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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Virgo Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini-Virgo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience


I am a gemini female and I meet a virgo male at my church I found out what his name was ,but at first I didn't do anything .then I got attracted to him ,but we never talked to each other in public
—Guest Lalalala25

guest virgo female

my Gemini husband is fickle. He is separated from me emotionally and does not speak to me. we stop sex for months now. He refused to leave the bedroom. we both sleep in the same bed. I told him to leave if he is done with the marriage. he refused to leave; but said he will leave at his time and will divorce me on my birthday. I am just waiting; since my religion does not permits divorce. He is also a cheater. is there anyone out there with simillar problem? if the situation is resolved, could you please let help me with a piece of advice.
—Guest Lucretia

Gemini Woman Virgo Woman

I'm a gemini woman and I feel a very deep connection with this virgo. But I feel she is a bit cold and distant. Although, I believe this is a defense mechanism and her depth is closely guarded. Although, for us geminis, the coldness can be very daunting and off-putting because we like intensity, passion and constant validation. I think if you want a dynamic like this to work you have to have a great tolerance and patience for the needs and moods of the Virgo. They like to be in control and confident that things are evolving in a practical way. This can come off as a bit heartless to gemini but I think that patience can pay off...however if gemini gets too intense this can be scary for the Virgo and they will retreat.
—Guest Guest

Ugh Idk

Im a true Gemini female & my ex is a Virgo. We aren't together but we`ve continued to talk adter we broke up for like 4 years now. And we still have sex and its amazing but I want more i want to be with him again but he's more like i wanna have fun with these other girls right now. Idk what to do should i wait for him or move on with my life. Without him eventhough he's all i know. And it's hard to just leave when he was an sometimes is always there
—Guest Josh Lover

life has begun

i am a gemini woman and my virgo man is much older than i am. i must say that ever since ive met him life hasnt been the same. we both try to please each other and make each other happy. im the type that will go where ever life takes me and he is more organised. he teaches me to plan ahead in life and i help him to let lose and have fun sometimes. our relationship entails alot of compromising, listening and also understanding. whenever there is an argument its usually because of misunderstanding. he is very jealous and i am too especially because i am young and hot! and he knows that the opposite sex is extremely attracted to me. i love him very much and daily i remind him that he is all the man i need. Oh and the sex??? we make music. he and i are extremely attractive and we cant get enough of each others body...he pleases me 100% and i do the same. i believe that for a gemini and virgo to work they have to understand where each other is coming from.
—Guest Nikki

I was just a fool...

I fell in love with a virgo my freshman year of high school. And still can't get over him. I loved him so much, or I missed him so much that I went as far as finding someone that looked like him, and even had the same name like him. (Almost.) Long story short, the first couple of months, it had felt like love, and then he started to show his true colors. And now, it's like I don't even know him anymore. We met online by the way, so it was a long distance relationship. Turns out I should've just waited for the virgo I fell in love with in high school to get out of jail next year. I regret ever going that far because I missed him so much, and I was trying to fill this void inside. I don't plan on going to the other virgo, because he caused me more harm than good. And he also has me skeptical about the one I truly loved. But if it's meant to be with either one of them, then they'll come back. If not, I know I'll always be friends with the one that gets out of jail, and was my crush.
—Guest #ontothenEXtone

Virgo female / Gemini Male

We met, I was in my 30’ and he was in 40’s. Met one night, we exchanged numbers and I gave him a call a couple days later. It was the start to something wonderful. Courtship was thrilling. We were engaged six months later. We both had our baggage’s from previous relationships. I had never been married, but he had been more than once. We went through so much together as a couple… as a Virgo, I always stood by his side throughout the ups and downs. Passion was amazing till the end. 2 years later, one too many fights for him and he packed up and moved out. It’s been 6 months now and I miss him and will always love him. Not sure if I would ever get involve with another Gemini… I got hurt pretty bad.
—Guest Guest loyal

Things Happen For A Reason

I believe in signs, but never got caught up in being knowledgeable of zodiac signs, but after meeting this gemini recently and having the most stimulating conversation, connection & seeing so many signs that told me we where meant to meet and connect some how I know that her being a gemini and me a more unique virgo is the reason I know I met my future wife. Our meeting was honestly 1 in 10,000 and the conversation was briefer than we both may have wanted and I haven't saw her or talked to her since, but I know I will and I am writing this right now on here because one day she will read this and have no doubt in her mind that I'm in it to the end with her.
—Guest Jackie

this love is real gem girl&virgo man♥

For the first time in my life I feel like I found the love of my life in Real Life!.. I have been with Leo's g eminis nd Aries nd they all treated me very poorly.. I have close friends that are virgo nd are very beautiful people nd it's a blessing to say I have a loving relationship with a amazing virgo... I'm so in love with him nd yes we disagree sometimes but we are so passionate about each other nd I honestly NEVER had that before. He cares about my heart nd my mind nd he fights like me when it comes to this love thing.. he gives me a sense of security nd peace that I never had in my past bfs nd I found my future husband nd father of my unborn children. I kno now that if you have someone to fight with instead of being in a neglectful nd loveless relationship its may hurt for a while but when the tears dry nd the smoke clears I have my partner right there with me to make it all better.. he has made me become a much more open nd intimate with him nd more trusting I love him alot
—Guest I'm truly his♥

world wind

I am a 22 yr old virgo woman dating a 20 yr old virgo man. we have been dating for a little over a month now, we r both spontaneous so that works out for us becuz we end up going on little adventures. he constantly questions me and its very annoying, every other day he pushes my buttons and we argue, I've been out of town for 2 weeks nd we have broken up 4 times 3 times he ended it. he's done some shady things (like hack my fb nd read all the messages) but he always knows how to apologize to me so I forgive him, full of romantic gestures but only when it counts for something, very childish but we are working on helping each other grow. the sex is amazing, very erotic, he makes me laugh, he's artistic and hard working, complains a lot, in all it has been a roller coaster, sometimes I swear he's insane, but we believe we are soulmate, he says it was love at 1st sight, we r very invested in the relationship, from my knowledge he hasn't cheated but I cant tell when hes lying so yea lol
—Guest virgo in Atlanta


I am a Virgo woman and hate the fact that I can't seem to get over my Gemini man. Been off n on for years. First we were high school sweethearts and he cheated. I forgave him but moved on w another man who became father of my 4 kids. Although I loved my him I never got over my Gemini but brushed it off as puppy love. We reconnected after 10 yrs and at a time when my relationship was a mess. I was so happy but it didn't last. He kept demanding more and pursued other women. Drove me crazy so we departed again. Now 5 yrs later he contacted me on Fb and did the same all over again. I can never stop thinking of him no matter how hard I try. I'm no longer w kids father partly cause he knows my true feelings. I would tell my Gem my feelings but the more serious I got the more we argued and he seemed to enjoy hurting me by flirting w everyone. I know deep down he loves me but sometimes I wish he never came into my life...so I would say best to avoid.
—Guest susan

Gem Male & Vir Female

Me & my Honey has been2gether for over5yrs. I use2be a player, not nessary Bcause I wanted2be. More so because I was tryin2be some1who I truly wasn't. Thinking it will bring me happiness in some twirsted way. But I think most females at that time could sense that I wasnt that kind of guy. I am a Giver, a Caring persons, a Genuine, non game playing person, the overall a nice guy complex. With no real future destination, kind of a go with the wind kind of guy, but with a purpose of bein successful In something that will stick. But with my GF, She had goals as a child that never changed. I notice that she sticks to the same high morals and understanding of the world as when she was a kid, she doesnt change, nor evolve. She looks at it as a strength while I look at it as being self-centered. While she loves how random I can be at times its also her greatest worry that i will jump ship. plus she is so shy. I think thats why I love her Bcause her innocent nature.Its defer than my past x's

My recurring nightmare with Virgo man

It was love at first sight then off/on for 9 yrs. Even the sound of his voice was entrancing. He was sweet and we spent every day together. Three months later when I was one month preggers with our daughter his true personality came out. The same overly judgemental attitude of my virgo father. That once sexy voice booms with hostility. He became completely competitive with me. Every conversation he pointed out that I do not agree with him. He was only engaged in his own convo. He was waiting on me to finish not to comment but change the subject. I can agree to disagree but to him it was ALWAYS the gateway to a potential category 4 blow out! He constantly pointed out how everyone disagrees with him actually. And for a gem all the neg energy will make me listless and depressed. When he wanted to be he was the ideal employee. But he constantly complained about responsibility cone payday. He was responsible. But with his own interests not ours and never mine. Zero reciprocation. Taker!
—Guest April

Confusing and got dumped by text

I'm the Virgo female, he is the Gemini man. He pursued me, I knew him so it was comfortable and he's a very funny guy. Both immature in a fun way. 1st date and we were hooked, he wanted to marry me and said he's never been in love not like this, I fell for him due to his charisma, he's funny, he's gorgeous and I just loved his bones, I like to have fun so we matched, hes a flirt but it didn't bother me. Anger issues started, no communication, never wanted me to socialise, controlling and he never wanted sex, I found this difficult, hard to approach him as he saw it as criticism. He's very stubborn, bad tempered, his affection went and doesn't like to talk about things. I don't think all geminis are like this it just depends on who they are as a person. He changed, I didn't but I got the blame for everything. He knows it all, his way or the highway, self obsessed. I wouldn't have left him, he's not prepared to learn or compromise, I was just a chapter in his story, he was my entire book
—Guest Teddy

love and hate

I'm a Gemini female and on dating a Virgo male and there are.ups and downs with me and my guy like , trust cause he.net seen so distant and I feel like he doesn't want to be with sometimes but Ikno he loves me
—Guest Gemini female

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