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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Sagittarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini and Sagittarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

it was good ans bad .

The Gemini man I had gotten was a player and a flirt , so what I desided to to was to play the same game he was . and it worked . I got him , he was very loyal and faithful but he was flirtatious, and got mad when I did the same thing , then I finally gave up on his little flirting games and left . of course we always came to each other again, but it always failed , because of his unfaithfulness. Then I finally moved on , and now he wants me the most, but frankly I could care less now . when we were in the relationship I loved how he made me feel secure and like he only wanted me , but he plays to much games and expected me to stay , he was a very jealous man and still is even after we broke up , but our relationship was good and bad , but I finally moved on
—Guest Monica Gonzalez

Perfect match

I am a gemini woman and my husband is a sag man. We got married last summer in an unexpected way. It feels so free with this man, there is really this free spirit between us. I feel like we are creating a surreal painting together when it comes to this life. We figth and argue ofcourse but somehow after 5 minutes we find ourselves discussing the political philosophy or the life of an ocean creature. When we met first time we fell in love in the first moment. We are from different contries and we dated only for 4 months. Then for 8 months we tried a long distance relationship without meeting in real life. Our only connection was skype. In the end we seperated. But it was too bad, it did not work. The seperation did not work I mean and we have decided to get married and he moved in my country. In the future I can move to his country. We both feel so flexible. In the house it is always funny. When cooking, when working, when sleeping, everytime there is laughing. We keep the fights clean.
—Guest Pearl

me and ma gem guy

Am so happy to say dt we r enjyng our life. We frgve each other . He z broadminded. He understands me very deeply. He treats me as is little baby. He gives me space freedom etc. If any problem occurs whthr its off cl not our problem he solves it. And one more thing our chemistry z extremely successful. He's abroad and me in india .. Always calls me.. Talks to me freely each and everything . am thnkfull to God who gav me such a wndrfl person.
—Guest Chrz Debii

It wasn't too great..

I'm a sag girl who went out with a gem guy. We broke up two days ago tho and the relationship only lasted a month. He was horribly clingy and didn't give me any space to wander. When he did, he would leave me completeley on my own and flirt with other girls. We are nothing alike and see the world kind of differently. He's told me that he still loves me very much and that he hopes we can try again some time but I don't think it can work out. For most of the relationship i was figuring out a way to break up with him. However, he is extremely nice and understanding, also very forgiving and optimistic.
—Guest JenSwizz

SAG(m) GEM(w)

I'm a gemini female, and i met my sag 3 months ago. he's pretty much perfect and i cant believe im actually writing this about him. we hungout a few times, and there was an instant connection, fun and funny. simple. sex was great, except he lied to me to sleep with me, he had a girlfriend the entire time. now i'm hurt because i can't let go of the past. I had an awesome connection with him and we don't communicate at all, except he is my neighbor so i see him around sometimes, won't reply to my text messages, but gets mad when i don't acknowledge him.. why am i being played like this. i'd do it all over again just to have sex with him one more time. did i mention, he told his girlfriend, they broke up. he's trying to get her back. i got back together with my ex, and he knows that too. i wish he'd talk to me. i know we hit it off..
—Guest uglypoo00p1

Gemini-Sag relationship

I am a Sag female involved with a Gem male..all in all he is a great guy..not perfect..But he can be double minded in his emotions.. He's a bit flaking and flighty..He's very attractive and ambitious in spite of what others believe about Gem men.. He is very focused on his career as well..He's fun as well as funny But he can puzzle me with his changing of emotions and not knowing where its coming from blows my mind.. especially when I haven't done anything wrong..But being a Sag female I don't take to much from him when it comes to speaking my mind and how I feel..I ask him when I want to know something.. I'm not afraid of him or his reaction even though he's 6'3 and I'm 5'1..Ive been through much over the years and I have learned a lot from men's behavior.. I don't let them intimidate me..My Gem man has his ways of getting under my skin and I piss him off to sometimes..but I think any relationship. with any sign can work if the couples really wants it to work..But as for mine.its giv
—Guest RobinLuna

hw to mk him smile??

I m so confused. My gem boyfrnd jst didn't seem to smile at my jokes. Nor do we hah a NYC conversation. Wadda I do??
—Guest saggitariun gal

Sag girl and Gem guy

Have been married for 2 yrs. Been together for 3. Its been amazing. We love each other so much. Conversation between us is never dull. Our chemistry is amazing. Spontaneous, sexy, adventurous, stimulating, and everything I've ever wanted. We clicked so well in the beginning, we were best friends and took things slow. Im so happy with my amazing Gemini man. Im so lucky i found my soul mate. Hes a little stubborn and im a little feisty but we forgive and forget very quickly.
—Guest Lulu

My heart just shattered to pieces.

I am a sagittarius man. My very first girlfriend and my only girlfriend was a Gemini female. Been together for about 8 months and then everything just broke to pieces and fell apart. I got dumped. The reason? "It's not you, it's me." The most common break up line ever. It's been 4-5 months. Till this very day, I am still here thinking and wandering. What went wrong? Only she knows why she did what she did. It's true our signs are the total opposite. But I guess opposites do attract. She liked rock and metal, I like hiphop and rnb. She liked dark glowy colors, I liked fresh light ones. She liked long hair, I liked short hair. And many others to go on with. I'm still here reminiscing. Our signs were perfect. We were almost perfect. She stole my first kiss.. She has the title of the 'first love of my life'. I can never forget her..
—Guest Heartbroken Sagittarius


I was with a Gemini man who was about 5 years older than I was and things seemed to be going amazing. we were together for 6 months then completely out of the blue he fell off the face of the earth. literally stopped talking to me and wouldn't respond to anything. me being the sadge I am, NEEDED answers. 4 months later he finally told me what was up. now whenever he calls it's mainly for a midnight squeeze and vice versa. why is that though....why do geminis seem to "disappear" out of the blue?!? so confused!
—Guest confused

Cant trust him but enamored by him

I met this guy online and we dated for 8 months. The first four months were sweet and affectionate. Another two months, he started to plan things for us. The last two months i learned that he couldnt put his plans in action, just empty words. In conclusion, i cant trust him anymore. But, his spirit, sincerity and brilliant thoughts had really captured me. I do plan to move on, but this heart still calls his name. However, my brain says NO. Still, his charm lingers in my memory despite his selfish attitude.
—Guest Lily


Sagittarius female and Gemini man is a relationship of sex nothing more than sex.Gemini is amazed with sagittarius!
—Guest janie

Sag woman Gem man

I met my gemini ma on Dec 7th 2012, 3 days before my birthday and the full Moon eclipse in Gemini. I slowly fall for him, i thought he did also, sex was great, we cooked, baked together, listened to the same music, we like the ame stuff, we are not very young. After planets wenht retrograde he pulled back, april 1st, he said he has no chemistry for me, even he knows i am good for him, i am pretty, , wow.

Gemini woman hurt by former Sag man

I had a 12 year relationship with my Sag man. I never felt so connected with any other man. We'd have fights sometimes, but I'd always give in and call him back because I missed him so much. He thought I wouldn't listen to him when he was talking but I could multi-task (i.e., listen, see something on TV, etc. all at the same time). Well, after 12 years he broke up with me for a Taurus woman! I can't think that they will last. I think he misses me but I refuse to call him this time. What do you think?
—Guest christie64

My Sag

I am a Gemini female, i met my sag 2 yrs ago & we've been involved ever since. In da beginning he chased after me i wouldn't give him da time of day but he kept on trying. One day i let him take me out, we had an awesome time but for some reason i just stopped talking to him, he ended up finding me again but this time I really got to know him & became very fond of him. We have deep conversations, keep eachother laughing, but we also have heated arguments. We're not in a relationship but we've been at it for 2 years now. When we say we're done with eachother it's never for long. One of us will end up giving in :)...Never knew I could love till I met him...Even tho we're still tryna figure each other out we know that there's no place we'd rather be then together...Just got to stick it out & work it out...Plenty of space, Good conversation, Understanding & great sex is what keeps us together! Who knows we may end up with an actual title! Only time will tell :)...
—Guest ivory

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