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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Libra Relationship

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Just accept your Leo as a friend.

I am a Libra woman. My Leo man has been friends with me for 6 years. We always shared our secrets and now he is my lover. When I said "yes", somehow I knew he is the one, after relationships and trials with Saggs, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo etc!! What I find most different is that many of the personality traits described by most women don't match with my man's. He is definitely smart, confident, bold, sexy in personality. But he's also reasonable, decisive and never dominates me. Being a Libra, I am stubborn, unrealistic and indecisive. His reasonability keeps me firm on the ground which can often be mistaken for stubbornness. He always takes side with the reasonable things so sometimes we do have arguments, but later I realize that he was right and I was wrong. This has made me trust in him more as I know this person can handle me and never spoil me. I just know that any relationship will work if the foundation of it is true friendship, where one never gives up on the other.
—Guest Zim

My Leo

I'm a libra female who has met a Leo male; first. The connection that we have is something that I have never experienced. From day one, I felt as if he were the male version of me! He's patient and kind. Not the best communicator but willing to work on it. Obviously we have had a few bumps but nothing that we aren't willing to work through. I don't know what the future holds but right now I'm happier than I've ever been . I think I've finally found my somebody :)
—Guest Joyful

libra man and leo woman

Me and my leo are a perfect match she is always concerened about me and that makes me (the libra) feel very wanted and loved. our passion is amazing and our love is forever like noah and allie is in the movie the notebook. i couldn't of asked for more better of a person I'm so blessed and if your reading this i love you more than forever i love you for eternity :) muah!!
—Guest chris


i am leo woman and i've been with my libra bf for 10 months. i had a crush on him at first because he's very handsome and really good at sports such as football. he can be very patient when i'm cranky, he's a good listener as well. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! but idk, he told me that what i give was just too much. i know i am too possessive with him and that's why he wanna broke up with me :'( but eventually we are getting back together bcz i ask him to! now when we have back together he seems so nice, even nicer before we got broke up. i do change my attitude a li'l bit now with giving him space to be alone, dress feminimly, and be more subtle. idk what i have to do if i lose him, he's everything to me. all i can do now is become a woman like what he likes. but i doubt that's enough to make him stay with me. he's got bored very quick so i got to make something new in our relationship, but sometimes it makes me tired :( but somehow i wanna be with him untill the end, that's all i want God..
—Guest ASD

Libra Leo dynamic

I have not been out with a girl who is a leo...yet. But the more I think about it the more I feel it is a good match. My cousin is a leo and through him I understand a lot about how leo's interact. They are very fun for a libra and are normally quite clear and easy for us to understand. Literally having a day out as a libra with a leo is just so fun and comfortable in each other's company. As a libra, things you need to be careful about relate to how sensitive leo is to perceived criticism - just don't. Leo is proud and wants to make decisions themselves, don't try and persuade them, instead co create with them. I would say leo and libra are equally romantic and there is equal degree of loyalty and passion which makes exciting and something really worth building together.
—Guest Sons of Empire

neisoul libra rapstar leo

Female Libra falls for male Leo...male Leo is a dream come true...then I move in....we only been dating for 2 years yet we fight like an old married couple over simple/sometimes pointless topics. Very overprotective and childish....but his charm and love for me and me only makes it worthwhile...not easy road but willing to walk it.
—Guest libra since 91'

from good to bad

I am a female leo who waited around for my libra man for a good 3 years. We started off friends, and gradually became something. Our relationship started off rough and after maybe after about 11 months things got better. At first he was very cold and would make me doubt him but with time he became extremely attached to me. Eventually it got to the point where he because obsessive and massively jealous. As of today we continue to argue over his assumptions, I love him but he makes me miserable at the same time. Someone help. I don't know what to do anymore!
—Guest lady lion


I am a Leo female dating a male Libra ..I met him briefly on holiday and fell for him quick...we have been skyping almost four months never miss a day but he can be so infuriating..I never know where I stand with him ..sports are his first priority ..he will tell.me he loves me then go days with just talking weather sports and news whatever is on the reply at the time and nothing about how he feels. he is critical and finding fault of others and can be so negative ..I got a small token raise at work I was so happy as because of our economy raises are rare and he shot it down as if it was nothing..I saw it as recognition of my work not as a $ figure I was married to a Capricorn for many years ..very compatible except we grew apart ...at the end he laid on the charm thick and I almost changed my mind and then read some of my old journals... Living with a Capricorn is like living alone. I have an Aquarius friend who is charming and fun to be with but he will go days without communicat
—Guest celia

Stay away

I am a libra woman with a Leo male....all I want is peace and to be free. This is almost impossible as the Leo man is obsessed with me. He is clingy and wants to be around me all the time. I need my alone time which is almost impossible with him. He loves to argue about the smallest things and not small arguments but loud crazy argument where the neighbors hear. He is terrible with money and is very selfish. He will give me something but after I give and give its like he mever have me anything because what I give in return is way more than what he put in. He is not ambitious and he is extremely jealous. I do know that he loves me but it's just too much for me.
—Guest Leo men r crazy

Leo woman-libra man

Been through a lot of bad relationships, but experiencing from a libra man, my perspective about love totally change. He makes me happy and so in love, although we been together for a 1 1/2 but we ended up our relationship. I wish that i did understand him more. I am a strong will woman which is really hard for both of us. But having a libra man in my life really change evrything. I never cried like the other relationships like I did with him. He was my friend and my lover. I am still looking someday what our path might cross again cause i love to be with him for the rest of my life.
—Guest Dd

libra love leo man

i meet my leo man two days right after i broke up with my gemini. i never meet a man that i felt so close too n just a few months. he was so persistence n want he wanted so i had to see where his head was n he answer my questions like i think a man should. n that is what draw me closer to him. it was like i meet him before but i didn't know where. we connected on the first day. and before i new it i was falling n love with him n i told him. but i can see that he was not ready for that well at less i though. but one day he called me n said he was in love with me two. but we are learning alot about each other. like he has a child like tempered n sometimes i say things that can hurt him even when i don't know that i'm doing so. n we talk about it and work it out. cause u know leo do not like to compromise. but i know how to get him to. its only been 4 months but it feels like 4 years. we are talking about getting married n a few years. This man loves me no matter what problems we have.
—Guest libra woman

Leo Fem+Libra Male= WONDERFUL

I'm a Leo woman with a Libra man & OMG is it amazing! Puts me first, gives me attention & we have great almost perfect sex! (You know how much us Leo woman love feeling admired lol) we see each other on a pedestal which balances our confidence. Literally cause vent to each other, laying in bed naked or just talk for 3 hours+ not even doing anything sexual. Don't get me wrong; the attraction is 100%. Not a moment where we don't stop being all over each other lol butterflies every time we kiss & its been a year+6months together. In love in love in love.
—Guest Roseee

Leo & Libra Experience

This duo is the PERFECT combination to a perfect love story. Understanding & loving both signs feed off each other. However, myself being a Lady Leo I couldn't take my Libra man's "innocent" flirting. Libras are quiet men. Usually very conservative & "sure" of themselves or at least that's the way they portray themselves. The Libra man needs his ego strokes once in a while & the possessiveness/need to be the only woman in her mans eyes the Leo will snap. As dynamic as the duo can be without setting both egos aside the two will manage to hurt each other in a way that is not mendable. I was with my Libra man for 5yrs in which he placed the world at my feet but a Libras nature is to please everyone around them so they will be influenced & will stray when given the chance. Good luck!!
—Guest CC

Leo woman, sought out by libra man..

Ok can I start with this, I was out with friends, in my pajamas. Not my best moment but I was cohersed after I had broken up with my boyfriend. yoga pants, and a leather jacket. I am so being a leo right now haha. anyways. I saw him standing there across the bar in a very nice robins eggs blue button down. and he was staring right at me. I looked again, and he hadnt blinked an eye. He found me later on, and once we started talking, I cannot even begin to explain the immediate intoxicating connection, he in town on business, me a big city home grown girl, he was hooked. He lives in denver I in milwaukee, he flew back a week after leaving only to take me on the most amazing romantic date I have ever been on, I am a leo woman i do not get nervous, ever.. but something about this libra man and his liquid flow to life, his intelligence, his lovemaking, for gods sake, I have met my match. he makes me feel like a princess the only girl in the room. And I am addicted to him. In every sense, :)

Libra woman leo woman Lesbians-1

Iam a 21 year old libra woman with a 24 year old leo woman and let me start by saying the 3 years I've spent with her have been the best years of my whole entire life!! We first met online where we exchanged numbers and immediately hit it off! But she lived up north (cali) and I was down south, we were like 7 hours away from each other! First week we were talking, flirting, texting on the phone 24/7 and on the second week of talking at 12am on 2/14/10 she asked me to be her girlfriend! And I remember asking her how is it gunna work! And she told me trust me! So I said yes and I'm not gunna lie but I remember thinking in my head eh this will only last a couple weeks then we will both stop loosing interests for each other! So now we labeled each other as taken and she was my gf and I was her gf we would talk on the phone every night and a week later she told me I'm falling in love with you and I love you! And my heart just skipped a beat that moment and I felt these crazy butterflies..

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