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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Leo-Pisces Relationship

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Not Really sure of Leo Men

I was recently hurt by my ex Leo boyfriend, he claimed he would never make me happy, and that he is not that guy...as in not the man for me, he wants to be free, he doesnt know what he wants...can anyone advice me on what all this mean I still ,love him so very much but i dont think he believes that as he said for me love is a game, and that he loves me thats why he is doing this, he says he wants us to remain friends what does that mean??? I am extremely confused...Please help advise me should I move on for get everything even though i still love him? should I remain friends with him or not?
—Guest mist

talking to a leo

Leo"s and pisces are okay together i can say that they are not jealous they play this role i don't get and its hard to understand but the best thing to do is to stay a little distance from them .
—Guest Taylor

Pisces women and a Leo man

I was once pursued by a Leo man and he was very charming later on down the line i found him to be a womanizer he had different women almost every night condoms were missing and phone convos were changing he plays as the supportive friend that wanted a relationship for us But when i got to clingy as he would say he claimed were friends with benifits ive been dealing with this for years with him cause i know we would be great together but some things never change yesterday was mothers day and although i was with the night before he had another women over cooking her a mothers day meal but he claims he loves me....scandalous to its max i will take his help but no more misses nice gal...o also he feel the world revolves around him king idis i call it!
—Guest chris

Leo woman pisces man

I luv my pisces man. He is very sincere always truthful even if it will hurt him. I luv him but he does not need much disturbance especially when he's at work. He is highly romantic
—Guest Bariture

Loving that pisces man

This is the man of my dreams he is my everything hes jealous but I know he loves me and my kids.my oldest is by him I have three other kids our daughter 10 and we backtracked the best thing we could have did awwwww I love my pisces wouldnt trade him for nothing will kick ass over him he is my bookie baby.:-P
—Guest Leo love pisces

Leo Woman and Picean man, new love

I met this man who was a widower a few months ago and we kept getting into heated realtionship squabbles. I grew tired of it and asked why do we keep end up in this squabble each and every time. The emotional turmoil killed me. I walked away for peace of mind. We drifted apart, and I missed him so much, as he did me, and one day, we reconnected, had coffee, talked we started talking it throuHe went ballistic. Where did I go, why did I leave, where had I been, who was I with, I apologized, he apoligized, and over finally asked him to stop and lets start this over. He is the love I have prayed for and want. Such an incredibly sweet, condiderate man. OM gosh, he is absolutely delicious! Everything is so much better with him in my life and visa versa. Maturity, solid, steady, passionate, kind, compassionate and caring individuals and in the greatest love affair we both have ever experienced. Thanks AJ, kisses.
—Guest Merrick2014

Love My Leo

My best friend is a Leo while I'm a Pisces. I told him everything, went to him for everything, and after a while, I realized I had strong feelings for him. Finally I told him I like him and found out he does too! We've been dating ever since; he even got me a necklace for my birthday. Love him so much! We're so much a like, our only differences are fire/water. We balance each other out amazingly. Love him so much!
—Guest River

compatibility repose

—Guest darick

Pisces Girl Leo Girl

Well I've known my Lovely Leo for as long as I can remember and last October, I confessed my feelings for her and was blessed to know the feeling was mutual. She's amazing and I love her beyond words! In December we cut things off and decided to go back to friends in order to maintain a place in eachother lives. Recently, we hooked up. And all of my old feelings came back. I've tried to put aside my feelings for her because after we left eachother alone, she seemed to have completely been over me on that level. But all of the mixed messages are becoming impossible to read. At this point, I know that if I can't be with her we can't remain such close friends. My heart can't heal seeing her with other people. Leos are overall indecisive and sometimes selfish. But their hearts are big and they love wholely.
—Guest Pisces Girl

pisces woman leo guy

I met this guy and when we met I just knew he was the one. He was charming and he swept me off my feet. But later on into the relationship his personality completely change that it was over bearing to the point that I couldnt deal with him no longer but yet wanting him more than anything. We were in the carribean with some other friends and family at first the two of us enjoyed a lovely boatride and after that was completely he ignored me he started flirting around with other women I guess to make me jealous but strange enough I still wanted this man. Well now that we are back I've seen him once we've spent a night in the club and after had breakfast went home andtalk things thru I let know how I truly feel which he knows deeply and its just up to him now if its to be it will be. He has his ways I have mine its complicated our relationship but I do believe we have a passion for one another. Cause when we together is a certain desire for each other. I pray that we will work it out.
—Guest ms. gomez

Love love love

Although there are some differences as in any relationship I have found this to be the healthiest and most loving... I am a Leo lady and he is obviously the pieces. He is gentle, kind, caring, protective, manly and so wonderful... We laugh and joke around with each other an also have our seriousr deep conversations. The bond we share is unbreakable and we truly love one another. Good luck to all out there looking for love!
—Guest Milujete

Leo man and a Pisces woman

Completely perfect together. He is so sweet and caring, he has the most gorgeous eyes and the most charismatic personality. He sometimes goes overboard with his decision making which is a bad thing with such a hard headed woman. But he means no harm intended. He loves with all his heart and soul and shows it through his very emotional side. He gets angry very easily when things do not go his way but not towards the one he loves. He would never hurt a soul but will protect whoever he feels is needed to protect. He loves his child very much and takes it to large offence with any criticism of his parenting but it's only because he knows how much he loves his child and how much they mean to him, he just may show it in different ways then most can see. This Leo loves his masculinity and he portrays it through his "toys" He will not give up any of his prized ones either, for he feels as if they are another kid of his. And even though the man is this way the Pisces woman loves him for every b
—Guest Perfect


Its very difficult... I can relate to all these response. I am a Leo and he is a pieces.. We been with each other for a year and a couple months and had a baby together. Its been really rough but we both are very head strong. Patience is very crucial in this fire and water relationship... Either you have a lot of patients, respect, and passion for one another or its will be a love hate relationship times 20. Its a choice and hard work to stay together. But you have to want to do it.. Otherwise it will never work out.
—Guest trisha

Leo gal - Pisces guy

We had known each other for nearly 6yrs now. We started off as good friends. There had always been some kind attraction. We started dating few months back. Since then my life suddenly bacame soo beautiful. He is soo sweet, caring, Loving and understanding. I feel lucky to have this guy. We feel we have found our soulmates in each other. Until I tarted dating him, I didnt realise that he was this romantic. He really swept me off my feet with his sweet poems (yeah he has that talent) and loving gestures. I like it when he gets lilttle possessive n jealous when any guy tries flirting with me. Its kinda cute ;) He makes me feel soo special. We never really had fights yeah diff. of opinions but its generally like a healthy debate :) I lovee him soo much and I know he loves me a lot too. He pretends not to bother about things but he is sensitive on inside and that really attracts me. Lovee my pisces guy. Want to be with him forever
—Guest Lioness

Leo with Piscies :p

Im a Leo I previously had a 4year relationship with a Piscies guy he was sensitive,somewhat shy, sometimes obnoxious haha but I like that he would do anything for me, and even when we had our moments that we will be upset he just never forgot a birthday or anniversary and he will do something really toughtful that will just make up the moment.. communication was great,he was chill and daring, but at the same time he could be really cold and unemotional and get in his own world and daze out putting all his focus into his hobbies and work so eventually I just got tired of trying to figuring him out,yeah after four years ..lol..he was really faithful I couldn't complain..he didn't had any bad habits he liked to be very productive, and yeah if both work together it can really work out just fine, but I couldn't cuz I was over and done with it,tough he didn't wanted to break up..but till this day Piscies just rains over me and yes the attraction is strong

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