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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Virgo Relationship

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So true

I have found one of the best guys I could ask for and he is a cancer. He understands me more than any guy I have ever met in my life and he means alot to me. I usually don't read horoscopes but this description is spot on.
—Guest Sunshine

Dead on.

Yes. This article is DEAD on. My Virgo was very devoted, guile when it came to my needs or feelings and a worrier who was readily open to receive comfort (i.e. he wasn't callous.) He was already set for commitment, but as a Cancerian... I felt too insecure with how quickly we were moving. But indeed, from my experience, my Virgo was VERY receptive, sentimental, involved, kind, romantic and attractive. :) So, I confirm this article. They're definitely a pair for marriage material. ;)
—Guest ElvenQueen

pure love

I really believe that this is the most imperfectly perfect pair. I am a virgo lady and he is the very very amazing cancer. What me and Trevor have cant ever possibly end. We are always here for eachother... Through the good times and me being an honest virgo will admit, we will always be best friends even through the bad times. I never felt the love like this and been so undoubtfull about it. I feel secure in this relationship and I know me and Trevor Bowman will be together forever. Wow. Im going to be very embarrased if he ever reads this. Lmfao.. They say cancers are the alcohalics but I drink more than him I think. ^.^
—Guest RLPB DEC.24.10

neva knew luv like this

I am a lesbian. i am the cancer my gf is a virgo. when i tell u we can communicate w/o talkn its so uncanny. she is so serious n i am the free spirit n crazy 1 dat goes off emotions she is always there when i need her she will stay up if im down even tho she wrks 2jobs n goes 2 school ft. she is my rock. we both r neat freeks n we can b r selves around each other. ths was spot on about us EVERYTHING!!! I love her 2 death we been 2getha 2yrs now she is my soulmate.Tho she can b mean i no its comin 4rm a gud place she is 13yrs older me b n 31 i luv her n we r goin 2 hv a baby. My kids love her n her kids love me she is so jealous. da 1st x we had a argument was about my ex gf i changed my # we got bk 2getha n we been brkn up n makin up ever since. ths last yr we been real strong cuz i put ha thru alot 2c if she wuld really hv my bk. we overcame cheatin,distance (i lv n dallas)arguin,kids actin out,jealous friends,lies,trust. A virgo is AWWSUM N I DNT WNT ANUTHA GET WUT I GOT!

in love

I am a cancer and my boyfriend is a virgo. We've been dating about 6 months and everything is awesome. I've always longed for a virgo-cancer relationship just as my parents (my mom, who's a cancer has been with my virgo dad for 30 years). Everything that was said in the article is true. Though we are different, we complement each other perfectly. Being in love is such a great feeling.
—Guest DB

Spot on!

As a virgo, who's just been blessed with a cancer friend of the opposite sex, I can say that the descriptions here are right on target so far. She loves to nurture me and it has just opened me up like seldom else in my life. Wonderful profile summary!
—Guest Mike Ezell

my soulmate has been here all along

i am a virgo woman and my mate is caner male we have known each other for ever. im 12 years younger than him.hhe has always been there for me when ever i needed him he knows me completely. which is scarey for a virgo who often hides in a shell.the past year things got so intense between us. its like nothing i have ever felt. and the first time we kissed he told me( you know we where ment to be together)? i love him so much ..
—Guest Q


I am a cancer female with a virgo male and though we have only been together for a couple weeks, I'm seriously seeing fireworks! He is so devoted and appreciates the little things I do for him. We're attached at the hip, I feel like we have known eachother our whole lives. It's a perfect match (:
—Guest sr


well im a cancer an the person in talks to are a virgo i mean its like our love got so deep ni till my love stayin wit me at my moma house but now we thinkin bout gettin a place to stay so we can have our time
—Guest taytay


Didn't know the particulars of birth dates and all that jazz right off and i never put much stock in horoscopes anyway, but this cancer/ virgo relationship is a match ordained by God! Met through a mutual friend in high school, got re-aquatinted in college, and after we started dating (after nearly six months of dancing around it) i knew i was in love inside of two weeks. Two months later he proposed and we are getting married this summer after a nearly two year engagement. From the get go we have practically been finishing each other's sentences... I couldn't be happier! He truly is the one for me, and we are both looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. After all; God made the heavens, so maybe there is something to this astrology stuff after all :)
—Guest S

Going on 3 years!

I met my boyfriend 3 years ago. I am a cancer and he is a virgo. Our relationship started slowly; we decided to start as friends and see where it went. Least to say we have been dating for almost 3 years now. He is the first Virgo man I have ever dated and he is my soulmate. When I get moody or Crabby he has this way to calm me down and make me see what I was blind to. When he had his fears I was the only one that had the ability to get him to see threw it. The love, passion, friendship, connection and most of all the foundation that has formed between me and my virgo man has been the strongest I have ever felt. We are in the works of planning our life together; children, house, marriage. I honestly cannot see myself without my amazing virgo man!
—Guest CancerGirl


My boyfriend and I have been dating for four months. Seems like we've known each other for years! Its amazing and our relationship started off very slow and we have grown closer and closer to each other. Its the most amazing experience in my life!
—Guest Jenni

Love at first email?

Undeniable sparks from the very begining =] I am a Virgo woman and he is of course a Cancer man, it was attraction from the very first email. We had never actually met yet but we went slowly from email to long phone calls to via Facebook and lastly we plan to met on Friday. people say lust and love is hard to differentciate but this I feel for sure this is not base seldomely on lust! I think I might or we might be falling too quick for a "Perfect Stranger". This is definitly out of the usual comfort zone Lol
—Guest Jay

same experiences

I am a Cancer and I have been getting to know this Virgo at work. I knew she was a Virgo from the first day that I met her. Strangely, I am able to tell people's signs within the first day or so of meeting them. I asked her if she was a Virgo and she was like "that's crazy, are you a psychic?" I don't think I am but thereafter we engaged in a conversation about how we are both bipolar and the two of us nearly died on countless occassions. And I have been working at our job much longer than her and I have been helping with her training and other trainees as well. For some reason, I have been drawn to her and I take her everywhere with me because I feel like I can trust her and talk to her about anything. Because she takes our conversations quite seriously and offers sound advice. I think she likes talking to me as well because she said that I am strong and calm. I try to calm her down by listening to her when she gets a cluster of random anxiety.
—Guest ally

strange love

i m in love wid a cancerian but what he did with me was wrong ..he proposed me and when i said yes i wr in a relationship flor 24hrs ha...he says it was joke i was shattered and now everything is changed..i get irritated by him coz i dont get when is he serious... i still love him n he knows that but still tries to ignore it wat shud i dooooooooo ? i love him lyk crazy ...i dont ask for a relationship but atleast he shud lemme know that he lykes me toooo ...jus for my satisfacton that i m not wasting my life..... i m a virgo n hes a cusp of cancer n leo
—Guest k

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