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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Cancer-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Cancer-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

I need some advice!!

I am madly in love with my Pisces guy! We have been friends for a really good while now, and I have a feeling that he likes me but is scare to tell me. I was thinking about just remaining friends with and just forget about asking him out, but I can't shake this feeling I have for him!! Dang it!! I really want him and I to start dating and see where it can go. I really do like and care about him. He's my best friend and my buddy! I don't want to risk ruining our friendship and scaring him away!! What should I do???

Pisces boy Cancer girl

I'm a male Pisces. 18 years old. my dream girl is (unfortunately) my best friend and she's a Cancer. there are reasons to hate her and to love her. but I don't go reasonable when it comes to love. I love her endlessly because of the reason that I love her:D but she doesn't feel the same..and I'm just a friend to her. It's been two years and nothing's changed..but..as I'm a freakin Pisces..I still have hope that someday..if we met and could spend sometime together not on the phone or net..we could be a thing. She's been everything I've ever wanted since I met her. A little tip, if u're a Pisces in love with a Cancer..don't hide it and tell ur cancer right away.
—Guest Heart shaped box

I f*cked up

So, here it goes. 22 year old Pisces man, born on March 17, 1992, with a serious problem. There's a cancer girl, about my age, and no matter how hard I try to forget about her, I think about her every day. I can't talk to her though, because she has a restraining order against me. We knew each other from back on high school, have hung out more than a few times and we even used to live up the street from each other about five to six years ago. I got on touch with her a little over a year ago, and told her that I likes her. Didn't talk to her again for a few months. But then one day I found myself telling her that she can hate me all she wants it's not going to change how I feel about her. So we started talking again. She has a boyfriend that she was dating back then going on three years now. There both in college and I'm homeless w no education and a lot of debt. She got the restraining order because I was texting her too much telling her how I felt. Help please.
—Guest The fish

Perfect one!

This is the best relationship that I've ever been in. It is like a dream, too good to be true. I fall in love with him (cancer man) right away and it lasts for months now. He would shower me with gifts, cook me, tell jokes and he will do whatever it takes to keep me happy. He hugs me all the time. Protector and Provider are two words that explains cancer man. I am my best with him, never felt happy that much before. We are perfect to each other but I know that I will leave him one day and we both will suffer a LOT! =((
—Guest Dody

Pisces Lady & Cancer Man

Been with my guy for a little over a year and it has never been so easy. He keeps me in the here and now and I alwats know he loves me. He is the best person I have ever known and we are so luck to have met. I know that what ever happens he will be the love of my life.
—Guest lovelovelove

Pisces Man-Cancer women

We met by chance, and I didn't reilizes it then but as we engaged in conversation it flowed peacefully. A great understanding and admiration was taking hold like no force I had ever felt. I needed to know her, of course I let her go that night. I just didn't know, then the hunger and magical call kept nagging me. We meet again, this time the pixie dust fell over us and we enter a spiritual dance. Hours went by and time stop. I was lost in her magnetic pull. I never needed to kiss no one expect her that moment. I fought the urge only to find my hands in her hand. I lost that feeling of at being out at sea in a storm comforting and was blinded by the strength of her lighthouse, the call to calm waters. Of course I was confused, how could luck, chance or even love find me. I am so grateful my Cancer girl friend now choose me. I can't imagine loving anyone the way I want to love her, thru touch and actions. Yes, I dream a lot, but how beautiful it is to dream of her. JD
—Guest JD

Moon Lady and Fish Boy--Heart Break City

It will always go smoothly, he knows how to sneak his way inside your shell. Mine wore a mask that he was such a happy and carefree guy. Real party boy who loved flirting, but since us cancers love to baby.... When he said his problems and issues, he seemed like such a helpless, misunderstood guy who needed serious love. IT WAS ALL CLOUD 9 afterwords, we were crazy for each other after a few hurdles, such as always wanting to be with people instead of being alone.. THEN YOU FIND OUT THE LIES AND MANIPULATION!!! Not only did he have a long distance relationship, he was trying to get with other women at the same time while we were together. He absolutely loved being with me, so I THOUGHT. We held hands while sleeping, he cried to me, we were in our own world, we saw each other almost every single day. I hung on like we cancers are known to do but I complained endlessly. I wanted him and hated him at the same time. I left, and I still miss him but ladies, don't do it. Pisces are swimmers.
—Guest Amethyst

What to do ??

I am 18 and i have a crush on a 20 yr old guy, he's a cancer , fun loving people person calls me beautiful from time to time but I'm not sure if he likes me or what to do if he does . HELP!
—Guest Louisianagirl

im in love with cancer man

actually im so in love with cancer man, but i dont know what he feels to me. sometimes he makes me feel like he has many girl out there. i really want to be with him, but i dont know what must i do to make him interest in me. anyone can help me to solve this problem ?
—Guest r

Love love love

I am a pisces woman in a relationship with cancer man for about 4 years now.I had many boyfriends before him and he had just one girlfriend...We mat when we were 23 .First it was hard, he was closed, party maniac , we were never alone.Then i snaped , after about 6 month of that, and after that things went better.I think he was not so close to his past girlfriend and didnt understood my moto as a pisces - love and hold 24/7 .Now we are never apart, and when we are , we suffer like children.It's such a intense love and such care...its beyond expayning.Even when we sleep we are holding each other tight
—Guest Isobel

Cancer man chasing down Pisces girl.

I am in deep love with a Pisces girl. I love this girl with all my heart, our connections are soo deep and meaningful, everytime we go on a date we can both just feel how perfect it is. My favorite thing to do is, surprise her when she least expects it. I took her out to dinner once, pulled the car over and she was like, uh what are you doing lol?? I walked to the back of my car popped the trunk and reached for a bouquet of roses I had hid very well. This is a gift from my heart. Shes currently not ready for a relationship but I'm 90% sure she has feelings for me. I bought her a Dior perfume for Christmas and she bought me a sweater I really liked. After not talking to each other for weeks (work+life) we met up for dinner. I was wearing the sweater she bought me and she was wearing her perfume. Her smile and the way she looks at me. Wow. I look her in the eyes on a regular basis and tell her how much she means to me and how she'll always have a special place in heart. I will wait forev
—Guest Iban

pisces and cancer will never work

Hi I was married a lil over 12 yrs to my picses husband things were good...etc then I gound out he was cheating then the lies we separated in 2011 and he left me and the kids left ny with his side piece to Atlanta and is now trying to get back with me also I ended up in another relationship with a pisces and found out he was sleeping with another woman and me and her was prego at the same time and found out he had a serious drug problem never again
—Guest cancergalgotstronger

Omg I am in love!!

I am a 19 year old Pisces I met a cancer just out of chance through neutral friends! Wasn't really a good first meeting tho he started out mad at me he's kind of a thug but for some reason when he was yelling about just nothing I smiled and felt butterflies!! For me a man to be a man is such a turn on!! He was everything that I wanted I always heard ppl talk about love at first sight I never had that until I met my cancer!! I went over to his house a couple of days later after him apologizing to me he didn't even know me and he took me to eat when we got back and started to watch a movie I could not stop smiling like a little kid everything was so happy to me he held me that night we made love it was CRAZY!! We have been together for 3 years I am now 22 and 4 mos pregnant also engaged a big huge diamond ring on my finger!!! We have the nursery set up and everything!! We also own out own business but even after spending literally every minute with each other we wish for nothing less!! :
—Guest Happy ever after


I'am a pisces female dating a cancer male from past a year . Our love story is very bookish like a romantic tale . He was my bestfriend before we got committed . He fell for me first . Many times he proposed me but i never accepted it . I kept chasing those men who never deserved a girl like me . I was never a perfect girl for him . even though He knows all my worst secrets he always loved me . I hurt him a lot but he was always there when i wanted him . He was there to hold my hand and tell 'i'am there dear' when the whole world was against ME that was when i realized he is the man for me . He waited for three years hoping that i would become his girl Some day and finally i got committed to him . He is all in one . He becomes my mom sometimes and sometimes he becomes my child and when iam confused he is always there to give me a suggestion as a great friend . He is the man any girl like me would want . He accepted me with my awful past . I would never let go of him what soever happens
—Guest nisa

cancer wiz pic wom

I am in love with a cancerian man, we live miles away from echother, but we make sure that we talk twice a day. He has been loyal to me and me to him. Before him I dated another cancerian for over a year n half. He was a very generous person I have ever known he showered me with gifts,,,bought me a car, bought me a big diamond ring, took me shopping u name it. I wasn't as much in love as he was so I took him for granted, broke his heart, new I regret about my selfishness now. Cancerian can also be shrews, so u got to b careful. Now going back to my new man /cancer I love his voice his care and just the way he makes me feel. Hope we will b together for long
—Guest amore

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