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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Aries-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in an Aries-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Pisces man infatuated with Aries man

I am a Pisces and I am infatuated with an Aries man that I know from work. At first when I met him a couple of months ago I thought he was cute with his easy smile and beautiful body, but he was not my type and I just liked him as a person from work with a great personality. As the weeks flew by and I started to see him more and more I started to become attracted to him. He was gay when I first met him, and he told me that that he was trying to change his promiscuous ways, so he became a Mormon. He met a girl in the church he goes to and they started to date. I was now head over heels for him. All I could do was think of him. My dreams of him have gone as far as thinking we could get married some day. I felt (feel) like he's the total package. I am 38 and he is 29 years old. I decided to be open with him and via Facebook told him how I felt for him. I am totally obsessed with this guy and I can't get him out of my head. So he now knows, and although he flirts a lot with me, he claim
—Guest Joe Patcholi

Pisces Woman Aries Man

I've been seeing an Aries male for about five months. Oh it's been ruff! He's very out going, energetic, spontaneous, witty and blunt. It doesn't compliment my shy, timid and dreamy life one bit. However it makes me want to know him more. He's vey short with his feelings and not in touch with his emotional side as compared to myself. I'm very open an intact with mine. So these past few months I've just been trying to break the barrier and get to know him. It's been interesting because just last night he admitted he liked me but it wasn't in that cute charming way, more like a blunt "Dang I like you okay" and walk away kind of thing but it felt good bc now I know his feelings actually exist! They're there, he just needs a woman with time and patience on her hand, who better than a pisces woman? He's been teaching me to stay grounded and to tuff up. I like it but this relationship is gonna require a lot of discipline and work in order to last! But it will be worth it, if it works. Avi

Pisces woman Aries woman

We met while I was in another, unfulfilling relationship and I regret to say that I cheated (pisces). But we have been together for five years and are raising two beautiful boys together. Our sexual attraction to each other has NEVER waned. Not one bit. We still throw it down in the bedroom. Consequently, our fights, although infrequent, are of epic proportions. Pisces and Aries are two opposing signs and it takes a lot of work to maintain the balance between us. The most important thing that I've found is to remain true to myself and not let her make decisions for us. I have to stand up to her and she has to stop and listen to my input. Overall, I couldn't imagine my life without her. Our dynamic really makes for an ever - changing relationship. I love that bc, let's face it, Pisces can get bored easily. Love my fiery girl.
—Guest R

Pisces Lady, Aries Hunk

I was very worried when I started reading up on Aries men with Pisces women after he asked what sign I was and we realized we'd never dated someone of our sign. (I'd been on one date with another Aries and it went down hill quick so I worried!) We've only been on (technically) four dates in the last month and I feel like our chemistry, intimacy, interactions, and level of trust and love is already months if not years beyond that. We've been on the same page about everything since day one. I honestly think he's the one. He brings me out of my shell for adventures while I show him how to see the magic hidden in the quiet places. I can't wait to spend forever with my best friend.
—Guest LuLuBug

Pisces woman aries man

I am pisces woman.here s my experience with my aries man .and find out if his love ids true.on sd very first day he asked me to kis him.nd on d day v met hre touched alovr my body.he had convinced me that i wil b his wife.but stl today i didnt submit my virginity before him.here,he is amasing,becos he doesnt need sex without my fulheart.bt idont kno how to belive him,becoz he is a lier sometimes; he shows no interest to keep words.stl i lov him
—Guest Guestpisces

Pisces woman aries man

Me pisces met him,the aries man i got attracted towards him easily.one day he messaged me "may i love you".after this d very next day he asked me to giv him a kiss ovr phon.whn we met, in d first day itself he touched my secret parts and invited me for a sexual intercourse.i ddnt alow....bt he assured me that i wil be his wife..he often called me wife.. I helped him when he was in financial crisis many times.accepting him as he he is i was loving him from heart... I need emotional support but he was searching for carnel plesures.bt he was loving too...i dont knw y it happens in between us,an urge to get separated......i lov u dear stil..if religion and social status are problms y didnt realise it later?sex is d only thing u matters?cant u understand my worries? Girls realise.....aries are careful about them alone.they wont mind ur feelings .they are lead by sex drive.and they wont hesitatew to neglect u....bt they r sensitive too.bt i dnt knw how much.
—Guest Munna

male pisces female aries

I adore him I love his control but Aries are normally their own boss. I think because of our 15 year age difference I trust him as a leader. My pisces guy is very judgemental but very loving and shows kindness to me he lacks with others, we're honest though they aren't as direct as a Aries from reading these responses I see I prob should just relax and enjoy the great match we seem to be.
—Guest love found

Pisces woman and Aries woman

I'm a pisces woman who was with an aries woman. We started as friends and eventually agreed on dating. For the first month or so we were happy together. Though, soon after we started arguing and I got pushed around and ignored a lot.(which wasn't good, considering I'm a people person that loves to talk, especially with those closest to me.) I often questioned our relationship and if she really loved me, her response usually being a snappy comment. We broke up after the six month mark, two days before my birthday. We still talk, but argue as well... She still has a tendency to ignore me, and to also treat me less than she used to. I can't say that I still don't love her though... It was just an overall painful experience for me. Good luck to anyone else who is in a relationship with an Aries.
—Guest Justice

Just too fast...

I`m a Pisces woman and I`m currently in a relationship with a Aries man. We first got to know each other by texting (a friend of mine wants me to get to know him). My Aries man seem very shy at the beginning and was trying to overcome his "shy feelings" towards me. We began to talk and I knew he liked me by the way he texts me...and the way he talked to me. We met up and it only lasted for 1 hour because I was afraid I might get lectured by my parents. 2-3 weeks later, we met again and this time, he was rushing in. He started giving me hickeys and many kisses and I didn`t expect this much from him. I told him to slow down because it seems like he`s rushing. He said that I`m a child from heart, but my body is a lady. I did get mad because it sounded like he was using me. I still love him, but ever since that happened, I became very careful. Whenever he touched me, I move his hands and I push him away. Now, I`m still careful about him, but I still love him
—Guest Lee

Beautiful..and then not!

I am a pisces woman that was with an Aries man for over 2 years. At first it was amazing and we couldn't get enough of each other. He was great with my children and affectionate with me. After time, when he didn't get his way, he said very mean and demeaning things to me that hurt me very deeply.But still, I showed him love and didn't give up on him no matter what, even through his lies and harsh words. In the end, it didn't matter. He left me for the excitement of another woman. I dont' think I will be going down the pisces aries path again. For some it may work great but for me..not so much:(
—Guest Jen


I'm an Aries, and Pisces individuals have always been a bit too judgmental for me. Many that I've encountered were nice, and even showed me things that they found interesting. Among the Pisces I knew, I was always the first (if not, one of) to know something that they hid from others by these individuals confiding in me. Oftentimes, they would lie if I were straight-forward in asking them about a secret, but other times they would just tell me something about themselves or were honest if I stumbled upon something that even I would want to keep secret; even when I would try to pretend I had not discovered the secret. I never found trust in revealing anything to a Pisces, however, because of the negative judgment I usually received with just the smallest mistake I would make around these individuals; but if they were to ever stumble upon anything I would want to keep hidden I would lie with a BOLD FACE until even I believed it.
—Guest IntriguedAries

Heart Ache

I met my aries man online. It felt so strange because I felt his heat through his pics. He was really feelin the song I had on my profile, and decided to comment about it in his stat. What,s crazy is we started to click really quick. But when I found out he,s married and seperated my heart was broken. I,m trying to jus be his friend till he gets a divorce but what if his divorce never come? I hope he don,t waste my time because I really like him a whole..
—Guest Guest

aires boy and pisces girl best friends .

she was my best friend , three years back she has been in many relationships , many relationships didnt workdout coz all guys wanted to get into her pants rather then her hurt. i don't how the hell we fall in love , it all happened in an instant i proposed her when she was sad due to her break up,n then she said yes. i always want to see her happy and it goes the same with her.I've read many articles on Aries and pisces , they say its one of the most romantic relationship and i guess its true. the relationship seems to be perfect for both of us . although i fight with her a lot, but soon i figured out i was wrong and then i apologize and soon we end the fact. i find this fact weird because after the fight i love her even more because she never says mean things to me even if im all wrong.she accepts everything good and bad about me. we are planning to get married soon and get a baby girl . i love u stupid keep on smiling :) hope it helps to an Aries guy , i would be glad.
—Guest mangesh

Just friends now

I've met this aries woman on a dating site well I haven't met her as such, but we get on really well and exchanged numbers to tex each other as friends, she keeps saying I'm sweet and really funny. Do you think it will grow into a relationship ? I really like her. Time will tell I suppose, well that's how the saying goes lol.
—Guest sujata

Aries Male Pisces woman

Honestly **** that **** her d**** a** didn't think certain things were wrong like its only obvious and s*** don't be trippin on me wtf when you were doing the same shiiiit ! I seriously was dedicated and so Inlove with this female but she was too secretive and mysterious and did so much unnecessary shit that would just get me mad as **** ! But it's coo I still love her and she's about to have my baby . . It's bouta be cute AF
—Guest DwillzSS

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