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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Cancer Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini-Cancer relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

crazy love.

Well I'm a cancer and hes a Gemini we first met on a dating site called badoo and when we started talking I just started loving his ways when we finally met he took me to watch a movie and he tricked me into to watching a different scary movie I held his hand tight and when the movie was over he asked me why I held his hand I told him cause I was scared he said that's cute and we both started laughing we started going out like instantly even tho we didn't know each other but he wanted to help me out and I loved that about him and he just broke up with me one day and I was sad cause I didn't do anything and I kept sending him msgs and he would just read them and then he finally wrote back and said I miss you so much and I told him the same he wanted to see me that day so I seen him that day we walked down the street then he kissed me and said forgive me babe I said I do babe I love him so much even tho I just met him I never had that feeling before our love is wierd but strong geminis w
—Guest lidia


Ive just had a blow out with my boyfriend i love hes a gemini an it was because of his attitude he has over nothing ima cancer and im older then him but inlove with him an he says he loves me but yet dont show it the way he should now he has got himself put out an blame me
—Guest melodie

World Wind

I'm a Cancer Male in SHES a Gemini.shes uncontroubly jelous to the point I'm cautious.Damn sooo.... Sexy the sex is wild & very communicative I love her everything always new from her hair to style.i tend to flirt a lot with out knowing & shed pic it up weave been together for 10 months now but I knew her 2 years I love her constant shower of affection but sometimes it's distance she hate not gettin her way I gotta learn to listen to her feelings or she'll just wine about it I gotta control my anger with words or just gotta know my limits I tend to hold things inside a lot in Were inlove god I've been threw it all I've never seen her as a flirt though I have to constantly tell her I Love you she's always afraid she'd loose me I really haft to learn to hold my tongue but I LOVE MY GEM GEM SEX AMAZING

life goes on

I' cancer (female) and my ex-boyfriend a gemini. Our love story was the biggest roller coaster of my life. When i met my gemini bf it was love at first sight. We are no longer together but i can truly say thats the man of my life (we lasted 4 years). When we are together theres so much chemistry and passion that i cant even explain. I have never felt the same way for any other men after we broke up. There were too many fights and mistrust in both sides. We would get into arguments most of the times. He acted like a kid and i hated that, also the fact the he lied most of the time and would not man up to it. Always wanting to be the center of attention and always having a new best friend and trusting people he only knew for a very short amount of time. Everything he did just made me mad and i was extremely jealous. I dont know why i was like that but after reading the zodiac i understood alot of things. I wish i could be with him but things for us never worked out.
—Guest forever love

My Gemini.

I'm a cancer female with a Gemini female and this describes our relationship perfectly- we grew close due to our sense of humour and after she told me about her feelings- I was far too nervous to say anything myself- we've been together since. There haven't been many problems at all, excluding the jealousy on my end at her naturally flirty personality. Overall I'd say the dynamic probably works out better than would be expected of two signs with opposite ideals.
—Guest Guest Cancerian

Cancer Woman and Gemini Male

I'm the cancer woman and he's a gemini male. We've known each other for almost 8 months now. When me and him first met, I was attracted to his humor and personality. 2-3 months into our friendship, I confessed to him and I'm glad that he rejected because I learned to keep my emotions under control. His best friend knows about the whole situation and supports it 100% and gave me very useful advices. Pretty much I've learned and changed for the better when I met this man. As our friendship grew, I began to learn more about him and he's the biggest sweetheart ever and he really cares for his close friends a lot. I have gotten used to his "flaws" because I do have patient for this man and his constant change. I do admit, at times I do want to nurture him since he does act like a kid sometimes but that isn't a bad thing. I hope out friendship will blossom into something more. If not then I'm okay with being friends with him.
—Guest Freya


—Guest DOLLY

Crushing a cancer guy

I've met this cancer guy that wanted to hook up. He wasn't that into me when I tried to get him to notice me on facebook. I asked to be just friends and pulled his interest in me again. I'm still crushing on him.
—Guest Gem girl

My love

My Gemini man n I have been together for 6years,, high school sweethearts , we've had our ups n down but it's made us stronger. I love my man more then anything
—Guest Farrah

I Gemini with The One and Only Cancer

I am a male Gemini, and her a perfect Cancer. We started talking online, and met on the 4th of July. Everything about this lady is gorgeous. Her attitude, her idea of love, everything. I started writing a journal on every single day with her, regardless if she is with me physically or spiritually. For every Gemini here that is worried or getting negative influences from being in a relationship with a cancer woman; relax a bit of advice for you Gemini males, "players and actors", do not lie to her, not once. Think before you speak cause your words can either be bullets or the arrows from cupid. Be her Peter Pan and she'll be yours. I personally never felt a love so tremendously pure, innocent, and delicate. She has stolen my heart and my all. Our first kiss was incredible! Passionate! Perfect! I'll never forget it. Ever. No other sign has ever givin me this feeling in my life and will be damned to lose it.
—Guest Electrobass88

Gemini and cancer

This article couldn't be more on point but gemini's take it from me, stay away from cancers! My cancer seduced me in with her sensual nature, she was sweet yet sour, and a complete mystery all around. It started off light and cute but before I knew it we were on a roller coaster ride. One day she loved me and the next day she hated me for the very things she loved about me in the beginning. And the jealously, my God! You would've thought I was fucking people right in front of her face! And since both signs are kinda childish get ready for the most irrelevant fights ever. Nobody will win, the cancer will use their words to make us gemini's feel stupid, something we hate! Then we will finally blow up, cause you will, they will play the little innocent victim card and you will seem the bad guy, because everyone will think that the cancer is so sweet. Gemini's you WILL fall hard fast. The cancer WILL mess with your mind. THIS is a relationship not worth getting into too!
—Guest K

CancerMan and GeminiWoman: Ups and downs

I've been inlove with this Cancerian man for a year now, BUT we haven't seen each other yet (literally) And I have this doubt in my mind that MAYBE, he's not yet sure about his feelings to me. Because we're like arguing about his time and attention to me, because he's very busy with mostly everything. On Monday he's going to be sweet but on the next days, he will not text me. And I have to be angry to him for me to have his attention and text me. I just think that he's really not that sure about his feelings yet. BUT I really really love him already. And this makes me feel so clueless, if I still have to hold on or I should give up already.
—Guest Krys

Gemini girl cancer man

I've been with my bf abt 1 year now is great we have ups n downs but we love eachother
—Guest Gemini girl love her cancer man

run like hell!!!

I was in a brief relationship with a gemini 5 years ag. When we first met it was a beautiful thing we were together all the time we talked on the phone all the time we had sex all the time then we had a child and the relationship was shot to hell ...he went from being this sensitive caring spontaneous, charming guy.. To this completely direspectful, cold heart, egotistical, self obsorbant, two faced, wishy-washy, ahole and on top of that he broke my heart smashed and stomped it into the ground.. While we lived together he was doing everything from talking to other females on the phone to has having his females call my phone, he didn't care what he did and how he did it or how much it hurt me (still in love with him and all) this is only to name a few things not to mention how out of anger one time he wished me dead and I still go through drama with him right now today but I've gotton stronger since then, I've gotton over him and am now with my leo guy wjo treats me sooo good:)
—Guest misscrystal12


I'm a gem girl and he's a cancer guy. He's pursued me since day 1. I was instantly interested in him but my gemini nature kept me flighty and resilient towards him. I thought I was too bold and fickle for someone so gentle and grounding but a few months later we hung out again and it was like something in me clicked. I realized he's exactly what i need/want. He's such an amazing person. He makes me feel so beautiful and loved! And giddy and lucky! What I thought was too gentle and grounding is what lacks in me. He fills that void. I've caught myself falling in love!! For a while i've craved someone to captivate me and make me feel those little heart explosions but no one could stimulate my mind deep enough for me to stay. But this one..he's got me. There are so many fireworks when we're together. We feed off of each other emotionally and physically. It's magnetic! I'm so happy that i gave him that 2nd chance cause if not, I'd be missing out on what might be the greatest thing for me!!
—Guest gemini gem

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