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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Leo-Pisces Relationship

Responses: 89


The lion, the fish and everlasting love

Pisces girl meets leo boy. Leo the lion loves the pretty pisces fish from afar and finally takes a chance. THe lion catches the fish, who falls for Lion. A few years and no proposal make for an unhappy fish. Lion & fish fight and break up. life goes on. new relationships come and go but pisces girl never forgets leo boy who comes back and says he loves her most of all. The lion and the fish marry and live happily ever after!
—Guest mirage

The Lion and the Mermaid

I am on my 2nd LEO. Both immediate sexual energy and a feeling that we have know each other before. Instant comfort and chemistry. Have not had sex with the 2nd LEO yet but I anticipate it will be great just because of the chemistry we have. I feel that this will be a great relationship whatever it turns out to be. Dealing with a leo before, I know now as a sensitive Pisces what to do to protect myself. All the passion of a LEO can suck a Pisces in like a vacuum. and spin you around and around. LEO gets manipulative when he feels his influnece is getting week. They really need to know (or at least believe) that they have a certain level of control. For the excitement I get out of this pairing, I am willing to give him that. A really great duo they are, but be careful all you sensitive and emotionally spongy fishes out there or the lion will eat you ;-)
—Guest Pisces girl


Leo woman/pisces man in love for 30 years trying to figure it all out
—Guest psi2011

In love with my leo

I've been with my leo guy for about 6 or 7 months... He is such a genuine sweetheart, but does have his off days... I must say we're compatible, but can have our differences... With that being said our differences makes us grow so much fond of one another... He is a street-smart savvy kind of guy, and I am more so of a relaxed and chilled kind of girl... Although we do have tough times throughout our relationship our love pulls us together for the best of it... He is my knight and shining armor and I am the Princess he rescues from the tall burning down dragon tower...
—Guest NH

It Didn't Work The 1st Time, Maybe 2nd

I am a Pisces woman and I once time dated a Leo guy. We met online. I saw his picture and the first thing I thought was, "Wow, he is so cute!" but I was determined to get to know him and to just be friends. I messaged him for the first time and he answered me back. For a while, we emailed each other this way. And then he added me as a friend on Facebook, and he called me. He was great. We became friends instantly. We had basically almost everything (96%) of things in common. But we also had things that made us different, so it worked out for us. From the very beginning, he could tell I liked him, and he did ask me about it. I honestly told him I did, and we continued our friendship even though we talked about dating alot. This October will make 2 years we've known each other. Well, I dated him last year, and things went crazy. He was always busy. Hurtful words were exchanged, and not only did we break up, we don't talk right now. I miss him, and hope that one day, we can date again.
—Guest Alicia

Pisces loves her Leo

I hv been with my Leo for five yrs and I am the happiest I hv ever been. At first our relationship was difficult I like to be alone with my own thoughts if I am angry give me time n I will get over it unlike the Leo that holds grudges n needs to blow up n take things to the next level to then feel bad. After to many break ups we realized this is what we want our differences keep us wanting more. I am a book worm n he is a gym rat n we balance one another.
—Guest Tari

This is what I wrote to that Leo girl.

I was going out with this girl, we had a blast but she had an ego "I am too hot for the world". It seems we are not doing well here. I really like you but you are not answering messages and if you do your responses are very polite or short and you are clearly into some other things yourself and you have your own secret agenda. I am not into having someone slippery and I am a man of experience. I "do" know. You are making distance between us and I am sure I am not the kind of person who is not going to loose his senses for a girl when sadly there was not even a single kiss. You do not want to, it is ok. I saw a huge deal of amazing things that could become between us but again, you are somewhere else and I talk things in person. To have you "virtually" is better not to have you at all, I have a pile of that. If you ever change your mind feel free to call me, for now we are not working out. As you wrote, love is like a plant, I am the ashes of my own little fire. Good luck.
—Guest Rei

mm..confused :/

I'm a Pisces woman I met a leo man about yr ago.. I was drawn to him..our chemistry was over the top..he was attentive sweet funny..a d SeX amaziing'.into a few weeks of dating my intuition told me to slow down and pull back..I cut him off completely..he became some person I nvr knew..he was rude and vengeful.completely acted as if I was insignificant to him..he looked for me again..but its just sex now.:/.amaziing still but no emotional connection. its going nowhr.
—Guest pez


Leo's are downright mean and throw tantrums whenever something didnt go his way! I was dealing with a child! And anytime I talked about anything emotional he bottled up and shouted. Worst person ever. He made me stronger and take criticism, yet I shouldn't have had to go through that.
—Guest mikey

its confusing but i cant let go

I am a pisces girl and i was seeing a leo guy and i adore him so much. He doesn't see in himself what i see right through. Hes an amazing guy but hes to hard on himself. Hes very stubborn and i cant seem to get through to him. He recently called it quits and i just don understand because i feel the chemistry there its crazy. Ive on known him four about four months but everyday i care more and more about him. He says he cant take the stress i put on him i think thats bs all i want is for him to know how much i care about him. Hes amazing i just want him to see that for himself and i dont know what it will take to acheive that. But i will not give up. All though we have rough spots i promised i wouldnt give up and ill keep that. The situations really in his hands right now and he know that. So if we end up never talking again he knows the ball was in his court. Im just waiting for him. Because i truly care deeply for him. I believe in my horoscope so much
—Guest Raquel F.

Bad combination

I (a female Pisces) was involved with two (male) Leos and both endings were explosive in different ways. The first one threw tantrums when he couldnt get his way. He was easily angered alot. The 2nd was the complete opposite of the first, but was flaky, insecure, scattered and acted vicious and vengeful in that ending. I too hope to never encounter another Leo. Its like they draw you in with their warmth, only to spit you out with fire. burned and charred.
—Guest Lola

what can i say. i met my lovliest rival

i am a pisces male. honestly my leo girl haas the most beautiful intentions, i can see it more than anyone else can. though it gets frustrating and draining how she constantly wants me to say things in a cetain way, and do things a certain (which i find to controlling for my rebelling nature), i love her deeply. we just accomplished a year. It was ALOT of drama and arguements. but the sex and passion is AMAZING. There were a few mishaps with cheating. alot of times i feel as if we're too young at times(we'r both turning 21 this year) for the pain we endured. At times I want to call it quits, but i know deep down there is no love pure and raw and fulfilling as ours. She cares for me deeply and my pisces intuition is usually caught in that net. hopefully we can come together forget that crazy year and be forever. i love you. No matter what happens to us.
—Guest Garry

leo Pisces

Iv been dating a Pisces man for two weeks and I'm falling for him already. He makes me feel like I am the prettiest girl in the world. The sex is full of passion and fire. I can already see us being together for a long time. Pisces and leos make great couples!!!
—Guest leo lover

Pieces gal Leo guy

I am a Leo guy dating a Pieces gal. We have dated to three weeks and the passion is buildng between us. I am totally crazy about her! I read all the articles about this type of relationship. I wait to get more close to her. Although there are a lot of things I agree with in these responses, it all comes down with communication between the two. You could probably say good and bad things about every relationship. All I know that the magical spark we have is hard to find for me. I get plenty of attention from women that isnt the problem, its can I get that special spark when my gal walks into a room. I cant wait to see her again soon.
—Guest MJ

Loving and Loyal

I am a Leo and my fiancé is a Pisces. We've been together for over four years and our love continues to grow. I think we are very compatible, but neither of us give much stock to astrology. We are both lawyers with strong opinions. He tends to take the opposite view from me on any topic, just for fun. It can cause problems sometimes, but mostly we just laugh about it. He thinks he definitely draws from my moods, so if I'm in a bad mood, he gets cranky with me just for being down. When he's in a bad mood, it tends to last for a while, and I definitely think it's like the article said, he's like a wet blanket. We're not perfect, but we sure love each other and are extremely loyal. I think it would take a major betrayal in some way for us to ever split.
—Guest Leo Lady

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