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Astrology: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
When (2014 Dates) and What's Up During the...
The wonky, revelatory and sometimes high strangeness of the phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde, with dates for the current year.
Birth Chart Calculator
Enter your birth data for a free Astrology chart.: birth chart calculator january february march april january february march birth data february march april
Mercury's Last Retrograde for 2014 -- What's...
Final Mercury Retrograde for 2014 -- First Scorpio, Then Libra -- Clearing Psychic-Emotional Splatter -- Weighing Binding Agreements -- Oct 4th to 26th, 2014.
What Role Does the Air Element Play in Astrology?
The air signs - Libra, Aquarius and Gemini - relationship compatibility and traits.
Which Zodiac Signs Are a Love Match?
Zodiac Signs in Love -- Love Astrology in Broad Strokes -- Sun Signs and Attraction -- Dating Tips -- Love Matches for Every Zodiac Sign
Scorpio New Moon 2014 - What's the Forecast?
An extraordinary Scorpio new Moon and eclipse turning point, to die to the old and begin anew, October 23rd, 2014.
What Role Does the Fire Element Play in...
Traits of the fire element, and its love compatibility with other elements (earth, air water).
What Is the Role of the Water Element in...
The Water element - Zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - love compatibility, traits.
What a Cancer Man Is Really Like
A Mama's boy and at home in the company of women, a loving and protective father, a sensitive soul in a man's body.
What Role Does the Earth Element Play in...
The Earth element - Zodiac signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo - love compatibility and traits.
How to Win the Heart of a Scorpio Man
Some general tips for winning the heart of the Scorpio man.
The Must-Know Attributes of Each Zodiac Sign
The twelve Zodiac signs (Aries to Pisces) and their stand-out attributes, and peculiarities.
New Moon Magic: How to Start Your Own Monthly...
The New Moon is a time to plant seeds for the future, an energetic doorway to pull in what you'd like to make real in your life.
How to Win the Heart of the Capricorn Man
Love sobriety, man in the cave, old-fashioned courtship....some suggestions for winning favor with the Capricorn man.
How to Win the Leo Man's Heart
All Done Up -- The Queen and her Bad-Boy King -- the Lion in Love -- Winning the Leo Man's Heart
What It's Like to Love an Aquarius Man?
Aqua man follows his own moral code, is ultra private and a fan of the freaky and experimental.
Time to Grow Up and Get Real: The Saturn Return
An explanation of the Saturn Return, the life transition that brings restructuring, and often lots of change.
How an Eclipse Impacts the Houses of Astrology
Eclipse happenings (solar and lunar) through the houses with forecast possibilities.
How to Win the Heart of a Libra Man
Serial monogamist, romantic, a natural in partnership -- notes on the Libra Man.
What's Your (Sun) Sign?
Hey Baby, What's Your Sign? Dates change every year, but here are the time frames for each Zodiac Sign.
What's So Loveable About Gemini Guys?
Some hot tips on Sex, Love and the Gemini guy -- laughing and talking in bed, nervous ticks, metrosexual, erotic poetry and games.
What a Pisces Male Really Wants
The Pisces male -- a short take from your guide and readers' astro swap meet!
How to Make an Aries Fall For You
Let him test his mettle as the hero, be cock-of-the-walk and fight hard, play hard.
How to Win the Heart of a Strong-Minded Taurus...
Some tips on how to seduce the Bull and prove that you're a worthy investment.
How to Win the Heart of a Capricorn Woman
Handsome with classic style, vixen by night, bawdy humor....suggestions to win favor with the Capricorn woman.
How to Win the Heart of a Scorpio Woman
Some advice on drawing the magnetizing eyes and respecting the emotional range of the Scorpio girl/woman.
What Happens when Mercury and Other Planets...
Planets in Retrograde - 2014 dates and What to Expect during Retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Why the Scorpio-Capricorn Pair Makes Such a...
Embedded Love -- Security Clearance Needed -- Earth and Water = Sensuality - Read Dozens of Scorpio-Capricorn Love Stories
Virgo and Libra Relationship: Will It Last?
Analyzer meets Envelope-Pusher -- Solitude-Lover vs. Total Togetherness -- Love Compatibility for Virgo and Libra.
Read the Horoscope for Mercury Retrograde (June...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Cancer to Gemini
What to Know About a Virgo-Scorpio Relationship
Souls of Discretion -- Clean or Down and Dirty - Healers of a Different Stripe - Read Dozens of Virgo-Scorpio Love Stories
Scorpio and Pisces Love Match: Meant to Last?
Mystical and Sensual -- Magnetic Attraction -- Love in the Deep End. Read Dozens of Scorpio-Pisces Love Stories
How to Win Over a Virgo Man
Be punctual, free of stains or smells, and exude sincerity -- win the Virgo man.
What You Need to Know About the Cardinal Signs
The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are Way Showers, edgy (living at the edge), initiators and leaders.
Scorpio and Aquarius: Is It a Match?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Upside: loyal
What a Libra Male Really Wants
The Libra Man -- A short take from your guide and readers' astro swap meet!
Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman: Is It a Love...
Love Match - Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman
What Is a New Moon Ritual?
Here are some ideas for welcoming the new Moon, and using it's energy to manifest change in your life.
How You Can Win Over a Libra Woman
No vulgarity, elegant first dates, admire her bright mind, classy style a plus -- Go on, attract that Libra woman!
Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman: Will It Work?
Love Scenes: Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman
Scorpio and Sagittarius: A Match Meant to Last?
Truth Tellers - Water + Fire = Steam - Read Scorpio-Sagittarius Love Stories
How to Win Over a Sagittarius Man
The Player of the Zodiac -- High Stamina -- Eternal Student -- Attracted to Smart and Vital -- Win the Heart of the Sagittarius Man
What Are the Fixed Signs in Astrology, and Why...
An overview of the fixed signs in astrology, which are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus, and how they engage with the world.
How to Win the Heart of an Aries Woman
Don't be boring, predator and prey, flashing red emotional life...some tips to win the Aries woman.
Venus in Scorpio: What You Need in Love and...
A profile of Venus in Scorpio, with the love and friendship style, along with famous examples.
What Happens When 2 Scorpios Get Together?
Soul Merge - Loyal and Deep in It - Transforming Together -- Read Dozens of Scorpio-Scorpio Love Stories
The Secret to Winning a Leo Woman
Born at Summer's peak, when fruit is Sun kissed and ripe with flavor, the Lioness is juicy and big in every way (espectially her hair).
Solar Eclipse
This mega New Moon is a harbinger of endings/beginnings, and will impact you most where it falls in the birth chart.
How to Win the Wily Gemini Man
Some tips on romancing the Gemini man.
Where Can You Find Free Birth Charts? 3 Great...
These three astrology sites offer free, easy-to-read birth charts with insightful interpretations.
What Are the Mutable Signs in Astrology?
An overview of the mutable signs in astrology, which are Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, and how they engage with the world.
Leo and Aquarius: A Social Love Match?
Best Friends and Lovers - The One or The Many - Read Dozens of Leo-Aquarius Love Stories
Find Your Zodiac Sign and Element in the...
Find your birth year, which tells you the Sign and Element (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire Earth or Water). The dates are for that year in the Chinese calendar.
What It Takes to Win a Sagittarius Woman
The running and photographing scene from Jim Carrey's Yes Man, make her laugh, keep it light - tips for catching the moving eye of the Sagittarius woman.
Cancer and Scorpio: Will Your Love Match Sink...
Armor or Amour? -- Total Immersion or Tossed About on the Sea of Drama -- Read Dozens of Cancer-Scorpio Love Stories
In Love with a Scorpio? Read These Dos and Don'ts
Three dozen plus tips when getting to know Scorpio as a possible love interest.
Everything You Need to Know about the Venus in...
Traits of the Venus in Taurus man - loves, attractions, life pleasures.
Why Libras and Scorpios Work So Well Together
Love Plunge vs Skimming the Surface - Read Dozens of Libra-Scorpio Love Stories
Are an Aries Man and a Leo Woman Compatible?
Queen and Her Knight - Play Hard, Fight Hard - Combustible -- Readers Share Love Stories
Venus into Scorpio - The Love Forecast
Love and friendship is tested, what's real at the core remains -- Venus in Scorpio.
Gemini and Cancer: A Funny Kind of Love?
Odd Couple -- So Close, But... Gemini and Cancer Compatibility - Readers Share Love Stories
Libra and Pisces: Love Match or Flirty Fling?
Haute romance - Venus and Neptune - Enchantment or Black Magic? - Read Dozens of Libra-Pisces Love Stories
Gemini and Scorpio: Could It Be a Match?
Security Clearance Needed -- Love Compatibility for Gemini and Scorpio - Readers Share Love Stories
Leo and Scorpio: A Fire and Ice Love Match?
Love Compatibility for Leo and Scorpio - Readers Share Love Stories
Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man: Will Love Prevail?
Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility, and readers share experiences with this match-up.
How to Win the Heart of an Aquarius Woman
How to win the fiercely independent heart (and mind) of the Aquarius Woman.
The Passionate Love of a Leo and Libra
High Romance - Adoration and Applause - False Flattery or Sincere - Read Dozens of Leo-Libra Love Stories
How to Win the Heart of a Pisces Woman
Some notes on the bewitching Pisces woman, and tips on winning her hand and heart.
Saturn Scorpio in the Houses - Your Forecast...
A forecast for Saturn in Scorpio transiting the houses -- where soulforce and soulmates work their magic. Page 2.
How to Win the Heart of a Pisces Man
Some notes on winning the heart of the enigmatic Pisces man.
Can Libra and Capricorn Make It in Love?
Authoritarians and Diplomats -- Walking the Talk - Sensual Earth and Airy Venusian - Read Dozens of Love Stories
How Can You Win the Heart of a Cancer Woman?
Some notes on how to cozy up to the Cancer woman.
Tips for Loving an Aquarius
Some love tips when getting to know Aquarius.
The Love Style of the Venus Virgo Man
Traits of the Venus Virgo man, a lover with very particular tastes.
What's So Appealing About Aries?
What's sexy about Aries? Astrology.
Why a Virgo and Pisces Make a Loving Couple
A Heavenly-Earthly Blend - Devoted Lovers - Mystical and Physical Sensitivity - Read Dozens of Virgo-Pisces Love Stories
Aries and Taurus: Timeless Match or Time Bomb?
Rocket-Fast and Slow-as-Dirt -- Restless and Settled -- Mars and Venus -- Love Compatibility for Aries and Taurus - Readers Share Love Stories
Taurus and Aquarius: Will This Relationship Last?
Love Hook -- Dueling World Views -- Earth and Sky -- Love Compatibility for Taurus and Aquarius
Why Taurus and Pisces Can Make a Great Love Match
Languid Ecstasy -- Swamplands Alert -- Venus and Neptune -- Love Compatibility for Taurus and Pisces - Readers Share Love Stories
Should a Gemini Date Another Gemini?
Twinsies -- Mind Games -- Always Learning -- Gemini and Gemini - Readers Share Love Stories
When an Eclipse Zaps a Natal Planet
An eclipse (degree) that matches a planet (or stellium of planets) has a big impact. What's your forecast?
Virgo and Aquarius: An Odd Couple?
Particular Tastes - Private - High Standards - Read Dozens of Virgo-Aquarius Love Stories
Do Taurus and Capricorn Make the Perfect Power...
Something Real -- Sensual Chillaxing -- Love Compatibility for Taurus and Capricorn - Readers Share Love Stories
Eclipse Dates to 2014
Dates and degrees for solar and lunar eclipses in the years 2006 to 2014.
Is the Cancer and Virgo Love Match a Sure Thing?
Crave-Fear Commitment -- Touchy and Feely -- Hopefully Devoted -- Love Compatibility for Cancer and Virgo - Readers Share Love Stories
How to Win Over the Fun-Loving Gemini Woman
Some notes on how to win the heart of the changeling Gemini woman.
Virgo and Capricorn: A Sweet Love Match?
Earthy Goodness -- Character Driven -- Big and Little Mountains to Climb -- Love Compatibility for Virgo and Capricorn - Readers Share Love Stories
Why Jupiter is the "Lucky Star" in Astrology
The good vibes of the planet Jupiter lead to organic unfolding, helpful friends and big growth surges.
Playful Sagittarius and Serious Capricorn: Is...
Deep and Wide -- Attitude Adjustments -- Something Real -- Jupiter and Saturn -- Love Compatibility for Sagittarius and Capricorn
Capricorn and Aquarius: Is It a Match?
Order and Chaos - Walking the Talk - Traditional or Unconventional -- Read Capricorn-Aquarius Love Stories
Gemini and Capricorn: Compatible for Love?
Light and Dark Humor - Comic/Karmic Relief - Junior-Senior Partners -- Read Dozens of Gemini-Capricorn Love Stories
Why the Planety Mercury Is So Important in...
An overview of the planet Mercury in astrology, and its influence on the mind and communication.
Libra and Aquarius: Are They Compatible?
In Love with the Ideal -- High-Minded - Social Charm - Shared Idealism - Read Dozens of Libra-Aquarius Love Stories
Cancer and Capricorn: Is It a Love Match?
Zodiac Opposites -- Hard Exterior, Soft and Sensual in the Middle - Read Dozens of Cancer-Capricorn Love Stories
How the Ruling Planets Influence Your Zodiac Sign
A list of the Ruling Planets and their associated Zodiac signs.
What Is the Dark Moon?
A look at this powerful time when the lunar face is hidden, a time of rest, reflection and preparation for the new beginning.
Meet Scorpio, the Scorpion Sign of the Zodiac
The Zodiac sign of the scorpio, with traditional associations (October 23 to November 22).
What's the Dark Side of Gemini?
Gemini Dark Side: Weaponized Humor, Two Faced - Duplicity, Evil Genius - Share Your Experience
What It Means If Your Moon Is in Scorpio
The Scorpio Moon person is secretive (private), intense in love with an instinct for inside-out change.
Cancer and Pisces: Is It a Love Match?
Dream or Nightmare - Crab Takes the Lead - Moon and Neptune = Crazy in Love -- Read Dozens of Cancer-Pisces Love Stories
What Does It Take to Win a Taurus Woman's Heart?
Some insights on the earthy, sensual Taurus woman.
All About Virgo, the Zodiac Sign of the Virgin
Traditional associations (birthstones, flowers, colors) for Virgo, with Sun sign dates August 23 to September 23rd.
How to Win Over the Virgo Woman
Some notes on how to win the eternal devotion of the Virgo woman.
What is Astrology?
Understanding the ancient art, and its esoteric (woo woo) and practical uses through time.
9 Things to Know About Mars in Astrology
An overview of Mars (sex drive, ambition, motivation, vitality) in astrology, and its influence on how we go after what we want.
What It Means If Your Venus Is in Gemini
Venus in Gemini (profile): a big flirt, light and funny, enjoys variety in friendships.
The Planets - What Do They Represent in...
A look at the big players in astrology -- the planets!
Rising Signs -- Your First Impression on the...
Rising signs give you valuable intel about how others see You; it's also your 'vehicle' (energy) for engaging with the world.
Sun in Scorpio
Sun in Scorpio plays with power, is stealthy, craves deep intimacy and catharsis; Jeff Buckley, Russell Means, Bjork.
Taurus and Virgo: A Practical Magic Match?
Earth School Romance -- Practical Magic -- Love Compatibility for Taurus and Virgo - Readers Share Love Stories
Aries and Cancer Love Match: Call of the Wild
Call and Response -- Mars and the Moon -- Love Compatibility for Aries and Cancer - Readers Share Love Stories
What It Means If Your Venus Is in Virgo
Traits of Venus in Virgo, a discriminating lover who prefers all-natural pleasures.
What Happens When an Aquarius Falls for Another...
Friends First -- Apex Twins -- Busting Taboos -- Love Compatibility for Aquarius and Aquarius -- Readers Share Stories
Aries and Scorpio: Romantic Thriller?
Conquests in Love -- Romantic Thriller -- Love Compatibility for Aries and Scorpio - Readers Share Love Stories
Venus in Capricorn and What It Means for You
A profile of Venus in Capricorn, with a description of the love and friendship style, along with famous examples.
Are You a Venus in Aries? Get Your Complete...
Venus in Aries (profile): a lover and a fighter, an alpha in friendship who thrives at the creative edge.
The Moon in Astrology - Your Secret Side?
An overview of the influence of the Moon in astrology.
Taurus and Libra: A Pleasure-Seeking Love Match
Two Venusians (Earth and Air) -- The Real and the Ideal -- Love Compatibility for Taurus and Libra - Readers Share Love Stories
Leo and Pisces: Are They Compatible?
Center Stage or Behind the Scenes - Drama and Mystery - Read Dozens of Leo-Pisces Love Stories
Taurus and Scorpio: Do Opposites Attract?
Possessive and Obsessive -- the Seductive Arts -- Love Compatibility for Taurus and Scorpio
Cancer and Sagittarius: Can Opposites Attract?
Sparks Fly - Freedom and Dependence - Adventures and Love of Home - Read Dozens of Love Stories
Why the Zodiac Signs Are Known as Cardinal,...
An overview of what's known as the Qualities in astrology, which are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable and descriptions of each.
All You Need to Know about 2013's Mercury...
A heads-up about Mercury in retrograde (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) for 2013, with dates and insights on each cycle.
How Venus Controls Your Astrological Love Life
Insights about Venus, the planet of love, money and creativity.
Love Match - Leo and Virgo
Love Compatibility for Leo and Virgo - Readers Share Love Stories
Gemini and Pisces: Is It a Love Match?
Trance Dancing -- Costume Changes -- A Short Whirlwind When There's No Trust - Read Dozens of Gemini-Pisces Love Stories
Is Your Moon in Aquarius? Learn What It Says...
The Aquarius Moon person is instinctively odd, and accepting of the freaky side of others.
Venus in Libra
A profile of Venus in Libra, with the love and friendship style, along with famous examples.
Cancer and Leo: Could It Be a Match?
Sun and Moon -- Show Time -- Different Kinds of Attention Seekers -- Child at Heart -- Love Compatibility for Cancer and Leo - Readers Share Love Stories
Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Saturn
An overview of the planet Saturn in astrology, and its hard-won lessons of discipline, authority and perseverance.
Mercury Retrograde in Birth Chart
Were you born when Mercury was retrograde? In what ways do you live in an altered state (of mind)?
Venus Taurus Love Attractions
Venus in Taurus is always slipping into something more comfortable (and natural), and is a sensualist.
Are Gemini and Aquarius Compatible?
Anything Goes -- Love Glue -- Social Creatures - Lovers of Variety - Read Gemini-Aquarius Love Stories
Capricorn and Pisces: Do Opposites Attract?
Enduring Love - Patience to Move Mountains - Worldly or Wise -- Read Dozens of Capricorn-Pisces Love Stories
Cancer and Libra: Do Opposites Attract?
Submarine and Hovercraft -- Togetherness -- Edgy Irritability or Love Tension? -- Love Compatibility for Cancer and Libra - Readers Share Love Stories
What the Transit of Saturn Scorpio Means for You
Saturn is transiting Scorpio (2012 to 2014), for intense teachings that reach deep into the soul and psyche.
What Makes Pisces So Elusive and Mysterious?
The goods (gems, flowers, colors) on Pisces, the sign of the Fishes, the Zodiac sign that includes all twelve.
What a Full Moon in Scorpio Might Mean for You
Some thoughts on the upcoming full Moon in Scorpio, current for this year.
Do Libra and Gemini Make the Perfect Social...
Pillow Talk -- High Fliers -- Party People -- Love Compatibility for Gemini and Libra - Readers Share Love Stories
Lucky Jupiter into Virgo -- A Future that Makes...
Getting Crafty -- Adding Skills -- Seeking Sanity -- Earth Energies Lead the Way -- What Makes Sense? Jupiter in Virgo Themes (2015 to 2016)
Leo and Capricorn: Odd Couple?
Love Compatibility for Leo and Capricorn - Readers Share Love Stories
What the Venus in Aquarius Love Style Is Like
Traits of Venus in Aquarius, a freedom lover with eccentric tastes.
Why Everything Begins with the Sun Sign in...
The meaning of the Sun sign in astrology, as a guiding force that makes the biggest impression.
Enchanting Companions: Sagittarius and Pisces
Over Land and Sea - Playful and Free -- Read Dozens of Sagittarius-Pisces Love Stories
What Makes Taurus and Leo a Strong Match?
Hedonists and Artists -- Empire-Builders -- Love Glue -- Love Compatibility for Taurus and Leo
February's Mercury Retrograde in Pisces/Aquariu...
First retrograde of 2014 starts February 6th (to 28th) in Pisces, then back into Aquarius -- fixed beliefs swirl and dissolve, seeing emotional matrices and memes, choosing freedom.
The Unique Role of Uranus in Astrology
An overview of Uranus in astrology and its association with sudden upheaval and revolution.
Sun in Leo
A profile of the Sun in Leo with a list of famous examples.
What Role Does Pluto Play in Astrology?
An overview of Pluto in astrology and its powers of destruction and creation.
Venus in Cancer
Traits of of Venus in Cancer, the family-as-friends and sentimental lover.
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