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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Leo Relationship

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From the article: Love Match: Aries and Leo
Have you been in a Aries-Leo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Aries on the verge of leaving Leo

Thank you everyone for sharing. Aries lady here dating a Leo man for 9 months. We've broken up three times. We are older, both having other relationships, me married twice, him almost once. As I write, we had a falling out last week. He is very distant when not with me. I don't suspect another female. We don't text, or phone chat daily like normal people do.. Emailing/video calling seem to keep it together for us. He is a busy professional who is charming, cultured, loves music and plays piano. He lives in another town, not too far and we manage to spend nights together a week. Everything said about these 2 signs is true. This man has taught me what intimacy really is, its not just orgasms n hot sex. Yes, we F*** like bunnies after 2 hrs of foreplay. I'm question the relationship. I just don't feel he is emotionally there. He expressed his love for me 6 wks into our relationship. He spoils me, spares no expense, holds my hand everywhere we go and calls me his gf. Why am I so unhappy.
—Guest Lilly

daiting site love

I'm a Leo women I met an aries man on a dating site. We had a physical admiration, but it took time for us to spend time talking. He felt like a friend til he began making statements about us sleeping together. Quickly, I cheched him, I really did not want a physical relationship, plus he lived over 500 miles away, guess but it did. We had lust coming through every call, and every Skype encounter for 11 months. The new year came around I thought we would make plans to see each other, then he dropped off.My ego, pride will not let me contact him...I miss him...but if he wanted me, he would come to me....I'm Leo damn it...she said with her heart in hand...:(
—Guest missy

the best

I dated a leo man, he is four years younger than me, when I started, I thought it would never work. But he turned out to be the manliest man I've ever dated. He showered me with love and respect. And the 3hour sex was the best.
—Guest shugah

Aries And Leo

Well, I am an Aries woman, dated one Leo guy and it was simply awesome! We had a very good sex, good conversations, laughs, jokes. We completed each other. However, in front of others, he always kept a certain distance. Then I realized that I had two options: or I handle with it, talk to him and try to make him a better partner and risk my happiness OR I find another man that fulfills me - completely - and be happy. Of course men of zodiac and signs are not all equal! So I've met a Sagittarius one and I am REALLY happy! I think sometimes we need to take a break, go out, meet new people, (parties!!) and enjoy our friends! We just need to wait, don't search, it WILL happen in the right time, just it happen, okay? Xoxo :)
—Guest Katherine Myers

My Aries Man Is An A**hole

I have been wth this guy for only 3 months & he is one of the biggest jerks I've ever dated. He's almost as bad as a Sagittarius man. Ugh! The sex is magical. The first time was blah for me & heaven for him but ever time after was steamy. He completely satisfies me sexually & I know that he loves me. But when he gets upset he loses himself & starts saying hurtful and mean things to me on purpose. He claims he doesnt like arguing with me but he can't avoid it nor does he try. He's always the one messing up & he rarely ever sees anything wrong with what he's done. He's very selfish emotionally & he's extremely arrogant. It's disgusting. He's also very petty & childish. I love him but sometimes I can't handle his behavior. He provides for me financially but feels like that should excuse his hurtful words. Idk what to do. I'm thinking about just giving him his space for a while.
—Guest Bvnni - The Lioness

Game playing

I first had a special friendship bond with my Aries man. But after a while it got way too intense. So I had to back off.. Due to being in a relationship with a gemini. My Aries man and I have a very strong attraction. I would say we had an emotional love affair. I know if I gave in to him. He would take me with no questions asked. But because I am married to my gemini now. He is staying clear from me. The deep attraction is still there. I just think he is avoiding me completely because he don't want to get emotionally attached again. Knowing that he can never truly have me. Because of this. I think our amazing strong friendship is gone for good this time.
—Guest Rhonda

aries Leo

i have justnspent 7 months gettin to know aries man.they are playersband boring and like kids
—Guest Jane

Burnt Out

I just broke up with my Leo boyfriend, I am an Aries female. We consistently had active great sex and went on road trips and many fun social events, but there really was no depth or emotionally support from my partner. I guess I got tired of always pumping up his ego without receiving emotional support back from him. It got tiring with him always wanting to be in the spotlight and in the social 'scene'. I was ready to build an intimate relationship and prioritize us, but this was not reciprocated. I left him because I felt unappreciated. My advice for a Leo and Aries match is for the Leo to verbally/emotionally reassure the Aries of how much you appreciate them or sadly they will burn out and have to leave you.
—Guest Heather

Leo man- Liars Egoistic Asshols

When I met him I already knew we'd soon befriend each other and it happened within a month, fell in love in three. Things got bad when I came to know he's still in contact with his Ex and even tawks for hours to her on phone.. I started secretly investigating and he proved to be a perfect liar and a great flirt... And when he came to know that I was spying on him he sed he never expected this from me and tried to make me guilty instead of accepting his mistakes. He lied to me all the time about his Ex and many many girls he was in contact with. The Truth is I trust him no more and wanna leave him but he is not letting me go.. I personally feel powerless in his magnetic power and excellent love making.. Sexually he's wonderfully compatible to me and makes me feel like heaven wen m with him he seems so cold at distance.. I just hate this situation. I know I'll soon get rid of him.. My experience proved Leos to be extremely selfish and big big liars flirt who always claims he's loyal.
—Guest Guest Eva

Leo girl with Aries man

I'm a leo girl with an aries guy. I love him so much really and I know he loves me so much too. The problem is that at first it was just for fun. So I was a party animal and he was too. Neither of us minded. But now, that we love each other. He no longer wants me to go partying alone or with my friends. He has to be there. He also stopped me from talking to my male friends. He changed the way I dress into more modest dressing and makes me go back home not after 11 pm. It's unbearable but I love him so much and I'm willing to do more for him, but I think I'm gonna explode of all the commands. He doesn't do any of his commands. He talks to girls and everything. But on the other hand, he's very sweet, makes me forget whatever I'm angry about and he's a great listner. I can talk to him about anythingggg from fashion to major problems. He is very caring too and would literally die for me. I just can't help but love my aries guy.
—Guest Xtina

Married to a Leo man

I've been married to this Leo man for eight years now, and they were the best eight years of my life (I am indeed an Aries woman), it was attraction from the start and I have a few friends who are in an Aries-and-Leo and relationship and I have been told the sex is amazing, they were correct indeed, Leo's may seem like they're cheaters in love or basically wanting to leave the relationship. But once they found the one, they have found the one, I have been with a Sag and a Gemini, not the best, so Leo and Aries is the perfect match for either.
—Guest face of winchester

Aries female and leo male

I'm an Aries female and I have been with an Leo male for 5 months. In the beginning it was amazing it's still amazing we have a great bond, we commuicate well, we laugh together and we have pretty good sex. When I see him I'm smittened and I believe he is to, but when we aren't together recently he seems distance. Me being an Aries I like to know and feel I'm still wanted by my partner, but when we are together he treats me like a queen very attentive will do whatever I want basically wants to see me happy. He's very wild, he has a natural charisma about him and has a very slick sneaky manner that kinda makes me not trust him. The way I'm is outspoken and very upfront I usually don't leave much to imagen. I say what I say and I mean what I do. I'm also a very loyal partner and I be known for Leo's to be unfaithful and liars
—Guest sasha moses

Aries Woman dating Leo Man

When I met my leo man, it was fireworks and as though the universe was smiling at us. Back then, I was 5 months out of a turbulent relationship with a Scorpio and my leo man had been single for a year. We had so many common interest, and we work in the same line of creative field. The dating was amazing, we met everyday, chat everyday, and can never have enough of each other. He chased me so much - after a month, I gave in and became his gf. We can kiss for hours and the sex - wow! It's been 10 months now and I've since moved in with him. Sometimes I am insecure cuz he can be very charming but he always reassure me and reminds me! It feels like a match made in heaven, it will be impossible to imagine life without him!

Leo? NAH...

I'm a Aries man March 23 (f*cking Leo rising) who dated a Leo Gemini for almost 3 years. In the beginning it was heaven. We used to laugh a lot, go out to different places, rock concerts... I have to admit that my life were very agitated. But the other 2 years was fights over fights, mainly for control. I don't consider myself a "control maniac" person, actually I like to respect other people freedom as I would like to have mine respected. And that were the point. I think she wanted I to be more like her in many aspects, but you know, I'm an Aries, "I am", no one says how I must be. And had the "I know you will betray me someday" she used to say (after we broke up, I discovered that SHE was cheating on me), the fights over attention (I assume that sometimes I started these fights, I'm not used to the shadows) and I hated her bossy attitude. Leo never more. Now I'm with a Aries Sag (FIRE!) for almost 2 years. Yeah, we had our fights, but the good times with her is being awesome!
—Guest very Aries

Aries woman falls

I met my current Leo days after ending my marriage and was definitely not ready. However, he chased, insisted, and quickly convinced me. I was/am very insecure, but he is very unwavering. I fell in love quickly and continue to fall every day. He is less verbal about his affections for me than at the beginning but he doesn't need words. For him, we just "are" and will continue to be. I have almost ruined it many times w fears, but as soon as I see him, all of that melts away. We are both very attractive and successful. Sex is like nothing i have ever experienced. We both have so many interests and have the same sense of humor. He is the only man who has ever made me feel this feminine and loved. We are both stubborn. However, it is true that the Aries woman will submit to the Leo man, and I like it that way-I trust him to be a man. He is flirtatious but I do not believe he would ever cheat. Leo men are thought as cheaters, but when are ready and find the right mate, they give their all
—Guest True Aries

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