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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Capricorn-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Capricorn-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!


She gives me the impression she is interested in me but when I told her I have feelings for me she said she doesn't have any such feelings for me?
—Guest FD

im a capricorn woman

i was with a pisces man before and get along with pisces men, BUT only as friends. I never trusted any pisces man i was involved with. They will believe other people over you. listen to gossip... and put up a fasad something they arent. THE BEST connection i ever had, was with a CANCER MALE... they give us that emotional love and comfort we have been secretly yurning for. they will break down our walls. helping us open our softer side, regardless of our rough past. and we will lead them and teach them more then you will ever know in there lives. you will be there structure and they will fall in love with the capricorn womans ways. they will want to learn from us and we are willing to do so.. advice, comfort in daily lifes struggle.. and showing the cancer man his true beauties he cannot see himself, and inspiring him to use those great qualities and turn it into something beautiful. cancer is our opposite sign, but what one lacks the other fullfils. and remember, opposites attract ;)
—Guest LoLo marie

F Cap M Pis

Absolute Bliss!!! Capricorns and Pisces are made for each other. No doubt about it!!!!!
—Guest Li Capricorn

capricorn man and pusces mixture

my capricirn man is the sweetest most respectable guy, but he is real hard, noncaring person about other people's feelings. Doesnt care about how he may make u feel with his shallow ways. 2 previous women have left him and he is so stricken by that he cant see that i truly care about him. so he has built this wall up not trusting anybody at all. I know he cares for me but i have to pull it out if him.
—Guest lana

mermaid~Cap male

When I first met this guy, it was soo random, he was opening the door to my apartment and I was walking out. The connection was so intense I think we both were like what just happen. "did u feel cupid strike us both lol. Things sparked so fast, faster than I expected.As a pisces I am a free spirit but I have a wall thats tough to break down. I know bs when i see it. I noticed he was insecure and a liar. he could never just relax unless he was under me sleeping, very clingy but I like that stuff. would pick me up from everywhere I really was into this guy. But i knew in the back of mind still something wasnt right. Sex was great,, I only had sex with one other person. so i learned alot from him. over time things grew slow, i got tired of trying to make him open up. If im loyal then I want the same in return. Thats so irritating to women. Cap men make her feel sexy all the time not just when you want sex. I had more attention from his friends which pissed him off even more. OH WELL
—Guest RH

I'm not sure....

I'm a cap women,I dated a Pisces man and I really like him. Somehow we broke up and he didn't want to be friends, a couple of months later he asked to become friends, so I said okay. When school started we got into a fight and really never spoke because of different schools. Now idk... I seem to miss him quite a lot but I'm not sure how to talk to him..., will he like me?
—Guest Raspberries

i love him, but...

Im Pisces girl, leaving with my Capricorn man.. I love him so much... But, i think it will not work..even though it is hard... i dont know... :(
—Guest Pisces Girl

Not no -but HELL NO!!

I'm a female cap he a pisces. What an emotional nightmare!! I swear he was bipolar. Very passive aggressive and insecure with a huge false ego!! He was very artistically inclined musically and was prior mitary. A strange cat for sure. Sex was chemically driven and he had the moves but his narcicism had him believing he was casa- friggen- nova!! Never have I been more relieved that the short lived romp had finally run its course and it was over. He was flighty and couldn't keep on track about things. So I say not no but HELL NO to cap women and Pisces man!
—Guest Capricornious

Pisces woman, goaty man!

Well will keep this short . In a nutshell, I been with my new hubby 9 years. Took him 7 years to propose, we still ain't got a house together or account together as much as I want this, he has become very controlling, criticizes my traits eg I'm too deep or too intense, puts me down and is very money obsessed. We have been married nearly a year and I'm totally miserable, feel trapped and like a possession on a leash. The first few years he was the perfect man, but insecurity , wanting power and money has corrupted him. Work comes first. He works on a rig on a monthly rotation. He sees what damage the job has done to us but is addicted to the money. Then he resents me for having freedom at home because he is constantly working. Thinking of divorcing him but I still love him. I'm quite self destructive and I persevere but my confidence is nearly gone and that is worrying. His sex drive has never been great either no matter what great shape my body has been in. So there you go!!
—Guest Sinoreta

All is true!

Everything so true, I feel the compasion in him. The way he act when we're 2gather! It is uncomparable. So intence! And I just love him soooo much, its like I have one of his ribs! (book of Gen) he makes me feel like no other! We enjoy each others company! We respect each others space, (when needed) and situatons! He is opening up, just as his zodiac reads! I JUST FEEL HE IS A SPECIAL PART IN MY LIFE! I'm willing to love him and he is will to let us Grow stronge with love!
—Guest Ms.jae

pisces woman

well i met this cap guy. hes white im black.. we've kept in contact for a year we plan on seeing each other soon i like the feeling he gives me.. i like his attitude i love the way he talks to me everything about him perfect. the only thing is hes white and i dont really know how white guys work hes fun cool cute fly and im like in this for the long run.. although sometimes i take him the wrong way cuz im not used to white guys, but i like him already
—Guest charlie

Bumping heads and fireworks!

Lord! We have our good days and our bad days! When its bad its fighting with tooth and nail but when its a good day boy are we on fire! We have been going at it for 15 years. Still holding on tight! Not married yet we are taking thhe long road to getting to know eachother. Soon though! Might as well be married! It is a love that has lasted the long hard test of time!
—Guest Sarah mathews and orestes copen

Cancer and pieces

I am a cancer and my husband is a pieces and we get along great. We have a deep love and find comfort in eachother We are not only great lovers we are best friends. I think he is my soulmate. Cancer and pieces work very well together
—Guest Tara

Lately i been getting some Pisces guy

I been talking to some guys who are Pisces guys,and lately the Pisces has come into my life and I gotta say they are very funny,kind.I haven't yet went out with someone that is a Pisces only Sagittarius's ..does this mean that this year I might or will go out with someone who's a Pisces? I asked my best friend she told me "maybe its luck" ..can anyone tell me in your opinion on what this mean to you?
—Guest Wafflemarii

It's beautiful

I am a Capricorn woman and my man is a Pisces. I dated a few Pisces men before and things always seem to hit off well but they disappear on me...I'm beautiful, smart, have a bright future and all. So when I found out he was a Pisces, I was really cautious. We only been together for a month but we have an amazing connection. It's a perfect harmony between him and I, just something that I never felt before. I have 100% trust with him and he does with me. This is something so rare, I will never let him go. He's so soft and nice. Respectable and mature, much different from my last relationship (my ex was a Saggy; they are BAD VERY BAD matches for Capricorn people, BEWARE!!!) I am in love and he is too. We are going through something right now, but we will make it through it. I know it and he knows too.
—Guest Casty the female Cappy

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