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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Virgo Relationship

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I am going crazy ...

I am in love with a virgo for two yrs ... and in this time she went into another relationship with my ex best friend and that broke off a few months ago ... from then we are good friends and slowly but steadily building up a depending and loving relation. Though she always refers us as a friendship ... i can see love in her eyes, the problem is i can't gain her trust enough to share everything with me. and at times i am getting crazy to hold her in my arms knowing that she loves me just as much. What should i do to make her trust me and have faith in me? Any Cancer man with a virgo woman please help me out ...
—Guest Moon Lover

Loyal to each other for eternity!

I have been married to my Cancer eternal companion now for a little over 6 years. He is 5 years older than me, so when we meet we fell instantly in love right away (I the Virgo was stubborn and did not want to admit I was in love for a long time seeing as how i wanted to 'date' around more) he was ready to get married instantly. Me being old fashioned and a perfectionist made him wait a year and a half because I needed to know for SURE he was the ONE. BEST decision I've ever made was to marry him. Yes this virgo/ cancer match makes for two worriers, but it makes up for everything else. We both love consistency and I love to organize and let's be honest: Boss him around! And we are loyal to the bone, he is a great protector, I always compliment him and tell him he makes me feel safe and I think he appreciates that. I love his shyness and I love to make him blush! We have a beautiful 2 yr old son with our 2 nd baby on the way! A love story for the ages. PS great love life as well.
—Guest C.Ann

True, commited love.

I'm a male cancer in love with a female virgo. I met her during a previous romance with a Gemini, that ended terribly. My virgo princess, on the other hand, makes me feel secure, loved, needed and useful. She never fails to point out my successes, while at the same time making note of my failures. She's patient, albeit not forgiving. I shower her with affection and love filled devotion. It's been a year now, and it's just getting better. She organizes me, keeps me with stuff to do, and never ever pressures me, always giving me another way out. We're vivacious lovers, knowing all about the other, there are no secrets in this romance. We started off rocky, but it's like being married now, and as long as she keeps saying "I love you too", i will never ever look back.
—Guest Aaron M

Twice,... really?

New love of my life second time around! SHould have had a virgo in the beginning, he never would have cheated! He is kinda a bad boy, but loves animals and is a teddy bear at heart. His appearance is applealing and he makes me so happy! great combo: cancer/ virgo!!
—Guest silvia

Finding a way

Im a cancer girl and im in love with my virgo...we have been through alot from betrayl,cheating,lies etc...we was planning to start on a new leaf because we both love each other and want to work this out problem is he needs space and im clingy I cant do space...he always says I love you I just need space to get hisself together so we can be good...but I dont think he understands that him needing space makes me feel insecure like he's tryna get away from me...i dont know we got into an argument and he might be gone forever but although im heart broken i'll always love him
—Guest Mickey B*


I met my Cancer when I was in a previous relationship, and I could never be better. He may have wild mood swings and is completely unorganised, but we make up for what we both lack. It's a harmony where we give and take.
—Guest Birdy


He's virgo, I'm cancer...I dnt really think its a good match. He's doesn't really give me tht much attention. I'm jst a trophy tht he wants to show around when he's going out with his friends.
—Guest anje

The love is cancer-ous

My first love was a cancer. He was so flirtatious with me, but isn't gay like me. At least I don't think so. Now, my friends are telling me I would be a good match with someone who is gay and single, and is a cancer as well! I think a cancer and a virgo are a good match. The description sounded like me and my first love, even if we never got together.
—Guest HODDays


—Guest Just Jay

cancer and virgo experience

Ive been with my cancer hubby.for 24yrs only 2 of the years married.I am a very patient.virgo.you can say.as i read .about .everyones experince.there pretty much dead right about how things are.mine has been like a twister .out of control.And i wouldnt change anything.ILove my cancer.hubby.match made for life.Dee
—Guest Deanna

love at the mall

We meet at the mall randomly and its going on two years were so neet to be but we both look at things so much differently
—Guest drew dise

cancerian girl in love with a virgo

why is he so shy to call me?.he knows i like him then what is keeping him.
—Guest cllaire

this time its cancer

in fact, he is my 2nd Cancer, the only two times i really was in love were with the two cancers. Perfect is something else, though! for me they are lazy, unorganized, chaotic and unserious, i couldnt depend on any of them. but they knew how to make me fall in love, they are probably the most affictionate but not the most caring. they are like babies they need mothers. for a virgo to keep a cancer its really easy; just be the practical virgoa, mother him cook for him and make him depend on you ,, i remember his dates/appointments ,, the time to take pills,,, i simply make them depend on my practical approach to life ,,, they will never go away,,, one thing i hate about them very much is that they are egoistic,, they love you because you provide them with this and that ,,, in both relationship i ended up the mother and they the children. and the second is cheating on me everytime he gets the chance. the beginning was always love at first sight but it ended fast. they love to show off
—Guest the Virgoa


me and my girlfriend have been together for 8 months im the cancer and she is the virgo we always get along and we have only 4-5 small fights not even screamin at each other or callin each other names it is great
—Guest Stevie yrcle


My bf is a virgo an im a cancer an we are sooo great togeather he understands me soo well its worth it an now we already love eachother hrs great he makes me smile everyday!!
—Guest Yung shay

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