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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Virgo Relationship

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Have you been in a Cancer-Virgo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Cancer Woman & Virgo Man

Let me 1st say to u Cancerian women, we can be emotionally tuned n 2 whats going on 2 feel our way through life, let me stop u, the Virgo man can see right through our emotionally manipulative ways. Its really about living 'right' w/my Virgo. We don't compromise, he is more stubborn than I, trust me, so instead, we seek understanding. I appreciate just being able to be heard by him. I never get my way, its always his way. His intentions r always pure, so, even though I strongly disagree with everything, lol, I have met my soul mate. I've read other posts, the Virgo is cold, distant, stays n his head...yes, in fact he is all these things, but he is just figuring out life, let your Virgo man be, when he comes out of it, he is more than than these traits. He represents the Earth, he is still. We represent water, we take many forms: steam, mist, vapor, and we are as strong as a violent sea, and as calm as a pond. Just wait, b sweet, seek understanding&keep communication alive
—Guest Belle

done with virgos

I have nothing against virgos ,matter of fact most of my friends are virgos but romantically i wont be dating a virgo nomore.ive dated four virgos and let me tell you boy are they complicated.all the virgos that ive dated have one thing in common ,they are emotionally detached,one min their warm and close next their distant and cold.as a cancer emotions are important to me and i express them often but dating a virgo is frustrating because no matter how long your with them their emotional detached and its annoying.i guess that comes from them being secretive natures and also they are sooo stubborn.i wont be dating a virgo nomore because ive notice that virgos dont give me support and emotional security that i need.ive been dating a scorpio and its soo much better.he gets me and is emotionally expressive and passionate like me.the virgos ive dated live too much in their head when i need someone who lives in the moment with me .
—Guest rebecca

A great match!

I am a cancer woman with a Virgo husband and pretty much all of the cancer/Virgo horoscopes are on point! He is loving and stable but can also be jealous and overly-practical. I am nurturing but ever emotional, which is good and bad. We are an amazing balance to each other but he needed to learn to give me space without guilt and I needed to learn to respect his subtle style of leadership in our relationship. We are an incredible team and when we put our heads together to accomplish something it is usually of impeccable quality. We LOVE the routine and planning is center to our relationship. We are a "perfect pair" but like with any couple we have had to work out kinks along the way. I think our biggest struggle is wanting to be heard in an argument but also being stubborn to our point of view, compromise has been the name of the game. It has been a slow and steady race but I would rather be a turtle with a husband at the end of my life than a rabbit with great stories!
—Guest KAS

Crush on A Virgo

I have a crush on a virgo. I have known her for about a year and we work together. She was dating this guy who is also a virgo and she found out he was cheating on her. He has been cheating for a while. my co-workers and I have witnessed this. As much as I wanted to say something I didn't. They are now broken up but they still are friends. She use to be a lesbian before dating him. I am a lesbian too so now that they are broke up, she is kind of swaying back to girls. I really want to get to know her better but it is so hard for me to even talk to her at times; even though we have similar interest. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Her smile and expressions are breath taking. I wish I knew if i had a chance with her. I don't want to approach her and make her and lose whatever re-pore we do have with one another because she is uncomfortable. If she asked me out i would do it in a heart beat but we are at this slow crawl with one another. I think i am going to miss my chance
—Guest Marie

Love is in the air

am a Virgo girl and he a cancer. we met generally through a social networking site and gradually we get to knw that we both are relatives.. we started liking each other.. n hence we got into a serious relationship now.. we both are very happy in this union and its a commitment for us.. I am very happy with him because he is so caring and also he respects me as well. his heart is pure and he usually asks me about my opinion on anything which makes me feel like am important for him and we really go along too. I would advice everyone from a virgo sign especially girls to search yourself a cancer man because you will be happy ever.. I knw how are we (girls) of virgp sign.. indeed you will attain a good satisfaction and you will be proud to have such a partner.. you will see a change in urself.. because you will feel indeed special...


Never say never, an never judge all signz on the experience wit the couple youve had,. WAt up doe out there in realationship land. Im a phoenix,Az VIRGO who as rencently been swept off my emotional feet by this Woman of a CANCER. We met over a month ago an the minute we started talking it was as if we had been together for a lifetime the more we got to conversate the more we came to relize that we were in the same places at the same time but it just waznt our time. Now were marrie

Cancer Woman and Virgo Male

I am a cancer girl and I was dating a virgo man for 5 years. I gave my everything into this relationship and all he ever did was hurt me. He treated me horribly because I was never good enough for him. I couldn't fulfill his definition of perfect. He was very insensitive towards me and many times would listen or watch me cry without a single care. He was also very disrespectful and hateful towards women. Virgo men are naturally cold, distant, and secretive as well. That expression you arent who I thought you were lives within this astrological sign. They are never what they really seem once your relationship begins to get old. I wanted a future and a life with him however he never wanted to marry. He couldnt give up on his selfish beliefs. I guess it was never really love for him. Word of advice stay away from virgo men!
—Guest Yours Truly

Telling my side....

I am a virgo woman and I had been with this cancer man for over 25 yrs. From the very beginning there were signs of disrepect and other women. then we got married and his ways continued throughout the relationship. He is extrememly selfish and very sneaky. Likes to drink and party. would frequent strip bars and topless bars with his singles friends. always had another agenda going on. When i would call him out he would deny, deny , deny. He would always do his thing. then one day i had enough of the emotional abuse and lies. He couldn't keep a job, but kept doing what he could. I told him to get out. He was set up in another place with a family member less than 12 hours. I guess it was the plan all along. He just loved having his "cash cow". Once he left he wouldn't help his sons out nor see them much. Then once he spoke to legal counsel started to want to see his youngest. Always a motive behind all he does. No real love.
—Guest Wiser

my cancer boy

this frustratingly interesting cancer and i started dating a little over a year ago. we broke up several months ago; i ended it with him after being blatantly ignored after our one of many fights. i was tired of feeling neglected, no matter how much i loved him i loved myself more. in these past several months i attempted dating an aries who i realized is a good friend and nothing more. during this time i've felt a knot in my stomach, like something was missing. my cancer boy and i have begun to rekindle our relationship but there is a lot of baggage that we're trying to not let weigh us down. i do think he's worth it, if we can find a way to really trust each other and communicate. i just hope he feels the same.
—Guest Leigh

Cancer male gets better with fire

I used to date some virgos girls...boring to death, i think firey girls fix better with krabs.
—Guest Mr X


I'm a virgo girl and he's a cancer guy and when we met we were both quite shy. like we wanted to talk to each other but we didn't know how to. Until one day my sagg friend made us all talk... then I have been quite close to him after telling him that I liked his best friend and I hated his good friend.... He makes me feel beautiful and needed, he always gives me time and he's done so many sweet things and said so many sweet things in the past month.. I wanna be with him cause I know we'll be perfect.. Hope he and I get together soon because I feel the connection and I truly madly deeply love him, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same...
—Guest kayzayne


I'm a Female Virgo and my boyfriend is Cancer we have been dating for 3 days and i was curious because some say we are meant to be and others say it will be a disaster but so far everything has been good. when i looked up if we would be good for each other this pretty much is us. i have known him for about a year and the first time he asked me out i never answered him because i was afraid. he got a girlfriend then a few days later she broke up with him and he asked me out again and this time i had to say yes. he always knows how to make me happy. the first time we met was when my guy friend was showing me to all of his friends and i don't have that many female friends and its less drama to have guy friends anyway we were all at the park i'm the only girl, he told me to put my number into his phone and i thought it was normal because i never really thought of a guy as more than a friend before and the person who showed us to each other doesn't even know we are dating. XD
—Guest Gwen

virgo and cancer = heaven in earth

My cancer honey and I fit together so disgustingly perfect. I've known him for years but we became romantically involved last June. He has been the best friend,lover,and is so protective and romantic and we have the most awesome sex. He is everything I've looked for and more.
—Guest Stephanie


Omg....its so true.....compatability btwn me and my partner is very much similar.wherein he' a virgo and i m a cancerian !!! Such believes mean a lot to me...
—Guest Ashwini achari


Well Me Andd My Boyfriendd Havee Been Toqether 3 Years And We Are In Hiqh School We Been Toqether Sense 7th Grade We Will Be Together 4 Years May 4th Andd iLoveeHim Witt All My Heart I Never Thouqht I Wouldd Findd Truee Lovee At Ah Early Age But I Did When I Meant Him And I Juss Dontt Likee The Fact That Every Female Try Too Come Between Us And Brunqq Us Apart And It Males That Do It To Cuse They Dont Want Me Tooo Be Witt Him Iono Why Cuse Im Never Goingg Too Leavee Him Because iLoveeeHim ! :)
—Guest Kesha

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