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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Aries-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Aquarius lady Aries man

I'm in love with an aries man and I'm aquarius. I don't know much about him, but I really like him. Lastly, he doesn't know me. Any advice?...
—Guest Caroline

aquarius female aries male

I love him so much.We have been best friends for 9 years.My ride or die.When we first me we became friends instantly. He had feelings for me and I didn't even realize it.We spoil eachother, attended the same church,club together an everything. But we always keep our friendship respect. I'm the first and last person he talks to everyday.We have a hold on eachother. If I don't like who he's dateing he finds a reason to drop her..visa versa.I purposely go days without calling him then I dream about him.Fuck! We connected spiritually. He's the main reason I got my Bachelor's. He's now getting his Masters. .He has control over me..I love it.He's so Sexy.When we sleeping in the same bed I dream about him then wake up wanting him so bad..I try not to look at his crotch area Lol Our families and friends are waiting for us to seal the deal..I'm ready to step it up..I want to kiss him..I'm ready to seduce him...
—Guest green

Aries m aqua w

I try and show him I care but he doesn't show it back! When we snuggle he doesn't snuggle back I'm like wtf, we've been dating for like 3 months, and he doesn't kiss me. Only when we say goodbye, I don't understand why? Maybe he takes things super slowly? Other than that he's super sweet and handsome, he just needs to show me he cares and not hold it back. I'm so curious and frustrated as to why he doesn't show me he cares, he only tells me through text, and that isn't enough for me. It takes two to tango. So anyways being an aqua I want to distance myself and not talk to him for a few days to show him I'm a little mad about it. But I don't because I know it'll hurt him. When we watch a movie if he accidentally puts his hand on my leg he will take it away and be like sorry sorry, Maybe I need to just kiss him randomly when the moments right? He keeps telling me I'm perfect, I can't help but want to love him, to show him I care and admire him.
—Guest Kat attack

dating the most wonderful aquarius guy

For me, an aries and him an aquarius, we've been working out quite well, sure we may have some arguments or disagreements but rarely ever big fights. He's quick to forgive and forget, extremely loving and caring and understanding and very intelligient and confident, creative and funny. He'd do anything to make me happy and always shows affection towards me. We have been together for 10 months and so far, he's been a perfect boyfriend.
—Guest KooKoo

Aries Woman dating Aquarius Man

Been with my aqua man for a year and a half. We get a long great. We are both able to do our own things and then come together and have a great time. He is very unpredictable though but since I'm a patient person it hasn't been too challenging except for when we make future plans. He changes his mind a lot. He is the best listener out of any guy I've dated. He remembers what I say and is very considerate. He is always protective of me and glad to be with me which makes me feel special. One issue I hope we can compromise on is how he expresses his feelings for me. Saying "I love you" took us about 6 months to say. And he isn't verbally romantic or expressive of his feelings. He just isn't a cheesy guy. He rather show me with his actions how he cares about me instead of saying it and sometimes I'd wish he'd say it more too. Besides that I'm excited to see where it goes.
—Guest Dee

Im an Aries female

Im a Aries Female dating a Aquarius male for almost 3wks and it's a wonderful relationship and it's getting better and better everyday. I've known him for about a year as friends and now that we're seeing each other on a intimate level my feelings for him get stronger. We have great communication, and we both are very attracted to each other not only in appearance but also in a passionate way. We always have a great time in each others company. He's my friend and my companion.... I look forward to what's in store for us.
—Guest Yolanda

My man

he will not sleep with me nor show me any attention. He loves my granddaughter than me, he said i talk alot , he don;t take baths everyday
—Guest Mia

My experience

Aries possess very good leadership qualities, are short-tempered, extremists. Their leadership qualities are truly amazing. Though good human beings they kinda want to rule the people they love and don't care about their feelings.
—Guest xyz


I am an Aqua woman and all the winderful manly guys I have met in my life were Arians they may be loud and firey but it's part of their so male sex-appeal ..The love of my life , the best bf I had , the hottest guys I met , my favourite movie stars are all Arians I love those warm eyed, passionate guys , they are the best and they ADORE Aqua women ;)

My Booskii

I Dont Go W/ An Aqarius But Im An Aries Woman & Every Chance I Get Around A Aqarius Man I fall In. strong Like For Him They Are Funny & Caring & Love There Ladies W/ All Kindaa Passssion Lok
—Guest - Pretty Gal Tay


aries man and aquarius woman go hand in hand it get better with time aqaurius is the most fun loyal loving caring woman in the world always and forever
—Guest aries alpha

Dating a Aquarius man.

This relationship works perfectly. We have time to do what's important in our daily lives but at the same time we still desire to be with each other every free moment. He's always sweet,caring,funny and have plently of conversation. He takes time to understand me,my problems,how I think. It doesn't take much to fall in love with such a guy. He's great with kids and will do anything in his power to make sure I'm happy. It's perfect. I couldn't and haven't been happier. Jealously hasn't been an issue. We never fight in big explosive ways,rare to fight at all. Nothing more to say then this is an amazing match in the zodiac sign chart. I love with all my heart. Infinity and beyond.
—Guest Inlove

aquarius married to aries

An aries man is a man in every sense of the word. When in love they are the knight in shinning armor. Be forwarned that even though that sounds good in theory, make sure you really are the kind of woman who can handel that reality. They can be hot and cold. They can be moody, will get angery and can easily bore. Don't play with there hearts. They love deeply. Don't lead them on. You won't get round 2 if they figure it out. If you have the stamina to handel the bad but love that results are well worth it. Fire, passion, thoughfulness, a desire to please... an aries in love will try his very best to keep you happy.
—Guest aquarius aries

Dating an Aries guy

Its actually really good! He never assumes anything, he can be a bit bull-headed, and usually tells me when I'm wrong. He is a good match for me!

dating an aqurius man!

Dating dis guy 4 almost 2 yrs and it always a problem with him thinkng I'm cheating on him I don't understand yhe always thinks I'm lieing and I tell him da truth but of course a relationship won't b one without haters!
—Guest Aleia M

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