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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Leo Relationship

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Sexy Gemini & Steamy Leo

WOW!!!! is all i can really say about this relationship. I am a 19 year old Gemini women and he is a 37 year old Leo man. It was so unexpected. when we first started talking it was magical, we had an immediate connection. We can't get enough of each other.I love him so much. He's sweet, creative and so caring. I feel like i can really talk to him about anything.....sometimes i might need a little time but i always come around. He is so understanding most of the time. Our sex life is so amazingly steamie, I never thought i'd meet someone that can make me cum like he does. Sometimes he just touches his forehead to mine and it's like a mental orgasm. I want to marry this man. I want to have babies with this man. I WILL spend my whole life with this AMAZING MAN!
—Guest N. Caroline


I'm a gemini woman. I know leo men like the back of my hand. Leo/Gemini relationships always start and end the same way. Start: Magical. Talk as though you've known one another for life. Gemini likes to play with leos mind and leo likes a good chase. Eventually, this leads to leos falling for them terribly fast.. Which puts them into cling-mode. Gemini will find this cute for a while. But, we get testy sometimes if people are trying to clutter us before we've fallin completely. This may cause gemini to say things that hurt that leo pride. This is where the beautiful ups and downs come. Usually sparked by leos need for attention. The end: When/if the gemini has fallen it becomes their turn to get jealous. Lashouts, a little more clingyness..ect. and if by this time neither have done something to permanently damage the relationship it could turn out beautifully. If so, leo will eventually leave w/o a word as leos are the master dodgers of the zodiac. Match is a learning exp. IMO.
—Guest Gemini28

Leo Woman/Gemini Man

The best advice I can give to anyone who loves a Gemini is to practice patience. This is something extremely hard for a LEO! We see what we want, go for it and the world should comply. Not the Gemini! They are as stubborn as we are. The second piece of advice I can offer is read everything you can on the character of the Gemini and follow it....LIVE IT! They will notice...trust me! Mine even asked me how I "got" him so well and I was honest (which they love) and he asked for info about Leo's! You have to be willing to put up with alot of ups and downs with them. You have to be willing to love them unconditionally and often times maybe a little more than yourself because they will unintentionally hurt your Leo pride! Trust me...if you are able to dig in your heels for the long haul, trust them with your heart although it will get brused, and practice patience...it will be a match made in heaven! He is my best friend and maybe not married but I will be with him until I die.
—Guest Lioness

Leo Woman in love with gemini man

I think im in love with a gemini man i cant stop thinking bout him he might not be what i would consider my type on the outside but he makes up for it on the inside it drives me nuts that i cant stop thinking bout him i really feel for this guy just something about him that draws me in so bad!!!! not to mention he makes me feel good about myself he annoys me with all the questions but im happy hes interested although we are not together we have kept in contact as close friends for 5 years or more now and that spark is still there i think i love him and if we were in a relationship it would be on top of the world
—Guest little lady

In love with a leo

I am engaged to a leo man. He is brave, kind, passionate, sweet and writes to me letters from his heart. He taught me to focus more on what I want in life and not simply wander in it and pursue my dreams. He is really romantic, caring and loyal. I love him more everyday. We will get married next year :)
—Guest Gemini gal

All i think about

I am a gimini he is a leo.From the day i layed eyes on him,i was swept off my feet.the way he carried himself,it was like no other.he makes me laugh and we always have a good time.i can talk to him about anything there's always good communication between us. he treats me like im the only girl in the world.i love him so much
—Guest meme

gemini and leo love

well, my ex was a leo, but he was the best. I really love the way he makes me laugh, and whenever im with him, there's no dull moment. He has this unique way of being sweet and cuddly that you just can't resist him. I love it when he likes to feel that he's the only guy who can rock my world, and apparently, though there's tons of guys out there for me, he was the only guy who truly did rock my world. I love him. and even if we're over..I still love him. :(
—Guest gem girl

hopelessly fallen

I am a leo and she is a gemini, from the moment I saw her I knew I wanted to be with her. I ended up talking to her one day and we had a good time. Later on that night she ended up asking for my number and we txt for two days straight nonstop and we finally went out on a date and got my first kiss. After that day I couldnt get enough of her, all I want to do is give to her and make her happy. She just seems to take and doesnt really put much effort. Sometimes she will g off and do her own thing and then eventually she will come back around. But I have already fallen for her so I accept every part of her. I guess that is why she always ends up comming back. That would be my best advice... understand your gemini, accept it... You wont be happy sometimes but when you guys are together is was well worth the wait:)
—Guest gemini lover

Gemini Girl and a Leo Man.

We use to talk, one day he just stopped responding to me when we had plans for the night. About two months later he writes me on facebook, we exchanged numbers again and we are now together. I have never been happier. He needs reasurement from me and is terrified i will cheat on him.. but for the first time in my life; he is more than enough for me! I think I finally found the one that i want to make happy in every way possible. We are precious!
—Guest BADKins

Not sure

I'm a leo he's a Gemini he was very much into me. . . until I reciprocated the feelings all of a sudden he's being secretive, and disengage. though we are together I can't seem to shake the feeling he's just waiting for something else to come along unfortunately for me my feelings grew were his seem to be stunted ;( . . . Not sure how this will play out
—Guest A lioness

my love :)

I'm a Leo girl and my boyf is a Gemini. He is so wonderful and make me feel like a princess :) I hope me and him will last forever even thou we only tgt fr a few months, I'm sure we can make this rs last. I really really do wanna marry him and start my own family with him. I hope that he will Nvr give up on me ans go for other girls. He's the best I can ever ask for, last but not least, I love him a lot, more then anyone can imagine. :) I love you bi.
—Guest PF

Gemini and Leo.

I am a gemini guy and I am in a relatIonship with a Leo girl. She makes me feel so loved, she has a loving heart and never failed to make me smile whenever I am with her. I feel so special! Even though we have only been together for 2 months. I know she is the one for me. Our love gets stronger as each day pass by. Currently, I am waiting for her and then we will get engaged when she turns 18. I just wanna stay by her side and make her happy too.
—Guest CF

leo and gemini spark

in a way we complete each other(corny thing to say but yeah) it's great being together we have deep important covesation and those meaningless but deep conversations that actully matter in the in end we have our bumps in the road but we get over them... one think that anonys me about gemini men is they keep their deepest thoughts to them selves and take for ever to share them... but they are wonderfull people and they are amazing.. i am a leo woman in ove with a gemini man
—Guest bongs

Me and my beautiful leonine

I am a gemini girl and I love my leo guy, he is sweet, smart, reliable, loyal, makes me feel like a queen and he's awesome in bed...I love everything about him and we have tons of fun!!
—Guest Simirit

im ib love with leo

Im in love with a leo and he dosent know it im crushed and im a gemini
—Guest Guest marshia

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