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Is he mad fun or just maddeningly distracted? The Gemini man is impossible to pin down, but let's try. Share your notes on dating the Gemini man! Share Your Experience


This will be my third year in a love dillema with my Gem... He was never my type In the begining, but I grew to love his soft side, he would rub my feet in the movies,and repetedly tell me he loves me, until he impregnated me, then left me for my nine months, came back when our baby was born, for a month, then left again,now he seems to be weaning himself into our lives again, I am a very loveable person, so I give him my everything. But he continuaLly breaks me down, how do I show this man I love him?
—Guest capricorn lady

Gemini man

I have been married to one for 5 and a half years,they are talk I've an only talk about themselves, mean ,moodly,carless bad providers an will bell out on u in a minute.never take responsibility for there actions everything is always ur fault in a relationship,bipolar loves people and treats them like crap at the same time.plays a lot of mind games and r takers.my personal experience from being married to one.My advice Run Girls.
—Guest cancer woman

Re: Too pushy? by Regal Lady

How can I find out when this was written? This story is too familiar. The watering hole, the home dating, our ages at the time (making her a Gemini too). She talked about how I had never been married, nor had kids. She used words like "wanting something more" and "relationshipy". If the girl who wrote it, is who I think she is, she did turn me on with her mind. We had hardly spoken before, but would see each other around. When I asked her out the first time, she said yes instantly, which was really unexpected to me because this girl is so gorgeous, she could have anyone. I just took a stab in the dark when I asked. She asked me for something more than just a friendship, which took me by surprise because she never really gave anything away. I said ok. Then after a bit she said she didn't want a relationship, and started to put up walls. It messed with my head trying to figure out what was wrong. I later find out her EX who she is really close to, said he didn't want her to be with me.
—Guest Gemini Guy

curiosity about germinis

i met him at my night job and i went out with him once. He seem to be into parties and outdoor activities. then i realized he like to be away from people and reserved. like places in the bedroom to have sex or watch a television show, he doesn't like places like shopping malls where there is a lot of people. he likes to dominate the shopping or money spending. he does everything for himself. what he buys,if he wants to be alone.When you stop calling he starts calling. when you are consistent calling and texting him he ignores the call. when you find someone he pursues you. He is the second germini guy i have. the first was for 5 years. the key is never let them know your weak points or your strengths. they nail you at your weakness and they will stop your dreams so they can acheive theirs. everything is really about them. but they can be fun encouraging. always let them try to guess you out.
—Guest candace

im happy,his happy, we happy

Well where do I begin, we have an amazing friendship and such a good understanding. Ladies its all about understanding, if u can't give him the freedom don't bother. That with mutual interest and intellectual of ur own it will be an amazing ride. Keep things exciting in and out of bed. My guy is loyal and can become a tad bit jealous, ima flirt myself but will never make him feel like there is a better guy than him in the room. I do get slightly irritated at response times with messages but then again sag do like all attention on them. I do also have to simmer down my socialising when together cause I tend to take his line light it's all about compromise like any relationship
—Guest Sagittarius lady

Talk about split personalities

Aries girl, I was with a Gemini man for 10 years! 10 years of waiting around for him to "find himself"- he always has some sort of (non exsistent) dilemma. One moment he'd be happy go lucky, the next he'd wallow in his own self pity. They charmingly manipulate, only think about themselves (I do have to say that I think it's hard wired into his brain, he seemed like he just was not able to see past anything but himself no matter how much he "tried"). Always had an excuse for everything. He was very social, friends before their mates-always. My whole life is basically surrounded by Geminis (not by choice) and I'm going to say I will NEVER date another Gemini.
—Guest Blow my brains

Do your research

Dating my, now, Gemini husband was so intriguing. So happy to find someone that gves me freedom and keeps me on my toes. He is reserved mostly because he is observing, however, he is totally loyal to me...but I'm Aquarius, duh..he is not bored. You have to do your homework or you will fail your Gemini class for And although, he does have different personalities (hence the "twins" factor), I can't quite say that is just a gemini trait when many people are moody these days lol. It's called emotions. I love that, like me, he is adventurous, free spirited and very intellectual. I will say that being married to a Gemini is the most rewarding frustration an Aquarian woman could ever have. Its an A+++ match...and believe me I've dated all of the signs. Especially, if you are a true independent, strong, water bearer that has "masculine energy"...they allow us to be ourselves and loves them some Aquarius because its such a fun, adventurous, ride that they will never get bored of for life.
—Guest Aquarian Wife

pisces women gemini male

I wish we all had answers to these men. I've been seeing/fuckin a gemini man for 2years. He's been GREAT all the way up until 2months ago. He now within the past two weeks, stop answering my calls or text. And just this weekend when he sees me out looking so good he wants me to go home with him! I think at the end of the day, they just want things there way. And if we can be strong enough to let them have it there way... Everybody will be happy! They are free spirits..what can we say! I'm just tooo freaking addict to stop now! Remember it's there world we all are just living in it!
—Guest The 1

He's the best.

I'm a leo, and my boyfriend, is four years older and a gemini. We fuel each others laughs and smiles every day. He's extremely attentive with my needs/wants even though struggles figuring out his at times. When he gets frustrated he does sometimes snap a little, but always verbal, and isn't by any means an extreme case. He's soft spoken a majority of the time, but will talk for hours about something he's interested and educated on, which ranges from everything to anything. I have noticed moody-ness from time to time, but within hours he's realized it, we've talked about and we're back to goofing around with each other. Never had any problems with infidelity or wondering eyes, although being a leo I tend to have a little bit of a jealousy issue when I don't have his undivided attention.
—Guest Leo.

Libra and Gemini

So by calculations, libras are suppose to be very happy with gemini's but it is really difficult in real life. As a Libra woman, i always want to be out and experiencing life day by day but the gemini doesn't care for sight seeing and being outside. he is very quiet and reserved while the libra is loud and eccentric. my relationship worked for a few years but we knew we were way too different to spend the rest of our life together. oh, i am very romantic and i get bored easily and my ex is serious and stern and quiet. but Gemini's do have their romantic moments for sure. just dont bother them or aggravate them even more when they are in a bad mood. they are very dark when they are mad. they also keep their problems to themselves so if they have an issue with you, be prepare to hear it after the relationship is over, that is if you really want to hear it. they wont tell you voluntarily.
—Guest Kristina

In love with gemini man

I have been dating this gemini man for the last ten months. He was super romantic, great conversations( can talk about anything for hours), good in bed! He always gave hints about us ending up together in the future, but two weeks ago dropped this bomb that his family had arranged his marriage to his first cousin and he has said yes as he can't go against his family. This shattered me completely! We met this weekend and ended up in bed again and have gone back to as if nothing happened. At the back of my mind I know this is until he is ready to go home and get married!! I know I should just cut off, but something in my heart says maybe he will commit!!
—Guest Guest cancerian

I will agree too

that a Gemini man isn't that complicated. Considering there's so much to life, we are trying to take in more than imaginable. The tangent 'The Diamond' speaks of is so true. We have so much to say or duscuss that our mind is going 90 MPH. It's exciting to talk to others and even listen to what they have to say. You'd be surprised how we respond. I feel sorry for those women who have not had any luck with a Gemini man, but we all know that some signs just don't mix. But seriously go ahead and find out. The Cancer has had a great relationship it sounds. I'm coming off a long time relationship of almost 20 years with a Cancer. We we're great for each other but a Cancer craves attention and we grew apart. Maybe an age thing. But I have to admit, we had a great 20. So give us Gemini men a try. You may be in for a great time! And for a long time.
—Guest Miguel


Married to one for 13 years will cook clean have lots of fun motherly help with kids. Was there when i had my babies. Support my ambition to finish school. Shop for me bathe me massage me. However will do the same thing to any other woman. When start having hard times, everything is my fault. Abusive when cannot handle certain situations. No emotional support. But want you to deal with their emotional needs. Refuse to be wrong will leave u if the house is dirty. Will try to make it seem he is the better parent to the kids. If u r emotional about something or cry. They will say u need psychological help.
—Guest library sun cancer moon

Too pushy?

So I met my Gemini guy (home dating friend) about a year ago when we had just gotten out of very serious relationships. I am now almost 23 and he is almost 30 (next month). I liked him from the start, we met at a local watering hole and continue to see each other, however I lived out of town when we first started hooking up. I would come down once of twice a month and we would see each other then I would leave but he always gave me the indication that he might have wanted more. I read up on Gemini males and they arent likely to settle down for many years, even at almost 30 my Gem has never been married and has no children (something I find very attractive). The thing that I never did to him was be super pushy. I always let him take the reigns regarding spending time together. And now, a year later, I think we might be getting into a relationship-y place. He is a great catch, and I am trying to turn him on with my mind. Just don't be so pushy! I think its working for us..
—Guest Regal Lady

The fish and the twins

I am a 20 year old Pisces who is in love with a 23 year old Gemini male. Charming, witty, spontaneous and intelligent all describe my buddy. My ever so lovely Gemini was both heartbroken and a heart breaker when I met him, and he took me in quickly. I often got hurt, due to not being able to handle his humor from time to time, but the more I learned about him the more I realized he was simply a free, curious spirit. Though we may not be able to be together "forever", I'm sure I have a special place in his heart, just as he has in mine.
—Guest Brittnar

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