill of being at the edge. She's not looking for balance -- for her, being tilted forward into new experiences is where she's at home.
  • A take charge mate. She's an initiator in love, but will appreciate a lover with bold moves.
  • Friction. Her creativity thrives in an atmosphere of provocation. She's not daunted by arguments, on the contrary, she comes alive in a vigorous debate.
  • Competition. She's keen to win. Sometimes this is playful and endearing -- other times, it's relentless, aggressive or tiring.

Aries is a cardinal sign, meaning she goes after what she wants! It's the first dash out of the gate, and that's the energy she brings to love, with Venus here. As a lover, she's the spirit of Spring!

Keeping her interest means providing that level of charge. That means being quick on the draw, with fresh ideas and suggestions of things to do together. She enjoys dates that are physically active, over a passive night at the cinema.

She'll stay piqued by someone with their own irons in the fire. Perhaps it's best not to be too available, to promote your image as someone with a full life. This also gives her a chance to play the role of huntress.

She'll lose interest, if you unload your insecurities too soon. We all have them, but her way is to "act as if" and face fears like a charging ram. She's allured by those with a similar brave face, even when she senses the vulnerability underneath. She's more likely to admire those who act in the face of fear. And it's better to demonstrate this, than talk about it.

Solo She-a

The Venus Aries woman is happy being solo mia. She might find it challenging to merge lives, with all the compromises that brings. A Venus Aries woman gets edgy when boxed in, and that brings out her combative side.

A remedy is to keep something of her independence. For example, even in a committed marriage, she'll enjoy solo travel every now and then. Or a chance to spend time gaining new skills with a hobby.

I know one Venus Aries woman who often feels stuck. This conflicted feeling can come from having Mars ruling Venus -- it's a vibe of the yang creative thrust in the realm of aesthetic tastes, relating and money. She looks for outlets, to be prolifically creative, to initiate new plans for abundance, and take risks in love.

Her love style is sometimes at odds with the ideal of womanhood. That's why a Venus Aries woman really shines, with someone who "gets" that she's brash and a real spitfire, but also desires to open her heart to someone she trusts. It takes a man (or person) that's sure of his masculinity, to embrace these traits, and to make her feel womanly.

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