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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Aries-Pisces Relationship

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also as a pisces i realized dating a aries man is very hard because he likes crowds and being center stage and Im more of a reserved quiet type. I like chillin at home and he is always ready 2 hit the scene and do any and everything imaginable.
—Guest sumseriious


I'm a pisces and I've been with an aries man for the last year and a half. When we 1st met it was love at 1st sight, we complimented eachother in so many ways, I loved how he would take charge of everything I never had 2 pick where we were goin or what we were doing, and I loved that most of the times...but there were times I wanted to do sumthin special for him or watever, and he'd take over thus makin me feel unappreciated. In the last year I have tried 2 break up over 10 times, but everytime I do, he just begs n begs n begs some more..promising me the world and vowin 2 never do it again, until I finally give in, only for him 2 wait just long enuff 4 me 2 start feeling like he was sincere, then he'd do the same things all over again. It was so very confusing being with him!! I hated the fact I loved him so much and I will never understand how he swore he loved me so much, but was only willing 2 do wat it took 2 maintain our relationship AFTER i was fed up and ready 2 end it.
—Guest sumseriious

aries man pisces woman

Wishy washy Off and on for years until i got sick of her coming and going. She was dumb as a frozen bag of peas.
—Guest eddie

Perfect Friendship

I'm a pisces women, and my bestfriend is aries women. I love her so much because she's really different than the others. She's always care and protect me. And she's never make me feel upset. When i talk with her we're so compatible. I've alot friends but i just think she is the number one :)
—Guest Chloe

12 year relationship ends in divorce

I am a pisces male and she is an aries female together we could have a good time however her lack of spontaneity and home bodyness created a separation between us
—Guest Elephant juice

Pisces women with aries man

I have been with two aries in my life.The first guy I luved very much and was married to him and with him for two yrs.The first three yrs was real rough and when he did insalt me I sure in the hell didnt ley it go. R sex life was great and he was very romantic but was a mommas boy at 52 and never detached from her teet so we devorced.The next guy was shy at first but gave me red flags left and right but I didnt listen and ignored the signs hes very verbily abusesive not very romantic and I wait around for his scaps he has to offer me on a regular the only reason I stay with him because iam hanging on to the idea that I want it to work but I know deep down it wont.The only perk is he gives me the best oral sex I have ever had oviously to make up for his sm ass penis. Both these men were lieing castinovas but once the chase is over forget it.......
—Guest Juju

The truth

Pisces may seems emotionally detached, but you have to read their actions. He is extremely affectionate but doesn't often put it in words. He is quiet, calm, and will do whatever he needs to satisfy me. He is giving & has been taken advantage of before. His words are aggressive when he is frustrated but would never get physical. Our attitudes collide often, but is followed by never ending sex & passion. He teaches new things & I love new positions. He takes me on dates very often & loves me on his arm. Hard work to get along and understand each others. Pisces can't see things from others point of view.
—Guest Aries Woman, Pisces Man

aries woman pisces man

i am in love woth a pisces man i am aries woman and the pisces man talk too much you can't tell him anything he will repeat it a pisces man can not keep a a secret but i love him and that is the only thing we argue about what can i do to make our relationship work?
—Guest sherry

Great Sex

I am Pisces and he is Aries and we started out two years ago with great sex, but the sex has continued to to better and better and now the sex is nearing perfection. He is a wonderful guy, but we mainly keep our relationship in the bed because that is where we both find heaven in each others arms. Oh yah, we are both married to other people. We meet weekly for our mind blowing sex!!!
—Guest Barbara

pisces woman aries man

10 months n i not once thought what we had would end... we talked and texted everyday 2 to 3 times a day from the day we met... i didnt even see the break up coming... we talked on a friday n when i texted him later on that day i didnt get a response... three days later via text he says he doesnt want to keep string n me along, which he did for a full week... promising me we would talk about it which we never did... then he sends me a text that says ”move on” ... still try n to move on...
—Guest heartbroken

Pisces female & Aries female

I am a pisces female in a relationship with a aries female . Weve been in a relationship little over 5 months & I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with another . I can be myself around her, she makes me feel safe , the foreplay is amazing
—Guest Niecy

2nd time Aries !

im pisces ladybeen single over ayear,had a relationship with aries 5yrs ago and just met another one, we"ve known each other just over a week,and its unreal,. we text the same things at same time, and hes just WOW, im feisty, patient etc, not total softy,, hes vulnerable i am, im hopeing this one comes up trumps !! im older than him by 6 yrs.. any advice because im out of practice, sexually were very spot on attractive "grrrr" at eachother, first date is imminent "FINGERSCROSSED"GOODLUCK xx
—Guest lou


im picses have just gotten out of a relationship with a aries man or so i thought i did.i met this guy named mitch we talked and he finally asked me to come hang out with that up coming saturday i went to go see him an thats when i see him that tall 6'5, brownskin,amazing looking GODD!!! built like a football player.so i put my fone down an come back an since i sing and rapp i went into my notes an seen that he saved his number low key so mitch wouldnt find out so he texted me sayin i wanna gett to kno you so since i wasnt feelin mitch i said sure.But that same night i did explain to mitch that i wasnt connecting with him an i wasnt feeling his vibz but he didnt care..so now weeks pass everything is going soo smoothly i was falling for him so hard i met all of his freinds they all loved me.so one day i called him to see what he was doing that day this his the convo went'' hey baby'' ''hey'' ''wyd'' nuffin chillin with my girlfriend.i went in the shower a cryed for hours idk what happen
—Guest Hollister8orn

Pisces woman aries man

I am pisces woman.here s my experience with my aries man .and find out if his love ids true.on sd very first day he asked me to kis him.nd on d day v met hre touched alovr my body.he had convinced me that i wil b his wife.but stl today i didnt submit my virginity before him.here,he is amasing,becos he doesnt need sex without my fulheart.bt idont kno how to belive him,becoz he is a lier sometimes; he shows no interest to keep words.stl i lov him
—Guest Guestpisces

Pisces woman aries man

Me pisces met him,the aries man i got attracted towards him easily.one day he messaged me "may i love you".after this d very next day he asked me to giv him a kiss ovr phon.whn we met, in d first day itself he touched my secret parts and invited me for a sexual intercourse.i ddnt alow....bt he assured me that i wil be his wife..he often called me wife.. I helped him when he was in financial crisis many times.accepting him as he he is i was loving him from heart... I need emotional support but he was searching for carnel plesures.bt he was loving too...i dont knw y it happens in between us,an urge to get separated......i lov u dear stil..if religion and social status are problms y didnt realise it later?sex is d only thing u matters?cant u understand my worries? Girls realise.....aries are careful about them alone.they wont mind ur feelings .they are lead by sex drive.and they wont hesitatew to neglect u....bt they r sensitive too.bt i dnt knw how much.
—Guest Munna

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