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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Leo Relationship

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From the article: Love Match: Aries and Leo
Have you been in a Aries-Leo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

True Story....

I'm a Leo woman...he was an Aries. We were so textbook. We were good friends for years. Talked about EVERYthing. We dated...and we fell in love. We were passionate...it was all phenomenal. He knew how to love me and I him very well. But when it was bad....it was bad. I allowed him so much more room to do whatever he wanted. More than I would ever accept from anyone else because our bond was that strong. Crazy thing was...I KNEW he loved me. He knew it too...but we weren't meant to be. I had to leave because he couldn't give me what I wanted, which was fidelity. Commitment. Not saying they all cheat...but when they're not ready, they're not ready. And he did love me enough to tell me so...but our feelings were just so strong...it's like the song says...neither one of us wanted to be the first to say 'farewell, my love". Breaking up was hard but we both moved on...I'm happily married to the sweetest Aquarian and idk where he is now in life...but I wish him the best. It was an experience.
—Guest A Leo Woman Loved

Aries women Leo man

At a extreme loss came back in contact with my leo thought he had changed from his old ways everything was good at first laughing going out having a good time around his family things got serious I got pregnant we didn't want agreed and he just stiped talking to me not for nothing were both grown I don't see how you can sit in someone face and lie I'm lost but wil move on

we are doing GREAT^-^

im leo and my honey is aries.i couldnt wish a better man.he is definitely THE BEST.
—Guest leo woman.

Leo's Are impossible

LEO needs to stop being so Pompous & foolish always thinking they are right!!! Wanting the last word!!! The next one that crosses this Aries will be shown Aries is a Ram, NOT a Sheep!!
—Guest Domici


Im an aries female and i met my leo guy and the first time he seen me he told me i had the most beautiful smile ..we had sex n i was scared he was gonna do me bogus the the rest of the guys but instead he promised he wasnt gonna change up and that i was gonna be his forever....(best sex game everrr ) but anyways... He so amazing and every time im with him we just got that connection . I love it ! He calls me every night and shows lots of affection . Hes my world and that will neva change . Hes loyal And sticks to his words. I dont kno wat i would do without my leo man.
—Guest His lover

SO Worth It!

Aries & Leo can have the perfect relationship as long as Aries is willing 2 stop being selfish & consider Leo's feelings & not just their own & as long as Leo learns 2 understand tht Aries sees the world differently than most ppl so u cnt respond 2 their behavior the way u would w/others. Aries' hv tempers worse than ours but they only do when they've been hurt. My Aries bf & I hv been together for 5 months but it was only after the 1st couple of days together tht we knew the other wasn't going ANYWHERE. Neither of us would let the other FOR REAL. We both tried to leave before and both threatened the other if they would lol. Even though our fights r HORRIBLE, the making up is SO worth it! We're 2 perfect 4 each other, we literally can read each other's minds. It's wonderful. He expects 2 b the leader & knows that I hv no problem letting him b/c we trust each other implicitly. We're both head turners, very intelligent, athletic, hard workers, the list goes on, so y would either stray?

my leo MAN!

i WANT YOU MAN! my pride do not let me say more,....i NEED you believe in me and do not stop chasing me. i want you ignore my ignorance! just keep fighting for me , to catch me and put that damn leash on me, cause i need to be taken by you ..,my heart , my soul and my body all burning , just if you do not give up and make me yours, i ll take you to heaven , my dear.
—Guest aries woman


i love leo man he is to much good he also love me but our family is the biggest problem we are together 4rm 1 year he understands me he cares me he is the one for me he helps me i need him he need me he can do everything 4 u and i can do 4 him
—Guest waheed


Leos do seem confident and untamable. As an Aries female, I enjoy the sophistication and serenity I get from many Leo women I encounter. The talks are great and these women seem really level-headed. Eventually we go our separate ways, but we never leave on bad terms. I tend to be the one to part from these friendships, but seeing as the ones I encounter hardly keep up with my fast-paced lifestyle, I don't feel entirely bad. Leo men make pretty good buddies, as well. Many that I encounter are handsome and smart, but the ones I encounter with pseudo-macho attitudes are always turn-offs. I find it adorable, however, that these individuals (male and female) act as if they can't be dominated, but it seems everytime I encounter them, I'm always the lead. They seem flighty, but if you keep living your life naturally and not think much about them, many tend to return without chase. These individuals are fun, but I never try to run the risk of giving them complete control, or not taking turns.
—Guest Courin

i met me an aries

I met a aries and he so sweet and he know how to make me happy and keep a smile on my face also he make me feel like a real women.....loving my aries all smiles:-)
—Guest chilla

on and of

well i'm an aries he is a leo our relationship has been on and of on and of my leo guy ad i grew up together thats y our bound is so strong plus not forgettin we have a child together which makes it worse our saga continues we r not together now but eventually we always find our way bac to each other
—Guest rocky

heart broken but hopeful...continued

Although they say Leo are generous I NEVER received anything from him...that's all because he was cheating I never had any solid proof although intuition told me other wise...the day before my birthday he inboxed me on Facebook to break up with me...3 days later found out he had another relationship in the city he lived in Florida...he blocked me and deleted me after I left him a VERY nasty message on Facebook only out of hurt and anger yet it was truthful...although I've NEVER cheated on him I'm hurt and over time I feel as though I'd take him back...crazy huh? What can I say it's that crazy unexplainable Aries/Leo bond! So even though im hurt I'm still hopeful one day he'll return! What do you all think?
—Guest Florida Aries

heart broken but hopeful

Hmmm the only 3 boyfriends I've had were all Leo's and I loved them all very dearly but the last relationship I had with my Leo it was a long distance one and when it was good it was VERY good but when it was bad well heads did roll (NEVER violence though) but we ALWAYS found our way back...he was quite the charmer indeed he could sweet talk candy from a baby...he was quite the romantic although they say Leo's
—Guest Florida Aries

PwEdI LeO&SeXy ArIeS

My man and I have been together for almost 17 months, itz the best 17months of my life, we always argue (mostly because of me) but we always make up, we love each other dearly though sometimes our ego's get in the way... But we're still going strong
—Guest LeO360

break up

I felt in love wid a leo man... but he left me...
—Guest Baishakhi

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