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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Leo Relationship

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Have you been in a Cancer-Leo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

My Cancer Baby I am a Leo

Let me explain to all ladies if you're looking for a loyal devoted nurturing kind affection committed loving relationship then you need a Cancer man in you're life.Ok they can be a little clingy whinny aloof at times very emotional and possessive at times but what relationship isnt but I can honestly tell you these men are very loyal devoted nurturing and love family and will definitely protect what belongs to him be kind to him and give him lots of affection and reassurance and he's yours and what women now today do not want to be Loved and treated like a Queen just make sure you honestly reciprocate back to this sensitive loving soul
—Guest Sharon

Confuse about Love

Unfortally I'm engaged to a Leo Man. Yes I'm a cancer woman and I'm in love with my loin. He found me thur txtin an we have 4 kids ( not by ) marriages but he doesn't want to let go of me? He's willing to stay with me even though we're on the Rollercoaster. I'm willing to give all I got to him as U can see he's stubburn and does not want anyone else except me. Strange isn't it?Although HE doesn't believe in any of this Horoscopes he just tells me You believe all that crap? I don't it's jus a wasted of time? We've been 2 gether for 5 years. He purpose to me two years ago and this of May 1st of 2014 he bought me an Engaged Ring an slide it on my finger til dis day we've been 2gether and still is? Now I jus don't no why he won't call or text me? He is currently working 24/7 an I hardly see him at all? Is there any suggesting how 2 handle him?? He loves us with all his heart an the kids already call him daddy even though he isn't the natural father . Please apply to my question. Thank you


I'm a cancer N he's a Leo... We only text 1st. That's how we new each other. It was ok @1st. Flirted with him he told me he was 32 n I didn't tell him my. That's was n the 2010. Then the year of 2011 jus talked what we were up 2, he ask me if I got kids n that if I was married I said "No" but with kids without a man.single parent 4 a good 9yrs. N 2012 gotten 2 him good but we haven't met he worked far far far way an I was n school at that time he wanted 2 meet me but I kind of hesitated cuz I really didn't want 2 no how he look cuz he send me a photo if himself.. But then again can't really say how a person look n life? Don't ya agreed he calls me flirts texts me again n again. so we met n May 21st. At that time it was 3yrs my kids called him dad ( cuz thy thought ) ther dad has return bk 2 dim. They automatically caled him dad, was shocked at1st. But accepted thm. Now it's 5 yrs now I'm engaged but hasn't step it up 2 the plate. Is he coward Lion tryin 2 b com a man? Cuz I learned/see

Starting out

I am a Leo man and have started dating a Cancer woman. So far, things have been going great. Both of us seem to have a connection that started when we first met. We are meeting up again this weekend and are chomping at the bit till we see each other. Friday can't get here fast enough.
—Guest Sam

Cancer Men aren't worth it

I'm a leo/virgo cusp woman and I have a lot of scorpio in my chart (ascendant, mars, pluto, saturn) and the cancer man seems scared. Always always scared. My first love was a cancer and so was my second. Now I am on my third and I had to let him go because as much as he 'wanted' to learn to love, he had difficulties in letting go of past hurts. So this is the second time I have let him go and although it hurts. I have now promised myself that I will never date or give another cancer man a chance. I'll go elsewhere. All you Leo women out there need a strong man and cancer man is too feminine for you! Too many mood swings and wondering. You can really do better.
—Guest Jess

Cancer men is psycho

I had crush with this cancer man, for about couple of months we been together, this guy was so annoying.. He is extremely moody, always provoking, never has strong decision, and makes things miserable. Very unstable emotionally. Although he tried to be the best lover, he never trust himself and never wants to make me secure in our relationship..n I tried to save our relationship, always positive and advised him to be more optimist, and thrown away all my ego and temper just to take care his heart and feelings..but in the end, he broke our relationshiplease, dumped me just like that. He is so weak mentally and never tried to save any relationship he had been through..when he loses his temper, he dumps his woman.. I swear never deal with this sign,, ever in my life especially in love. They sucks and psycho
—Guest zaley

Cancer Man-Leo Woman

Cancer is pathetic when he tries to drag you into his misery.If you comply, your life becomes pathetic and miserable.If you are clever enough to escape before you get 'cancer' , you are the clever and the lucky one! He'll probably chase you after some time -as his ego will be very bruised to chase you immediately- and if you don't give up, he may chase you again and again.Cancer men are unreliable when they can't have full control of the situation.Leo women are 100% reliable and they will never let anyone else, whom they disrespect, to get control of a situation. This combination sucks! Stay away from Cancer men.They may be charming but very weak.
—Guest Stef

Cancer women with her Leo man

*Let me tell you I've dated this Lion four 4 years already & its been nothing but crazy our love , arguments , & sex is all a mixture of emotions I know he cares but his Pride " gets in a way sometimes & my moodyness its not even cool lol I can be luaghing then a minute be sad ughh wierd anyway me & this Leo been threw so much that we care alot for each other I make him feel good & he says he will protect me & our duaghter haha thats cute :) so LEO AND CANCER ARE A GOOD MIXTURE :)

cancer female and leo male

I am a cancer female in a relationship with a leo male ...the relationship is still in the begining stages and so far the going is good. We seem to work well with each other, we have a lot of mind reading going on where for example: he may be thinking about how hungry he is and in that instant ill be like baby you want something to eat and the same with him :) he's very reassuring when it comes to letting me know where I stand with him and of his loyalty to me and I do the same for him. He loves to spend time with me and I love that but we also get a chance to miss eachother as well so it keeps us close he's not very sexual but at times he can behe can be selfish but a with a lil reminding he's good... He's a true leo but be has a good heart and I love him for that...
—Guest misscrystal12

independent leo,bipolar cancer

I'm an independent leo woman dating a bipolar Moody cancer crabby paddy. I'm loyal. Sweet, faithful woman to this cancer. But at my wits end. He doesn't work, has major mood swings, blames me for his life issues or faults. He will not compromise nor meet. Me halfway. I'm about to leave this cancer. I gotten bored of this relationship and I need love and affection. And. He wont show me neither. This leo is moving. On!
—Guest kaylesv

leo plus cancer

I'm a leo women whos been with my boyfriend now for 5 months on which I've known him for 2 years. I'm totally happy with him exp when we are both as stubborn as each other and aruge like cat and dog but we both know how to work each other now. He knows when I'm in a mood to just leave me alone which is perfect and I know how to get around him .. He's a very senitve person and seems to take things to heart. And often thinks about things I said for days I'm completely in love with him we've had the ups and the downs but doesn't everyone? Leo and cancer may not be a perfect match but its pretty damn close for me :)
—Guest onomnom09

in love with my young cancer man

this article rings true about me and my bf. im a leo who is older then my cancer bf, weve only been together for a short while but i feel like he understands me better than anyone else and i understand him better than anyone else, he makes me feel warm and loved and im compketely 100% devoted to him, plus the sex is off the chain!! im in love with my cancer man and its never felt so good
—Guest leo_queen_84

Cancer woman hoping Leo man comes around

I'm a Cancer & he's a Leo. We've been attached for about 8yrs (in 2mos) & we have 3 beautiful children. Its hard trying to bend to his needs because of his egotistical ways. I'm very laid back whereas he's too jittery. The sexual attraction is there at least for me but he's not very reassuring for my liking. We fight about money, how to raise the kids, trust issues (he's cheated on me because I wouldn't stroke his ego), & his blatant absence from the so-called relationship. I truly love this fool but I don't know how much more of this 1 sided relationship I can take. When he's away it hurts because I feel like he's running off like the cowardly Lion but when he's around he's so very warm, supportive, loyal & loving but our situation isn't secure enough for me. I honestly don't know what else to do! We're both playful & can confide in each other (when we're not busy) but the problems between the Cancer- Leo union are obvious & strong with us. I'm at my wits end with this silly Lion.
—Guest Racheal C

Leo and cancer is for mature ones

I'm leo, dating cancer. Cancer man is so sweet, caring, not clingy at all. He's mature emotionally, I'm mature and understand his emotional needs. I think I'm falling for him. Superb if your understanding each other and being on the same page
—Guest poppin

Perfect match

Ive been with my boyfriend now for a month and the description matched our relationship exaclty(:
—Guest Jaquelynn

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