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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Taurus Relationship

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Have you been in a Aries-Taurus relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

My Aries man is Crazy at times!

Well he loves so much. And I like him a lot when we are close the world is a crazy place! But when it comes loving him. I feel more lust than love. And the crazy thing is that he won't let me him know my age.
—Guest Taurus Girl Aries Man

it sucks

My Taurus is about my age. We were best friends d's since kindergarden. We both liked each other. Alot. Oneday. We got in an argument. So she decides to go get a boyfriend just to pass me off. Her words. Taurus woman are as far aas I can tell. All about f***ing up someone's mind until their is nothing left. I'm 16 now. We don't talk anymore...
—Guest observed

Taurus woman/Aries man

The problem with the Aries and Taurus is that Aries wants to do what Aries wants to do. His space is important as is his schedule:( Taurus needs no schedule and space is to lay in bed as much as possible; dreaming and loving. Aries is fascinated by however does not understand we see all when we reach that level of maturity.
—Guest kmg

Aries-wife of Taurus

We have a feisty relationship, due to that we have great communication, call it arguing if you want, its more like rough verbal play. He has taught me to have thicker skin. I have helped him be more considerate. We deeply love each other though. Best financial match ever. Passion in bed even after many years. advice be forgiving he and will be more flexible.
—Guest Felicia Gaynor

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