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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Gemini-Virgo Relationship

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Have you been in a Gemini-Virgo relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

A Lovely Tornado.

23 years old I am a female virgo. He is a gemini and 22 years old. We have been together for 5 years. We plan to marry. I say its a lovely tornado because of all the crazy destruction in our relationship but also the beautiful things that have appreared from our relationship. We have had some crazy fights but always end up saying we love each other. Ive had this strong connection with him forever. It was like love at first sight. Despite what ive read. I believe we will make it.
—Guest virgowoman

Virgo girl confused by Gemini guy

I've been with my gemini guy for almost a year, we started talking and eventually became bf and gf. Anyways, lately he's kind of been hinting to be more affectionate and even hinted at love but then...I know any woman has done this... but I went off to see what he's been up to & there it was, he's on dating sites as if he was single & I know he sort of keeps in touch with his ex girl from afar. I just don't understand if he's over here telling me & showing me these things, why is he stuck on her & still searching "for a female friend" per say. I am jealous when it's things he doesn't tell me, but if he had the balls to tell me about all theses things I would take it differently. I just hate hate being made a fool, but of course not even he did that because I found all that. I do love him but even with him telling me what he's doing all the time, having good communication & spending any free time with me since we both work & I go to school... How will I know he won't hurt me or even jus
—Guest Virgo Girl

Virgo lady-Gemini man heartbroken

I had a great friend who I see sometimes where I work. He chased me for years. When I decided to give him the opportunity things went fine, but showed me an ugly side of his of being emotionally unstable. Gets angry at the smallest stupid things and ruins our nights out. I feel like he got his way into my heart, and then feels like he can dump me in a heartbeat. As much as I hate the fact that it is not working, because I really wanted it to work and not have to keep looking for another man, I am gonna have to dump him because I see it is a vexation to my soul. I feel very dissapointed because I felt God had put him in front of me for all these time for a reason. What is worse is that he kept always talking to me how he wanted to marry me and convince me to have children. I don't think I want to go that route with a man who is gonna turn on me and dump me over any small stuff.
—Guest virgolady

music and sadness

Im a virgo man in love with a gemini woman. we are not dating sadly. Im her "best friend" and shes also my band mate. I compose all the music, she sings and does violin. We spend every moment together. And I love it and I hate it. Shes in love with some in another band in another nation. We stare into each others eyes many hours a day. I haven't been able to kiss her yet, hold her or tell her I'll her. I haven't been with anyone for a few years.I always on the edge about to walk away because I know I love her with all that I have and I feel that I can never win her over. If I say something I lose my best friend an xxx band mate. If I don't I go insane leave and still lose my band mate and her gaze. I say ill wait .that ill be her friend. There will come a time when I know she will face me. In that way hopefully. I can seriously say that I do see my self married to her. My musical soul mate. She won't let us be close, kiss, yet alone sleep in the same bed. I know she's afraid to open
—Guest Dravend

love at first sight

Me being the Gemini woman and him the Virgo we been together for 7months and we hit it off right away. We live together and share our lives together children and all. But now we fuss so much and its always about my make friends and him thinking they want to be with me. I try to explain but he didn't listen. Some times i wanna give up but i love him so much and one we argue a few hours later where making up. I wantit to slow down but i don't want to be with out him. Idk what to do honestly he confuses me and pushes me in a direction that makes me wanna be selfish and just prepare myself for the worse. What should i do???
—Guest guest

Just starting to talk...

So I've just recently started talking to a virgo man while myself being the gemini female and I must say I'm quite on the fence if I want to pursue this any further. They are genuinely a nice person but they have a lot of personal issues (depression, self hate) and I'm the total oppisite. I can't stand drama or people that complain about things that can change. Also, I'm a very sarcastic person and sometimes I feel like he takes me serious by the tone in his voice so i always have to reassure that I'm joking. At the same time, I usually try to avoid feelings all together but with him there's just this insane attraction that just makes me want to spend every moment trying to get to know him more. I think I might give it a chance, who knows maybe it could work out in the end. Wish me luckkk! hahaha.
—Guest Amber


I dnt know what to say i'm gimini 25 years and he is virgo we are together 8 years he is annoying and very selfish and me I act like child Lol we fight like none stop ,sometime I dnt know what we are fighting ,sometime I am unhappy with him sometime i'm happy with him , I hate when he play games with me but even me I play games with him lol we are crazy , But the true is he is my best friend and he will always be and he proposed me and i'll say yes to him , I dnt know why but I will , I love him .
—Guest gimini girl

Like two ends of a seesaw

I'm a Virgo man, her being the Gemini. Like two sides of a coin, apropos as we're ruled by the same planet, Mercury. Because of my inflexibility, she comes off as crazy, and vice versa I'm sure I come off as boring. Gemini is the needle that pops Virgo's balloon. When I'm with her, I feel my emotions bleeding out. I hate this. But it's a very cathartic experience. As Gemini is more communicative, I do find it hard to open up. However, because of my preciseness, I find it easier to deeply connect and be artistic. I take my time to make decisions, and she can't wait to jump. We butt heads on a professional level. HOWEVER, we're both highly capable people, and we deserve each other's love, for we're both giving equally. I'm still learning to live at her pace and let her take the lead. Virgo men, put your pride aside. If you can date a Gemini woman, you should do so. They have the best personalities.
—Guest Tiger

"A Cute Love"

I m a 17 yrs virgo women who is deeply in love with a 17 yrsz old gemini man. When we start talking, he is too cute to me, he treated me like his family but still sometimes says " don' t say anythng to my family" in sarcastic way. I still managed to refuse because slowly the way he talks to me land me completely on him. But only 4 months after, he start excusses me whenever i want to talk to him. We don't have much to talk because gemini always need everything as a top layered quickly while virgo likes the lowest layered slowly. So i decided to get him off from the so called relationship.! But truely i still love him and wish he could be mine again and thod times i will accept his all faults because I love him alot.!
—Guest by Virgo Women

Virgo woman Gemini man MARRIED

Well I been with my husband for 3yrs been married for 2yrs we have 3children well we met thru friends amd been inseprable every a since we have are ups and downs... like we love the same things its scary but what always messes things up is he blows up over the littlest things and im more of a brush the smallest things off type of person he bring uncalled for stress but we can never stay mad at one another for more then 10mins.... I love it but I dont lol but I deal with it....
—Guest andrea

something there...

I started dating a Virgo man exactly 2 months from today. He is 2 yrs. younger than me. He's a sweety, trustworthy, and , very loyal. He will do anything for his friends and family, not always a good thing, but he means well. I love that he thinks I'm funny. He dedicates his life to work, and his family so lately he hasnt had time for a relationship. I'm a little disappointed about that, but I really like him. He's so funny and fun to be around, so there is definitely something there. I also really enjoyed our love-making. He's the best lover I've had so far, and super sexy btw!
—Guest Jamie

A roller coaster!

I am a 21yr old Gemini woman dating a 23 yr old Virgo man. We have been together for close to 7 months now. He is my second relationship and the way I feel for this guy is something I myself cannot explain or figure out. Since we started talking, I enjoyed the easiness the way our conversations flowed. He fell for me way before I fell for him. He says it was more like love at first sight, for me though I wasnt really taking him serious till after a couple of months when I saw how amazing he was. We love each other. We disagree on a TON of things. We argue. We make up. But like I read on previous posts, in order to keep this relationship going, you must definitely take the time to break down arguments and talk them out thoroughly. As a Gemini I am all about communication and he is not as good with words. Its tough for him to understand me sometimes but at the end of the day he tries his best and we move along from our differences. At this point in our relationship I feel so in love with
—Guest Jess

Problems between virgos and geminis

I am virgo woman and he is a gemini man. Ill some up the ups and downs. Ups, we both hate routines and love experiencing new things, we both love each other deeply,were both really attracted to one another so theres great passion. Downs, I'm silly and funny and hes too serious, I want affection and he doesnt give any, I am sensitive to things hes not sensitive to. All I have to say is geminis dont show their love to you and at some point, thats what kills the relationship. Although a virgo has a very hard time giving up on someone she loves because she puts a LOT of effort, once shes hurt, she withdraws and you never see her again. To be honest, I feel like this is the worst match. Maybe scorpio or saggitarus would have worked better.
—Guest Beautiful virgo

Love from First Talk

Hi I'm a Virgo Female & I've been with my Gemini male for almost a year now. I love him more than anything in the world. Since the first time we've picked up a phone and talked we were attached from there. We never stopped talking. We started talking to each other on the phone all day all night staying on even when we were sleep. Our relationship progresses everyday and one day we want to get married and have a babies..I love my gemini!! He's the best bf I ever had he makes me so mad sometimes & when we get into it things get really bad. But we're strong enough to never let each other go. Geminis need a lot of space and it hurts when they aren't there when u need them. But he always shows me love, protects me, and makes me laugh. He's also a big baby. I see alot of Virgos with Geminis lifelong or long term..so
—Guest kj

Gemini and Virgo Have Potential

I met a wonderful and amazing Virgo man on the train one day. I am a Gemini female, but I'm extremely shy when meeting people the first time. On my train ride home, I noticed him sitting there bumpin to his music -- quite actively I might add, lol. Whatever the case, I glanced over at him and I was instantly attracted to him and when he noticed me staring he offered his seat to me on the train. I kindly declined & smiled back at him as I said thank you. This happened twice and I laughed a bit at his persistence. Then he asked me my name and things just went from there. Though we've only known each other a short time, I've learned that he is not an average guy. He EXTREMELY intelligent, eloquent, not to mention very sexy. He's VERY in touch with his spirituality, passionate and has a wonderful sense of humor. I've known a few Virgos here and there and I've learned that they're very good people to be around, based off my experiences. Very sweet, but of course they have their flaws.
—Guest thespiritlives82691

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