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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Leo Relationship

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To Lisa

@Lisa As a Gemini man who has been with woman sexually and then stopped talking, I think that the case may not be that he played you. Geminis are known to not know what they really want at the end of the day. But we value friendships. Matter of fact we sometimes value friendship over a mate. So it seems like maybe you both had sex and after you both shared that moment he may just need to think and see if he can be with you. Sometimes after sex gemini just wants to be left alone. So don't bother him or blow up his phone, just wait. If he is the friend you say he is he will hit you up eventually. Just give it time and if not just move on. Hope this was helpful
—Guest Anonymous

Leo lady, Gemini gentleman

He and I began work together and in the beginning, I was in a relationship and pay little attention to one another. Shortly after becoming single, the attraction between us was intense. "non-commital" relationship would be the best way to describe us over the last year and a half. We have incredible chemistry intellectually and as well sexually. We keep each other on our toes and the brain picking between the two of us it fun and witty. The first gemini I've had a sexual relationship with, and it's by far, we have the best sexual compatibility than any of the other signs. His wondering eye does make me insane and he's shy to the idea of a committed, which makes me incredibly impatient and uneasy. But the pure compatibility between us makes it impossible to walk away.
—Guest Dannie

Leo girl and Gemini boy

We have been together for more than a year now and to be honest, it hasn't been easy. Him, being a Gemini, freedom and space is what he needs. Me, being a leo, need attention and love like every minute of the day. Don't expect that from a Gemini. I am not saying that they aren't devoted or loving, because they definitely are! Just in their own way. This was my big problem in the beginning.. I was expecting someone to caress and adore me like I would do, with buying me flowers, lighting candles to set the mood, giving me small presents.. And he did give me a flower and he did give me small presents. But don't base your love on it. He will think of you when you are not with him, but he won't pick up the phone everytime you cross his mind. He needs to know that you are someone stable, someone he can rely on. Someone he can trust, someone that has their own life and mind and isn't clingy or asking for approval everytime. He cares or else he would have ran away a long time ago..
—Guest Lioness

Dating Leo Male

I'm loyal to my partner 100% even though a Gemini, maybe like to flirt, keeps one young, maybe see both sides of the story so to appear a contradiction, happy, adventurous by nature. Dated 2 different Leos, wow what a contrast, one is hard work and the other is easy to manipulate. Gosh and they say Gemini's are hard to understand. I love them both, they still both challenge my understanding
—Guest Geminigal

gem female leo older male

im a gem female started dating a leo man. im 33 he is 56 and divorced with kids. he makes me so irrational it scares me but then again i enjoy it much and it forces me to trust him. otherwise i can't put my trust in no one. he told me he loved me after 2 weeks of dating. i told him after 4 weeks and he forced me to say it 3 times. and yes i do have the feeling he is more in love with love itself then in me but its like magic dust it sticks to your skin and start to make wonders on you. that's leo's love.
—Guest lalapalooza

Leo female & Gemini male

Leo Female & Gemini Male is the worst match.if u want marry dont marry leo female zodiac.Becz i gained experience from her.
—Guest Nithin Sharama

So In Love

Imma Leo Girl, He's a Gemini. I'm so in love, and I found the article to be surprisingly accurate. Our relationship is great. ~In Love
—Guest girlinlove

Living with one wit 2 personalities..?

It's krazi tkes alot from you.. Gemini wow is all I can say... At the same time when it's good it's almost perfect.. But don't know if I can do another one..
—Guest Peachez

I ship us

I am a Leo. My boyfriend, Draco is a Gemini. I found this to be surprisingly accurate in some cases. OTP
—Guest Harry Potter

Leo and Gemini

I am Leo and my boyfriend is a Gemini. We been together on and off for about 3 years. In the beginning of the relationship it has been great and truly magical. We been through fights here and there but somehow tend to work them out. For a couple of weeks weeks now it has been very tough. I think we might be breaking up but I am really not sure if that's going to happen. He wants to be with me but I don't think I can do this anymore. We have no communication, no trust, and now we hardly see each other. He says he wants to be with me and wants to work things out but his actions are telling something else. I have lost all hope and faith in this relationship. I did everything I can to make this work and nothing is working because only one person is trying to make this relationship work. It's so hard to accept and realize that it's time to move on. I wish you all good luck in your relationships because the person I thought I was going to marry, start a family and grow old together, I lost!!
—Guest Erika

were best friends and more;)

i love him so much :) and he tells me he loves me too, but hes with this real witch of a girl? ans he says he doesnt care if she found out but ik he would. We have the same sex mind:) lol but i want more then this. he (as a gemini) loves to flirt me (as a leo) always get jelouse and he knows it. he thinks its cute but i dont. i for one think we're compatible with just a few obsticals in our way. he some how on a levle can idk how to put this control? may be? my emotions and he loves to mess with them:/ but he also can be the sweetest guy ever and the nly one that has ever made me laugh (without anyone getting hurt):)
—Guest janey

gem gal ..leo guy - hun

its amazing how much love this is/was.... but he couldnt comit i gues cos we met at 21. we 25 now and im hurting terribly cos i got let go. its like he wants me...and to flirt cos hes not ready for commitment ....makes me wonder how much he loves me...cos we reli did/do. He was my best frend n pray i get over him or that we marry and has no need for other gals attention. so confusing .
—Guest carmin

Disappearing Acts

I am a 30yr old gemini woman and he is a 30yr old leo male. We known each other for 15 yrs he was my first boyfriend, but i ended it in high school because i was not ready for what came with a boyfriend at that age. He stayed my friend for years after. We became quite close last year, and try to take our relationship to next step but i said something that bruised his ego, and our moving to the next step did not happen. Recently i had a lost in the family and he was there for me. He told me he "wouldn't mind having a relationship with me" Somewhere down the line communication got lost in translation, and I assumed he wanted a relationship but he I was wrong.He and I also became intimate and i feel like he pulled a disappearing act on me. I had to text him first to see if he was okay. He stop calling since a week and a half of our encounter. I hate the situation. Do anyone have advice.
—Guest Lisa

in a relationship

we been in a relationship for a year now and we always argue and sometimes i feel like am more in the relationship than he is
—Guest babyboy27


i love a germini man we argue al time but even that we cnt ms each orther
—Guest na

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