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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Leo Relationship

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so much in love

Im a leo and he is a gemini. He is such a great guy from day one. We have so much fun together. Our time spending is very special whether its cooking, watching movies, taking the dog for a walk, going out dancing ect. Our gates of communication is awesome. We tell each other all the time I love. I m so blessed to have him.
—Guest Wanda

I'm Gemini n he's a leo

I seriously seriously love him, but I wonder if he likes me even, v have been chatting for almost a year! He never neglects any of my conversation. He keeps staring at me when I dont look at him.... What does this mean?
—Guest KMC

Mio Leone

I am a Gemini female, my current boyfriend is a very typical Leo. But.. I love him with every bit of my soul. I have known him for six years. Have been dating him for four and I have never been so faithful in my entire life. The warmth from mio leone(my lion) has made me want to stay. He's funny and just... Amazing. He definitely makes me happy. And I love making him feel ontop of the world. This is the first relationship where I have thought about the future. I love this man. I love Mio Leone...
—Guest Gem.in.eye

Gemini n leo

well imma gemini n i truely love my boyfriend at first i thought we wasnt gone do good but after all he treats me like a queen, i that god for this man. Its like i can see myself spend the rest of my life with this man. Leo's is a very caring person n sweet..
—Guest Keke

happy, empty, happy

i am a Gemini engaged to a Leo. our opposite qualities are what brought us together. we started out great. over time we both made one huge mistake. although it was major, we both have realized after long enough together that we are perfect for each other and nothing can come between us, not even ourselves. now that we have noticed what could happen, we ourselves are now able to take from our gemini ad leo traits and become yet again, or even for the first time the match that only heaven could piece together.
—Guest Max

Gemini is cold

A warm and sunny Leo is actually wounded and depressed as the Gemini is warm and then cold with no empathy.
—Guest Lioness

leo mate

I am a gemini who's dating a leo. He def has the traits as far as being egotistical and wanting the spotlight. But I've been able to tame that a little bit.lol he def has my back when I'm down and vice versa. He had his time when he wasn't faithful but once he realized I wasn't gonna sit around he let go of the other chick and focused on me. Its been two years strong now!
—Guest karma

does this girl like me or not

i like this girl whos a gemini from my class i keep on starin at her n im a leo ......................... she too stares at me all the time but i don hav da guts to propose to her
—Guest jason

Leo N Gemini

First it started out rough. It was like i was feeling him alot and even though he was cheating i still wanted him and i kept trying and now i got him all to myself.He had sidelines n 1 mainline.I was a sideline and then i became his mainline.Then a sideline.But we been going together on n off through out the school yr.At the end of the school yr we started 2 get back together then he gave me a chance and we agreed to try it being faithful and it worked for us we going strong right now till this day and i thank God for evry chance we get together.He has been so wonderful to me.Im deep in love wit him n he deep in love wit me as well.Now we planning to have a baby.
—Guest Andrea

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