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I always think about us...

I am so in love with this cancer, unbelievable connection! I am the type of girl who doesn't fall in love easily. I fell in love twice. Once with a piseces and then with this cancer.... I met him in 09 and I was still dating the piceses. He was also dating someone. When I met him I had no intentions of falling in love and I don't think he did, im not sure if he did but knowing g what I know about cancer men im sure he did. We were close friends for two months but it was hard to fight the way I felt about him. We admitted to Liking eachother and our relationship got more intense, but I was always afraid that he didn't feel the same way and because of that I held back which I now really regret. I wish I would have told him how I felt because now he's with someone else, and I get the feeling he still has feelings for me but im not sure, and being the person he is, idk if he will ever tell me. don't let someone you truly Care about slip away, ever!
—Guest teescorpiio

Scorpio Gem and Cancer Gent...

Such wonderful posts here regarding the Cancer/S corpio relationship. This is truly a love story, are you ready? I first met my Cancer in 2004, he had been dating a friend of mine that is also Scorpio. She envisioned a life with him, he was....well, in one of his Cancer moods and only saw the them as platonic. He is a doctor and initially I had not met this mystery man my friend exclaimed about. I had been completing my undergraduate studies and only spoke from time to time with her about this new guy she'd met. Fast fwd, she insists we all meet @ his office. She introduced us and I swear Cupid shot me--I am not sure how else to articulate it. I am a beautiful woman that does NOT need to go after a friend's bf. I only mentioned his being handsome to her--no lust. Weeks later that sexy Cancer was up to his old tricks--asked my gf to invite me to his residence. I am not sure how HE and I spent 5 hrs in his budior without her! It will be 10 years in 2014! So in love. ;-))

Cancer woman, Scorpio man

I met this man almost 2 years ago and I didn't really look at him as a potential partner at first.. However time went by and I fell for him... I had to work for him oh boy did I have to work for him. But once he finally made me his it's been paradise ever since. We've been together a year and a half and I've never had a better man. He's 4 years younger then me but he's completely on my level and he's more mature then any man I've ever been with even men older then me. I love him more then anything. And I know that he's the one for me. We are perfect for each other... And I truly believe we will be together forever. Being a cancer woman... The Scorpio man is the perfect man for me. The man of my dreams.
—Guest Elyssia


I'm a cancer female. I met my scorpio male through mutual friends. The first time we met we automatically felt something. We aren't together. But everytime we're around each other, we're both constantly laughing and smiling. One time, we kissed and it was the most incredible feeling I've ever felt with someone. We would kiss, then laugh and smile. He's just about the only person that I've felt this deep unspoken connection with. Butterflies? More like an earthquake in my stomach when we're together. If you're thinking about dating a scorpio male, and you are a cancer female, go for it! You wont regret it.
—Guest Brooke.


iam a cancer man ..cancers are different ..mmm i am always strong and courageous and if i want something i fight for it ....i am not scared when it comes to talk about my deep feelings so first time i met that amazing scorpio woman ,it was like my god she is gorgeous specially her penetrating green eyes..i decided to talk to her 2 minutes after i saw her ..i said hi and then the conversation was like i know this girl since long time .our chemistry and connection was great ...then i asked her for a date....in our first date it was like my dream woman in front of my eyes and i had no doubt that she is the one i was looking for so i said every thing in my heart and she felt the same for me ..months later i engaged her .....the love between us is incredible....i think Scorpio women need u to love them from all your heart and be loyal .don not flirt with any other women or u will be died xd ...she also will love u with every little piece in her body and wil stand with u for ever :)
—Guest cancer man

In love with nerd scorpi

I met him online. His open sense and lots of words and kindness impressed me. Sex is a bomb!! He is also 7 seven years younger than I ( Cheetha). Chemistry is great, we hang we laugh we play with my kids. He is Scorpio and I am cancer and it feels so natural flow. I dunno know how long will last? It's been 6 months now. I like him; scare to fell for him. But I am playing just for today - live by day- Scorpio guys are amazing to cancer girls in and out bed. He is the guy I never expected to meet :)
—Guest Bunny

Cancer Woman Scorpio Male

I met him through mutual friends and we instantly hit it off. I dropped him off and couldn't imagine not seeing him again and we've been friends ever since. We're not together but our friendship is so close, I know I can hold a deep conversation with him. We've always felt some sort of connection between each other
—Guest Love cancer

my cancer male.

1 year, 6 months to present.. When we met I was not looking for a relationship and I was somewhat broken inside. I put him through many issues in the past year but like the kind soul he is he never gave up on me believing in me and showing me that I can be a better me. Now he has left me for 3 weeks to build his future and just before he left I told him I was falling for him. He completes me in a way I never thought I could feel. One of the best things that can happen to a Scorpio female is a fully developed Cancer male(depending on chart aspects and the willingness for things to work). Do not let a love like this pass you by Scorpio ladies.
—Guest Kiki

Scorpio female Cancer male

I met my cancer fiancé 11 years ago and we have always loved each other. It was like crazy chemistry and incredibly amazing sex. We laugh and debate so much I almost consider us political comedians. We are finally not only tying the knot this year but are having our first child soon. We are each others first loves and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Best love match ever.
—Guest Treenyny

Head over Heels for a Cancer Guy...

I'm a Scorpio Woman and have recently started seeing a Cancer Guy. At first this seemed to just be a sexual connection b/c I'm fresh out of a 7 year relationship. I thought he was my rebound. Now after 6 months I think I'm falling for him. But I know my just like other scoprios once I fall its no turning back for me. I don't want to turn him off by moving fast b/c he really seems to want to take it very SLOW. I have no problems with that but its bugging the crap out of me not knowing how he truely feels. Is this just sex or does he want more with me. We love being around each other and we make each other laugh, he is so sexy, strong, and smart. He makes me feel so safe when he is around like I don't have a care in the world. I'm wondering should I just come forward with my true feelings or just take his lead and keep moving slow. HELP! lol! I feel like he is the one that I've been looking for my whole life. IDK!! confused!!
—Guest Scorpio Girl

So In love

Ive been seeing a scorpio for 6months, hes a cop & im an administrative assistant, we live totally diffrent lives but we are so into each other,hes a tough cookie to crack in the love dept but I cant let go, im hoping hes the one & ive told him this & hes says dont think abt it jus see what happens, its hard cuz I love him, dont really know what to expect.
—Guest Nikki

Scorpio=trash. Don't waste your time

They are the sociopaths of the zodiac. They are good for sex and the chemistry but once the sexual attraction wears off you will see what they are really like as people. they are not built for longterm healthy relationships. If you want something real then date one of the other signs, if all you care about is sexual chemistry and butterflies then enjoy it while it lasts. Sorry but its the truth. It's not their fault though, they can't help the fact that they are so screwed up.
—Guest Kodak moment

Scorpio needs to control

I am in love with a Scorpio man. He is a control freak. Not in the sense, he cares if I do my own thing or if I have male friends or live my life outside of him. It is more that he needs to feel he is in control of his emotions and the relationship. He broke up with me in February when he was going through a rough time and when I held some boundaries he did not like. We both proceeded to miss each other like crazy, I tried to talk sense into him, but he wouldn't budge. It was ridiculously clear he was still in love with me. Last week, I sent him a brief text and he was going out of his mind without me. Now, he wants to be with me again. What changed? The missing and loss finally surpassed the stubborn control trip. I don't know what I am going to do. It is clear he loves me. He lost a ton of weight, stayed in bed all day (he NEVER does that)....pined away. I have never been with anyone so stubborn. Ever. Fixed sign indeed.
—Guest rosedl

Scorpio man Cancer girl

I had a very short experience with a cancer girl, she invited me to her house (her mom was there!)and we made some presentations together for her and had launch. Of course this is true that there is a chemistry between a Crab and a Scorpion. Both of them has a tough skin and a soft inner side. I think the biggest gift of this relationship is unspoken communication. i dont know why but you feel your are a GREAT man when you are with these girls. I studied too much on astrology, hey scorpios listen: Aries is good just in bed, Taurus never feed your passion, Gemini is a very cheap partner, Leo may attracts you too much but be careful they never let you win the game, Virgo is very boring and too innocent, Libra is a bullshit they will escape from fire of passion and you know how much its important to u, a female scorpio is very similar to you and you never feel healed by them, Sagittarius is a very open book and there is no mystery, Capricorn is good they understand u
—Guest WoundedOne

Scorpio man and Beautiful Cancer female

I am a Scorpio man who has been in love with my cancer female for years. We meet when we were younger and fell in love as soon as we heard each others voice. me and her have never been in the same place and always had a distant relationship but we keep it positive. We have had our ups and downs but we love each other through it. I love everything about her. I love her smile, the way she laughs at my jokes and just the simple things she does to make me happy. I have never found a girl that was so special to me like my cancer woman. Everyone and everything says we should be together and we will keep it like that. She stuck through my ex trying to get me back and all the bad things that happened in that. We are a some what young couple but we know that we have a future together. For all you Scorpio men, a cancer female is a great piece in our life and i hope u find 1 like me. She is my ANGEL and she knows she is. But look out world i promise you we are going to a couple to remember.

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