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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Gemini Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini-Gemini relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

gimini's have different characteristics

i'm very in love with him, he is good in bed, he is very responsible when it comes to our relationship. He is very good looking but those goods about him doesn't last, we're fighting always about everything we talked, but later on we realized that we are both wrong in any ideas we're fighting for...very funny thing..The last time we fought is also the last time i've seen him..i was thinking that gemini - gemini are not meant to be...because until now i never fall again to someone..It hurts..until now the scars remain in my heart..and i was hoping that someday i will never heartbroken again.
—Guest anne

gemini twins :3

Me and my boyfriend have the same birthday (june9) isnt it a coincidence? But he is 1995 while me 1993, we are both talkative, we love to sing together, we are both chubby and s0metimes we are mistakenly for being siblings, we are opposites, he is matured in his age,while me, immatured in my age.. Even we have s0me fights, we still end up together, our anniv is on 9th of june also,
—Guest -akachan:)


I am aries gurl wit gemini gurl.. we fight all time but i wouldn't know what do witout my gurl.. 75% we laugh all da time den 25% i want to kill myself lol.. she neva gimme what i want.. no matter if i ask nice or mean.. in the beginning she was real nice, gimme everything, but now i think it a trick to get me.. now she don gimme nuthin, no sex no nada!!! we used to have best sex.. idk if bcuz we live wit her dad, my cuzzin, her aunt, or my car.. maybe we need our own place :(.. it's only been one month since we together.. she irritate me on purpose to give excuse of no sex..NOOOOO THIS IS THE GEMINI ITS MYYYYYY TURN BITCHEZZZZZ......my story goes a lil like this ready set are u sure ok GO... BLAHHHHHH BLAHHHH BLAHHHHHH!!!!!!! take that.haaaa
—Guest arian/gem

The Struggle

For some reason i felt the need to express my relationship with my Gemini simply because i could relate to many of the other comments. My boyfriend and I are both the same age and his birthday is 3 days after mine (10/13). We have such a weird relationship (mood swings etc.) but it works for us. We meet in high school and never really spoke to one another but we knew of each other. He saw me out and about one day (3yrs later after graduation) and decided to finally approach me. We exchanged numbers and that was all she wrote lol. We could never get off the phone with each other and always found ourselves saying "well im getting sleepy, i'll talk to you tomorrow" but of course we would continue to go on and on (like gemini's do). Later that year we ranned into some issue's that forced us to lose contact. Three years later he hit me up on facebook and asked me to take a trip with him (so spontaneous and adventurous; love that about him). Of course i said ok (YOLO) and we're still togeher
—Guest Jade

Just Starting... Lol

Ive just started dating my Gem. We been friends for 9 months and we just hook up last week. We are doing great. right now, and l try to give him alot of space as possilbe. I hope we go further. and GREAT stories....
—Guest Marissa

Gemeni Men ARE....

Well i was with my gemini for a year half, known him for about 2/3 years. Our connection was deep and sincere in the start of our relationship but as I got to know him more towards the ending, he turned out to be a Lier, cheater, very flirtatious to other girls, very indecisive as to what he wanted and he could manipulate and "finesse" so perfectly. When I would confront him about things he would act as if nothing happened, had me thinkin something was mentally wrong, but it's just how gemini men are,its in their blood.The good thing about the relationship is that when we were in love it was great & he was a sweet heart, but somewhere along the line our moods were different when they were suppose to be the same & we never seemed to get bk on track. I read something that said to keep a gem man faithful shower him with affection not jealousy and if you can get him to be faithful, He's your forever..
—Guest Her

Two sets of Twins

Gemini and Gemini relationship is just a big adrenaline rush. I met my ex Gemini man about 3 years ago and all I can say was it was a great relationship we completely got one another. We were both kids at heart but we could be logical and the relationship was all giggles and fun. We broke up last summer but it ended on a good note :) Then only con is both gemini's could try to manipulate each other and be shady at times and they're really clever about it too I would now lol other than that it's awesome
—Guest Devonnie

plain crazy.

My gemini is 11 months younger than me and we are both HUGE flirts. We've hurt each other countless times, but still holding on... Theres way more communication now, we share what we like/dislike and im glad to say we are doing better than ever! I hope we stay strong because I know hes the one for me, it just takes lots of work, just like every relationship!
—Guest guest

lightning and thunder

Me and my boyfriend have ben together since the last three years.... both Geminis, v r soooo crazy so expressive, v top the list of couple PDAing!!!! v don't care what other people say, our thinking is so alike although our interests differ varyingly..... We go jogging together in the morning, we talk about EVERY POSSIBLE TOPIC, we are crazy in bed... we fight like animals sometimes he is very rude and at times even i am.... we have never cheated on eachother n I'm really happy with him.... i don't wanna b with anyone else my Gemini is the best!
—Guest sam4

I wouldn't change a thing about it

I am a black female in love with a white male Gemini. It's hard to describe exactly what goes on between us because it encompasses to much. Being bored just isn't an option. There is always something going on with us and its amazing. He's extremely intellectual, he communicates well, and most of all he loves me. We don't "argue" a lot but we are constantly in disagreement about something simply because we see both sides of most all situations. We both have strong personalities that clash often. But no matter what we ALWAYS make it back to our comfort zone of love. He is indeed my best friend, he understands me like no one else does. And sexually passion?? Whoa! The word intense doesn't do it much justice. I've learned that being with a Gemini is one of the best experiences you can have we just have to be careful not to offend/hurt each other.
—Guest :)

I'm not sure...

I'm crazy about "my" gemini. He's funny, sweet, caring, and...basically me in male form. I think he and I will be amazing in a relationship, and he keeps dropping hints that he wants to..but is a Gemini and Gemini relationship worth it? Or will I get heartbroken.
—Guest Harley

For me.. It was love at first sight..

I met her through my brother in law. I am a female and so is she. At first I was nervous to meet another gem because I was in a previous relationship with a gem. I got my feelings thrown to hell with my ex. ( Well she was 20 years older than me) now I'm seeing another gem who is 24 and I am 25. 1 year and 6 days apart. When I first met her I'm not even gonna lie.. It was love at first sight. She finally told me today 1/15/13 that she's really feeling me. We know each other from another lifetime. Even though we had to et understanding of communication it's going well. I know it won't always be like that but I'm in love with her. I love you B.
—Guest San


I just got out of the Gemini ,Gemini relationship two weeks ago in the beginning we had fun and always laughing but he was a lier so he took my trust away from the beginning by 4 months he became more committed but still lied and for me I couldn't get past it he says I what to be the boss well so did he Gemini Gemini
—Guest Nikki67

Honeymoon period

Just started dating a Gemini, we share the same birthday, he is exactly 2 yrs older than me. And whoa, I'll think about something and all of a sudden he texts me about exactly what I was thinking. We'll text each other at the same time often. It's a connection like we've been friends for lifetimes. We communicate on such a deep level. Every time I see him I am pleasantly surprised by a new side of him. We'll see if it lasts. I hope it does. This could be the start of a love That's more than I would have thought possible. Thanks for all your cute stories! They really reflect what I've been feeling.
—Guest Amanda

Gemini vs Gemini

My birthday is may 23 his is may 22 one year apart. We was very jealous of eachother. We fought like crazy over opinions or ideas. An anything else we could have a view on. Make up sex was awesome. But hell no not worth it. Geminis need to just be friends its better that way. One will always be good while the other is evil without even planning to be.
—Guest tessa

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