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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Scorpio Relationship

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true soul mates

Wow i dont even know where to begin, so im an aries female head over heala for my scorpio man that ive been with for 4 yrs and 2 months, from the beginning he spotted me first he told me he knew from the moment he set sight on me that i was going to be his and he wasnt lying, weve been through hell and back together, most of the times being bad in the beginning because we didnt know or understand each other and we were also 17 and him 18, so being an aries i wasnt ready for such commitment so soon, but he stuck around he had his share of pain causing.. he knew i would change and i knew somehow i could get that temper under control so i stuck around too! We both forgave any mistakes and pain we caused each other and doing this opened up a door to a whole new relationship, were both 100% faithful i have no doubt in him and i know how deeply he cares for me, us aries mistake these lonely, lost, in need of love humans, ive settled down with my scorpio man we have a one yr old daughter and
—Guest aries female in love

I love him :/

I met a Scorpio man last winter and I was immediately drawn to him. he was persistant and charming and we ended up talking for hours. I gave him my number and he texted VERY frequently, was chasing me. at the time (when I met him) I was separated but NOW I am not. for months we talked and hung out here and there but we had a slight falling out, he gave me the Scorpio sting and I turned from red hot Arian to Icequeen. we didn't talk for awhile and I ended up with an Aries guy lol he was an idiot btw and the friend apparently ended up with an immature Scorpio girl. he still contacted me during this time but not as much, he told me later he never stopped thinking of me. we both ended the relationships but I got back with my husband. almost a year later I love him, it kills me. I know he loves me too but he swears he would be OK with staying platonic. he said he would die for me. I feel v safe and secure with him and I am not submissive normally but prob would be for him dunno what to do

The chase

8 years ago I met the love of my life without knowing he was. You see, it took me sometime before I finally gave in. We met in Kuwait, both of us were deployed at the time. I always found him to be extremely mysterious, with an intense personality. 4 years later, we met again during premob (predeployment) to Iraq. At the time I wasn't interested in being in a relationship. I was too occupied being free and independent. He was intrigued by my carefree, vibrant personality. He confessed his love for me. I rejected him because I wasn't ready to be in a relationship, after I had gone through a bad one. I was under the impression, that men are dogs and want nothing more than to score. He continued to email me, but I didn't bother considering his feelings. I stopped contacting him, I endured so much pain and retreated from everyone and everything. 4 years down the road, he contacted me again. With such persistence this time I opened my heart and listened. We've been inseparable ever since.
—Guest Reese

My Scorpio Relationship

I ended it with my Scorpio Man after three months of an intense relationship. We are from the same culture, so the connection was even deeper. Sex was good, he felt like my first, we are both 41. He was nice to my children, and sweet to me, and attentive, affectionate, charming, warm, but selfish and he drank. I have been obsessed with him for two weeks now, trying to get him back. I broke up with him so many times and then we got back together, but drinking too much and getting drunk and passing out is a serious problem. He went back online and is dating very quickly after the break-up.
—Guest Anooshka


As an aries woman, i found it very very difficult to stay level headed with a Scorpio man. He enraged me beyond belief- granted, a lot of that had to do with his own upbringing, but nevertheless, the fight for dominance was a true struggle. As an aries, i love to be independent- Scorpio hindered that, as he was very jealous and kept me from doing what i wanted to do; very controlling. It was fun at first and trust me, scorpios are the best sign in bed...but not worth being dehumanized over!
—Guest s

Aries Man, Scorpio Woman

Man these are the sexiest women I ever dated but they have commitment problems. See Aries Men don't have problems like that its either you crossed me or not. These women have problems closing the book. I try to.stay clear from them but I swear my past 3 sexual, love, any relationship with a woman has Bern Scorpio and they exemplified cheaters and broken hearts...
—Guest Conceidedly Rea2


Only one I know... I can't stand I had to learn to be cordial w/ an Aries woman who is now my moms partner. She can never be on time to anything, drives me nuts to know there are people in the world that are late to work everyday & any/every event... how rude! She has to be right even when she's wrong. She has to let everyone know she is intellectually superior or she shuts down with no further explanation if you walk away (which I do often). Only thing I can say that is a benefit; she really is smart like a walking encyclopedia but instead of being helpful she's overbearing and comes off offensively rude. Sometimes I really wonder if she has a certain type of Autism (psych major) it seems if it doesn't make sense in her world/head she cannot and will not accept it. There are chill times when we watch old movies or cook but I head for the hills as soon as she flips out over small minute things. She can be very giving but overspends grossly, (big debts). Unnecessary Aries woman I barely
—Guest test

6+ years

I have been with my Aries man for 6 years now and it just keeps getting better. We do argue at times over little insignificant things, but we can never go more than a day without making up. The mutual love, loyalty, and respect that we have for one another hasn't changed and I know my Aries man loves me more than anything in this world! We are both very stubborn and have a really hard time giving in, but in the end we know that our love is stronger than any pridefulness or disagreements that come along the way. I still feel the butterflies in my tummy and he has confessed to me that he does as well. He treats me like a Queen! And I couldn't ask for anything more, I trust him with all my heart because he sure does know how to show his love for me. Although at first he didn't like talking about his emotions, he has gotten much better which makes me very happy. Give this relationship a try, you won't regret it!
—Guest ScorpioMystique

Scorpio woman

Hi. I'm a scorpio female and when I first met my aries man - it was lust at first sight. He came to my house on the first date and about an hour later we were kissing. We couldn't help our selves. On the next date - we had amazing passionate rough sex. Aries men can be a little rough, but in a good way. We have since only had an physical relationship. It has been fun but hard because I'm in love with him and he says that I can only have his body - that's it. I've broken it off so many times and he keeps luring me back. He texts me a lot and want's to know how I'm doing and etc. I don't understand why he doesn't want me as his girlfriend :( Now I've broken it off again and I miss him so. I've never felt so strongly for any man and he's not even my boyfriend!!!?? :(
—Guest joy


I Am A 19 Year Old Scorpio Female And My BoyFriend Is An 18 Year Old Aries! We've Been Knowing Each Other For 6months Now, We Just Began Dating May 13th 2013 I'm Confused Because I Don't Think He Love Me Like I Love Him, He Show Other Females More Attention Then He Do Me Except For When Were In My Room : ( He Constantly Do Things That He Know I Don't Like Then Call Me Crazy And Bipolar When I Get Mad! I Love This Boy With All My Heart,I'll Give Him Money I Don't Have To Give Just To Come Spend Time With Me! He Makes It Seem So Hard To Tell Me How He Feels About Me, Yesterday It Litterely Took Him Two Hours To Tell Me How He Feel About Me, Now Mind You I Am His GirlFriend ,He Must Know I Get Jealous A Lot, Like This Girl We Both Call Our Play Momma, He Took A Picture With Her But Refuse To Take One With Me! He Makes Me Feel So Dumb By Being With Him Because It Seems As If He Don't Want To Be Seen With Me Around Others! But His Sex Is Amazing That's What I Love About Him The Most!
—Guest Yasimine

opposite but bounded with sex

M a scorpion Girl n ma boy was Arian,we were in relation for 3 years n d only reason it survived so Long was d awesome bed sharing.the sex use to be awesome and as said v were opposite n use to think differently east west thinking, my suspicious nature and his ego use to clash Bt once v were on bed everything use to vanish...
—Guest nayna


Im a Aries and I like a Scorpio Guy problem is I got.him to notice me a bit but I don't know what to do. I also love his eyes alot he has green honey colored eyes which when I look at him I can tell he has somethin in mind or sometimes I can't understand what he's plannin he's just seems so mysterious help me please someone!
—Guest aries chick

Aries Woman Scorpio Man

Well he says it was love at first sight, for both of us, well for him. He kissed me within 5 minutes of meeting me. We had sex the second time we saw eachother, which was the nest day. We are both 41, and come from the same culture, but he is immature. And of course there are the control issues. He is also a perfectionist. We broke up yesterday after an intense 3 week relationship, and I miss him, but he has a wandering eye. I do not trust him.

I Always Love You My Aries Girl

I met my aries girl-friends twice in my life. I fallen in love with her on the first sight ..... she was charming, smart, fiery, and the love chemistry is just perfect. She plays hard to get, and I'm just falling in love with her even more everyday. I cerish every moment with her. ........ fast forward 15 years later ..... I end up marrying other women. I dont regret with my present marriage , however ....... deep inside my heart, I still miss my aries ex girlfriend ....... so much passion and love with her ...., and I wish I could see her again. Currently I meet another aries girl friend ........ very hard to ignore her hahaha. Aries and scorpio are soul mates.
—Guest scorpio dizzy with aries

confusing, supportive, dangerous

I feel like , well he is an aries, over the time we have been either in bed or falling in love or breaking up ...never all at the same time.. I feel like he has or at least challenges me to stand up for myself more...and I can't help still being deeply attracted to him. He is so independant and this is why I was so attracted to him, but in intimacy...it means well it means I have to learn to be more idependant and pursue my own dreams and aspirations... so thats another reason why I love him. I wonder what I have done for him ? I feel like he is alot more confident since we met..in terms of expressing himself passionately
—Guest carm

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