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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Virgo Relationship

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Have you been in a Cancer-Virgo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Cancer Male Virgo Female

I've been in love with this girl for sometime. We're both in our last year of highschool but we've really only been friends for 3 years. I can tell you this, those three years were the happiest and the hardest of my life. I didn't like her at first, romantically speaking. She was just a friend, a girl I met through another friend, but she saved me when I was going through a depression. I barley knew her...but she was so touched by how I treated her that she really cared about me, and she missed me. Because i accepted who she was, and I accepted her ideals. We had a big fight one time, and we didn't talk for months. It was a horrible time in my life with her gone. We became friends again, and then we started to become something more and then...we weren't. And then we started to become more again... She was my first kiss. But we're still not together. It hurt, a lot, at the time and I could barley stand it. But I got over it soon after. I remember we used to look through the zodiac signs, and our combalibilty with each other. Now I'm looking at it again even though she doesn't share the same feelings for me anymore. I just want to post this to help anyone else, and maybe even myself in the future, if you two are struggling with your relationship. Keep in mind this is between me and my friend, and our reactions might not apply to everyone. Cancer men are perhaps some of the stupidest people you'll ever meet, but it's not because they're actually stupid. Being a cancer male is hard because we're very emotional, and in general, men are not suppoused to be emotional because society says so. Because of this, we have a lot of self confidence issuses. A cancer man could save a persons life, and somehow find a way to blame himself for it. We are nurteres of the zodiac, we love people and we love to take care of them. We give them advice they need and help them smile, and yet, we can't help ourselves, or make ourselves smile. This is the stupidity in it, because we often have very good traits that everyone admires, and yet we don't see that within ourselves. Virgos help cure us of that. While Virgos are often critical and like alone time, they are also very loyal. And will go to great lengths to help you, even if you don't know you need help at the time. They are strong and brave and if there's anyone you can count on its them. Virgo women are not weak, but they also don't neccisarly tell everyone everything. Even those they love. While many places already say its important for Virgos to be patient with Cancer mood swings. It is ALSO important for Cancer males to understand that Virgos don't always want to talk. Especially if its about you. You have to be patient and you have to understand that when they don't feel comfortable they won't talk. Virgo females love security as much as Cancers, if they don't feel safe, they won't say anything. My friend waited months to tell me why we fought, because she was scared I would stop being her friend. It's important to let Virgos know you're in it for the long run, and then they will start to trust you more. Now Virgo ladies, the hardest thing about Cancers is that we are sensitive. Anything you say or do could hurt us, and you wouldn't know it. It's important to know we like living in the past, because the past is safer then the present. However, this depends on the maturity of the relationship. The longer you and a cancer spend time together, the less and less he will be offended by the things you say. This is because they now trust you not to leave them. If you keep reinforceing to a cancer that they mean a lot to you and you would miss them if they were gone, theyll start to believe you, and love you for it. Chances are they don't believe that anyone but their family really believes in them. It's a hard and bumpy road, but depending on the cancer, it could be well worth it. Cancer men are very clingy and they love physical contact, even if it isn't romantic. We do have wants, however, wants that we are to shy and to afraid to ask for. We are also incredibly easy to read. My friend noticed I was falling for her before I even realized it myself. She already knew about my feelings before I told her. In fact, pratically everyone did. The greatest thing about the Cancer and Virgo pair is that they make each other stronger. They can make each other believe in things they once gave up on and often times serve as an emotional crutch or airbag rather. Knowing that the other has their back 100% gives them the confidence to do things they don't normally do. For me, it was admitting my feelings for her. Because I knew she'd still be my friend. Now, finally, to the love part of this hahaha A Virgo and Cancer relationship, in my opinion, is not one that can work out at a young age. Virgos all their life have been told what to do, and once they reach college they want to explore their new found freedom instead of being restricted. This includes relationships.

Manipulation, ego won

I'm a cancer girl and broke up w my virgo man almost two months ago but I'm devastated. At the end of the day he wasn't over his past exes, he lied to me on several occasions and when I called him out on it, he would talk in circles. I don't know if all virgos are like this but he was flirty with other women made many inappropriate comments and in general made me feel insecure and unloved. He also seemed to shut down and turn away, not answering my calls at times, and distant in general. I felt criticized and belittled by him. But we had a strong physical connection. In the end he thought I was clingy and I found him removed distant and too detached which unnerved me. It's sad bc in the beginning we seemed to just click. I wanted to marry him but ultimately did not feel safe in his hands
—Guest Junecancer


I'm a 49 year old Virgo man I've been with my 47 year old super sexy cancerian wife for the last 32 years withouf interuption. She is my air. Need I say more?

Cancer women never should date Virgo!

I am a cancer girl pissed off with Virgo men. He hurts me very badly. Suddenly he is warm hearted and next day he is so cold for no reason. He gives lame reasons for leaving me. He is very much mad. I have seen two virgo men in life and I'd never advice you to pick a virgo man especially for love relationship. They make good friends.

like wat the f*ck?

okay so i started talking to this virgo girl for about a week ago..we started off alright and i liked her at first but the only problem was she didnt seem to trust me at all i dont even know why? anyways we got into an arguement and stopped texting each other . she told me to forget about her so i did but the confusing part is that like 2 weeks later she send me a text asking why havent i talked to her yet? like wtf? i replied saying u told me to forget about you.! i dont know honestly i think she doesnt know what she wants but im moving on from this shit :)
—Guest christian

Match made by God

Hi i'm a cancer my husband is a virgo. We are as the cancer virgo compatibility is written and knowing that information changed our relationship for the better he is the thinker and I'm the feeler and we have adjusted to understanding each by looking and seeing things from each others personal traits. He treats me like a queen and I treat him like my king. We are very important to each other. I love him so much. Understand your partners personality traits and watch how wonderful the love will grow. Togethor for 14 years and what i like about our union is that we put each other first. Enjoy.
—Guest Phindile

9 month rollercoaster still going strong

Im a Virgo , my bf is a Cancer we love being together and we laugh all day we sort of have the same ideas and think alot alike. But when things go bad its awful, we fight way too much because he gets mad and can't control what he says and im so emotional (trust issues,past) i love him so much , and i know he loves me. But when we fight it seems like we dont even know each other. We never give up on each other. I will marry him one day. I hope
—Guest Steph 16

Virgo Holds Back Love for Cancer.

I'm a Cancer. My Virgo guy is discreet in every way. We're both in our early 20s, dependent on our single-mothers. I'm in college as he works to finish his senior year of at college. He keeps me on my toes. I steadily ponder what he'll say next, which usually isn't much. However, when he does say or do something, I cling to it like a moth to a flame. I do this because although he's frugal, funny and hardworking, he's emotionally unexpresive. And at times, I bite my tongue, in fear of his critical mental expressions. I love him and he treats me well but I feel that him becoming familiar with my family and attempting to guide me with my emotional scaterbrain demenor, as well as his shower of sexual attraction for me might not be enough. I'm unsure if it's because of his blunt, insensitive and overprotective mother or his yearn to return to school and use me as his desire to spice up his life or what? I desire to be loved and to love and have no doubts. So, why does he distance himself
—Guest Julie

Virgo girl and Cancer boy

Me (Virgo Girl) and he (Cancer Boy) were on and off for years. Maybe it was just us, or just him, or our signs, but we didn't work out in the slighest. He made me feel out of control and helpless, and judged every thing I did and would randomly ignore me for a few days for no reason or warning. I was the one to break things off with him over a year ago because he was hurting me emotionally too much. He was very kind and someone I could go to, still is, but when we were in a relationship, it just wasn't meant to be.
—Guest VirgoGirl

Love, respect nd care

I am a cancer female and my male partner is virgo. We met at school when we both were in class 4. He started loving me when we used to be children then i started loving him im 6th class. Our realtionship started on 22, october, 2012. We both love each other. There is a alot of attaraction between us. He cares for me, protects me and love me too much. He is m life. I am completely dependent on him. He is sweet but aliitle bit hard also. We have promise each other to love and spend our lives toghether foreve and inshaALLAH we will do. We use to chat on weekeneds only. This is an everlasting relationship and we never wanna loose each other ever. We will marry each other inshaALLAH. Just i pray for my relation that may god bless both of us and we do live toghther alwys nd forever. We both cannot without each other. We both love each other too much and will always do
—Guest HS

Virgo girl Cancer Male

I'm a Virgo female and I adore my cancer male so much and he don't even know it. Their is a huge communication barrier between the two of us which cause me to get pissed off. April 2012 he had a child with his ex which he didn't tell me about, she got pregnant before we met, I was extremely hurt because he felt he wasn't able to tell me about it, we're just starting to rekindle again, he let me know straight up that he isn't ready for a relationship and he understands if I don't wanna talk to him any more. I can't keep away from him, every time I'm with him my heart skips a beat. What do I do?
—Guest Virgo female

Virguy & cancer lady...turbulent..advice

Met cancer lady at work. Almost immediately fell head/heels in love with her (my Venus is Scorpio with mars in Leo). I lived to make her happy and laugh and I was almost crestfallen when she wasn't around. I shared my feelings with her but she didnt feel the same. During that time we had developed a close relationship. She would come to me in times of loneliness and when she needed the emotional support of a man. I again broached the possibility of a romantic relationship. WW3 fight erupted and she said that she NEVER wanted to speak with me again. After 2 month hiatus, she demands an apology and another EPIC fight ensues. During the last fight she confessed that she dearly missed me in those 2 months. Advice?
—Guest Ron Swanson

So Beautiful

I'm a cancer girl and was with a virgo man, we spent a night under the stars before I left for Australia. him and I were truly impeccable, he promised to stay in touch as we've been through so much aka he stopped me from committing suicide..he is now off to army prep school and I have been here for two months.. I am not coming home because I miss it and don't know wether to tell him and am concerned that he is not going to want me back as he will just want to focus on prep school..he brings out the person in me that I had always wanted to be. he's the type of man I want to father my childeren
—Guest Lil T

Respect and love yourself first!

I am a Virgo gal, and he was a cancer. We were both 16. Started off so sweet and innocent. Everything was going well until we decided to become more serious. That's when the lies and pride got in the way. He started becoming extremely jealous and possessive. I did anything to please him. He loved bringing up the past and couldn't get over things that happened in the beginning of the relationship. I was so I love with him despite his moody ways. We broke up after a year and a half. I was extremely broken hearted. He left me for another girl and still wanted me by his side. Foolishly, I continued going back and forth with him for another 2 years. He became emotionally abusive and took advantage of me. I never felt more lost in my life. Definitely was a life changing experience. Not all cancers are the same. There's good and bad found in every sign.
—Guest Virgo22

Virgo/Cancer Women

I'm a Cancer girl and I adore my lovely Virgo. I'm over emotional, so her calm rational side puts me at ease. We're also both extremely affectionate and seek security in each other, so it works; we're almost 3 years strong. I think this pairing just needs to come to a mutual understanding about Cancer's constant need for love and Virgo's stubborn, sometimes cold disregard for irrational feelings.
—Guest Emerald Eyes

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