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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Leo Relationship

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My Leo story

First as friends , Bestfriends , then puppy love all you saw was the sexy cockiness that he knows what he wants and gives it to you ,Gemini tend to get lazy and Leo want Gemini to look amazing and beautiful at all times but sex all the time is his motive she will not say no but she will when you"be reached her limit , there very controlling and hate Gemini manipulative ways were good talkers all that is , they want a assured beauty but they expect to much when they don't give much ethier . And if he doesn't get sex he"ll feel like the relationship is falling apart. Leo's a strong very sign , but if you apply to the needs and assure yourself become stronger he"ll love the confidence . A crazy mix just remember beauty is key
—Guest Gemini

Taming the Lioni

I have gotten with a total of 3 Leo men you'd think I'd learn to stay away but obviously I haven't. The one that stuck out to me the most was probably let's call him Drew. Drew and I met my Freshman year and he liked me a lot but I wasn't interested and he was crushes to find out I had a boyfriend. Later on my boyfriend and I broke up and Drew began talking to me again. He had a girlfriend so I would keep things light with him and we would always stop talking because he was clingy and possessive. I ended up liking him in March idk he just got to me and I know it was wrong but he basically cheated on his gf with me. Not physically but through the phone texting me calling me. I was very insecure at the time and felt like he was the best I was going to get. Anyway it was great at first but he became insecure he was dull and too sensitive and controlling probably because of his cancer risinf and cancer move so I finally ended it and I felt free and amazing. Never ever going to date a Leo
—Guest HeartlessGemini*

Gemini Woman Leo Man

At first everything was fine he was really sweet a bit cocky but it was sexy and he seemed mature but idk he was to jealous and controlling and gemini's do NOT like being told what to do I also found him kind of dull and he was trying to get a piece of ass excuse my language without giving me anything in return ( commitment) basically friends with benefits so eventually I called it off sex is great but I don't go throwing my goods around like a cheap whore
—Guest Jasmine

leo woman and gemini msn

I have been with my gemini man for 8 years now and we have 4 beautiful kids. I knew from the start that he was the one for me. We had our up's and down's over the years but everything has worked out really well. We are so in love with each other and could never leave each other alone no matter what we went through. He is a gift from GOD that i have always wanted in my life. My love for him will always be 100. Its like we are soulmates just made for each other
—Guest leo lady

Amazing Sex

I am a Gemini female occasionally seeing a Leo male its been a year since we met already 4 months after just talking and getting to know each other we both agreed on a no strings attached relationship and I like that because I love my freedom and space. All I can say is that sex is extremely great and we are pretty good communicating what we like in bed so if good sex is what you are looking for this is a perfect match. No lie Stars we be flying all over the bedroom
—Guest Gem10

how to love a leo man

Ok here is my report of a Leo man. I having been seeing this Leo man for about 5years now “Ladies did I not just say SEEING” not dating and one thing that I do know is that some Leo men are shy, selfish, self-absorb, lazy, should I go on? They also can be very sweet but if they call you and you do not respond you can just forget them calling you ever again at this point you will have to do all the calling 1st. The sex is soooooooooooooooo Good. I’m a Gemini and I can get wild in the bed and he likes it but I have to keep in mind that he is in control. They are also stockers, but to all you ladies that having a difficult time with a leo man here are some tips. (1) Appearance- make sure that you are always dress to impress. (2) give them there space, Leo men has lots of fans so they like to be around lots of friends without you being around all the time. (3) Cook for your leo man, even though leos are very independent keep in mind that they are also lazy so the less they have to do th
—Guest U2MUCH

Leo woman & Gemini man

Well there's so much to be said about the Leo-gem relationship! Ive been married to my Gemini man for 8 years! It's been a rollercoaster since the beginning! So many awesome highs & so many lows! But no matter how many lows we can't be without each other! Gemini men are very stubborn and being the bold Leo that I am I demand attention and appreciation, and he shows it but not in the fashion I would prefer! I love to be adored and complimented and beware gemini's aren't very good at that! Lol and our biggest obstacle would be the secretive side of the Gemini! It causes trust issues between us. Leo's are very passionate and possesive but pull back when we feel like we are being deceived! He can be very manipulative and plays mind games! It's frustrating for the Leo! But at the same time gemini's are amazingly understanding! My gem totally loves me and deals with my somewhat dramatic temper! Lol and we make each other laugh and can have fun! And the physical attraction is a definate plus!
—Guest Pretty1inpink

gemini man leo women meant to be?

It started off great at first then by a year we were off and on with friends with benefits. She got pregnant and now we have a beautiful son that I love. I(gemini) made a bad mistake and hurt my Leo she not longer trust me and are not together. I love her unconditionally but she gave up.. still waiting to make it work. Any advice?
—Guest ike

Gemini sh*t

We has a great 2 year relationship only to find out after moving with him to a different state that he was dishonest and working behind the scenes with so many other men. It killed me. He betrayed my trust and love and for some reason I still love this man. It was magically amazing and unfortetably painful in the end. Just wish he felt the same and would come back as an honest, loving man.
—Guest Dudenm

Leo man and gemini man

I loved him but they cheat, lie, and have no value for love or what's in front of them. I just was so in love and wanted to die when it was over. He walked away with no regret, no hesitation because was selfsish. Used me financially to move to another state, went behind my back while we were moving and across the two and a half years we were together. Gemini, never again. You guys suck a** in your selfish, mind f*ck ways. Get a pair, stop being sh*t heads and learn to love. Selfish f*cks.
—Guest B80

Gemini woman

Any relationship with a Gemini is sure to give you the time of ur life! We are amazing because we are able to adapt to many different environments and situations. When handling a Gemini woman, it can seem hopeless but the main key is patience. U have to have patience when she wants to do her own thing, when her moodiness strikes, when she's overwhelmed because she's made so many obligations to other ppl. Space is needed..just show that u still have her back. I promise if u have that quality, u will have a secure Gemini coming home to u every night. The problem is we already know we're a handful; we just don't expect anyone to tolerate it. I just met a Leo yesterday and he already has my mind on lock...once he shows me the patience quality, then I will believe that we really do have awesome compatibility! :)
—Guest Jemini

Leo Female & Gemini Male

I'm a Leo, and perfectly fit the description, he's a Gemini and perfectly fits that description. We are alot alike and when we first met, we were attatched to eachother. He is dating someone right now, only 6 months, and he's cheated on her with me multiple times. We talk on the phone every day for 2 hours, he lives in a different town, and I'm pretty much waiting for him to break up with his girlfriend. It's a confusing and stupid situation, and me being the proud Leo that I am, would never be as pathetic to wait for anyone, but this Gemini has me smitten. We have amazing chemistry, intellectually, emotionally and physically. We're both very honest and can't get enough of eachother. I want him to leave his stupid girlfriend and be with me, I know it would be an amazing relationship. I'm falling in love with him, and he's always on my mind. He's a wonderful person, and we have so much in common, I just want him to be mine.
—Guest C

i love my leo

I am a Gemini and Chris is a Leo...I'm 30 and he is 28....we get alone so good I love him with all I got..he is jealous but I look over it. I couldn't ask for a better friend and soon to be husband.he asked me to marry him..and I said yes. We do have our issue. But its nothing we can't over come with a joke or a smile. I'm sure Gemini and Leo is a match made in heaven. jealous
—Guest tiffany

Leo girl Gimini boy

i am leo and my bf and i have been together for a few months now. we were best friends for a few months before we got together. i could not be happier. we are living together and i have never felt this strongly for anyone in my life. I am one of the lucky few to have found their soul mate.
—Guest Maye

my ex

I've been off and off with this gemini for year now and we've been on off but we've been together like 4 times and the last time he just stopped calling me long story well I can tell after bad phone sex he said he wanted someone to make him happy but this was said before the call I miss him and I'm tryin not to because he don't deserve me.
—Guest kheiiy

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