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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

I love literally everything i mean wow

Guys pls this comination is really so great i mean for me it is. Dealt with a taurus and yikes did it suck but now i would do it all over again if it meant to take me to my gemini once more. Best of friends and now also lovers ??? Like ???? Idk but he is funny and cute and smart and so cute and affectionate and man hes the best and its kind of scary thinking i could live a life with out him Like am i deep Ya thats scary But love my gemini
—Guest Clairvoyant

first and last

I met my Aquarian man when I was 15 and we fell in love. We dated thru high school. When I graduated we broke up lived our life's separately. Well after a 13 year break we got back together about 6 months ago and its seems as thou we were never apart we are still on love. We are making plans for our wedding and family. They say u never get over your first and I guess it's true cause this Gemini girl is still in love with her Aquarian boy.

Aquarius girl and Gemini guy

So I had issues with a Sag man and needless to say I threw him out of my life and just as I closed one door another opened; revealing a sweet, funny, sarcastic Gemini. There is little to no effort put into our interactions just because they come so naturally. It's amazing. I thought I had an amazing connection with a Libra male and that one Sag once but I have never felt something so electrifying so soon. We have known of each other but never got to KNOW each other but I feel like I have known him for a while now even though it's been about a week since the revival of our friendship. Man this boy is something else. I love being sarcastic & intellectual at the same time; witty behavior or being a smart a** is what I do best and this Gem throws it right back at me; how exciting and tempting it is to have these playful mind games. Even he appreciates my sassy behavior and pushes me to deliver more. We both have a large social circle and see each other every other day. Can't wait to see hi

My heart still beat fast to Gemini

I am an aquarian and I meet gemini when we still study at college. For first I know him, nothing special. Until when we graduation last years ago. We start chat & talking about anything thats mean we are connecting each other. I like him, but I dont know about his feeling. frankly its make me feel up and down. But I still try to waiting him :)
—Guest LConny

Long Distance Love and Friendship

Well, I'm a gem, and one of my friend is aqua. We have been chatting online for about 4 years. It's long time. We ever fall in love each other few years ago, and we broke up in 3 days relationship since his friends laughed at our typical relationship. He removed me as friend and I blocked him. After 3 months, we start talking each other again. I didn't love him anymore. I broke up with my current boyfriend that time and going with an arian guy. He also had girlfriend and broke up. But we keep talking each other like friends. We are in love like bestfriends. He said he loves my companion and I like when talking with him. It's like we know when we are meant that it's just joking. I think I want him as my bestfriend, not more than it. Sometimes romance goes worse than friendship.
—Guest Olivia12

What do I do with this aqu guy?

I was having problems with my husband joined a site and then this amazing aquarius guy contacted me ,we talked on the phone and text each other for many mths and made plans to meet , but every time we do make a plan ge always cancels ......he has a gf and he is looking to find the passion that is lost in his life ? Well that's what it says in his profile. So we did meet one day we talked and I was very attracted to him and I think he was to me .....he contacted me after we net said he would like to meet again but it's suppose to a fwb deal, we didn't meet up again , so one day outta the blue he texts me I say hey stranger did u find the passionate spark your looking for ?? His reply is ,"that's why I'm texting u". I thought fursure this time we will make it work.... So we chat and txt that day .makes plans to meet and again last minute something comes up and he cancels. Don't hear from him again for a nth or more then he texts again again another plan and then cancels-over1yr txtin
—Guest Star

crazy beautiful love

I've been with my aquarius girlfriend for 6 months but I feel like I've known her 4 ever, but just met her at the same time. I'm always learning something new about her every day. we both have trust problems, but it helps me no she really cares, always trying to find out wat I'm doing. I have temptations at times but she always pops up somehow, phonecall or fb message, and reminds me wat an awesome beautiful thing we have going. I think she's the one for me honestly, and I no wat ever happens well always be a great friends. she's definitely someone anyone would be lucky to have in they're life. I love u baby:)
—Guest cardy

In a Perfect World or Not

I am an Aquarius female and I fell in love with a Gemini male in my late teens. We were inseperable but them after i gave him a son which he begged for, he changed on me. He started being sneaky, cheating and the cheating never seized despite my giving him chance after chance. So after four years of ups and downs. It is over. I still in the bottom of my heart feel that we could have been great friends. He was a genuinely sweet and heartful person. Maybe we were just too young. But hey 5 years later and my son is 7 now I have bumped into another Gemini and so far he is winning in my book. He is very extremely affectionate. He is also intelligent, caring, and very understanding. What demands i make that scare off most dont scare him. He may be a keeper, at least im smiling about it. So out of all my relationships, i would say the Aquamini works best but more so if the woman is the Aqua and the man is the Mini.
—Guest lyrik2712

Air sign lover

hi im a aquarius and my lover is a gemini we are both in are early 20's and been together for 8 year we were each other first and somehow is still in love with each other since age 14 it still blows my mind we have always been close lots of deep conversations huge disagreements many physical fight crazy beautiful make up sex thats out of this world many lies which is all part of the journey and yeah geminis are two faced and lack in showing there emotions unless there super drunk or angry but us aquarius we know how to hit there soft spot aquarius and gemini normally have this great bond they understand each other because the much a like the both air sign both smart deep thinkers both intrested in historical facts along with many other things true lovers
—Guest deep thinker

hell on wheels

i am an aquarius and he a gemini...today i finally looked up our signs and our compatabilty ......i am shocked at how accurate it is....ive only wanted to be one thing in my life, a beachbum....i absolutely hate lying and liars, im very enthusiastic about debates and not at all into emotional outburst from ppl.....my gemini boyfriend can talk my head off....he is sneaky, and very unreliable, he has cheated on me, but i know he loves me....more for my mind than my romance....i am not very romantic...and neither is he....he can be very sweet and very evil in the next second....he can get physical but so can i....i love him, dont think marraige is good for us but i do so like his energy...he makes me feel .....as far as any other relationship ive had he is the closest one to a complete match to me....if it wasnt for his fickle ways....oh and the lying
—Guest rapidrain

Happily Ever After!

my husband is a Aqua Man! i am The elegant Gemini. 12 yrs of a sunshine, storms, and rain. but now we r married and love each other more! truly he is my soul mate. we fit! in every aspect!
—Guest Dasheik

I love it so far??

Well im an aquarius Female and my Boyfriend Daniel is a gemni. we are absolutely great at this point. but yes, gemni men tend to really be a little sneaky... but i still trust him. i try to keep the communication door wide open and share feelings when we can so we can have some sort of comfort in that area. he tends to take it as a joke tho sometimes, once in a while is when he is actually takes it serious with me. we have a very silly kid type of love, its great i feel as if i have nothing to hide, i hope he doesnt either. i just hope it stays this way. but as of right now, i love the compatibility between the Gemni man and Aquarius woman,
—Guest Michelle

On first aquaintence

When I first met the gemini that would sweep me from the carribbean crewhouse where we met to all the way through europe and to spain where we lived for 3 months, it didn't even seem wierd that our conversations flowed effortlessly over an entire evening.. and onto the hectic weeks that followed. One conversation flowed into another and it wasn't untill i read on the pairing later why it made so much sense. This pairing can be effortless, if you want it to be. If I had wanted the relationship (with all it's other factors) i think there's nothing that can stop a gemini aquarius mix.
—Guest Hungry Aquarius


I am an Aquarius guy (Jan 26th 1978 - 10:30 a.m - Damietta - Egypt), and my soul-twin is a Gemini forever beloved girl♥ (June 16th 1980 - 11:00 a.m - Damietta - Egypt) So, yes ^_^ I've met my one & only true everlasting love♥ So, help us God! ;) Your positive prayers, wishes & thoughts guys ;)) I Wish You L♥ve http://facebook.com/beloved1s

it's all good and bad

i am a aquarius girl and my love is a gemini. we're still in school and been together for 2 years. wa've had some good times and bad times but what really keeps us going is the strong bond we have together. he's a really nice caring boy who i belive with all my heart that loves me with all his. and i am most certain that we'll be together forever, get married and have a family together. he's special to me and i never wanna loose him. aquarius and gemini are ment to be together they just have to be strong and listen to one another.
—Guest t love t

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