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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Scorpio Relationship

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So Lucky

I am a Cancer and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. These things describe us to a T! We are so happy together, and have been in a relationship for 2 years now. We are starting to talk about marriage. He's the love of my life!
—Guest Luckyinlove


I am a Scorpio woman and It was A Dream Come True When I Met The Love Of My Life Which he Is A Cancer. We Are So Different But Yet So Alike. Since The Day We Met We Had A Connection And We Cant Stay Apart. We Have problems But He Love Me And I Love Him. Found My Soul Mate And We Getting Married Soon... Cancer And Scorpio Perfect
—Guest jones

Cancer woman, Scorpio man.

Our relationship down to a tee. Only difference with us is he lives in LA and I live in London. We're deeply in love and have a deep connection, the distance between us makes it hard sometimes, but two and a half years and thousands of miles between us must mean that we have something incredibly special.
—Guest Londongirl

Cancer woman & Scorpio man

I met my Scorpio boyfriend 4 years ago dated for a while but parted ways and however we have got back together and together for now one year! Things are great he is loving and kind, he calms my cancer moodiness down! We are planning to get married things couldn't be any better!
—Guest Guest 212

Cancer woman Scorpio Male

The relationship is great we were together for 5yrs male Scorpio is great for a Cancer woman if the feeling is mutual.,,
—Guest Pumpkin


Just met my cancer n im already moving in. We fight we laugh no sex yet... Ima make him wait.
—Guest Scorpio love

Cancer Male Scorpio Woman

He told me that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me within the first week of dating. Usually i would run the other way but with him I knew i wanted the same. He is the best I've ever had :-)
—Guest Inlove

subconscious feelings for a cancer

I am a scorpio female and I'm starting to catch feelings for my cancer (male) friend. We were good friends through high school. And although he. Was always attractive, I was never attracted to him because of his ways with with women back then. Even tho it was always obvious he held me to a certain standard from other girls and treated me with much respect. Now that we're 21 we recently hung out over the summer. And again a few days ago during his break from college. When I saw him something inside me changed. He's matured so much and still treats me like a lady. He admitted he had a crush on me back in h.s. But I didn't say much. Now I'm so attracted to him and loving the man he is today. Only problem is he has a gf now. Its a long distance relationship but I would never come between anyone. Its just not me. And the weirdest part of this all is that before we even hung out I had 3 dreams about him. He wasn't even on my mind at all so I found it so weird. Is god telling me somethin?:/
—Guest tokiia

cancer and scorpio at their best

I am a scorpio female. I love my cancer man very much. We have been together 2 years. We have had our ups and downs. But he means the world to me. We got together because my capricorn boyfriend was his roommate and I just was pulled to him since the day I met him. He had a girlfriend at the time so we did a DL type relationship for a minute but we just couldn't stay away from eachother. We tend to say they wrong things to each other. But when we hurt one anothers feelings...the other instantly knows what's wrong. We have some sort of connection because when the other is not doing what they are supposed to be doing the other feels it. We feel like we are going to throw up...or like we got to poop really bad..and that's when the phone alls begin. I am very insecure about the things he has done to me...like having 2 children on me...but I annot leave him alone...is it because we are supposed to be together? Or is it because I don't want anyone else? Idk..i judt know I am at peace with him
—Guest ilovemycancer

scorpio guy + cancer guy

I didn't really believe in astrology before, but everything described here describes me and my boyfriend to a T. We do get in fights and sometimes our relationship is quite tumultuous but we have a deep emotional connection and we always work things out. Anytime we have gotten in a fight it even broken up, it has actually been painful not to talk to him. He us childlike and happy in a good way, and he makes me less serious; meanwhile I tend to give him good advice i feel he wouldn't have gotten otherwise.
—Guest karkat

Cancer woman and Scorpio man

I met my Scorpio man 4 years ago and we have been together for 3 years. He has done one of his disappearing acts but he will be back soon. Our love is very strong despite the ups and downs.
—Guest cancergirl67

We are a perfect match

Everything I've read about a Cancer/Scorpio relationship describes myself and my husband to a T. I am the Cancer and he is the Scorpio!
—Guest Liz

Can Woman + Scor Man (Dated and Married)

Beginning - He was the perfect boyfriend, all gifts, adventure, great sex, travelling together. Wonderful phase, felt so blessed. Dating phase 1 Yr - Few fights happened, because of other women being attracted to him, and he tried to dominate me. Married 1yr 7mths - We married after a yr of dating. Still madly in love with him, he is also in love with me. We have a weekend relationship. Trust is still not as much I would like, but growing. Fights are less intense and hurtful. But, feel beautiful in his arms everytime we cuddle/hug. Sex sometimes mind blowing, sometimes not so good. Companionship is getting lovely every passing month. Advice - Patience is the key ladies. The trust will come slowly, the man will give you your space, and the manipulative/dominating nature will decrease eventually. With patience, he will open up more to you. Keep adjusting but don't compromise your nature. Communicate, rather than going in your shell when bothered.
—Guest Pragya

Scorpio Cancer

Ive been with my bf a Scorpio for over a year and we get along great the problem hear is that we have a love hate relationship he can just be so mean and me well i can be so emotional idk what we can do to keep us going togeather healthy and strong
—Guest Lovly Angel

Cancer Female meets Scorpio Male

We met at summer school. All it took was one look for the both of us, and something instantly clicked. I saw him everywhere, and when we did see each other he stared me down until he finally got the confidence to talk to me and ask for my number. Being a cancer woman (prone to getting hurt) I was VERY resistant to letting him in. However he was extremely persistent. He did everything he could to prove that he's the one for me, and I'm the one for him. What I loved the most was the intensity. You could feel flames between us no matter where we were and I never wanted to be apart from him. Eventually, I let him in and we began to love each other unconditionally. We've been together for 14 months now and still going strong. I wouldn't want to have anyone else, I love him with all I have. Definitely, my soul mate. We'll go through anything, just to be with each other.
—Guest xivmmxi

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