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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Aries-Pisces Relationship

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Aries Wife, Pisces Husband

I have to admit right off that both my husband and I are pretty much exactly like our respective signs... We met and at first it was fabulous!!! True Love For Sure!! Then he was affraid that I would leave him so he tried to get the jump on me and left me first.... But like I said I am an Aries woman and I do not accept defeat so we bacame friends and from then on we were able to overcome our fears that we had and have been married and very happy for five wonderful years.... dont give up on what you want Aries !!!
—Guest She's so Aries

I knew as soon

I am an Aries full of fire. And my wife is Piceis who calms me. I knew as soon as we began to talk. I never believed in "Love at first sight". It was and still is amazing....for both of us. I am in my 40's and her in her 30's I had never dated a pisces. Well I am married to one now. She is the best part of me. My cousin asked one day have you checked your signs? Up to that point we had not. So thanks to Google. I broke out into a laugh when I read about us. I could never imagine our lives separate now. She is the best part of me. I protect for a living but she is "my" gaurdion. She protects my heart. She does so many little things for me that would otherwise go unnoticed. I have never felt for another the way I feel for her. When we sleep it is sicronized sleeping (her saying btw) we still hold each other all night every night. Everything flows for us. We have had ups and downs, but it is usually from the outside of our sphere. That is ok because we are a team Aries/Pisces.
—Guest RAM


I met the Pisces woman at a pub while visiting my cousins in new jersey last Thanksgiving, we both are in education and have a attraction to one another like nothing I ever felt. I believe when we first laughed at the pub together so hard we could not stop we bonded. We have had amazing Sex almost everywhere imaginable, great convo's, nurturing one another needs, volunteering, now looking into opening our own counseling firm!!! What more can I say, make it awesome for this Aries man that I am and the world will be ours to share, I never imagined falling in love, but with this fish she has been caught and will be my taste for many years to come. Advice: Aries men hate waiting, miscommunication, women with no sexual versatility, must be available for this man 100%, not stuffy but available for him when Pisces has time, Aries desires those moments!
—Guest Yeroc

Be patient pisces and give arie space :)

This relationship is perfect becuz he fulfills the things that actually tames me nd is like my other part I am flirty nd is never satisfied but when i am with an aries man, i feel more calm nd tamed he makes me only want him nd want to be with him forever they aregood people, may be hard on the outside becuzthey are dominate but on the inside they are so soft and amazing, i will stick to all of the aggressive jokes or attitude just to get those few minutes and sometimes hours of sensitive love showing attention its all worth it he makes me feel protected, and he has really settled me down which is the most amazing if there is going to be any real long term relatiponship for me it is with an aries. ADVICE: be patient dont text him 1st, let him ask you out, dont pressure him, and show him LOTS of loving they love that quality most in u do not be always available even tho that is the hardest part dont say stuff u will regret n the future, if u cant handle date a cancer, they r good 4 pisc
—Guest Sara (pisces)

Aries Pisces

My relationship with a Aries is two fold. One he makes me feel safe, but the later part, his obstinance is defeating and exhausting. This ten yr relationship is ready to come to a close - unfortunate, but my indecisive nature has decided. Will it be a mistake or a relief.
—Guest Kat

A dreamer & and a fufiller

Hey everyone! I am a pisces woman dating an aries man. When we first met, he swept me off my feet. I took a drive with him, and we talked for hours and hours about ourselves lol...there was so much chemistry. It didn't feel real. We've had are ups and downs over the past few years, but we've grown into to mature adults whom love eachother so so much. We are bestfriends, soul mates, and a beautiful family. We have one daughter. Aries men are very good with children, great role models, dominant, passionate, usually very handsome(!ike mine), understanding, creative, playful, fun, open-minded,down to earth,intelligant,natural leaders,great memory,hard working,resectful,thoughtful,good in bed,loving=) aries men lack in patience, they're moody, unsensitive,controlling,addicts,flirts, can be decieving,lazy. But there's something wrong in everyone right?

dont knock it

my boyfriend is an aries, i am a pisces. he is wonderful. full of passion he is going to school to be a teacher. sometimes he drives me up the wall... but its not a bad thing... he loves with a single mindedness... that puts my comfort and happiness first...
—Guest listening


i'm an aries and my man is an pisces, i love this man so much but he hurt me so much, i know he love me but i don't why he love's to hurt me.
—Guest leela

Aries Woman Pisces Man

I just began dating my pisces boyfriend and things are going great so far. I feel like I can tellhim anything and he listens to how I feel. I want this thing to last forever because just last night we laughed so hard and I really feels he understands me. I admitted to him that I was really falling for him and he said the feeling was mutual. I adore talking to him because I feel so safe, even though he is not perfect,rather a little emotional but I am pretty sure we will be together for a while.
—Guest Nene nineteen

how u know

Aires are sneaky dont like to tell the truth while pisces are always getting thier heart broken and suffer from pain and hurt aires always try to demand and get mad when they cant get thier way and start to punch things and talk to u like u one of the homies. Pisces we like to hold it in side til we get all the information and then explode and jus say whats on our mind no matter whos around
—Guest the truth


i dated two separate aries boys that were both 20. one was egotistical and very fast paced. the other was very whiney and boring. they both have tempers. and they both have a lot of passion but not right for this pisces girl, since i am not a huge fan of fighting often. i think once they season and mature they may be good boyfriends, but for now they are boys.
—Guest sarah

Me and my Pisces Man

I am in an online relationship with a Pisces man. One of the first things I remember saying to him is "don't tell me you're Pisces." I always say that Pisces men are attracted to me but I always thought that these kinds of relationships wouldn't work! I am a natural born Aries...good and bad and I do admit that the wishy-washy dreamy personality of the Pisces gets to me, but why are we so attracted to each other? Personally I think I am attracted to Leos but the Pisces always gets me in the end. In my current friendship, though I love him a lot, I find that his stand back attitude is difficult for me to understand. I try hard but my brash personality and need for immediate clarification makes it hard sometimes to really understand life from his perspective. If we can get through this, we'll indeed be the perfect match.
—Guest AriesPisces

Pisces woman on Aries men

Most of the men I find myself naturally attracted to are Aries. The man I'm interested in now is Aries and I have dated Aries men in the past. They are the most supportive men and strong leaders which I desperately need. They make me feel "safe" which liberates me further. The passion level is always on high, which I personally crave and they are creative in many areas with the ability to drive themselves and not be clingy or needy. I can't see myself with anyone other then an Aries after dating several different signs and finding only the Aries seems to suit my personality. I'm drawn to men who are Aries before I even know they are. Wouldn't have it any other way!

aries and I

I have been dating a aries man for 2 years. He is the best thing in my life. We have never even had a argurment. He cooks every night and he is great with my son too. He's calm but I'm kinda of a nervouse, he calms me and has helped me have a back bone too. I'm a pisces so let people run over me but since he's come around I'm more likly to say no instead of saying yes but meaning no. People have always taken advantage of me. My Aries man is very supportive, when my Mom passed away he was there for me the whole time and now too. her passing day is coming up and he's been great. Tanksgiving he was very supportive in all aspects of my life. I love him very much.
—Guest sabrina

Aries woman, pisces man

I'm 32 (Male, Pisces) and have found that the women I am most immediately attracted to, tend to be Aries. These relationships have tended to be shorter term, unfortunately. Although there was mutual attraction, perhaps I did not have enough of a direction in life to form a stronger bond. I always got the sense she wanted more of me. I do enjoy giving affection and found that part of the relationship was great. I don't know if I will ever have a long term relationship with an Aries or not. It is quite uncanny though, that when I'm instantly attracted to someone's personality, I so often find that she's an Aries.
—Guest key four

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