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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Libra Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Libra relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Illusion or disastrous.

I don't want to paint everyone with a single brush, so I'll assume that I just keep meeting the dodgy ones. With that said, every Libra friend I've had with the exception of one has always dropped me completely the moment the next thing came along. The majority(that I have met) seem to form friendships based on a sort of fashion fad concept, and my friendships with them rarely last more than a few months, the seemingly close friendship or relationship turning out to be an illusion or quickly metamorphosing into an unmitigated disaster, ending in a very strong mutual dislike.
—Guest Leo with one eyebrow raised in bewilderm

this is only the start

One day, while at work i spotted someone who i for surely knew looked familiar & i knew they were linked to me from my social network. Knowing me, i never really like to speak first unless we really actually know each other. A few days later, I seen him again & seemingly we both didn't want to make direct eye contact & i played it off anyway since i was working with customers at the time. Finally, one day i seen him post on my need feed, so i took the open opportunity to speak & made small convo & exchanged #s. We chatted for a few days, maybe a week. Don't get me wrong, this man is beautiful.
—Guest leo mamacitaa

The bad is BAD - The Good is GREAT

Whats the best part of our relationship is that we are both intellectuals. We can talk for hours and we both are still able to amaze each other after 4yrs. Another great thing is that we are able to learn from one another. I am a very artistic person and in result he's became artistic as well. I believe he taught me how to have intelligent conversations. We both have the same taste in underground music and we are into unique fashion. The bad is he can argue for HOURS. I get exhausted and give in. I don't like to fight, its a waste of time to me, and it takes him a long time to cool down. He consistently wants attention. If im watching my son at his game he'll stick his face right in my view and start talking, even when I go to his house and I spend time with his family he gets irritated I won't go to his room. He wants to be consistently rubbed or scratched and its annoying! When he forces me to I feel like its such a drag. We are a unique couple and I'm scared to let that go.
—Guest Genesis

some one please...

Okay, I am a leo female. Iv'e been talking to a libra male online for about a good three months. Between that time conversations been decent we text back and forth almost everyday. Were both attending school and have talked about one day seeing each other. Here come the sticky part. I know for a fact he doesn't want me finding or talking to someone else who actually lives in my state. We live in separate states.. on the other hand i know for a fact he talks to other females but i dont get the feeling that these other chicks give him the same level of attention or conversation that i can give. Which leads me to believe its the reason why he comes back to me. Sometimes when i bring up the fact of meeting him he acts funny. So i dissapear for awhile then then he tells me oh baby i need u in my life. Ok. Im stuck. I need someone on the outside looking in to suggest whether or not to move on or just give in and give this a chance.
—Guest leo female ...


We met because of music I sing r&b and he's a smooth rapper who is very good at what he does! He puts in every effort needed for the passion of music:) plus I dig it ! He's made two albums so far. When I met him I thought nothing besides make a smooth first impression I sang him like 7 songs that day so he obviously was interested in collaboration' after 2 months there was no denying the chemistry like this innocent connection. Big but tho he had already had a gf when we met so being lady libra i never pushed anything eventually they broke up and he chased me took me out on romantic dates talks nights of endless affection and music is a subject we can't talk about until we blue in the face! Its been a yr now he's more of my boothang he's so focused on success and he believes in me so much. But his ex is still around they were together for 3yrs and I know she wants him like I do! This Leo and Libra romance is hard to end I feel like we perfect for each other I'll say the timing is wron
—Guest Lady Libra

modern happy ever after

We met at a very young age. While my leo man caught my eye immediately, it took time for him to find me. We are both extremely strong in our signs. And while things aren't always perfect, (our blow ups are fierce and hurtful) we are passionately in love and share an unexplainable amount of chemistry. We both love and care for each other and others deeply. We enjoy life and our child together is the best thing we've ever done. It's been thirteen years and the flames burn stronger and higher than ever before. Libra women, compliment your man, constantly. Leo men, love your woman and let her take the reins ever so often. Enjoy each others company and what you both bring to the table.
—Guest libra woman

Leo and Libra - great match :)

I'm a Leo woman in a relationship with a Libra man for 8 months now. I am 4 years older than him and we actually met online. I must say, he is definitely different from the past relationships I have been in to. Our dates are fun and we got along well. Charming to boot, handsome smile, caring, loving and absolutely sensual. What it comes down to is a matter of really observing the Libra man and letting them be the way they are. I learned that being a Leo is that we tend to dominate and control which is not so good in relationships. He can get lazy sometimes, but that's okey because I would encourage him and support him to get his bum bum moving :). Be friends with your libra love. Understand each other's differences, respect and trust one another. Most importantly love with no strings attach. Just love each other and grow together :). I love my Libra man :).
—Guest Evolving Leo Woman

Leo and Libra Magic

I'm a Libra woman dating a Leo man and we've been together for about year. Everything about our relationship has been a romantic fairytale. We met at the back of Yankee Stadium and have been crazy for each other ever since. We communicate on such a comfortable level that even the hardest of topics, which as a Libran woman I love to avoid (to keep balance), have become easy for us to talk about and make up over. We have incredible chemistry, and every time we kiss it feels like fireworks. He showers me with love and gifts, as I do in return, making us both happy lovers. For dates, Leos know the fanciest places to take you, and Libras, daughters of Venus, can appreciate this immensely. I know there are comments on the "differences," but seriously what couple doesn't have that? Leo men sometimes like to dominate, but if so, its out of the best intent. They have a lavish standard of life they intend to live up to, and a Libra woman can understand this better than anyone.
—Guest kayfloo

Not Quite There Yet

I am a Libra woman and I'll tell you about my experience with a Leo man. We started out indifferent. Then we became friends. Then something clicked and we were infatuated with each other. Holding off on sex seems to be a common theme. I think it's because we just don't get horny at the same time. Leos are more "free" with sex. But Libras tend to be very particular. We have AMAZING conversations as I do with all my Leo friends. He expects reassurance but don't expect gratitude through words. I am reticent by nature which is probbly why he is reluctant to make a "move" on me. I want him to just ravish me but I can't tell him. I cant count the amount of sleepless nights I have thought of him. Does he also feel the same? I don't know. He is unapologetic and like all Leos he likes to show his emotion through anger. Definite emotional constipation! We argue a lot too, mostly about our beliefs. I think I should give up but I don't want to. It's a shame because we could be so perfect together
—Guest Alice

I'll wait a Thousand Years and more

Well I've been with him for half a year now and he is everything to me. He loves me for who i small no matter how stubborn i am. He makes me feel free and gives me peace, especially with how hectic my life is. He loves me for me. This is the man i want to marry, the man i want to have children with, and he promises me that, the moon, the stars and more.We are at a stand still due to how religious we are and must be apart for some time. But i tell him i would wait a Thousand Years and more for him and he the same for me. For those that read my little love story, pray for us, that we may be together once more. By any chance if you ever read this babe i love and im waiting.........
—Guest LeoInLove

Destined to be together

Being a Libra woman, I;ve always tried to ground myself into thinking that destiny and soulmates are for teenagers. Always tried to find reason and logic behind everything. But since I met this guy, I think I'm about to eat my own words and believe in it. The way he describes our meeting is amazing. I find it child-like and his zest for life and love is so wonderful that I couldn't help myself from being so absorbed into his ways of saying things. Apparently, Mr. Leo man has been secretly crushing on me for 6 years, silently lurking, continuing on with his life but the moment he knew that I was free (from a 7-year relationship with a Capricorn), he grabbed the oppurtunity and made his move. We're currently working on a long distance relationship. even though it is a lot of hard work. I love every moment of it. :) I feel like I;ve known him forever.
—Guest vad


Im a girl i am a leo I have a libra man in the begining everything was ok libra men are cheaters controlling. and very possesive they can argue they can make u feel good at times to their there are a lot of things about a libra that people don't know.
—Guest tanishia


i love my libra shes an awesome partner there for me when i need her ..irresistable and fun and loving also outgoing best relationship so far and no other has been able to compare..we get along good but we do love to spend money (ALOT) even when we dont have it we often find ourselves taking things back to the store lmao..were working on it!!only downfall is our arguments..both stubborn and like to be right we often find that at the end of our argument we were both trying to say the same damn thing...lol its really fun with her and i love it she eeps it interesting..i may get a little jealous at times when shes expressing her "libra harmless flirting" it causes irritation buuttt i get over it and her smile just makes me think about somethin else :)

libra ----leo

well i have been with my libra for almost 3 years weve known eachother for about 5 to 6 one thing i can say about leo and libra is that the relationships last a very very long time..well from what ive seen so far you either meet a libra and love them or meet a libra and despise them!!!! i love my partner she is awesome and no other relationship can meet up or compare shes always there when i need her mentally emotionally ..etc i will do anything for her and vice versa we do have get a little carried away with money because we love to spend spend spend..theres been a couple of times where we find our selves taking things back to the store lmao but were working on it...umm the only thing that is negative about our relationship is that when we argue were both stubborn and wont back down but half the time after a argument we ralize we were both trying to say the same damn thing!!! but in different ways...smh oh and when shes being that flirty harmless flirty libra it does bother me but i


well I am libra woman and I met a friend last year and he is Leo man.He came here is my country to visit his land, but he live overseas. The first time I met him, for some reasons I felt that I have known him long time ago. I never even have any eye contact with him the first time I met him, but after a few days I started to think about him and for some reasons there is something that I cannot describe what it is. So I make an effort to see him again just to find out from all my wonders. The second time I met him, for some reasons he became so close to me and I feel the same thing. It's like he was my partner already even it is not. The connections between me and him is just there. So he went back to his own country and he continually in contact with me. And after a year he came back here in my country and stayed for 6 months, and now I get to him more. In the end I found out that he is my soulmate. I know because the connections between me and him are very strong.
—Guest christle

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