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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Scorpio Relationship

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what should I do...?

2 years ago I met a sexy male Virgo. We had a New Years Kiss. He was so fun and open and playful...yet very sexually intense too (those eyes!) ...so we had our passionate kiss (he left love bites alll over me) lol and then stayed in touch for a few weeks and then lost contact. He's back in touch ...the chemistry is undeniable...i just want to rip his clothes off! Are Aries loyal though? Could it ever be more than a fling I wonder?...
—Guest bambi

i hate that i love him

I'm a scorpio girl and with aries man.....this is a true definition of a love and hate relationship......9 months and going strong....even though we on our second break up lol
—Guest mz scorpio

scorpio got me confused

I'm a aries girl in love with my scorpio ex we have been together since I was 16 him 17 I'm now 22 well about two years ago he decides he wants to be free (u know that hurt me so bad he was my first everything) but I said okay we are young collage and everything so we remained friends but he still wants to control who I talk to he tells me stuff like none those girls matter to him no one could ever come between us and he takes care of me comes by my house when I need handy stuff done and has even bought me a 4 thousand dollar promise ring but tells me he doesn't want to b in a relationship right now cause he doesn't want to hurt me but him coming around me then leaving to b with other girls really hurts me and he says it shouldn't cause he don't love or do anything for the other woman I recently told him I'm tired of the games I'm a good smart independent woman and I deserve some type of commitment anybody what do u think I love him but I can't wait forever?!?
—Guest Aries Girl

Aries Scorpio

Me Scorpio/Him Aries = Battle - misunderstandings - jealousy on both sides - love - kindness - onto the next argument - next adventure
—Guest Scorp

He's a Aries vs Im a Scorpio

It was lust at first sight at the age of 5. We shared a 1st grade class room together, he was smart, talented, humble and well liked by our peers. I was extremly tall and picked at by most of our peers.(lol) Many years I admired him from a distance. 11yrs past I was 16 and I was attending a school over 30miles away. A mutral friend reintroduced us. 9yrs has past since that day and it has been hot and heavy since Im currenly 25 and I cant imagin my world with out him. A relationship is not in our future because were both controlling and stubburn. But he is my best friend, and my 1st love .
—Guest AB1985


im an aries and there's a beautiful young woman, whom ive never met in person, who is a scorpio and sexual tension is immense...
—Guest b3rtwayne

higher your standards!

Iread all these negative responses for aries and scorpio, but look closely at WHY. Make-up sex isa negative thing, people! Live wisely and take care of what you love like a delicate flower. I'm an Aries with a Scorpio and we are great! He's the best for me, EVER. Aries needs to accomadate to Scorpio's sex preferences and try to avoid any arguments. Scorpio has to calm down with the jealousy. Scorpio is a great match as long as they are both willing to work together and be both on the same page.
—Guest Aries Girl


WOW!!!! Everything that is mention in everyone story is so true.I am a scorpio woman that fell in love with my aries man. What is so strange we had our first big pow-wow Sunday.( and yes a bad one at that) By Wednesday he was sorry for the things that was said. I on the other hand holding on to being angry with him. I decided to make up with him Saturday. Everything is like nothing ever happen. I guess that is what we call LOVE.

Everything is true

I find it sad that reading everyone's responses I see my relationship. I'm a Scorpio, he's an Aries, we've been dating for 4 years. We have been through hell and back together, always on the verge of breaking up, or making up. This is an iresistably dysfunctional relationship! It makes me feel less crazy to see others with the same issues. Love and hate would not exist, one without the other, but I wish it wasn't that way! His rising sign is Gemini, and mine is aquarius, which makes you think we could communicate better. I feel like I try harder to keep us together, but it is a love I have never known and would miss forever.
—Guest SorpioReeda

So True

Hey there. Im facing through some problems with my Aries boyfriend of 4 yrs now. So true... I just want to focus on my life, job, friends and family and he's complaining how much I don't care about him and not put enough effort in this. I'm so tired of hearing this everyday. I know I love him.. I didnt know I have to remind him of my love for him. We have fights every week now.. It's not fun! The first 3 years was amazing but after we know eachother too well.. We're not scared to express how we feel. Which sometimes you need to keep to yourself. Sigh~ I'm going crazy for this Aries. I'm in a hate-love relationship.
—Guest Scorpio gal with an aries

its all the same...

I guess i have the typical scorpio vs aries story... except with a twist. I am a scorpio female& my girlfriend of 3yrs is an aries. Yess we are gay & it was love at 1st sight ( we started dating within a few days of meeting). We dated for a yr & a half before it all went downhill (i wasnt showing her the attention she craved) i noticed her need of reassurance that i love her or she will develop what i call her "i dnt give a damn" attitude. Well we're bac together now and i feel like now im the one madly in love & trying to make it work while she doesnt. I give her, her space as i know aries thrive for independence. I know she wants to be in charge (she's the aggressive type) ill let her believe it to a certain extent but everyone knows Im the boss. We argue over the stupidest things but she never backs dwn but i put up a fight. One of us caves she'll forget about it while her hurtful words replay in my mind. A Scorpio Aries union is unique stressful and passionate. I love my girlfrien
—Guest Renee

Love across two countries

I met my flame some years ago.He was a strong scorpian and I a very much younger aries-girl. We fell in love but never expressed it. We showed it in little ways. I was already in a marriege, so we stayed as best friends. We were always painfully attracted to each other but neither wanted to do anything to damage the friendship we have. I think our love for each other is for ever and we an go through anything for one another, still not willing to take any action. My marriage didnt work out but I m in it for other reasons. We talk to each other often even if he is not in the same country now.. The intensity the sparks are out of this world.. I think my love is eternal and I will wait for hIm sine he is worth the wait....
—Guest UK girl


I'm a scorpio woman and I met and fell in love with an Aries man the day I met him. The attraction is so incredibly strong; he's so strong, adventurous, calm, assertive, so much fun, so intelligent and so completely accepting of everything about me. To be loved by an Aries man is to be loved so totally and completely that I almost feel that I can't breathe without him. When he's close, there's nothing more perfect. We don't have power struggles; I've always needed to be in control until I met him, but not any more. I'm quite happy for him to lead as he's so good at it, but it doesn't mean that I don't meet him with equal passion in bed!!! Although I'm a Scorp, I'm not secretive or jealous (typing Scorpion traits) as I've learned to love myself and others unconditionally and to let fears of loss go. I think our relationship would be quite different if I was clingy or insecure. We've come together as 2 whole people, and 1 + 1 = a whole lot more than 2! I'll love him forever...
—Guest HR

dont think so

Im scorpio male 23 went or with an aries girl 25, for a good 8 months, we were great together I was in love then I started realizing that I was the only one putting effort into the relationship, calls messages etc, she didn't bother.. So I told her to do something about it and start showing that you love me.. So we called it off, everything I done was for her.. Sex wise, well let me just say, star fish belong in the see, not in my bed!! I would make her blow at least 6 times during sex, she couldn't make me blow she had to use her hand..
—Guest Qwert

Our crazy love

Im an aries my fiance is a scorpio...OMG we drive each other crazy we have been together for 6+ years and argue alot..when its good its great we love each other to death and no one can come between us we are both faithful the problem is the control I wanr freedom he wants to run my life but in all the aggravation and fights I wouldnt trade this relationship for anything
—Guest Aries woman

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