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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Libra Relationship

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Tell me about Leo girls. She is beautiful. Super hot.
—Guest Manuel Aviles

they are mean!

All their good qualities and great chemistry aside, I feel Leos have too much of an ability to hurt a vulnerable Libra, eventually it's hard to forgive.
—Guest Libra Lady

just fell in love after 2 days

i am leo and i have known my libra male friend for 5 months and recently started working together. After 2 days of sexual tension at work our sparks got fused together we spent a whole 24 hours nearly just non stop talking and laughing, playing the piano, playing about etc he has really brightened my life, made me feel like a looked after lioness with compliments and makes me feel like the most confident girl in the world when we walked together out in the world. I just know we will carry on buzzing around each other and hope we dont come across the mental battle as suggested between libra and leo. Also he just ended a relationship but i dont know if i can even give him some time to get over it as i feel the need to be by his side all the time!
—Guest rufio

OMG!!! SOooo Happy in love

My libra man, saved my life, I have never felt the love and passion and happiness like this before, I am a leo lady and have always shown the exact signs of a leo and i am a hopeless romantic and had 2 previous lovers and thought 4 sure i knew what love was, however i was sooo far off, I had no idea GOD made men like him out there, and I knew deep down third times a charm, he is my prince charming, showing me more admoration and compliments and respect and very very compatible we see so much of eachother in ourselves, soooo much in common we love nature and getting out in the sun playing the bed room...unlike anything i ever experienced, he was a virgin and its like every time it gets more and more better i thank god every day i found him, we actually found each other on plenty of fish and talked endlessly for almost a month straight before we met, and no matter where we go its fun and the way he looks at me. omg that is priceless its the best thing to ever happen to my daughter and i
—Guest Lioness

In love with a leo

My relationships in the past never lasted more that a year hopeless. I met dude online he got in touch with me. I wasnt too sure at first but i thought we could be friends. We talked for 4 hours straight while i was out of town visting another. The best convo ever he asked me on a dates back to back we both were attracted to on another we spent so much time together that we ended up in a relationship. Best connection ever he understood my weird personality and affection i loved his confidence and heart felt ways towards me. The sex was always awesome so much intense attraction. We dated for 4 years off and on still seeing eachother to this day we both agree that we have never felt like this with any other and its hard to let go. During the relationship he cheated and thats when we became argumentive and unbearable. If that wouldnt have happened we would probably be married or have kids. Im still in love with him and he would like to make it work.
—Guest libra


I've been with my libra man for less then a year and he already wants to marry me. I love him so much and I don't see how . He knows how to treat and taste me he's the best. I jus hope everything stays kool between us cause me as a Leo knows how I can get. Wish me luck he may be my husband soon.
—Guest The lion

smooth for now

a year relationship on phone.20 days of physical dating. every still smooth
—Guest karbo kurin

7 Whole years!

I'm a Libra, and I've been with a Leo man for more than 7 years. We recently ended our relationship, because we felt we're holding eachother back from our own dreams. We have a son together, and this Leo man was like a daddy to my daughter from a previous relationship. The love is still there, and I know in my heart that it'll never end. It sounds more like a romantic love story that doesn't end so happy after all. But we're doing this for the kids, so that they can have a better future, and don't have to struggle the way he and I had to struggle. Overall, we had seven beautiful years with ups and downs of course. He was my best friend, my lover, my companion, my baby daddy and probably the love of my life. I don't know IF we're ever gonna get back together. We both know: if he and I are destined to be together, it WILL happen eventually. :)
—Guest Shorty H.

Leo and Libra

I was in a 4 year relationship with a Libra and it was on of the best memories of my life. However I relationship was very unhealthy but it wasn't something that could simply end. The Libra is an amazing person but overall the relationship is simply to difficult to continue. It's best to remain friends.
—Guest Jasmine9990


I am a leo woman and I am in love with a libra man we have been together for almost 3 years now recently engaged and our relationship is amazing everything about it we always have fun together the sex is amazing we have fun no matter what we're doing if we go out or if we stay in we fight sometimes and it does get ugly because we are both so stubborn but in the end we always work it out it's the best relationship I've ever had and I cannot wait to marry him!
—Guest leo;libra


I'm a Libra girl (with moon in Leo!) and I met the most beautiful Leo. I fell head over heels for him. We talked for hours and it felt so natural! We have a date soon, fingers crossed!
—Guest Jen

i once had a libra

shes lost in the world. it seems she loves me, but i often ask, is love enough? ive spent time looking for her, from west to east. as she's posted here, perhaps she must find me now. libran duty: let the lioness reign.
—Guest magic

Me and my leo are perfect

My leo is the very best, honestly we can work through anything! i trust him mith my heart and i know were going to be together always! He says the sweetest things that make my heart flutter and honestly, i could never, after meeting MY leo, find another guy again! He is mine, and always will be... and i'm his little angel... :)
—Guest Libra cutie

Never would have thought

I am a Libra female currently seeing a Leo male. We knew each other years ago and for whatever reason the timing was off. He was just leaving a relationship and I was trying to end a marriage. We went our separate ways. A few years past and he came looking for me. He said he always like me & we resumed our friendship. He said he wanted to know everything about me and after simply communication for a few months, I finally agreed to see him. All I can say is it was worth the wait. He is one of the funniest men I know always keeps me laughing- extremely affectionate and attentive...the chemistry between us is electric!!! He's very helpful and passionate about those he care for. He does has a bit of a mean streak but it doesn't bother me because I can dish it back out and he can take with a laugh. The only problem is he is very attractive and he knows it, so he can basically get any female he wants- but he seems to be jealous of who I may or may not be seeing. Other than that I LUV IT!
—Guest Ree Ree


I'm a libra man and i just entered the romantic endeavor of the Leo woman. My first experiences with this woman have completely swept me off my feet, like tripping over a string and falling into clouds. Im going to make her my girlfriend today, actually, and i just know what the answer will be. It's almost like her confidence shines in me as well as her, although i have a great deal of self-confidence from the start. I feel like she's the woman who will end my flirtatious charades and ground me while i ground her as well. She admires my intelligence greatly and she notices everything i do for her and appreciates it more than most, in a way that i appreciate. Honestly, i could continue writing about her, but im all too uncertain how the future will turn out based on the things i read in the compatability reports. I really want to trust her with my heart. The thing is that she's also uncertain about whether or not she can trust me too. She has trust issues and is easily affected by redundancy. Shes a fragile girl, but strong-willed. i dont know what to call it, and all i can do is write on this website. I can hardly speak of the triumph i feel just due to finding such a spectacular young lady :)
—Guest LibraScale

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