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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Capricorn-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Capricorn-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

Capricorn woman/pisces man

Hi^_^ I am a capricorn woman and I have been married to pisces man for about a year now. We eloped after 3 weeks of knowing each other. You really have to be patient with pisces men because they are patient with you. He is the greatest husband and love of my life. Pisces men are really great and I know a lot of capricorn women have been hurt by the (myself included) but you have to be gentle and patient and be yourself. It takes a long time to get to know a capricorn so they need time to understand you and when they realize that they can trust you and be comfortable around you then they will and can be the greatest love of your life
—Guest ashinthislife

Capricorn female Pisces Female (lesbos)

I've been with my Capricorn since 2011. And in 2013 Sept we got married!! In the beginning of the relationship it was very hard. I was too sensitive and she was far to aggressive for my feelings. After about a year as began to soften up and we began to understand eachother much more. In time it turned into the relationship of my dreams. She eventually became my bestfriend, it was so wonderful. She was my rock and my protection. In turn, I was her safe place, somewhere she could lay her head at the end of the day and I was a place where she can show her sensitive side. Never a full moment. We found joy in everyday life, everything became an adventure, even grocery shopping. We admired eachother for all of our difference and everything that caused conflict in the beginning became the characteristics we grew to love in one another. We truly are an odd pair but we work so well together. It's like Ying and Yang, we came to complete eachother. With patience and understand, it's a match!!!!
—Guest Eb


Fell in love with a pisces man, broke my heart, cheated on me.when we were together we were soooo good! Laughed,shared our dreams, I supported him and we were good. Next thing I call his girl on the side answers ( or maybe I was) next thing it was over.he never responded to my calls and cut me out, just like that!
—Guest Cappy1

Pisces women capricorn man

I was dating a capricorn man he was so sweet and dreamy told me everything that he was about he spoke so highly of himself and also showed it. Made me feel so special and took me out even though all I ever wanted to do was just laugh in the car. I am very simple and didn't ask for much we went out all the time and I got so usto seeing him everyday it was perfect. Then he just had family problems and took more hours at work and put me last of his priorities after his friends. He just changed so quick and was the total opposite of what I loved. It was short lived but we ended up breaking up. I'm not sad and I don't know how he's handling it but he seems fine. I was so sweet to him and he even said it that I was the perfect women but he just wasn't putting any effort. I know that I deserve much better and he knew that too.
—Guest Pesrrios

Pisces Gal Cap Guy

The relationship is still pretty fresh. I the Pisces girl him the Cap guy. Heis pretty affectionate and makes me feel so pretty :). But he does become clingy to the point he doesn't want me to go out. This Cap man really impresses me. I don't know but I guess I'll have to stay tuned.
—Guest Eisha.pisces

Great feeling with my cap man

I met this wonderful cap guy who was then dating some girl. . Its amazing how a simple 'hello' drew him to me. He broke up with that girl & within a few weeks he had hunted me down. . Oh my word this guy is my better half, my big bro, my bestie & so he says "my husband". . It has only been a while since we have started dating but already so many people don't want us together.. Well I don't care if people say its only a matter of time till he hurts because through it all, I'll keep strong & stick around!! We love eachother madly & can't go a day without touching or cuddling together when at the same place. Our friends always complain that we don't respect them as we are forever kissing & touching eachother. I'm a proud Pisces woman inlove with a wonderful Capricorn man. . In this case its going to be a matter of "if I can't have you, then no ome can".......

Cap girl 16 and Pisces boy 17

My Pisces and I have the most interesting story. He's amazingly tall, a dancer, and the sweetest boy I've ever met. I'm incredibly short, and being a cappy.. Well, you know my personality. Six years ago, we met at a church camp. We thought we were cute and blah blah and went to a dinner dance together. We were adorable for kids, but once the two weeks were over, we lost contact. Four years later, we reconnected and became friends again. We fell head over heels for each other, and I was his first kiss. We spent the entire summer together, and never had a dull moment. But when school came around, we broke up, for we lived in seperate towns and both were in a lot of extra curriculars. Another year and a half goes by, and he messages me again. We always had this saying when we were together, "if you love someone, let them go. If it's meant to be, your hearts will find their ways back." And so it goes. He is the boy I've met for the third time, and the rest of our story remains unwritten.
—Guest malea

Cap pisces relationship

Capricorn male, pisces female, is a very volatile mix, of deception, angry words, stupid controlling behaviour, and z wonderful my way or the highway pisces female need. I would actively avoid this combination. It is an explosive cocktail waiting to erupt!
—Guest Anonymous

Cappy Man and Pisces Woman

My boyfriend is a cappy and I'm the Pisces. I met him at a friend's house , he seemed way out of my league, so I never confessed how attracted i was to him, he caught my eye from the very first moment I saw him. We talked every once in awhile because of our mutual friend , and we were in a relationship with different people , but I still felt attracted to him. Half a year later , he messaged me on Facebook asking to hangout and talk , I went over to his place and surprisingly, he confessed how he liked me from the very first day, but he never said anything because I was in a relationship and that he loved me, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes (my other relationship ended). After that, there were sparks and fireworks , the relationship has it's ups and downs. Sex never gets old or boring , the cappy is always lusty and the Pisces prefers making love and romance , so together , the two have the best sex than any other zodiac ;)
—Guest BananaPops

My capricorn experience, still unfolding

Okay, I can honestly say I read through most of these and am freaked out at how many stories I read so similar to mine. I'm double pisces (sun and moon) with an aries rising and my (at the moment) ex is a triple Capricorn. We met on Facebook while we were in highschool, we went to different schools but had mutual friends, when we met it was like I knew instantly that he was my soul mate. Before I knew it we were dating, but I did have to put the pressure or commitment, that also was 6 yrs ago... We have been through it all but even all the bad is almost worth how wonderful the good times were. It actually came to an end this time because I have long felt I lost my individuality in him and although he loves me infinitely hes been abusive.. After all this time of being loyal to him(he had cheated on me) I ended up cheating on him with another cappy, who was 10yrs my senior at that, the sex was magnetic with both but I felt an unbarable amount of guilt, and left my 6 yr cappy..
—Guest thefish

pisces girl/cap man-"ever really know...

ok so i first met this cap boy in middle school n it was like i knew really i liked him n he likd me too n i kept feeling like my feelings were just playing tricks on me so i had no idea what to do.so i came out to him in 8th and i told him i likd him but i guess it was bad timeing bc things didnt go as expected for me.so then we're in high school n every day we would still talk n hang out.we would flirt and every time he flirtd with me my heart jumpd and every time he held onto my hand i would fall in love with him all over again each time.so i came out to him again and he kept hiding his feelings.he showed he liked me without saying it.like this was really frustrating.for the rest of the year we flirtd but nthng really happened.so this year we're in 11th and we've known eachther for 5 1/2 years n im completely in love with him. i feel like evrytme i come out to him he stops me from going on.but anyways i told him n said he didnt want to NOW.i asked my friends n they said give him tim
—Guest steller

pisces woman cap man

We got married the first month we were together. Now it's just turmoil he agreed to go to counseling but we don't even talk to each other or have sex. We were so perfect things took a terrible turn....I'm depressed hurt and sad
—Guest pisces girl

guest kitsia

i am a pisces march 2nd. to help you out 1.he prob does have time for you but he dosnt wanna seem desperate or "thirsty''(haha southren slang). He may like you but we can be a bit of a tease AT FIRST.pisces are very sexual 2.pisces can enjoy a lead you prob didnt come on too strong sometimes we need a lead to take it to the next level 3. pisces men are usually negative or feminine . a female capicorn could prob go with a male but i couldnt see a female pisces with a male cap. hope tht helped :) we are also sensitive and dreamy often talk about goals well prob never acomplish actor movie star film crew special forces astrount artist really crazy things looose sight of reality and need a girl to grab us by the fin and back on the right path
—Guest guestpisces

Avoid Pisces Men & Capi Female 'Friends'

Pisces men are full of big, dreamy, promises and vows of eternal and undying love - but - the moment life tosses in a little hiccup, they run like the phoney little boys they are. Harsh reality isn't for them. Capricorn females view everyone around them as inferior to them in every way. They'll act like you're their best friend on minute, and be patronizing, condescending and looking down their snouts at you the next. Capricorn females like to blow their own horns to give the impression that they're gods gift of charity and goodness to the planet, when really, they're just incredibly manipulative, attention-seekers.
—Guest wasjacksgirl

Piaces and Capricorn Sisters

well, well, well where do I start. My sister is a Capricorn Jan 10 shes older and im the younger sister Pisces February 23.. I must say we dont really get a long to well, even though we're our mothers only children? We're short tempered with each other and we criticize each other a lot.. when we was kids she never wanted me around her and her friends and I was the one she ran to when people where mean to her and till this day its like that.. I feel like the older sister at times, I try to guide her but she don't like it(: I love her so much but at times feel like she hates me.. lol, sisters right..
—Guest jessicae

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