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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Leo Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini and Leo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

A Match of All Matches

Daughter of a Gem/Leo relationship. I, like my mother, am a leo, Aug 15 and dating a Gem. The need for exploring the unexplored keeps Gems busy which may explain why they forget to remember making them appear inconsistent and/or detached. They're also pretty good at masking their feelings--except with Leos. Leos connect heart to cerebral with Gem. Which is how we discover those hidden soft spots Gems have. The pushing of every button is just to prove to Gem that leos are in fact, genuine and won't bail out when times get tough. Gems imprint on people they care about. Thus, they are very selective about who they invite in their personal space. The first sign that you have any significance in the life of a Gem is when they distance themselves. This is a natural defense. If they did not like you, they will not hesitate to tell you. But if they do like you, they will go back and forth about their hypothesis of because to them, love if real should be forever and only shared with one perso
—Guest QueenofTheJungle

He's just too damn irresistible

Ive had a unintentional on/off again sexual relationship w/this Gemini man for 7yrs! Hes not my type @all physically but hes very handsome. Ive never expressed verbally that I want a relationship w/him bc I expect him 2say that if he wants me right? Well the ish hasn't happened! Lol I used 2get hurt by some of his antics but I would allow him back in bc he's just 2damn charming. He has done some unspeakable things over the yrs but Id be lying if I said I never want 2see him again. When Im w/him I feel like I can let go&be vulnerable &I feel protected in his arms. From the 1st moment we touched it felt different&even w/all of the bad I still look@him the same way 7yrs in. I can honestly say even w/his mess if he threw the offer Id jump on it in a heartbeat. I guess my leo pride doesnt allow me 2take the 1step towards a relationship talk even though a tiny piece of my heart cant shake him&dare I say loves him.Hopefully 1day we get it right bc I dont kno how much longer I can keep this up
—Guest Love sick leo gal


i love my gemini boyfriend, four years. yea we go through our ups and downs but i mean we always talk it out the same day and our problems are done. we hate being mad at each other especially leos (me). i love this man.


I am a Leo woman and dating a Gemini man. dating four years. Its stages to this relationship. Gemini dont show love while leos' need to no they are being loved. i feel personal gem need to always remember leos dont want to be in charge of the relationship but since gem like to flirt , leos find it personal, so we being to take charge of the relationship without knowing. gem like to feel free while leos' want to be close. The friendship level is amazing so if gem can add a lil soft side to them without it being out the blue and the flirting and if leos' can just breathe and let gem treat them like the queen they are things will be good. The ups and downs will take part into this relationship until.

Leo's stop being so stubborn!

I notice that the Leo's I have been around have a tendency to play the "victim" constantly, their need for constant compliments can be overbearing, I like Leo's in general but that is a down side to them, they are hard at forgiving the smallest thing and they can be almost as harsh with their tongue as a Gemini, but I try not to base this solely on sun sign their are many factors also maturity and understanding that can make a relationship work so go for it! All relationships require work whether you are astrology compatible or not.
—Guest Ayanna Costa

Maybe it wasn't our zodiac signs

We started off as strangers but always knew who each other where. Then we became acquaintances, soon he turned and became annoying classmate who would talk about me. Then we hated each other. Next we became bestfriends, inseparable best friends. We would fight as most friends do because of miscommunication and my idea of interest for him. We ended up taking our friendship to the next level. It was great in the beginning but, then again every relationship is in the beginning... Strangers to enemies, enemies to friends, friends to best friends, best friends to partners, partners and lovers. And in the end he changed up on me again leaving me heart broken and confused and upset but now I'm finally over it and I don't regret it. That gemini man was my first love.
—Guest Leoness

Leo gal... Gamini boy

He is perfect.. im in love with him... he is a bit of a player.. but whether we are dating or not his kisses make my heart melt.. just seeing him makes me want to have amazingsex with him!
—Guest Destinee.. leo gal

Leo Woman who hates Gemini's


I love my gem

It been 3 solid years and no regreds..I am a leo woman and my gemini man is still the apple of my eye...it take dept and understanding on the leo woman behalf cause the gem is that deep in a relationship..tho his is self centered .....Imy natural leo pull that trait apart with my desire for his attention. ...true he do are did get irritated by this but I had to because besides that he is awesome I love my gemini...ladies if u r in a gemini leo love whirl win enjoy it only get better
—Guest vette

Leo woman and my boyfriend is a gemini

When me and my boyfriend first met we got along so good. It was the perfect friendship. Then we found out that we both were crushing on eachother. couldnr help but to like him . He knew so much and we could talk about anything. The attraction between both of us was unbearable. Now a year and a month layer were still together. Were in love with eachother but we do have our problems. Our fights can get really bad but we overcome them. Were both crazy. He doesn't show affection like I do and me bein a Leo woman that's what I like so him not showin it can really bother me sometime. We spend everyday with eachotheive and always wantin him to be with me while he sometimesvwants to hang with friends. When I don't get my way I get a attitude and this causesw of the fights. Itrying to work ok it though. He does tend to lie sometimes and we both have trust issues even though I don't give him a reason not to trust me he just always has is guard up. We have a strong relationship and loving
—Guest theBADDESTlion

I'm a Gemini women and he's a Leo guy

I'm really in love with him... In the past, he's sweet really sweet he really cares for me. He's the one asking me out making me happy and he really loves me he even ask me to be his girlfriend but I'm not serious at that time so I rejected him. And now when I really loves him and is easy to be in a relationship with him, he is not prepared. He says that he is confused... He don't know if he still loves me or not... But he still treat me sweetly just that he don't spend his time with me. I really love him but I don't know if he loves me or not.....
—Guest Fa

Glory and Abbyss

I am a man Leo and dated a wonderful woman Gemini. I loved her and believe she loved me very much too. Our timing was off, unfortunately, we had the most amazing highs but also the deepest and most painful and depressing lows. I still love her and cannot forget about her. I think she might love me too but is too proud to go back to the relationship. Or too scared that things would not work out again. I tried a handful of times but she always shot me down. We tried to date other people but in my mind she is the only one. Is it the Leo-Gemini curse? We blew it eventhough we loved each other. I do believe that this could be the most amazing match - but it's so very fragile and everything has to click.
—Guest kelman

Angie (Leo) & Eric (Gemini)

I am a 36 year old Leo and he is 35 Gemini. We met in our teens. From the moment I saw him, I knew. I was the good girl and he was the bad boy and to this day that man makes my heart flutter and causes me to stutter. Every time we have lost touch, we always find our way back to each other. I honestly have never loved as hard as I have with him. :)
—Guest Angie

long distance

My boyfriend and me have been dating for two years and still going strong. I am gemini and my boyfriend a Leo...it jst works :) 021610
—Guest gemini94

he ended up being my opposite

Well what can I say, I married him... he was good looking, a hard worker and had his humurous side. But when it comes down to it, unless the gemini can keep up with her initial appearance, the leo will sometimes seek elsewhere for what they feel is greener on the other side. My ex leo couldn't handle having kids and not being center of attention. He was 2 faced and didn't respect women much. It was opposites attract for the lusting reasons in the beginning for us, but he gave up after 18 yrs to find a more attractive and successful woman, not wanting to still have good times with the mother of his children who stuck by him from day one. Good luck girls. Leo's just need too much attention from the opposite sex, or just a lot of admiration.
—Guest gem girl

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