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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Hell No

I am a Leo female that was intrigued by a aqua man. Worse experience of my life! Ive never heard "that's not what I meant" out of anyones mouth the way I do form Aquarius. Not just my mate, aqua friends too. The Aquarius just says what it wants so sloppily and leos are more articulate. I always have to figure out what it means when it talks. Its as messy in its head as its floorboards at home. I had to tell it "careful what you say, someone may take u seriously. " I don't understand their sarcastic, introverted, aloof way! How does it have relations w anyone? And heartless. These things r so heartless u cant ever get close to it. Biggest waste of a human capsule. want a relationship...Aquarius. understands that statement
—Guest shellsta

Aquarius leave their mark

I'm a Leo male and shes an Aquarius. We worked with one another fro a while but had limited interactikn, until one day in the fall we hit it off intellectually discussing books we both enjoyed and points of view of politics, religion and life in general it was fantastic. Then she began flittering..relentlessly and even persued me romantically which was new to me she was very beautiful and passionate which intrigued and excited me. I felt very driven and focused in all aspects of life when we were together so naturally I gave in. We began a loose relationship hanging out more getting to know each other but very quickly it became passionate and we found ourselves sleeping together and it was amazing she drew a passion out of me I never knew I had and she was quick to tell me so and that she couldn't help but let me know she had feelings for me. This was difficult for me in the past but as we know a Leo lover passionately and unconditionally when we do and I did. A handful of months passed and I had never been happier and in a instant she went distant and said ok no more. I was crushed I kept my head up chest out trying to maintain my self respect but never before or since have I hurt so deeply. Yet she showed little remorse or concern it was like closing a book for her and putting it back on the shelf. I tried talking to her after but like most Aquarius I've cone to aquiant myself with once theyve chose their path heaven or highwater will not change their mind. I lick my wounds and will never forget the most interesting woman I've had the pleasure of being with but I will also never forget the lesson learned of what callous this Aquarian woman was capable of. Em...
—Guest aeneas86

My Lion Experiences

Hi,I'm a Aquarius woman..an I waz in a short relationship wit a Leo guy...sadly it only lasted a couple of weeks....bt anyway, I am currently messing wit another lion lol....I think I attract dem in sm type of way....diz lion iz real koo,we laugh and tawk wen we gt da chance 2...bt 2 make along story short...sm Leo's are arrogant,stubborn,etc...bt nt all ..I find myself quite intrigued by sm of da lions behavior, lol all of da lions I've had sex wit in da past waz amazing...dey really do kno hw 2 sho a girl a real nice time in bed...
—Guest Gina

why the hell...

I am a leo, Thank god!. As you all know we leos care for human emotions and we are deep in love, friendship and believe in destiny n soulmates unlike this mentals, aquarius they need a space, they can't settle in one person, they think there crazy and imaginary idea is right...so why the hell we waste our time in studying there weird and mad personality... we deserve better and enjoyable life, if you know what I mean.
—Guest mike!

Heart Sick

I really need help- I am an A-man, less than 2months ago pushed my Leo gal of 18 months too far- I simply overreacted to a situation and said something's I shouldn't of said one of which was good bye- I want to be honest because I need clear advice- I lost my patience over silly stuff several times in 18 mo and she told me several times to stop- Please understand this is the love of my life- I'm 42 yrs old she 41 she absolutely adored me and I still her- - I tried talking texting emailing - over and over how sorry I am- I wish I knew about her what I do now- about LEOS! St she was financially dependent on me for a time and she thinks I think she wanted my money- NOT TRUE- she also thought I wronged her with money- NOT fact!she using as basis of no more relationship - she has sAid not to bother her and leave her alone- any hope? Been 6-7 wks since we were lovers- we met just once in last 6 wks at park where she repeated reasons but I swear I could sense her LOVE- and PRIDE -

Leo father in law

I have an evil leo father in law who is a complete, JERK! He is always trying to show me up and makes fun of me for the little things. One time I brought a box of stuffing to my mother in law's cookout, he was was like ''You idiot, you do not bring stuffing to a barbecue.'' He also rubs in my face about the type of truck I drive, telling me how shitty it is, how much he wants to shove it off a cliff. He even screams at me if I do something wrong, example: Ones I forgot to get my mom something for her birthday and yelled at me for it. Telling me I am a horrible son, and I should treat my mom better. I did not mean to forget, just that I was so busy with work and college. My mom was understanding, and we went out to eat the next day. The Leo is a fucking asshole, but my mom does not see that. I want his leo ass out of our lives. Oh and might I mention when I am over at my moms house; He walks around in his underwear which is GROSS! Please help me, I just want him out of my life.
—Guest Aquarius


stay away from leo man if you are aquarian woman. constant fighting and bickering.!!
—Guest jw

Love at First Flight

We met last December. He is an Aqua pilot and I am a Leo actress. Our first fight happened when a guy stood beside me at a bar to ask for my name and number. Aqua guy acted normal for the rest of the night until we got to his place. He pushed me away, packed my belongings, asked me to leave, told me it's over (our game) and he didn't speak with me for a week. Second fight, we came from an out of town, we were singing and laughing hard in his car, he dropped me off to my rehearsal and after that refused my messages and calls, told me that I'm better off with the friend I was texting while we were driving back to the city and ignored me for a week. Third fight is tonight. We were laughing at his niece's photos on my ipad when my ex sent a message after a long while, he said he doesn't want to see me, asked me to leave his house, that I am not welcome, now I am sleeping in his sister's room. All our fights only involved someone inconsequential to me. I only have eyes for him.
—Guest snowflakedgaerl

Good start.. silent end

In the beginning it was an unexplainable attraction. Both of us were VERY intrigued.. he pursued me like no other. I must say I founf my Aqua man very weird and different. I studied the sign... and followed advice on how to be with Aqua men. I let him be, gave him space, never over beared him with anything because i knew if i did... he would run... In time though, my sensitive side was tested and slowly slowly, he started to hurt the Leo ego.. I held shut (which is hard to do) but i blew up! And when i did... he went stone cold silent, never apologizing for the mean hurtful things he had said... I dont even know if it was a break up or not. No one said "its over".. Just silence. Both fixed signs no one has attempted to connect with the other. Me in fear or rejection.. and he.. as i read that Aqua men protect themselves from getting emotional.. or maybe they are too used to being aloof.. This combo requires ALOT of comrpomise or its doomed... Im still lost for words....
—Guest Leo726

I felt it's real love

I'm a leo female.. my man aqua... when I met him before 5 months , I felt that a magnatical feeling.. something attracted me like anything ... soo much attached ... 1st day end of the meeting he couldn't stop kissing me .. me too couldn't resist it... that much attractions .. i felt he was born for me .. The sexual relationship is so much powerful .. The time run like anything when we were in the bed ... the worse part is he is married with 3 kids .. still I can't stop loving him ... he too really likes me... but this relationship can work only if u can be patient ... he always roaming in the world every week Coz if his business .. actually aquas
—Guest wazy

aquarius male and leo female lovers

a deep love story between us.our love starts from 2070/02/30 bs.the true love never dies between us.we used to qurrel alot but again we cannot live without eachother without talking.we used to be in contact regurlarly...............
—Guest gobin♡♥♡muna

yes!! yes!! yessss!!!

ok im a 22year old female aquarius i have just started talking with a leo man 26years old its been about 2weeks since we started dating im very into astology an things like that so when he said he was a leo in my mind im like NOOO WAY! hes is like my twin we hit it off right when we was messaging each other back an forth an it was alll random silly talk he caught my eye hes not very sexy but hes cute an his personality makes up for it we both cant make are minds up half the time ill ask well lets go see an movie an ill say what do u wanna see he just say idc i go idc either lol its weird for me cuz he has already started sayin i love u an the weird thing is i say i love u back an usually im not even like that at all id usually look at my phone like uh uhhhhh hahahaha an delete that dudes number not him its so much fun an love with him so far he has even started sayin things like marriage an kids hes head over hills in love with me i love him to but i still need my space here to think
—Guest female_aquarius22

Leo man and Aquarius me

We fell in love when we were 15. It was insanely intense, passionate and dramatic. We fought and made love all over the place. We broke up and got back together numerous times, until I moved to a different country to finish college and it ended. I never forgot him though.. He was the one who got away. I looked desperately for him every time I went home to see my folks, and I never went out without looking smashin', just in case. And now, 5 years after it all ended, we're back together again. It's not easy cause we're totally different. He's selfish and sees himself as the center of the universe, where as I see myself as a part of the collective universal force. But we love each other at such a fundamental level, that it doesn't matter. If anything we're both evolving together. We're meant to be.
—Guest Guest Aquarius giiirl

Aquarius Man=Leo Lady

I have been in an intense sexual relationship with a man who recently lost his wife and now he has pulled away. I am crushed.
—Guest TennisLady

leo and aquarius

i am a leo and my 20 daughter is a aquarius! we do not get along!!!i have given her the best of everything!! i love her but i do not like her!! i think aquarius people are truly mental!! her outlook on things are unbelieveable!! she stands firmly on her ridiculous convictions>. i have never seen anything like it!!
—Guest paris

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