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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Aquarius-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Aquarius-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

Love my Pisces man!

I have been with my Pisces man for almost two years. When I first saw him I new there was something more. We got pregnant the second time having sex and have been together since. Now have a seven month old baby girl and let me tell you our relationship was not easy in the beginning because of my past. My man has put up with so much from me and he still stands by my side. I love him so much and he loves me so much. We understand each others weirdness and he loves how open I am sexually. I have introduced him to many new things while he is smart and knows all the answer. Ya he is a little controlling but I like that! It shows he loves me. All I have to say Is I love my Pisces man and I know he loves his Aquarius women. We work so good together we talk about everything and know everything about each other.
—Guest Pisces girl

Couldn't make it work

I meet my Aquarius girl 5 years ago we both were in our early 20's. Things were good, memorable first kiss, strong attraction, but she was someone I wouldn't date. Opened minded she was as time past by I became custom to her however we would argue a lot. We had a break dated other people she ended getting married and left the guy and comes to me. Only to find out she was pregnant with the guy's baby. We tried over the past year but we broke up. I just tired of the on and off and her not trusting me. Thinking that I'm seeing someone else when it wasn't true, I work long hours. She called it off since it had been like that for a while on and off I just decided to walk away. Bottom line though we had some good times I felt we fitted nicely but it wasn't enough. Therefore I don't think a March Pisces man with a February Aquarius cannot work out. They seem similar but are different for some reason.
—Guest Jay

Aquarian man!!!

i'm a pisces woman-libra, i've experienced a relationship with an aquarius man-first young love and was intense and still today i love who he is and still talk sometimes but timing wasn't right. Almost 15 years later and dating an other aquarius man and i must say i didn't think i would love and appreciate to be with an other aquarian man cause of past experience. One thing i know about them is when ever you feel insecure they feel they have failed to make you happy and safe they may tend to get that satisfaction somewhere else with meaningful sex or sex texts but they always come back to the one they truly love. if your not interesting and don't have goals on your own i think t won't work. being negative either it should be simple easy and fun and be open to new experiences. Depending on their growth some of them are more open when it comes to emotions with time they are able to express themselves quite well and brilliantly. i love my man and accept who he is and grow with him

she is my more

I'm Aquarius female and she's a pisces. We've been together 3 months and it's the only relationship where she has made me really thing about my life so much and I feel I want to know more about her everyday and see where this adventure takes us in life. She's made me realize why it never worked with anyone else. I'm a very unemotional person and she's very sensitive, emotional but she shows me so much affection and it she brings emotions out of me I never thought possible. We have our disagreements but I've learned to let the small things go, they don't matter as long as I have her by my side. Our connection is remarkable and we balance each other out I'm very dominant and she's sensitive but when I'm weak she's my rock and when she's weak I am her protector and I'll do anything to see a smile on her beautiful face. She literally is my MORE I just want more everything lol. She pulls the hopeless romantic out of me which no one ever has but I love it!!! To the moon and back again, to in

Aquarius/Pisces with Aquarius Pisces

We're best friends. He's my first love. We have to keep our distance because we value our own space so highly. We are artistic in our own individual ways. I easily get jealous when women give him attention and vice-versa. If I'm upset, I take my time to think about it and understand the situation before I say or do anything. He does the same with me. I've never had a more profound feeling for someone than I do with him. 7 Years.
—Guest Aquarius/Pisces Cusp

Aquarius women and pisces men

Lately im dating a aquarius lady and im pisces. First i don't believe horiscoop signs personality. But since I'm researching for those 2 signs I'm more understanding this Aquarius lady. Strange but the way she are she trully a Aquarius sign. Before I learned how a Aquarius person are I thought this lady is not my type. But I start to understanding the Aquarius now and more easy to understand this lady. a Aquarius lady is hard to get but be patience and specially don't expect something from her at all to make her love you. Give her the time and don't push her to make she likes you. if you give her enough time so she get comfy around you.. slowly she will show her signals but still don't hesitate.
—Guest Mashimaro

cute but cruel

I'm an aquarius woman and I had a brief relationship with a pisces man. I never thought I would have pisces friends even because my brother is pisces as we get on each other's nerves. My guy was super sweet, cute even, when he wanted to be together and I complied, if I didn't he would be sad. When it wasn't convenient for him though, he could be very cruel. I've heard aquarius women cannot resist pisces charms and they are more likely to cheat with a pisces than anyone else. I wouldn't consider pisces as a long term relationship. They are over emotional, illogical and easily hurt.
—Guest olderlady

My Aquarius/Pisces Relationship

I'm an Pisces Aries cusp with a gemini moon and aries Venus. Which mean I get bored pretty easily and need a partner who always keeps me on my toes. An Aquarius is that for me. Me and my boyfriend are now going on a year, we're long distance which is probably a reason we lasted longer than usual. The whole long convos at night and the time we spent getting to know each other helped alot. The only probably I truly have is aquarius can come off sometimes rude, detracted, like they don't care about anything until you test them. I threatened to leave him serval times and that's when he starts to show his vulnerable side, which sucks that it has to come down to that point. I love him in a weird way that isn't infatuation its not dreamlike it's more like actual than anything. we share a bond that's different I love him but I swear I would leave him one day of he doesn't give me the attention I need and seek elsewhere.
—Guest Rose

Tha prince

My aquarius talks to me likes she crazy..like she has no respect for me..i say something to her and she says man shut up damn!! but yet when I talk to her in tha same fashion she says I'm controlling!! Lol..plz tell me whats going on
—Guest Tha prince

crazy but TRUE

well from what i read all of it isnt true about aquarius but the flirting part and not thinking its a big deal and calling us when they want isnt a lie man i dont understand i thought she loved me why would she flirt and cheat on me i dont understand !!! but i still love her and im willing to give her another chance and im a sagi so yea
—Guest brianna


i am a pisces girl and my crush is aquarius. he knows i like him but doesnt show or tell his feelings. he plays hot n cold a lot. if he sees me with other boys, he gets jelous n ignores me. infront of me he flirts with other girls. a couple of days later he acts like nothing has happened. sometimez i know he loves me but sometimes itz like he doesnt even care. we dont really speak to each other but i think we have a secret connection. when i ignore him he realizes n tries to make me notice him. i love him soo much that no matter how much he irritates me i still hold on. i think he feelz da same becoz no matter how much i irritate him he holdz on. i think an aquarius n pisces both luv eachuda but show their love in different ways.
—Guest bobby


hm....i was in a relationship with a pisces boy n i am an aquarian girl ofcourse.....he was my classmate and i knew him very well...then he asked me out and i siad yes...there was a great chemistry for 9 months but then sumthing went wrong....and he doesnt even like to see my face...which sucks....upset about it..!! still love him....those were the best memories of my life ever...!! hope he comes backj.......:(
—Guest lost it

speaking the truth

me and my girlfriend been in a good relationship for a good minute im a pisces and my girlfriend is an aquarius but our love is sooo deep and real that i will never let her go she's my everything i lover until death do us part
—Guest temia jackson and anna j

My Aquarian woman

" I am a Leo 36 yr old Man and I hav been dating a 36 yr old aquarian woman , well I am a Fixed Loyal Fire Romantic kinda guy , we have been dating for 4 mos , I find my aquarian woman very interesting yet scary due to her wanting to go to a sex club , I really Love her but Im afraid I want her happy jus dont wanna reallu share why are aquarius women so open Any suggestions please help this Lion Heaet :(
—Guest Thadius


well im not dating a pisces but my best friend is pisces an im aquarius when she drinks it like trying to help someone who doesnt want to be helped but need to have guys all eyes on her im more the type to sit back talk drink an dance but not draw to much spotlight to myself i rather show off a lil an come back to be laid back i mena i love her shes my best friend but she gets on my last nervous sometimes i stop talkin to her for days she also has this thing she chooses me over her lil lovers she left me somewhere an promised to back to get me she never came back instead went with her ex-bf im just confused an annoied by her im calling it a wrap a real friend wouldn't do any of that im a veeeeeeeeeeeeery loyal friend an dont like drama idk im just sayin how i feel i keep my feelings inside an when i blow up its big an imma hurt feelings lol sorry i sound so rude an blunt but thats just how i am hahaha
—Guest sweet_little_kisses

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