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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Libra Relationship

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I'm Libra woman, his a Leo man. Things for us, are so complicated! The attraction is spectacular! Sex is above what you can think of - the feeling of having each other is intense! While his dating me, his dating somebody else (scorpion woman) I bent the rules for him. I fall for him, he falls with both of us. He chose her and I fought, he bent the rules for me. After his 5 weeks overseas without any of us woman. I'm his partner in crime about what he is in without the other girl knowing - that's continues for 3 weeks because I'm out too. The time I went back home, It's obvious, the scorpion woman have it all - secure, mature, pretty ( I'm Libra - I must say the truth I'm prettier!) and single without kids! I'm struggling w my financial, new in this country and have kids. Even though we both know how we truly know what we feel, he chose her! 2x time around! Without telling me that he will choose.I fought and it got ugly and they both tore me apart! How is that for a leo man???

Leo are hurtful

I am a dom librian girl and she a passive leo well which i taught. She makes me feel like i wear the dress. I have never met anyone that brings me to my knees but hurting me with the things she does knownly to me. Just like a statement above i try contantly to get her to commit to me but she fights. She just give me enough to keep me her. I love her soooo much and i wanna be with her but the hurtful things she does is out weighing the love all together


I am a leo woman. He a libra man. I am stubborn..like a mule..he like a goat..balance is difficult in the areas that matter most..oh well
—Guest j of hearts

It Fades

I was deep in love with a leo, i felt like he completed me, weve been dating for 2 years now, I cant see anything but his flaws now, his horrible temper, his drinking its driving me away, when it comes down to it we have none of the important things in life in common, im thinking about leaving him, it is really sad
—Guest Libra Girl

Lovin my leo

Yes it was fun cause we have good things goin for use I am in love with him he was my first
—Guest Monique

leo & libra together

I'm a Leo woman w- a Libra man. We are married now for a year and dated for 3yrs. Our realationship is deeply in love w- eachother. But I can be selfish and jealous and that has caused problems w- us. Both of us have tempers that are explosive that have led to physical violence. We r seeking council for these issues. We love eachother so much that when we fight we have hurt each other, I usually insult him while he screams and breaks things. But then he also showers me w- affection and puts me first above him self, adores me w- his endless I love you's and genuine complements. And I love him dearly.
—Guest summer

not so much

I am a libra woman and I dated a leo man for about 4 months..at times I loved being with him..he was attractive, a great musician, but at other times I wanted to hide from him. He was very emotional and could be really mean and we argued a lot.
—Guest haleigh

Leo is best

I am a libra and he is a leo. Everything about him makes me feel protected, secure and proud. My leo is physically attractive and confident. Behind his strong masculine fecade, there is a tender, loyal heart. He is a real man! We seperated because of reasons out of our control, though we still love each other after all these years.
—Guest daisy

i love my libra daddy

i am a leo women who is in love with a libra he is my world we laugh we play we have amazing sex he is everything i want in a man i think we will never break up
—Guest guest leolady


I'm a leo girl and I've been with my libra for nearly two years now we met through friends and share all of our friends but we spend most our time alone with each other it's the best we love each other and we have great sex seriously we can just sit in bed naked talking about everything and anything and we live going out and having fun it's the best relationship I've ever had and althOugh we fight.. Mostly because we are both quite stubborn and jealousy can kick in.. It always works out and we never sleep on a fight we are all lovey soon enough :)
—Guest :)

Thats My Lion

I Dated Many Men But Nothing Compare To My Leo Love. Im A Libra Woman And I Been Dating My Leo For A Few Months Everything Is Perfect I Feel So Safe. When Im Not Near Him All I Do Is Think About Him. From The First Day I Met Him I Just Knew He Was Going To Be My All Libras And Leos Belong Together Its The Best Feeling Yet We Haven't Had Sex Yet But He Turns Me On Like No Other And I Know It Will Be The Best I Ever Had.
—Guest Lovers


Very short, though very caring friendships, but I always find I'm very quickly forgotten.
—Guest The Doctor

Was married to a Libra

I am a leo woman who was married to a Libra man. It was the sex that kept us together for a while. However, sometimes you want more than that!
—Guest Leo woman

Call down the thunder

I'm coming here more out of a curiousity than actually believing in this, but I do find myself now in a position where I've just met a Leo Woman (myself being a Libra Man) and I must say that a huge lot of things I've read about Libran, the Leo and the matchmaking and I see lots of stuff I can identify with. Therefore I hope that it will become a reality. Even if there's a danger about this implosion thing.. hell we are the gods of the scales.. as if we couldn't also balance THAT :P But really.. I do like this Leo allready and it's only been like 2 or 3 days that we've talked a bit. It indeed does feel very casual and as if there's nothing to worry about So I really wanted to ask: is it really that for this time (and one the first) that I maybe, just maybe find what I've been hoping to find all this time? Can this Leo woman finally tear down my fortress of defences and pull me out of my shell? Can she really? I damn sure hope she can, I do want to be resqued somewhat. Cheers!


I'm a Leo involved with a Libra, and I must say, the attraction is intoxicating. We can talk for hours, and I must put my lion-self aside and let my Libra mate share, communicate, and connect with me. So far it's been going great, and I have no worries thus far about anything imploding... Only exploding into the brightest supernova I've ever seen.
—Guest cjkline83

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