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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Libra Relationship

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Soul mates

I am a leo and met a libra man a few months ago. I never experienced such compatibility... It was like we knew each other instantly. Sadly it didn't work out because I messed it up and let him go. Before that I was in a relationship with a Gemini and all I can say is run as far away from that one as u can. Heart ache and pain all is all that comes!! I miss my libra man and if I ever find another one will never lat him go!!
—Guest Leo


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Leo & Libra Are Perfect Together

As A Leo Woman, I Did Believe Astrology-Wise That Aries And Saggitarius Were The Fitting Relationships. For This Reason, I Never Expected To Fall In Love With My Libra Man When We First Met. But We Began To Date & I Couldn't Help It. From The beginning Our Relationship Was Natural. It Was Like We Had Known Each Other Our Whole Lives. Even When I'm Not With Him, I Constantly Think Of Him. It's So Easy To Be Myself Around Him & To Talk To Him. He Is Very Handsome & He Dresses Nice. We Look Great Together And Are Very Understanding And Patient With One Another. He Is Very Wise & Looks At Things Different. It's Also Great Because Our Names Both Start With The Same letter. We don't Really Argue, And It's Hard To Stay mad At him. I Love My Libra Man
—Guest Sierra


I must say I didn't really believe in chemistry over looks and soul-mates, the "One", or any of these types of notions. Until I met my Libra lady. As a Leo male, I have to be honest and admit to being one of the most selfish people I've ever known. Yet with my Libra girl, it feels like the more I give, the more I get. It's strange, it feels so selfish to give her what she wants because it always seems like it's something easy for me to give, yet means so much to her, like she never had it and the same of what she gives to me. Where in other relationships the giving always felt a little like losing. Giving now feels selfishly like winning and having no thought of victory of any kind in the first place. Only the feeling that is constantly vibrating between us that we are so much better of for knowing each other. We have never seen each others like, it really is like magic. (which I know sounds corny - and she makes me that way - and it's okay with both of us)
—Guest Hp

i love a leo man who is hitler

am a libra girl and i am love with a leo man. Leo men are very emotion less. I think. They are very genius. Because my lover os very genius. He's hard woking. He's intelligent. Bt in love with me he's become a denial person. He never show his love infornt of me i dn't knw why. May be he really dn't want this. I want to live my rest life with him. But he dn't want a comittmented relationship. Am so much aggressive. He's also very much agrressive. We face so many ups and downs in our relationship. Even i proposed him and he refused. I called him hilter. Because he cant see my feelings. I still loved him. But now i dn't show him my love. am sad now a days because i missed him badley. But we are dn't in contact. My desire is that some day he tells me that he loves me very much and wants to marry with me. I dn't knw he wil come or not. But i trust on Allah pak. If Allah pak made him for me then he wil definately come. In shaah Allah.
—Guest faiza eman anwar

Almost true

I'm a Leo lady ;) I've been dating my Libra for 3 years now. We do have HUGE differnces and we fight like every time we see each other. He's very popular just to be accepted, and I am popular because I like using people with out them noticing xD Our problem, I can't leave him and he can't leave me. We both agree even if we wanted to something stops both of us. The sex is AMAZING first orgasm ;) I love him to death, but the one part I disagree on is the "They'll never complain that the other made them look bad in public." We BOTH HATE THAT. I like to feel better than him which is an issue since the whole balance thing should be going on. We lack trust, but that my fault because of my power and money obsession... But yeh he's AMAZING, but the balancing act is AWFUL.


i am leo female 1977 born in love wid libra male 1984 born we met on Fb he celebrity after 1 yr out of blue send him bbm and how we started talking each other for one week for 24/7 then we decided to meet personally so i was in different city and infact was visiting india during dis tym n i am frm london n he is from india after he insist me i flew to delhi to see him and we spent 2 days together and we ended our dating in relationship sex was awesome intense love and mutual attraction so strong that not going away this time then was leaving for back home but we ended in fight and big arguments so i broke up wid him and suddenly he texting me n calling me he is love with me n i start fall for him came bck 2 uk and v apart for few mnth argument after dat one day we start talking and he invite me to attend his birthday flew to delhi again n week spending tym each other now we cant see ny1 to share with life v both r in luv still cant get married painful soulmate feeling stii in luv xx
—Guest lionesss


I am a libra woman who dated a Leo man. Let me just say this man, was my world, he knew how to make me laugh and was always there for me. We dated for 3yrs an then he went to prison, I am hoping when he gets out all will be good and we can try our relationship again. I never regret a day in my life with him :)
—Guest Missy


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They dont know our story

Im a Libra chick and he was a leo, for 3 years he was my leo. he was fierce, funny, charming and I loved the words that came out, and his socialness, pretty much everything. However..we fought a lot, argued and had a rocky relationship, it was far from easy but passionate. i dont feel like this description fit our relationship well..but I wish it had worked out between us.
—Guest Manda


I remember the first time I seen project x the movie I though wow thomas mann who plays thomas is so sexy and finnne with his homies chillin having a big ass party and then when he had a girl in the room with him and was about to get some.I said to myself this is one bad ass white boy who knows has to through a party hell yeah and he 21 years old thats my type.hey what can i say i like libra guys especially the white boys.and he skateboards to like yes and thank u god for listening to me when i need you the most.hes my type yes i love and like white boys as much as black boys but its just the white boys act more black then the black boys do today to me personally.i will f*ck the sitch out of him and then let him f*ck the sirch out of me.and plus both of owr signs love love.and are a great compatibility match for one another.i like that boy so much.

So true

I'm a Libra and I know this Leo guy who has a huge crush on me. He loves it when I tease him and give him attention. And I love it when he buys me things and teases me back. Yet, gosh he is so freakin needy... it aggravates me to the core. But... he's so cute and I love cute guys... so it sort of works...
—Guest Acey

Leo Men...Smh

I have been with a leo man for almost 2 years, and he is stubborn as hell! When he first approach me he was shy as hell, maybe because of the person he thought i was which was uptight according to him, anyways after about a month i realize this man was far from shy, he was very talkative but in an entertaining way as well as he was full of talent and very boastful, some will find it as he being too conceited, but my honest opinion is there's nothing wrong with a man believing in his self, if it's one thing i can confirm about my leo is that he is very down to earth, he maybe a lil flirt but once he loves u,he only loves u, u can never tell what a leo is thinking they are very unpredictable, AND 'once' u have done something for them to no trust u anymore, its down the hill from there because a leo although he seems tough he has a fragile heart, and loves revenge. the biggest flaw I've noticed is that he will try and right his wrong with his last breath&very technical, hope i helped.
—Guest Libra Chick

Making up your mind.

I am a libra women and I am falling for a Leo man. I met him about 5mnths ago and,he introdyced his self to me in the most charming way, I tried to resist but his appearance attracted me, we continue to tlk.and text each other and one day I decided to visit his house, he cooked me breakfast and we shared a couple laughs and then we got intimate and it lasted for hrs and not only did we do it once but twice and he flipped the stripted on me sayin tht he wasn't ready for a relationship and tht he is still hurt frm his ex so I was really hurt but we still have remained friends but the thing is that we always argue like were in a relationship and I notice tht if I give him a piece of my mind he argues back with me. Leo's love attention but we as libra women are just as stubborn. laughs and then we got intimate and thts where all my feelings start to.errupt and he flipp
—Guest -Lolo

Just fell in love :)

I am a recently divorced Leo, my ex husband was also a Leo! We lasted 9 years and I have never been with a libra man... Until now :) oh, the sex is unlike anything I've ever had, my libra man giving me my first orgasms! He compliments me and makes me purr like a lion, stoking my ego and romantic urges :) he does get jealous very easy with me, as I do him. We have been together 6 months and he already says he will marry me one day! He loves the attention I give back to him, makes him puff his chest like a rooster! Took awhile for me to give into him after being hurt from my previous marriage, but he persisted and we both believe it was worth it! :))
—Guest Mel

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