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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Libra Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Libra relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Leo and Libra - great match :)

I'm a Leo woman in a relationship with a Libra man for 8 months now. I am 4 years older than him and we actually met online. I must say, he is definitely different from the past relationships I have been in to. Our dates are fun and we got along well. Charming to boot, handsome smile, caring, loving and absolutely sensual. What it comes down to is a matter of really observing the Libra man and letting them be the way they are. I learned that being a Leo is that we tend to dominate and control which is not so good in relationships. He can get lazy sometimes, but that's okey because I would encourage him and support him to get his bum bum moving :). Be friends with your libra love. Understand each other's differences, respect and trust one another. Most importantly love with no strings attach. Just love each other and grow together :). I love my Libra man :).
—Guest Evolving Leo Woman

Leo and Libra Magic

I'm a Libra woman dating a Leo man and we've been together for about year. Everything about our relationship has been a romantic fairytale. We met at the back of Yankee Stadium and have been crazy for each other ever since. We communicate on such a comfortable level that even the hardest of topics, which as a Libran woman I love to avoid (to keep balance), have become easy for us to talk about and make up over. We have incredible chemistry, and every time we kiss it feels like fireworks. He showers me with love and gifts, as I do in return, making us both happy lovers. For dates, Leos know the fanciest places to take you, and Libras, daughters of Venus, can appreciate this immensely. I know there are comments on the "differences," but seriously what couple doesn't have that? Leo men sometimes like to dominate, but if so, its out of the best intent. They have a lavish standard of life they intend to live up to, and a Libra woman can understand this better than anyone.
—Guest kayfloo

Not Quite There Yet

I am a Libra woman and I'll tell you about my experience with a Leo man. We started out indifferent. Then we became friends. Then something clicked and we were infatuated with each other. Holding off on sex seems to be a common theme. I think it's because we just don't get horny at the same time. Leos are more "free" with sex. But Libras tend to be very particular. We have AMAZING conversations as I do with all my Leo friends. He expects reassurance but don't expect gratitude through words. I am reticent by nature which is probbly why he is reluctant to make a "move" on me. I want him to just ravish me but I can't tell him. I cant count the amount of sleepless nights I have thought of him. Does he also feel the same? I don't know. He is unapologetic and like all Leos he likes to show his emotion through anger. Definite emotional constipation! We argue a lot too, mostly about our beliefs. I think I should give up but I don't want to. It's a shame because we could be so perfect together
—Guest Alice


I am a Libra and he is a Lion.Been in the serious relationship since October 8, 2013. Met on October 2, 2013. Been happy ever since. Share 3 kids together. (two of his from first marriage and 1 mine from past relationship) I really think I found my soul mate, some people think we move too fast, but others think that we are not. We been tru alot already, since last year we only had 1 fight but made up and I never thought that he is not the one for me, he is. Although I am mild autistic person and he is much more mature we go so well together, and hopefully this year we will move in together. We already making plans. Please wish us good luck.

Leo Woman Libra Male

Been in a relationship going on (6) years never sex he is very pushey always has a agenda we have had some great times and vacations but never gives me a break he can be moody and treats me good when he is in a good mood (SPORTS) is first on Christmas Day 2013 he refuse to spend the entire day with me because the Warriors had a home game that day. I am having mixed feelings about him somethings says stay and then something say go on with your life. I have been the extra mile for him but he has not been there for me. SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE. Email me please.
—Guest Babygirl


Leo girl and libra man yess yess!! Im 17 & hes 20 i love him soo much we've been talking for 6 months recently started dating i love him soo much i know hes the guy im going to be with him were bot young and theres going to be alot of ups and down but i love him he loves me and were so happy together ♥♥
—Guest leo lady2

Leo woman libra man

I'm a Leo woman I've been seeing a libra man going on 4months, our first date we had sex, I felt horrible but we couldn't deny our physically attraction in eachother , our physics attraction is undeniable . First I thought it would just be a sexually thing but I've grown to like him as a person , he's caring very sweet, sexy, funny, intelligent , everything I want in a man , sometimes I admit he can be alil shallow , too flirty on social media & argues too much for my taste but Idk I still like him, I want to be with him but being a Leo woman I have pride I can't tell him but I show him by my actions I'm sure he knows ! I'm falling hard I don't know what to do, he's actually in ATL right now while I'm in New York , I guess he goes over there for peace of mind & he's a libra so I give him his space I hope he falls in love with me though I pray he does !
—Guest Heart of a lion

leo libra love

My wife is a Leo and she's my best friend and the love of my life. I finally found my soulmate n I'm all n I love my wife! Just me n u bby
—Guest Danielle


Starting this off saying I have been in this LDR with my Leo woman going on over a month since day one we connected and have not missed a beat we facetime text phone call as much as we can to balance our distance I can not wait til we meet in person being a Libra who who is stubborn but is deep down a hopeless romantic this woman has broken every wall down and I love her for that she is helping me to start to trust and believe in love again we are planning our lifetime together 1-27-14 for the books I love you for life my queen!
—Guest Bornambitious

leo woman libra man

I was madly in love with my libra man, still think of him, but the coldness was too much, seldom response on my text sms, no communication between us yet he claimed that he loves me, as much as he fitted like a glove in my heart it was not worth it I had to let him go and move on with my life. But I will never forget his sweet voice, gentle look and lovely smile wow it was love at first sight.
—Guest Pet


I met my Leo man about 6 months ago. At first, we started off as good friends. But after awhile he made his move on me, and we became intimate. Yet he wouldn't commit. After some time, and quite a few arguments later, we realized how good for each other we are. And now we are in a healthy, very loving relationship. And madly in love. He's literally my male version, and has brought me to heights I've never been. We rarely argue, and when we do it's quickly forgiven. Thankfully, I was patient with my Leo man until he was ready to be in a relationship. If you can be patient, forgiving, and loyal, a Leo can't resist. I'm beyond happy, and I don't know what the future holds, but I love my boyfriend, and he's the only man I can see myself with.
—Guest Libra lady


I'm in a relationship with a Libra and at first it was awesome we were great together, so cute together, we were together all the time, we waited awhile to have sex but when we finally did it was awesome. After a year though he cheated on me, I was devastated but eventually agreed to stay with him. However it wasn't the same and we had alot of problems. After awhile I met up with one of my exs and we fell for each other again so because of that and our problems I dumped my Libra and tried it again but it quickly fizzled out. Then me and Libra got back together and once more it was great at first but things got bad faster this time, but he doesn't seem to think so. We haven't had sex in two months now and I'm really frustrated and an Aries friend of mine offered to be friends with benefits. Initially I said no but things are so bad and I'm so upset I almost want to break up Libra, but at the same time love him and for some reason so tempted by Aries. So sad and confused.
—Guest list leo

Leo Lady/Libra Man

OMG reading the responses are like re-living my every day experiences with my Libra. He is the most FRUSTRATING, INDECISIVE MAN I have every met and the most LOVING, THOUGHTFUL, CARING man that truly makes me a better woman just having him in my life...started as friends until i decided to profess my feelings...our first kiss was MAGICAL. The sexual chemistry is unlike any experiences I have had & our sex life is WILD, RATED X CRAY CRAY. I only stress this because I have never dated a Libra man & we cannot keep our hands off eachother and we are in our 40's & to feel like your in your 20's is pretty dam awesome! Negatives are easy when he is stressed he shuts me off like a light switch & do this to any LEO woman & see what happens we will bite your head off! yes we like our space too however when LIBRA's stress they BLOCK U out, IGNORE but in a very nice small talk politician way...which drives you more INSANE. Match made in Heaven and will last 4 ever IF we both accept each other :)
—Guest Leolady45

Libra Man

Its weird reading the post because i can relate to them all. my linra boyfriend and i work perfectly together. Yes we argue like cats and dogs but the love oberpowers all of that. Hes my bestfriend my lover my everything and its only been a year. One of the best relationships you can have.
—Guest charmaine

its worth it

i met my libra man not too long ago his charm won me he is so sweet ,funny he said he fell for my eyes,smile, he told me he felt comfortable with me when we first met after thst we stopped talking (i dont why i did) anyways we got back in contact couple months ago i missed him alot he told me he wanted to be with everyday we talk,txt,facetime he makes me soo happy i love him one thing i can say that upsets me and him is my jealousy but other than he loves everything about i cant get my hands off him hes my everything i dont have anything bad to say about my libra man i love hi, through our good an bad times i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him libra man will show a leo woman a different side in love and life just be careful with their feeling when a leo woman is angry did i tell u guys he already wants to marry me came out of his mouth :) i regret that i stopped talking to him but i got my man back and im not letting him go again leos and libras i can see it last:)
—Guest leo girl

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