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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Aries-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Aries woman and Aquarius man

I was with my Aquarius man for two years. We were best friends in high school. After school, we got an apartment with another friend. Six months later and we just couldn't resist each other! It was so passionate, so fun and thrilling! We were attached at the hip. We started arguing about six months into the relationship, but it was too late and we were madly in love. We tried to better ourselves for each other and our relationship only grew stronger and stronger as it went on. We started talking about marriage and then one day he said he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. I know he loves me but I also know that the problem was that I am a typical Aries woman. I'm loud and up front and during fights he just needed his space and I didn't understand that. It was too much pressure for his emotions. I understand that now and so I'm working on giving him so space, but I'm not giving up! I know we are soul mates! There is no other man for me and I know he'll see that too.
—Guest Taylor

aquarius woman aries man

Hi m an aquarius woman who had dated an aries man fr 5 years..... at first it was nice n we had fun but as time went on my aries man started spending time away frm me alot..... he tried to control me n defined who I was.... my patience ws running thin I tried to make it work bt d passion ws gone.... it ws a tough decision to make bt as an aquarian m glad I took d big step to walk away frm my aries man.... I have my freedom n independence n I learn to be more indulge with my self know who I really am and what I really want..... m proud to be an aquarian
—Guest royce

Shabir khan

We Meet at phone .may be wrong no ... .And started a love ..I love .
—Guest Rubaaina khan

its funny but interesting

My aries relationship is challenging... but its also everything i just read... but doesnt see it cause he is stubborn...i love him tho he is blind to to the fact or just no in exceptance
—Guest cocosugar

Just started dating an Aquarius girl

I just recently started dating an aquarius girl. The sparks were flying the very first time we met. She is just very beautiful, smart, funny, caring and a great listener and conversationalist. We had the most amazing conversations on our very first date. She loves it a lot that I appreciate her intelligence. And I love that she likes things that I say and has opinions about them. She is just always there with me and we share a great energy. We are taking it slow as far as the sex is concerned but already it is apparent that we won't be waiting for too long. She is planning on waiting a year, but we got to fooling around and it was obvious that we will have done it far before a year comes to pass. But I don't even care. I think she will make a great partner and is the one I have been looking for. My best friend since childhood is an aquarius so I have experience dealing with aquas and know to be patient and let them enjoy their "alone" time. I think it is going to be agreat relationship
—Guest SahilPaige

A year in heaven

I've been with my aquarius boyfriend for almost a year now. We have a long distance relationship however it's been amazing so far. Yes, we have our fights sometimes and usually it's out of the spur of the moment but at the end of the day we just can't help to forgive one another with a phonecall or a message. He has got to be the most romantic boy ever. It took him time to open himself up to me and express all those bottled up feelings he had. Once he trusted me enough to let me see him entirely, I knew that we'd stay together forever. He's faithful, a bit jealous, sentimental, stubborn, determined, talented and intelligent. We've always had that spark between us and I can tell he really loves me. As for our sexual life, well he's amazing. There's nothing more to it. He's sexy and loves to try new things. Not only in bed but in everything he does. He's a constant change, which being an Aries girl always keeps me entertained and interested in him.
—Guest Blank Aries Girl

Getting to know an Aries man :)

We met online it's been only over a month since we started talking but it seems like we have known each other for a long time already. Everythig I have read about Aries men seems to be true he is very independent, hardworking man, has his temper but accepts when he is wrong, he is full of energy and cheerful. I must confess that I'm starting to like him more than a friend. There's no day that I won't receive a "good morning beautiful" txt from him. We have great communication and never get bored. Can't wait to get to know him more more.
—Guest Aquarius Lady

aries woman and Aquarius man

Hey there,i am an aries woman i have been in a 3years relationship with an Aquarius man.we meet online he is from europe and i am from africa.our relationship has been so great.i love him alot he does love me to.through it is so hard for him to say he loves me all the time.when we meet i never had came to my country but he came all the way becouse of me we had so much fun and our relationship grows strenger each day.he care alot for me and my family he is always there for me and i am for him.all i can say is that best the best you can faithful,understanding be there for him when he needs you,be agood listener,Show him how much you love him becouse Mine like that.give him his own space to
—Guest rose

My Aquarius Man

I'm an Aries and my boyfriend he is an Aquarius. We both live apart we dont live closer. He lives in Houston and I live in California I know is hard to be living apart and not being close, The thing I want to say is that even thoe we live far distance we love each other I have one more year in high school and I'll graduate, but to be honest our love is not complicated. Yes, we do have our ups and down, but we know how to fix it. I love him so much that every time I talk to him I always tell him he makes me happy. I know people who are Aries like me like to be a player and yeah I was one of them but I change for him because I'm so commited to him and he is too. I know I'll never find some who apreaciates me and loves me like he does. We made a promise to each other even if we are far distance we always going to have each other and I know when I graduate from high school I'm defenetly going to live with him and spend much time with him. I love you Terrance and we always be together.
—Guest Linn Gomez

Aries Woman Aquarius Male

The most magnetic,hottest,passionate and extremely fun relationship ever!! we met in class and both of us are in committed relationships with other people but we just cant break it off. He has got a really deep care for me,and me for him. Its amazing how we stand to lose a lot but we still are together cos being apart is so horrible. Oh and the love making...... Gosssssh!!!! Amazing!!!!!
—Guest Sindie

Aries man

I met an Aries guy not too long ago and think I'm in love. I can't stop thinking about him. He is so charming and adorable. He fires my mood and makes me this exciting person that I've never been before. Too bad we don't get along all the time. We run our own ways for a while and turn right back to each other like nothing ever happened. When I see him in public and our eyes meet, he smiles so brightly, it makes my heart tingle. I believe I feel like so because it seems like he's as happy to see me also. My heart pounds that instant and it feels like we're meeting for the first time. Then our conversation would start right away from jokes to movies and then to so many other things. We can talk about the whole world in 5 mins. I'm not really sure how it happens. It just happens. Call me crazy, right? Only reason why I pull back is because he has such a temper and he can change in a instant. This pushes me away. I'm not a clingy person nor will I chase this type.
—Guest Aqua girl

My Aries girl

9 years of dating with so very little fights and love beyond infinite...that's our relationship! Now we are getting married tomorrow. She is the most intelligent, successful, cute, beautiful girl ever in my life and i am the one who dominates-what else a man wants and sex is just out of the world! Now shes gonna be completely mine. Thank you so much God! I love you Princess
—Guest Aqua Male

my aqua king

i have been in and out of sex with my aqua man for 12 yrs.he suddenly decides we are through,but i honestly think he is inlove with me and cant handle it.i have a man,but i have always loved him and think i always will,the sex is great always and he is unpredictable i love that.i know he will be back for more no matter how long it takes.he told me in a million words before that he loves me he just never actually said it,but i know i feel it.
—Guest arisn babe

Aquarius woman

Briefly met Aries, not used to been question if we were comparable, on short notice, that stop the introductions in it's tracks. From what I am reading, I have yet to meet an Aries, who could influence a such woman,due to his standing in a man’s world. I do understand, a male is man within the home as a whole, do wonder if Aries male species compromise's (gels) with the right person? Aquarius woman do have a voice on any matter, to make it work, it's called working together as a team. Air sign can ignite ardour under Fire or quench it's heat before it sparks, without him knowing it, just in a blink of a eye....I would be intrigue to see n hear such a man

16 years aries woman aquaries male

Bottom line is our determination to commitment that comes through our faith. He disconnects and I snap. Luckily the next day we both laugh and have no time to dwell. Its been tough and we threaten divorce at least once a month. Keeps us both intetested. Lol.. Basically we are the same I just let you know bluntly if an issue arises he is not as direct which annoys me and I find the run around a huge waste of time. He has 5 questions to lead to the one. I have to remeber everyone doesn't see like an Aries does. I always say were first we see it first and the frustration waiting for everyone else to catch up is beyond agrivating. Advice stick it out. Knowledge is power if you understand why it will help after the situation that was bad.
—Guest daisy519

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