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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Virgo Relationship

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cancer and virgo experience

Ive been with my cancer hubby.for 24yrs only 2 of the years married.I am a very patient.virgo.you can say.as i read .about .everyones experince.there pretty much dead right about how things are.mine has been like a twister .out of control.And i wouldnt change anything.ILove my cancer.hubby.match made for life.Dee
—Guest Deanna

love at the mall

We meet at the mall randomly and its going on two years were so neet to be but we both look at things so much differently
—Guest drew dise

cancerian girl in love with a virgo

why is he so shy to call me?.he knows i like him then what is keeping him.
—Guest cllaire

this time its cancer

in fact, he is my 2nd Cancer, the only two times i really was in love were with the two cancers. Perfect is something else, though! for me they are lazy, unorganized, chaotic and unserious, i couldnt depend on any of them. but they knew how to make me fall in love, they are probably the most affictionate but not the most caring. they are like babies they need mothers. for a virgo to keep a cancer its really easy; just be the practical virgoa, mother him cook for him and make him depend on you ,, i remember his dates/appointments ,, the time to take pills,,, i simply make them depend on my practical approach to life ,,, they will never go away,,, one thing i hate about them very much is that they are egoistic,, they love you because you provide them with this and that ,,, in both relationship i ended up the mother and they the children. and the second is cheating on me everytime he gets the chance. the beginning was always love at first sight but it ended fast. they love to show off
—Guest the Virgoa


me and my girlfriend have been together for 8 months im the cancer and she is the virgo we always get along and we have only 4-5 small fights not even screamin at each other or callin each other names it is great
—Guest Stevie yrcle


My bf is a virgo an im a cancer an we are sooo great togeather he understands me soo well its worth it an now we already love eachother hrs great he makes me smile everyday!!
—Guest Yung shay

Horrible pairing!

One of my exs was Cancer, and I'm a Male Virgo, and she was just blech to me, all she did was tease the hell out of me, bite me, and give me too much mushy love. Apoarently Cancer and Virgo go along well, I say it's a match made in hell. And Cancers can have a very twisted side to them, she was one of them.
—Guest Jeremiah Maryam

partial soulmates

Even though my ex boyfriend and i have been broken up for a year. We still communicate and get together every once and a while. The sex is number 1. Im a VIRGO and he's a CANCER and i will always love him even though we get on each others nerves!!
—Guest stellarshanell

Cancer + Virgo = SOULMATES

Yeah , They are so compatible because :- Cancer -->Water ,Liquid ,Caring , Nurturing Virgo -->Earth ,Solid , Protective , Fertile Water(Blue)+ Earth(Brown)=Plants(Green) Such a PERFECT/DIVINE combination
—Guest joey


Loveme take me as I am I m a good Guy yep so what. You waiting. For
—Guest travarous

Could go so wrong

Right now I have a cancer boyfriend (being a virgo boy myself). I really love him and he seems to really love me. Even though he is freakishly perfect; I am certain that I offended him with my emotionless approach to something! This all makes a lot of sense. However, when it says that they could be together for life - I think of my parents. They are also a Virgo and Cancer. They've been together since they were young and even after a divorce they still live together! Still, since they're divorced they are very much out of love. It seems that Virgo&Cancer love can go very right or very wrong! So, good luck to all of you!
—Guest Queen Here

Marrying soon

I am here to see how compatible our moon sign is.. My moon is Virgo and my bf is Cancer.. Our sun sign is the perfect match I am Capricorn and he is Virgo.. Becuz of my moon in virgo i am more perfectionist, analyse and stubborn than him.. Haha When come to married and live the rest of the life together moon sign is very important and the article is soooooo true.. I never met a guy that can complete and understand me so well.. We had been together going to be 3 years and he proposed me.. I don't think there is 2nd person like him.. We want to be with each other the rest of our life..
—Guest Caprius


Everything I read here is tru! I'm a cancer and the guy i. Just started seeing is a virgo and we have a great chemistry . He noticed it first and recently told me that he loves me. I love the attention he gives physically and emotionally. He holds me and expresses his feelings for me. I'm so head over for him! We will see where things go.
—Guest keke


Me and my Virgo boyfriend have been together for two years now, it's been working out great! I think I love him, he's absolutely lovely, we're planning to have a baby now, as I'm pregnant :D.
—Guest SylwiaKamenski


Well, I liked this Virgo guy (4th September) me & him share Maths set & Science set, so we're together quite often *blush*. I'm a cancer female, and known for being emotional. But he is so distant it's unbelievable. He's just cold. I catch him staring at me so many times, just scanning me with these incredibly beautiful green eyes of his. He's got a perfect body, amazing large eyes and soft & gentle hands. But he just keeps staring at me, not saying a word just observing and whenever I try to talk to him he just wants to get away, or he ignores me. He's so strange, when he's with his mates he's laughing all the time, and jokes. But as son as he is anywhere close to me he becomes cold and nervous. He has a cancer girlfriend (7th July)and I think she loves him more then he will ever like her. I don't want to break it for them, but I don't want to be second choice either, I don't know what to do?
—Guest Lillia99

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