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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Aquarius Relationship

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A leo man I was dating was not the man for me he said one thing did another .He wanted me when he did not when i asked to see him. He said he was free and something would always come up but when he was ready I was to be there in place I got tired of it bc im an aquarius andi want my space and don't want to play lil games sorry But he was not for me.games cheat,flirt is wat he was all about so no imma pass leo's on to the next!!!
—Guest MIKA

Give me a break !

We are opposites on the chart and with reason. You will find more actors in hollywood with the sign of Leo than any other. There is a reason for that.. They are good actors. But as a tenderhearted Aquarian I will not be chawed up by the mighty Lion, I will just splash some water on him from my Aquarius bucket and hope he finds someone else to devour, Because I have had enough..Who would choose someone only because they are good looking and nothing else? Not me.
—Guest Lauraluv896

i love her

im a leo dating an aquarius and its great i have issues with pride i admit to getting in fights over dumb things but shes my counter shes creative and unique an just weird sometimes lol the only problem is she thinks her future is more important than love and if i cant see her for a while she goes insane damn its great sex tho she likes new positions and hates the term doggy style lol
—Guest leo with aquarius gf

We're great together

Im an Aquarius and my Boyfriend is a Leo and we have our ups and downs but most of the time we are totally in sinc! He knows that sometimes I need my space and like me he does to. I love him so much and he is a very committed, passionate person. It turns out that my birthstone is purple(Amethist) and his is green (periodot) and purple and green are my favorite colors. I always tell him when ever he gets mad "you're such a Leo!" and he calls me an Aquarius. We're great together!
—Guest Guest Danielle

Leo and Aquarious

Im a Leo guy and my girlfriend is an Aquarious. We both hit it off like crazy when we first started talking. We were constantly texting and calling each other when we were apart. In person sparks fly. When we go out and drink, most of the time we have arguments that sometimes threaten our relationship, maybe its becuase we are both stubborn, and being a leo i think i can be too proud at times. When were together and alone sparks fly and everything is so perfect between one another. I feel like im in a perfect heaven lying down beside her, and nothing in the world could ever change my feelings for her. We are still young, but i see my future with my girl because shes so loving, playful, imaginitive and more! i love her personality and warmth. Aquarius females are truley one of a kind!
—Guest Guest ManLion

Leo & Aquarious = Help me :l

I'm a Leo and that at the start of last year 2010 a new guy came to our school (he's Aquarious) we connected really well as friends for 3 months and then after that him and I became really flirtatious towards one another, an I couldn't help myself but to fall for him, the flirting became more and more, until this new girl at the end of the year came (she is Pisces) they started to go out with each other only 3 weeks after they met. I'm really was confused and really upset, they are still going out to this day & we have been flirting still and we used to text everyday before they went out. Now he just texts me randomly and everytime we talk we flirt we can't help it, I seriously think we have feelings for each other and that him and his girlfriend don't get along well all the time but I always catch him staring at me or trying to get my attention all the time. We hang out on the weekends and things, just wish I knew what he thought about me :/ & that I love him,& I would do anything :)
—Guest Leoo

Crazy past with a leo

Im a A and hes a leo. We dated a long time ago but now agine im dating another Leo. I have to say my ex leo wasss verry overly protective and obessed!! He was very agressive and would sleep out side my house and wait for me to wake up for school. nd he would do anything. I loveed it but it was really wild. I been with him for a year! And me Im very sweet out going loving and faith ful, i think i go good with leos but yah there both stubbrund!!! And leos are also bossy controlling and will take alot
—Guest Crystal Aqurian

he's to much about himself

i have been with this guy for a year an d i think he's selfish and disrespectful and i think leos are big cheaters a are only interested in what pleases them and no one else! a leo does not seem to care bout your feeling just their own and im done, and their stingy with money!
—Guest aquarius womem leo man

"The Perfect Match"

In my experience with a Leo- Aquarius combination in a relationship.. it's great! We balance eachother out and yes sometimes decision making is tough because we both try so hard to please eachother we just wind up answering questions with a simple response such as, "idc", "it's up too you". That has been my only true problem in this relationship so far, which really isnt a problem it's just something that needs work much like all things in life! so all in all i say a Leo(women) and Aquarius(man) works well together.
—Guest "The Perfect Match"

Part 3: Leo + Aquarius = WOW

A couple of years ago, I met this adorable Aquarius. He is a typical one: loves films, is creative, funny but aloof at times. He is 5 years younger than me. He now has moved to another country and is totally dedicated to his job in a major broadcasting company, which is perfectly fine because I’m also work focused. We started out as real good friends. We had the same tastes in food, music etc. We have never had a formal relationship but we kept in touch over the years and he always manages to be with me whenever he finds time in his busy schedule. He surprises me all the time. We have the most amazing sex. It’s a combo of best friends, lovers and some crazy role playing. Ooooh I love it! I tend to bite him in the neck and he loves to talk to me and I love to listen to him because he usually says interesting things… even in bed! That is so typical Aquarians! We both are forgiving nature so once an argument blows, not only we forget the dispute 5 min later but our attraction grows!
—Guest Leo

Part 2: Leo + Aquarius = WOW

And in bed… Oh MY GOD! Leos & Aquarians are just like rabbits. Opposites attracts yes, but also the perfect combination since we are much alike. We love to give pleasure. GIVING – that is what we are all about. Aquarians give attention and Leos give warmth. Their sense of romance is remarkable and mind-blowing because you would never expect it from Aquarians.
—Guest Leo

Part 1: Leo + Aquarius = WOW

I know that the Sun sign does not give the whole compatibility picture, but I have always been attracted to men with Sagittarius or Aquarius influences in their birthchart. I’ve also noticed that my best friends and previous relationships have at least 1 planet under Aquarius. But being a “double Leo” (sun and rising sign), I ultimately challenge myself to the unobtainable: the independent Aquarius and the freedom loving Sagittarius. Just like a lioness, I want to “catch” him. And guess what? I usually succeed. And in return, they get fond of me because I am wild, sexy and smart. What I totally adore about Aquarians is their unpredictability. They love surprises and it fuels my curiosity and hunger. They are also extremely articulate and intelligent and that is very stimulating in love and friendship. It arouses my emotions. Aquarians are odd and have a personal style that attracts any Leo.
—Guest Leo


It's so great to hear about your successful stories... but can the leo's please explain how do they overcome aquarius' aloofness to emotionsl... we are both sensitve... but Im rather dramatic and emotional at times... but I'm afraid that he won't like or can't cope with this about me???
—Guest sparkly

great chemistry

I've known him for 4 months in our work place, he's leo and i'm acquarius. It seems like since the first day we had a great connection and despite we are friends there's a great chemistry between us and we continuously flirt. We ended up in bed and it was great, but we're still great friends and when we work together it's sparkles everywhere.
—Guest sc


I've known him for two years. At first, he liked my bestfriend and i technically tried to help him out but turned out i found myself falling for him. But then i was with another guy, sagitaurus. Me and that guy didn't workout that well and we broke up last week. And that aquarius guy came all concerned about me. He told me he used to like me too. But i was with another then. So for d last few days we get really close. I think i'm falling slowly again for him but recently i can't get to him. I'm very confused. What's going on actually?
—Guest Nicole

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