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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Aquarius-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Aquarius-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

Pisces Woman & Aquarius Man

It started off as a long distance relationship. Then eventually I moved to his city. Living with an Aquarius man was interesting not only was he secretive but he would cheat on me. I didnt see it coming, and now it shows how cold hearted Aquarius Men get the reputation to be so. He caused me so much heartache, but I ended up taking him back because I love him. The journey was such a heartache I have never felt before yet now the Love is pure amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. My advice is be his friend first. Aquarius men need you to bond with them as friends before they can securely call you their lover.
—Guest Beautiful Fish

pisces woman & Aquarius man

I meet my Aquarius man a week before my birthday. since then its been a roller coaster. we argue for the little things .. but as time goes by I notice he fights with me for my own good .. I as pisces have a lot of bad habits .. when im in dream mode I completly cast him out .. as tho I need space he also needs hes space.. I also notice dealing with him I nees to be careful .. hes like a bomb sometimes and will go off and be detached ... the way I resolve this is by being affectionet with him .. if I get no reponse I pull away.. and he comes ceawling back.. I love him & we will get married in a few months .. as a pisces I sacrafice alot to be with him because its my nature .. but he also tends to accomodate me. I may not get the lovely dovey fiance that I crave but I get the passionet kisses and hugs .. I get the caring side of him alot so I really cant complain ... im happy he chose me to be his wife .. pisces ladies my advice to u is be reasonable and patient learn to have space ..
—Guest 3/12


Well me and the Pisces guy got along good you see I told him I liked him and he said he can't date me because of my brother so we kept talking and he ended up liking me after all and he grew feelings for me too I was so happy you won't even believe it :) we were planning on kissing 3 times!! But got blocked everytime :( we used to talk everyday but now idk we don't really talk anymore :( I want to but it seems as if everytime we talk and I say hi or w.e it seems as If he doesn't really want to talk to me anymore what do I do how do I deal with this will it just pass by and I'll get over it and move on? Idk I really want to be with him but idk if he wants to be with me P.s I'm an Aquarius/Capicorn girl I was born on January 23rd so I have traits of both I think
—Guest Worldwind

hurto feelings

i lived with aquarius man for ten months, o hurt his feelings and i was wrong and i want him back. He has left me before but only because he was fighting his feelings for me. I took him because I wanted to give us a chance. He said that it was not working for him. Can I get him back????
—Guest truly sorry


Been messing around with a aquarus a lil over a month ago can't seem to read him one week he wonts to be with me next wk he's diffrent I what do I do never been through this before we're both older iam 34 he 33 please help when I try to destant my self he wonts me more when I call him more he don't won't nothin never had this problem before
—Guest Pisces women


As a Pisces woman, I've have some of the worst encounters from Aquarius people as a whole. Always clashing and some are better off as distant friends. As far as relationship concern, it's definitely not worth the effort nor headache. Just trying to understand how they feel is a challenge within itself. Simple exchanged words cause drama and I know now to stay far away from an Aquarius. I've found myself attracted to some but their persona drives me away. They can be cold hearted and unresponsive. I'm just speaking from my experience. But one thing is certain, NEVER AGAIN!
—Guest C

Going with the flow

I'm an aquarius female and my guy is a pisces. We've been dating for almost 3 years now and idk. I love him and the way that he acts with me i can tell that he loves me too besides the fact that he told me himself but i want a bigger more meaningful connection. In the begging he was clingy and me being single for so long i still was used to my freedom then i adjusted a lil. Then we went on a hiatus mostly because i hadnt heard from him and thought he didnt want to talk to me so i got butthurt and went on about my life when really he broke his phone. When we started dating again he was stone cold and i missed the sweetheart, clingy guy. but after a recent situation i can say we getting back there it has caused us to communicate more and i can say that i think thats what im looking for is for us to communicate more. Sex is great and he's so sweet its ridiculously ..he loves to cuddle!! we're still going strong and im in for the ride as long as he is.
—Guest Obione

pisces gal aqua guy

my relationship with my aqua man is one i will call an evalasting one.at first he was really immatured.he couldnt handle how he felt about me so he sacrificed our relationship.i later understood him.i.gave him patience and understanding.it was hard because it looked like it was a one way love but once he started responding emotionally it made up for the times when he wasnt there.he was emotionally unavailable and knowing my sign i was so much affected.i cried sometimes but am glad i stood till the end.now i can boldly say my aquaman has fallen for me ;-);-);-)
—Guest Pemi

Female Pisces Male Aquarius

I'm a pisces aries cusp and my boyfriend is a Aquarius b. Its been 2 years now and we had some really good times and really bad. At first everything was just kind of "go with it" as a casual thing. I never knew it would get this serious. We have ups and down, I seem to need more emotional needs than he does and depends on logic. When we argue it's the worst but when we're happy it's the best. Just try it. Aquarius people have minds of their own and it's a honor to stand by his side through it all.
—Guest Rose

Pisces female Aquarius Male

Hi I'm a Pisces Female and a month ago I met a sweet charming Aquarius guy,he is 24 and still in college and I'm 25 and I have a baby and a job I don't know if he loves me enough or what cause when I'm with him I'm so over the moon,I'm the one who always calls him,the only time he contacts me is via online chat and asks how was my day and night and when I call him he calls me sweet names and tells me that he loves me asks about my families and my baby,but when we chat online he doesn't reply sometimes while he is online,am I being paranoid?
—Guest Amidi

Pisces female with Aquarius Male

Well I'm a Pisces Female in love with Aquarius male,I'm not sure if he's the one because I have a baby and I'm 25 and he is 24 and still in College and I work at a restaurant ,when I'm with him I become happy and over the moon,and If he doesn't call me only texts me to ask how I slept and ask about my baby..and when we are chatting online he doesn't answer me sometimes even when he is online,but when I call him he calls me sweet names and ask about my family and everyone at home,does he really love me???
—Guest Nana

I'm a Pisces and my man aquarius

Im a female Pisces and my man is a Aquarius we been together finally be 8 months and I am so in love I am very clingy and can be a bug I'm more of a home body in my man loves his freedom I had to realize that he come home to me everyday in our bond is crazy he my best friend we been rocking hard since day1 he never sent me off or nothing always came threw he showed me sum new how to communicate and work out he can be an and is very selfish he wants a indecent woman and a mfs who can stand on they on he don't like feeling obligations in less he has to so I dnt ask for much no one understand us but I do and I want with him forever he not even my type of guy that's the crazy part I am so in love with this in can't no one tell me he not in lovewith me I cacan't question that at all
—Guest shante

The Truth of Aquarian Pisces

I am an Aqua women & have been w/a pisces for about a year. It really goes back & fourth in my mind.At first he was very clingy which for Aqua is a turn off at the beginning. Aqua has to be falling completely in love before they show emotion. Too clingy causes me to put space. It seems I'm the most attracted when he's angry as it creates a challenge. I don't like how he throws all of his emotion and everything at me. However, I do love how he touches and cuddles me all the time in bed. We get along on a friend level but honestly I don't feel the fireworks that I have felt with others in the past because he leaves no mystery in his emotion. We talk alot and he listens but I sometimes think maybe we would be better bffs
—Guest Aquarian Guest

Aquarius-Pieces Relationship

I am aquarius woman and my friend is pieces. He is my classmate. I love his character which are soft, quiet, and a good listener. However, there's no doubt we're very different characters. I was aggressive and always doing something beyond expectations. when I make a decision and such action that he could not understand, the first sentence is always out of the question he is the "why" with a soft smile .. whoa! This very pleasant hahaha .. However, our relationship just friends. for me personally I prefer to be friend first so that I have more chance to analyse this person. In this connection there is no need to rush=)
—Guest apple

aqua girl pisces guy

the relation ship was great in the beginning he was a little clingy but i managed , but then later i got extremely clingy/dependant on him and he wanted out, we have now currently fallen out , but he is playing mind games with me , because i am agreeing to let go, will he come back to me if i continue to let go ?

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