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Readers Respond: Dating the Gemini Man

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From the article: Dating the Gemini Man
Is he mad fun or just maddeningly distracted? The Gemini man is impossible to pin down, but let's try. Share your notes on dating the Gemini man! Share Your Experience

Gemni men, relationship

I so agree, they always gave another in the wings, just sh you four years I finally let my guard down. One month later, his high school sweetheart from 50 years ago is back. I'm out she's in. So even at 66 they remain the same. Heartbreak and a lesson learned. No more Gemni men for me
—Guest Sherry

nightmare in hell

Run as fast as you can and dont look back. Their are fickle, indesicive, weird, jealous, controlling, and straight up rude. Give them a taste of their own medicine. Oh, and big time cry babies!
—Guest aqua girl

Dont trust a Gemini

I dated a gemini man on and off for years! They are the worst men to date, they are charming, yet unpredictable, moody, selfish, and indecisive about everything. At first they will schmooze their way into your heart and life and act like you are their world. Meanwhile they've got other women on the side in case it doesnt work out with you. They will go back and forth about their feelings and when things dont work out they will make it your fault and disappear. Obviously I was hurt terribly by this guy, but before I really knew him I was head over heels in love. I thought we were going somewhere in life and he made me believe all of it. But it was only words, no action behind anything he said was true. He would constantly go back to his ex girlfriend and tell me he loved her but was in love with me. It was like a sick game and to be honest I'm not sure he was a narcissist. He was manipulative, lied, and played games and could become cold as ice at the drop of a hat. Not worth your time.
—Guest northcar34

crazi guy

been dating a geminlie for 2 years. we just broke up. he told me that he did not love me any more and that i was too free spirited and did not know how to have a relationship! I left town on family biz and would return to my home but stay over at his apartment on the week-ends. i hate jealous controlling men. in the end he was jealous-controlling-mean spirited. he had stated that he hated me in an earlier argument. but i aked for another chance-it didnt work. so this time when he said he no longer loved me i shut down my phone service and got a new number, unfriended him on facebook and all other social medis two days after the break up. i hear that he was offended but i dont know why i am in another city and i would think that it would be of no consequence at this point. i have been happy and meeting other people that like me just as i am. its been fun! he is a tv watcher and facebook all the time i love outdoors, art, music, travle and fun. he was soo controlling-

Aquarian Frustration

Im an aquarius dating a gemini man so I can tell u from experience, even tho our signs are a good match dating these ppl can be a challenge for any sign. Gemini men make great friends but in a committed relationship with one you are gonna need a few key things: Patience, thick skin, trust, communication & spontaneity. Gemini men can change their minds at the drop of a time so u have gotta be willing to change plans in a heartbeat. They tend to say whats on their mind w/out regard for how u will take it and their charm makes them magnets to other women so even tho it may be purely innocent dont ever plan on having a gemini man all to urself. They are great lovers, very attentive, good listeners, protectors & providers so if ur lucky enough to capture their heart just make sure u understand the work involved to keep it.
—Guest Sha1767

pisces girl & Gemini boy!

I met this 21 year old gemini guy through a guy friend who was his mate and when I first layed eyes on him I thought he was absolute gorgeous he had a cheeky smile & lovley blue dreamy eyes this guy became a fling I would see him one night then not see him for months but our relationship with each other was only based on sex! As he didint want to a relationship because he had been in one for 4 years with another girl then they split up months before I met him! But each time he came to my house the more I liked him he was random & funny & could talk about almost everything he also liked to talk about hiself a lot & his mates! I found it hard opeining up to him about things as I don't think he was interested in my past or anything so I kept myself to myself and just let him carry on I've never been so sexually attracted to somone in all my life apart from him I wish I could go to bed with him & wake up with him everymornin! He was great In bed & very affectionet! But he's like peter pan!

Two Geminis is too much

Im a Gemini in love with another Gemini and even though I want him all to myself, I know that isn't the best way to keep or seduce him. First, I would have to know what he loves to talk about and engage in that. Challenge him with mind games and seduce him with being so mysterious. Let him keep guessing. As it turned out, he was doing that to me. Now I understand that you can't con a con-man.
—Guest Robert

My Gemini Man

I'm a Cancer and dating a Gemini Man! Yes, a Cancer and a Gemini, who'd a thought? This has been the best relationship ever for the both of us. Let go further, I'm a cancer sun, with Venus and Mercury in Gemini, so I completely get his Gemini quirks, the random conversations, and the ever present tangents he goes off on. We both are very spontaneous, both hate being bored which is why our past relationships have failed. We get each other. He is very open and expressive of his feelings, he is very genuine, honest, and very giving. I love my Gemini man :)
—Guest Candice

Well now.

So I logged on to see what everyone had to say about dating a Gemini and found it supprisingly absent. As a Gemini man I have a few tips for everyone. First off, we aren't that complicated. We just never enjoy being bored. We love change and excitement. Keep things spontaneous out on the town or in the bedroom. We're ecentric and very random at times and might go off on a tangent that no one else can even understand. But through it all remember, even though we may seem flighty and not at all serious. We can and will be genuine. We do not lie about our feelings. That is how we feel at that moment. Granted it might change 20 minutes down the road but at that moment in time we aren't lying. I can't speak for every Gemini because we're all people so we're all different. But through it all. We enjoy fun. We want someone to share that fun that we find in life. We want someone by our side so we can bounce our crazy ideas off of. I hope this helps or at least gives some insight.
—Guest The Diamond in the rough.

i agree

all i want 2 say is that being a geini man, i do agre with part of what is says but it must also be noted that each person lies on each date and would never shoes hits or her flaws at the very beginning!
—Guest Ashleh

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Dating the Gemini Man

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