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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Taurus Relationship

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Have you been in a Aries-Taurus relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

it sucks

My Taurus is about my age. We were best friends d's since kindergarden. We both liked each other. Alot. Oneday. We got in an argument. So she decides to go get a boyfriend just to pass me off. Her words. Taurus woman are as far aas I can tell. All about f***ing up someone's mind until their is nothing left. I'm 16 now. We don't talk anymore...
—Guest observed

Taurus woman/Aries man

The problem with the Aries and Taurus is that Aries wants to do what Aries wants to do. His space is important as is his schedule:( Taurus needs no schedule and space is to lay in bed as much as possible; dreaming and loving. Aries is fascinated by however does not understand we see all when we reach that level of maturity.
—Guest kmg

Aries woman and Taurus male

My Taurus man loves me to death. He is so stable and predictable. I love this about him because it keeps be grounded but I want't ready for it so I ended it. I still feel like I need his security in my life. He was the most faithful man I ever met. I needed more of a spark! I want something a little more unpredictable. I'm spontaneous yet I don't mind a little planning. I want more romance. I feel like teaching someone to be a romantic is something you can never do. It has to come naturally for it to be real. I love him, but not as much as he loves me which is why I had to end it. I want to be so in love with one another that I never question leaving my man. I want someone who loves me just as much as I love them. I want something a little more thrilling yet predictable at the same time. My Taurus man was bland in bed and I needed more kisses. Him and I never made out which was weird. Is it weird that Taurus men typically are attracted to me? A few have asked me out.
—Guest Ariesgirl:)

its up and down

it is really good at times, and bad at other times. she is slow, i am fast. she doesnt want to be in a relationship right now even though we make out all the time. its annoying but i love my taurus woman to pieces.
—Guest afriend

Older Aries man and Taurus women

My Aries, is a wonderful man, he makes me think in such different ways. While he can frustrate me to the highest level, the experience is so magnetic and challenging. I love a challenge in my life and he is surly that. My feelings for him are so strong, I feel like I love him, but I have only known him for 3mos. There are some unique elements to our friendship, I am still legally married and he is divorced and celibate. He is committed to not having sex until he gets married. I think that is a bit much, however we both love the lord and if that's conviction, I'm willing to abided by it. Now currently, I have requested that we not communicate because he is struggling with how GOD would view him if he continues his feelings for me. So, because I am so concrete (black or white) I can't just be friends as I like him so much and I care about his convictions and wellbeing. I will admit to being stubborn, spoiled and impatient. But this experience is so intriguing, I want more! help
—Guest TDB

Aries man and taurus woman

My aries man can make me feel like am the only in 3/4 of the rel 1/4 of it sound like am on North Pole and it really irritates when he stays silent. The good part is that he's very honest and reliable. I always have to remind him that he's older and that he should give me directions . Otherwise he is very romantic and no time for mind games. I think he has 80% of what am searching for leave aside the s*x waaaaaauuuuuooooow he's the one who can make your every nerve stimulated
—Guest Aimar

So true. Kind of creepy.

This could not be anymore spot on. I've been seeing an Aries for quite some time now and I see the connections.
—Guest JamieElizabeth

Aries n Taurus

Luvee it ... ITS SO US ;) NM + BE.. I So believe in astrology... Earth n Fire
—Guest Nikki Marie

aries older woman and taurus younger man

I love my taurus man! Everything feels natural with him. I'm only 3 yrs older 24 and he's bout to turn 21 and it bit tough cuz he's still a lil inmature but that's okay with my child like personality. An we do butt heads but we get over it quickly and baby each other afterwards. We both help each other with our faults, I guess u can say we are a ying yang relationship.
—Guest amy

Excitement and Comfort

My Taurus man and I started our relationship nearly 4 years ago. I can't say we've been together that long because we had an off period (brought about by long bouts of long distance and lack of communication). But through everything I have found that I would prefer no one more as my life partner. One of the great things about my Taurus is that he LOVES to surprise me, show me new things, and take me on spontaneous and creative dates- he always keeps me excited and feeling like we can do anything and go anywhere, that there are no limits for us. And on the flip-side, he so strongly values the comfort of his home that I find as much joy and pleasure staying in with him. As the Ram and the Bull, we can butt heads and lock in, being stubborn but we are more yielding the older we grow together. But when we share the same perspective, we go full charge together side by side. There is also a physical energy between us that is beyond sexual. It is at once healing and electrifying. I intend to
—Guest HisButterfly

Aries MAN Taurus WOMAN

Well how do I say this ... I'm 26 (Aries) she is 23(Taurus ) and boy do we have our ups and downs she can be a match made in heaven then turn around an be the worst pick of a girlfriend even ... She is to much at times don't know how to say things and thinks she does nothing wrong she also irritates me and gets on all my nerves I think she is childish at times, but that's my girl I pray we stay together this time because so not always bad but when she is I feel like walking but when she is good everything can be great that's the problem between us you can't just walk away because you reflect on those great times ... I hate her but I strongly love her so yes I would make this crazy woman my wife she means the world to me Im a true ARIES yes I love to have my way and be the leader but what's a great leader if you don't have that strong one by your side hopefully my few worlds can help a Aries Taurus relationship out because urs going to be about communication trust the arguing it there
—Guest Carter

aries female, taurus male

Complete whirlwind....opposite but so similar in so many aspects. So far one of the best matches i have ever been with.... paying attention to details, communication, trust ,continuously learning about/from each other and having a set idea of what values are important to each other also set the tone of a lasting relationship. I feel comfort, secure and safe with my bull...there is never a dull moment.
—Guest c

Taurus boyfriend about Aries girlfriend

I have major trust issues being a Taurus and she flirts A Lot.she doesn't understand why I am very nervous about being played so we argue a lot. I caught her in a couple lies and am very weary of her. But I really like her
—Guest Abi

am aries she's taurus

Am really enjoying her as my date and my wife to be but she eventually want us to break up for reason that's best known to her . She said is her problem not mind , that she's sorry!
—Guest ibn mohammed yusuf

Aries Woman Taurus Man

I am actually younger than y'all, 14, and I am in love with a Taurus guy. I've been flirting, of course, and found out he likes me. I got really happy. I'm letting it take a little time, maybe a couple days to this weekend to ask him out, cause I know Taurus people don't like to rush things like this. If this goes well, and we actually stay together for a few years, I could actually move to where he is... Or he could move here. But chances are tiny.... Would someone really stay with someone they met online for a few years? :/.... Anyway, it's all good so far ^^
—Guest Lori

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