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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Gemini Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini-Gemini relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

The truest love I've ever know pt 4

Crazy BIG eyes. He was longing for me. I can tell. I know the attraction is there, at least. I played it very cool. I made small talk with his friend but gemini was just hovering around, pointing both his feet at me. Body language was good. But he is terrified. It's strange. He looks depressed. I think he's lost with out me honestly. I still love him very much, but I don't know how to reconnect with him. I've been patiently waiting for almost a year now. I miss him everyday and I know that nobody else has ever/will ever understand me on the level that he did. Maybe it's a chapter of my life that is over, but our Twin love was DEEP and REAL. It feels cosmic to me. And I use my intuition to guide me through all of this. But he is immature. We are young. But I want him to be my friend at least. And he won't talk to me. That last run in was obvious - he loves me from afar, but he is either afraid of rejection or scared to be with me. Or he just loves me as a friend? Idk.
—Guest Clara

The truest love I've ever know pt 3

Then he takes me home, pulls over the car and buries his head in my lap "I'm so sorry!!!" He's crying. I am in shock, I've never seen him be emotional like this (he's seen me thru all sorts of tears) we par ways. I run into him at a party and he is obviously interested in me. One night I was home very sad that he was gone and he calls me, with two of MY friends. We hang out , he's playing it cool, observing me.. I run into him 3-4 months later at a party. He hugs me, stares at me, but sits next to me and inches away from me. Even though he used to sit leg to leg with me. I go outside with my friend and he finds me. He was only there for 15 minutes but he said goodbye to me. Gave me a much more intense hug. Told me we should "hang out soon" never happened. I try to reah out to him but he never responds. I finally saw him a week ago. He is nervous around me.. He can't even talk. He gave me a hug that he initiated but he was choked up on words. Said nothing to me, but stared ALL night w
—Guest Clara

The truest love I've ever known pt 2

Anyways. Our bond strengthened over time. He was my best friend. I still consider him my best friend. He was always there for me and his love was subtle but I knew it was there, and growing. 2.5 years later we hook up one night. He told everyone he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend (FINALLY) He tells me intimate things I have been waiting to hear for years (he's a little bit guarded) he tells me he loves me and doesn't know what to do about our situation (bffs in love) when the night is over he takes me home and says he wants to see me that night. I'm thinking wow, he's finally come around. Wrong. He doesn't talk to me for 5 months. He scared himself I think. I make him very vulnerable because I understand him better than anybody. Finally we talk and I ask him why he did that to me and he almost denies everything he said. I'm so confused and heartbroken at this point I tell him that I'm in love with him. He freaks out in a happy and confused manner. Says he loves me forever. But
—Guest Clara

The truest love I've ever known pt 1

I met my Gemini guy (June 6) when I was in high school. I told him my birthday was June 9, and something about us being "twins" really clicked. I was actually in love with him since the moment I saw him. I just knew that he was the one I had been looking for. It was like I knew him forever. I just "got" him and him, me. He was stylish, charming, the life of the party, really. But also shy, sweet and reserved in a way. We were hooking up casually at first and I was just DEVASTATED when he went for another girl. I confessed my crush on him but he still loved his ex. Lame. I thought. So I moved on. And we were friends. But there was always intense attraction that we stopped acting on. I got a boyfriend about a year later, which didn't last long, but I ended up setting him up with my friend. I broke up with bf, he broke up with her, and suddenly we were just. Dying to be with each other. One night we got coffee and ended up having sex. It was awkward. He was very nervous, I think.
—Guest Clara

The love of my life

Me and my boyfriend are both gemini's . And man has it been a journey. We've known eachother for 3 years now and have been dating for a year. We've been threw a lot and know matter how much we go threw we can't forget about each other. We have some trust issues but it doesn't change how happy we make eachother. We can talk about anything and not be judged. Were now in a long distant relationship but it only makes our bond closer. Three years ago not only did I find my soulmate but also a bestfriend
—Guest liveyourlife

A growing experience

The relationship i have with my crazy gemini is a growing experience but i love it. Things happened so fast! We skipped the friend stage and jumped right into a relationship. We were definitely in lust (but like fools called it love). I stayed with him thru his deployment in Afgan. gone thru breakups, cheating, trust issues, ETC. but somehow we can't let go. Sometimes it feels like theres four people in our relationship but we love that were both geminis (3 days apart, 3 years apart) we have so much fun together. Its been 2 1/2 years since the start of this journey and we continue to grow closer. I can say now that I'm truly in love with my best friend. I feel so lucky.
—Guest Ryry

Go For It

He's right. It's a most amazing connection. It seems we stayed within each other over the years, and once reconnected - we became whole and alive. There's nothing like it. Hey, every relationship takes some effort. But this is supernatural in the extreme, fun, loving, exciting, you name...we've got it. He's my best friend, my phenomenal lover and truly the love of my life. Just wish we hadn't wasted so many years kissing "frogs."

twin lovers

I feel that I have an amazing connection with my significant other. Its as if we are so in tuned with one another. Its a connection that we both have never felt with anyone before. I feel very good and I know we are going to do well with each other. The best part is that we both know how to handle each other. He deals with my emotions or change of moods and just makes me feel at ease after the fact. Would it be weird to say that he is like my other twin? bc I don't know if its because we so happen to be both geminis but it feels like he the other part of me. :)


Ok Gemini + gemini = Love/hate relationship LMAO I have been married for to yrs too the love of my life, his bday is may 22 and mine is may 24 and we are a year apart . We fight, laugh,love hate and have the best make up sex get up next day and do it again. I love my man
—Guest GUEST

We are the dream team!

I have been with my gemini b/f for 3 years now. We are both in our mid twenties. Sometimes, we lose track of one another because we both have so much going on individualluy. It can be overwhelming but we always find our way back to each other because we know how to communicate and we understand each other. I LOVE being with another gemini. We never get bored, we like all the same things but we still open each other up to new things since we are contstantly developing new interests! It can sometimes be hard to anchor each other in reality but we take turns. It works well!
—Guest Hilary

Balance is what u need to find

My partner is two years older then me and we r both gemini's, he told me near the start that i would end up hateing him because i would grow up to fast, but infact its made me admire him and how we work together. I mean sometimes we have little fights but it some how makes us some what closer together, all of the things we wanted to say but never did come out and its like a huge weight lifted off. I do find myself feeling jelouse and worried at times as my partner is such a flirt and he no's it i no it but i accepet it, i new from the start thats how he was and so was I, thats how it all started. Im at a stage now where i feel protected and i truly am gratfull to have some one like i do to love and i think we are now equal or in balance,it all feels right.
—Guest amber

Gemini confusion

Gemini + gemini = best friends. There is so much connection and you always laugh together. You may be confused and think something might be wrong but it's just you being paranoid. Go for it, give it a try. We all have a right to meet someone and geminis are blast to be with.
—Guest Nicole

Simply Perfect

Gemini With Gemini, ive been after her for about 7 years and i was told by her that she been after me as well. we are extremely compatible, 1:1 works both mature when we need to be immature when we want but we handle each other very well
—Guest Smlp

Best Match Ever

I am a female gemini and my partner is a male gemini. I feel like I'm dating a male version of myself and its great. I know how he thinks but at the same time still don't know everything about him. Even when we r arguing its great because we know how to handle one another. It's the best love because he is my best friend. We laugh a lot, we handle money the same, both very versatile, and its always fresh because he is really a friend to me
—Guest lovelylady rc

gemini long distance

i met my match a few years ago, and we were really good friends for about 2 or 3 years before we started getting serious....im the happiest girl ever. its long distance, but i connect with him more then anyone else ive ever talked to, i love him and i wanna be with him forever, and he feels the same. sometimes things can be really hard but we work through them together. do it up son!
—Guest da

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