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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

What to do!

I'm a gemini lady (June gemini) and I'm so in love with the Aquarius guy. When I confessed to him that I'm in love with him and I want to be with him he refused that, and this is the most bullshit experience I have ever had in my life with Aquarius! Still don't know what to do, I've been in love for 2 years!!
—Guest DinaS

Gemini Lady & Aquarius Man

I dated an Aquarius man and let me just tell you that DO NOT date this conceited jerk!!! We never bonded because he is not capable of having emotional depth or passion; and I don't really trust him because: I see how he plays mind games (he gets a kick out of humiliating people- he constantly abuses me verbally), he mocks my dreams and he is lazy. He would rather just come home and sleep and eat, not give me any attention, and complain like crazy over trivial matters. Not to mention if you do confide something in him, he just uses it against you. Overall he's not someone who's good husband or father material. Any person dating an Aquarius RUN FAR AWAY!!! I am currently engaged to a Cancer man (we dated 3 years) and he is just WONDERFUL! He is so nurturing, gentle, loving, empathetic, kind and everything the Aquarius could not be. He treats me like a Queen! He will make an amazing husband and father. Overall, my Aquarius taught me what I don't want in a man.

Everything has ups and downs even love

I am an Aquarius female currently dating a Gemini male. We've been together for 2.5 years and I couldn't be happier. I think people need to realize that there are so many ups and downs in relationships but being with my Gemini had offered me mental stimulation along with so much love! If I'm upset he tries to make me happy and that's all that matters. We've been through a lot, and I am very happy at where we are at now! I believe ever Aquarius SHOULD give Gemini's a try. I don't think I'll ever go back, there's something truly different and enchanting about Gemini's they respect you and your goals and ideals. I believe this is a perfect match
—Guest Aquarius Queen

We work well together

I'm a Gemini (girl) & my boyfriend is an Aquarius. We work well together because he is willing to let me win lol I could never find anyone that could keep up with me, but he's doing well so far. He is hard headed, but I let him be right when it's something that he is educated in, but will quickly remind him who knows more about a diverse assortment of subjects. I can't ever sit still, but he is compliant to my wishes & always there when I need him. We don't really fight, because we start laughing, but when he can see that I'm not playing, he will apologize. If I make him mad he won't usually tell me & just blow it off, but I apologize. Aquarius show seldom emotion (as in sadness). Loyal to gemini & love to be with them often as possible. Gemini have a sharp tongue & can be the most loving or the most hurtful to others. Aquarius, don't make your Gemini feel controlled or that you think you are smarter bc they will rebel. I have no complaints, couldn't have asked for a better match.
—Guest Gemini girl

Gemini - Aquarius

I'm A 23 year old Gem. I Met My Aqua Man At Work. He was a customer and had a girlfriend at the time. But when we first made eye contact it was like love at 1st sight. I know he felt it too. Hes now single && We're friends but he drives me crazy♡ I'm just so confused with his mixed signals. I just wish he could speak up. . . My feelings for him r just getting strongerrr. . . Xox
—Guest MsGemini

loving me some him

I'm a Gemini woman and he an aquarian... I've been in love with him for over 3 years but we are friends and there is nothing that i wouldn't tell him. he has told me plenty of times that he loves me and i believe him. but i have a problem when he doesn't give me the a attention that i need and i insane
—Guest Arnita

Incredible connection

I met this aqua man at work. Instant physical attraction. I decided to make it a "hook up" fling bc there was no way, I cud like him on a deeper level. It was the MOST AMAZING mental & physical attraction ever. I can't get him out of my mind. & just like everyone on here, it's so hard to tell what my aqua man is thinking. We called it quits but not really?? I LOVE this connection & if it doesn't work out... I'm def going to find me the right Aqua guy but why shud I settle for less when I KNOW that there is such a powerful connection out there... One that takes no effort...Total out of body experience & I want more :)
—Guest Xoxo


She gives her all, he doesn't deserve anything at all; She tries to be the best that she could be, he appears to be oblivious of the scene; She longs for the daylight, he spoils the light of day; he says he misses her all the time, she seeks for evidence for he never gave her an assurance at all. She made the choice, she holds on to her conviction that he is the one she could handle when she knew he was slightly out of reach. She endures it all, embracing every challenge it would take to fortify her from the depths of agony which is yet to come. She insists this as something her feelings aren't to be involved for she is fully aware of the ruthlessness of the game she has set out on. She clings on to him when he didn't give her anything to hold on to. All she had was faith when he gave her nothing to believe in. It was her tears which filled the gap between them. He once gave her flowers, she preserved it for she sees it as a metaphor with their relationship. But there she is, trying t
—Guest Aquarius girl - Gemini man

Gemini Woman(May) and Aquarius Man(Feb)

(CONT) 4eva!!!!! With Aquarius learn to compromise and try to understand your Gem has more than one opinion at times lol. But we (Gem) could and would never change our mind so quickly when we are in love. We love HARD and are firm believers in fighting for what we love! All in all I'm happy and being with my Aquarius showed my something deep and meaningful. He's my King Aquarius and I'm his Queen Gemini ❤️
—Guest To

Gemini Woman (May)and Aquarian Man (Feb)

I can NOT leave this man! I get bored quickly and I never met someone who could keep up with me mentally.....until 2011 smh. Me and my Aquarius were just friends...with benefits... at first then the lust turned into love and everyday since I've known him we've communicated with each other. If I don't talk to him because we're mad at each other ( mostly him Aquarians have a habit of giving ppl the silent treatment when they don't want to talk) I think about him constantly. I even dream about him. He says I'm difficult I know I am I am very opinionated and I know that's one thing he loves about me because he will not let me go far and I'm not loosening my grip either. One thing with Gemini's we have it bad when it comes to white lies and Aquarians are seekers of truth. I have the habit of when I feel backed into a corner I automatically lie and he ALWAYS can tell (well 90% of the time he can). Word of advice if you can help it Gems stay truthful and patient and your Aqua will be there
—Guest Ro

aquaman vs gem girl

years of constant BS...we work as a good team but whenever we say f*ck off something pulls us back together I'm starting to believe in true love and its scary
—Guest gurst

in love wid gemini

I m an aqua women. I met wid gemini online. We talked to each other on every topic of this world. So even he acepted he likes me and always thought about me. One day we were talking over the phone and some emergency came and told me he would call me. And its almost six days have gone..and still i m waiting for his call.i think i m in love wid this guy.however i nver feel in such manner for any other men.i m feeling sad.
—Guest anzel

Worst mistake of my life...

I was 20 and he TOLD ME he was 19. Lie. I didn't find out his real age until a year and a half later, after we celebrated his "17" bday which was really his 16...yea. Anyway, I lied to him in the beginning but they were more embellishments but nevertheless I lied. I would always come clean about my shit, he on the other hand will lie even after the truth has come out. The biggest manipulator I have ever come to know. He has my name tattooed on his chest and everything, but apparently that means nothing. When we were good we were so good, but when we were bad...ooh wee! Even though he was abusive, both verbal, mental, and physical, there were a lot of things about him that would always make me give him chance after chance, even when he was just "playing" the victim. That however was my worst mistake, because he just used it to his advantage to play me over and over again, taking advantage of the love I had for him. Just an evil person when you really look at him...evil
—Guest AquaLad


I am an aqurian and have been dating this gemini guy for 5 month this was great we got on so well, but then it all started to go wrong when I text him asking him to call me back I have finished my mins. He text me the next day saying he for got. I felt so bad, I responding saying I know you don't care about me and he wasn't happy. So ignored him for 6days he didn't try to contact me and when I contact him he broke up with me. How can I win him back?
—Guest Lazy


Well im falling for a gemini female which i dont know if she likes me back we always sit next to her in my 4th period and yes were seniors in highschool well this girl has me going crazy sometimes i feel like she likes me too but she doesn't shows it and well today she tryied to make me jealous by talking to some guy she did a good job it actually hurt my feelings before that we always sit together i sometimes ignore her and she sometimes ignore me what yall think?
—Guest jaymyster

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