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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Scorpio Relationship

Responses: 136



ive,ben dating my g.f shes a cancer we r now going to be 7 months now,..weboth locked eyes in high sckl senior year ..ever since then we new we were meant to bb she brings me smiles to my face n joy ...n yu can feel its going to be that forwver type of shit.yea we might fight at times but long run we still stand side by side frm eAchother she my bak I got,hers ;) shes my own personal brand of drug I cant never get enough frm cuz everytime im wit her im alwYz smiling n happy as ever .moments last forever thats us enernity ,its jst crazy how we connected but dMn I almost forgot the sex is so amazing like woahh;) wat love can dooo
—Guest Victor

Cancer woman scorpio man

ive been dating my scorpio for a year and a half but ive been crazy about him ever since i was a kid even basing my childhood dream husband on him. he's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me...he really balances me out, level-headed and to some extent calm, in contrast to my hot-headed, emotional self. he's really overprotective and most of our fights are about my interaction with other men but aside from that, our relationship is perfect and i wanna give us my all. i feel so free and open with him, so loved and protected and it's so weird how i can trust a guy this much. :) and we've got this crazy intense attraction between us which makes our days so much more exciting. it's a long distance relationship but we make it work. :) i love him soooo much and i cant wait to marry him! haha he even yawns when i yawn. :D
—Guest cancer886

Scorpios' Lives are an Adventure

This is my first time dating a cancer male, I am a scorpio female. I find that capricorns and leos are fun but cancer males are very laid back and a lil' withdrawn I am one of those scorps who like to joke and have my space at times but I do realize with cancer males they wanna be around u all the time lol, not a bad thing but when u just meet them and u have things u got to do they wanna plan ur whole day with them everyday. By the way, I tend to click well with Capricorns and Leos. The cancer experience is still a journey to learn.
—Guest MsScorpio

Cancer man Scorpio woman

I am unable to anyone else ever... because I gave my heart to him years ago. Our love for each other is so intense. Never had sex because we are with other people but I will NEVER give up on my love... my Cancer... my sweet... each moment of every day I think about how intense the sex would be, how loving and passionate... oh my sweet love... one day we will be forever entwined.
—Guest Never give up on him

Cancer (F) Scorpio (M)

I have been with my scorpio for 7 years. We might in high school and it was love at first sight. From the first day we hang out, we both couldnt get enough of each other. It was very on and off when we were younger and didnt know how to handle things. untill i (cancer) was fed up of "hiding in my shell". We broke up for 6 months and scorpio came back very intense. He vowed to never do the things he did (thinking my feelings were childish feelings). We recently got married on our 8 year annverisary and when we argue and get mad at each other, we could never be apart. It would hurt us to much. We have a 2 year old daughter together and our realtionship is perfect. i wouldnt have it any other way.
—Guest scorpio lover


i met a cancer in high school and tried to pretend we could be friends. the problem with that is we couldnt. our attraction and attachment to one another is what pushed him away. he couldnt handle the intensity of the relationship. we were like the perfect couple. we didnt argue. i never felt insecure. i knew without a doubt he loved me. he had a beautiful character. now ten years later I still wish he and I could be. although Ive dated and even had kids the men cant hold a candle to him. ive been praying that I can let him go and move on because although he is forever on my mind all day everyday I dont believe we will be together. i have a lock on my heart and he has the key. he wont give it back. ive written and asked him for closure. a conversation is all but no response. i dont ever want to date another cancer as long as I live. its a miserable existence if they are scared of the intensity and wholeness of the very one who understands them and will love them til death do us part. t

Scorpio woman falling for a Cancer man

I have been in love with a Cancer guy for almost 4 years now. However, the catch is.. he doesn't know about that and I doubt if he ever feels the same way. He's the typical Cancerian. Beneath that tough, callous and moody shell of his is a kind, sweet but vulnerable person. He's intelligent but he often comes across as a cold type of person to others. We've been friends for a while now and because of that, I fell for him. It's not that he's the perfect match for me or anything.. This thing that I feel for him is beyond words. I was drawn to his mystery at first but as I got to know him, I was drawn even more because there was so much more to him than anyone could know. I feel the brewing attraction but I can't be sure if it's real or if it's because I like him too much and I'm imagining things. But, if given the chance, I would've given him my unconditional love.
—Guest skye

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for five months on the 28th of this month which is January, everything is so intense, the sex is just so amazing. He took my virginity, then asked me to marry him. I don't know how i can live without him, he talks to other girls and that makes me jealous, but I try and deal with it because he says he only wants me. He hurts me, and i try and deal with that also, but it hurts, then he's sweet and caring, I swear, he's the sweetest guy i've ever met
—Guest howCANiLIVEwithoutYOU


I am a cancer female and I have been having an affair with a scorpio man. When we first met, we had lunch and talked all day every day. We instantly clicked! We became intimate with one another and it seemed as if we grew even closer.Well I asked him to do me a favor and that's when everything went downhill. He agreed to do me the favor but did not do it. I called and he did not answer so I called him from another number only to have him hang up on me when he realized it was me. I was FURIOUS! I texted him some very harsh things. Anyway, we continued to communicate but it was never the same. He could not get over the fact that I disrespected him. He pretended to be over it but every time he felt like it he would start talking about me disrespecting him. Well yesterday I had enough and I told him to kick rocks! In the beginning I allowed him to make me feel bad about cussing him out, so I allowed him to get away with a treating me bad. I miss him terribly but he is such an asshole.
—Guest Scorp/Cancerlost

Dominican cancer(F) Mexican Scorpio(M)

I am a 25 year old female Cancer yes and my Boyfriend is a FINE 24YR OLD Scorpion King i will only talk for my self cuz am always afraid of being betrayed but ladies and GENTELMEN we are born for each other i wish i would've met him before because i have a child from my first marriage but thats no prob for him....I just dont find the words to express my self i feel like i can fly is incredible i can do anything i want i know we are gonna be sucessfull if we stay together i like his way of wanting to know were am at or who am with i appreciate that from him we are meant to be and i check everything our ways and i analize is just great we are twin souls i love him and i am 99.9% sure he loves me...
—Guest Nana

cancer male scorpio female

I am kind of with a Scorpio woman. I love her and I know I always will and I think she the same. But we fight all the time. It used to be so amazing. All I wanted was her. I wanted to please her and make her happy, but I feel it's so fruitless and never gonna work out. I lived for this girl but have lost my way. I want to try to make it work, but at the same time I don't and feel better off without her. But then I will always miss her. She has my heart and she always will. But I feel she don't deserve it and I can't do nothing about it.
—Guest 123float

Natalie and Brian

Brian and I have been together for almost 4 months and I really feel that this relationship is perfect!
—Guest Natalie

Scorpio female falling for a cancer man

I see him as mysteriously hiding behind a confident front, someone I just have to investigate further. I realise from the start that this will be a very special relationship with deep feelings involved and a real future. I find that I am unable to hide my feelings for him. He is very loving, caring and sensitive. He satisfy my needs for security, and I discover myself sitting down and relaxing whilst he takes the weight off my shoulders. I feel like the luckiest people alive. He makes me feel like a special lady. I feel like we are destined to stay together forever. He draws out the sensual girl in me. This is all too good to be true. It's just so perfect.

The scorpio's irresistable tensions :)

My friend Tyra set me up on a date with my Cancer guy. I have been told before that for some reason I have a tense attracting air that flows about me, but I never believed it. The day that my friend Tyra introduced me to my Cancer guy we went to eat. The second my friend Tyra left me and the guy alone to go get something, I convinced him to sit next to me. At that moment He felt the intense sexual aura flowing over him. I looke dinto his eyes and told him to kiss me. He only questioned me for a second, then he let go and started french kissing me. It was like if we were meant to be. The way I learned about the sexual pull was becuase he later explained to me the overwhelming desires my presence suddenly called to him. I call it a curse, but he calls it gift. We're still together, and the romance is still passionate. He's so yummy!
—Guest Sora (Scorpio male)

Cancer female Scorpio Male

Reading these posts are too funny. So many Scorps reluctant to reveal their feelings...so many crabs hiding impatiently in their shells. I have spent the past year becoming friends with a Scorp and he has driven me nuts with his romantic push/pull but it is pretty much at the bursting point for both of us. I am overwhelmed at how much I love this man. At forty, I never thought this type of sweeping romance novel soul-mate take my breath away love would find me, but I feel on the verge of just being taken away by it. He told me he trusted me the other day which is the highest honor a Scorp can pay. He has played the hot/cold thing with me, and I took the tact of disappearing when he went cold only to have him reappear hotter then ever. I hope he is ready because he is about to be ravished, someone I think he'll be able to take it :)
—Guest rose

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