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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Aquarius Relationship

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Aquarius Man=Leo Lady

I have been in an intense sexual relationship with a man who recently lost his wife and now he has pulled away. I am crushed.
—Guest TennisLady

leo and aquarius

i am a leo and my 20 daughter is a aquarius! we do not get along!!!i have given her the best of everything!! i love her but i do not like her!! i think aquarius people are truly mental!! her outlook on things are unbelieveable!! she stands firmly on her ridiculous convictions>. i have never seen anything like it!!
—Guest paris

Leo Aquarius relationship

HELP! someone please help. I REALLY like this leo guy. I met him at school during our school regional test. a few days later we became really good friends. A few weeks i told my BEST friend that i like him. Without my permission she told him. She told me that he was shocked. Ever since then he doesn't respond to my chat/messages. :( HE KNOWS! >.< please help me. I don't see him coz he's from a diff school :( we were really good friends.. i already told my best friend but she said its alright he'll respond but he doesn't! when he's online he doesn't pay attention to me. we used to be best friends. now.... :'( please someone help me! :( i don't want to ruin our friendship for love
—Guest he knows

Best and Worst

I'm an Aquarius female recently involved with a Leo male. The pairing of two fixed masculine signs, one fire and one air, is a thrilling combination but there WILL be battles. On the upside, Leo men are romantic idealists who love to court and bestow gifts. They're usually charming, witty, and highly social. The downside, nearly all Leos have some type of daddy issues and are prone to bouts of insecurity. They do not like others holding court too long, tend to be selfish, and some have issues with long term commitment. In spite of having a reputation for being cold and detached, I only responded that way when the romantic and compatability elements of our relationship weakened. Leos like having a mate and most will hang on as long as they can to avoid being solo.


i love my husband greatly. but why is it that we leo's are more sexuallly passionate. been with a few people, never with one i lve so deeply and cmpletely
—Guest leoinlove

Its cool but difficult at times

I feel good wen my Aquarius guy is around. but it is kind of difficult wen he leaves because it takes time before I get to see him again but he is caring and loving and also fun to be with. i love him so much and I feel wonderful every time he tells me he loves me
—Guest kb


I been knowing my leo guy for over 15 years i've had a crush on him since idk when but we finally get together and it's like we've been dating since high school i like him ALOT and he as well he makes me laugh, i smile ear to ear when i hear his voice he so demanding he likes getting his way but i like it after our first date he tells i can't stop thinking about you geesh!
—Guest Aquarius Girl with Leo Guy

aq f leo m

Nice comments. I think we are very good together as AQ female with Leo lover 9 yrs still times I feel like high school girl-giddy-he slays me. I feel like time is suspended, excited and calm simultaneously, I want him with my eyes! So, I have to walk away to compose, it probably appears I am aloof but far from it! I think it's some time and attention involved with Leo'Aquarius but what successful love comes without nurturing and care? Home in ea. others arms is great place to be, everyone should love feeling like their coming home. Right? We are not married, not living together, and who knows about the future or what tomorrow brings but for right now with this heartbeat and all those since the moment we met, I know for sure without blinking I love my Leo and he loves me, peace love happiness XO best to all XO

Love is kinda hard

U have ur ups n dwns but wen it all cum dwn u always got each got each ota backs no matter wat da situation is
—Guest Lovely cass

not so obvious love

i am a leo woman and the man i;m seeing is aquarius. hes a great man, but i did have to learn some things. leos usually have this fantasy of how the relationship will go, and if it doesnt follow that dream, then they get stuck in disappointment rather than enjoy what is happening. So when i learned to just let him be who he is, i found that he was more than i could ever dream up in my head. its not really bout patience as it is about letting things go. leo women...love isnt always how you picture it in your mind. you can still get what ur dreamin of, just may not happen how you dreamt..look for him to be considerate, chivilrous, genuine, honest, and very kind. those seem to b his strengths.
—Guest ambur

So over childish Leo

Leo is too selfish for compassionate Aquarius. All Leo wants is their way, and all Aquarius wants is calm...of course Leo ruins the relationship in a random fit leaving Aquarius thinking: nope...not worth chasing after.
—Guest Neverdatingleoagain


the bestest of friends i had in my life are all A :)
—Guest leo007

A roller coaster ride. (Part one)

So, I've known this Leo for about two and a half years and according to all our friends there was a huge initial attraction for him towards me. After getting to know him, and finding out we enjoy eachother's company (And him confessing his undying love for me) I decided to give it a go. This Leo, he was the most loving male I've ever dated and things were going swell for the first few months. Then the fighting set in, because as we chipped deeper into eachother, we found a lot of things we didn't agree on and there was a lot of miscommunication. He broke it off right after the fourth month mark. I was ready to ditch and cut contact and he basically begged me to stay on contact... I did and the second day after the breakup the sexual tension was so bad we jumped eachother's bones. And this repeated for months, we were sex buddies for MONTHS. Then the "I love yous" started slipping out and we just decided to hook back up again. He drives me up the wall, because he tries to be all cool.-c
—Guest Aria

leo stud aquarius fem

Damn I miss my x gf she an A and I'm a Leo. We was together for 2 yrs then I cheated on her then she started talkin to another stud girl. Ppl says this other girl is a time filler bt I think otherwise sometimes. Smh this is crazy and I dnt think someone can move on that fast when aquarius love to replay stored memories. I only had a one night stand and I regret it ill never do it again oml! I'm so in love with her and she has our toy poodle/yorkie. She tells me she wants to attempt to give me another chance thru friendship...its hard but I guess I'm going to have to in order to earn her trust back since aquarius big on not wasting their precious time.. I guess I can turn off the pride it wears her down 1000% blahhh any advice
—Guest gucci leo


Dollars to doughnuts, the best combination ever! Although my Aquarius man moved away to another state, O love him, oh God do I love him, and will wait for him for as long as necessary. He is the deepest man I've ever met!
—Guest Leo gal

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