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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Capricorn Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Leo Woman Married to Capricorn Man

I am a Leo female and married a Capricorn man. Our first year was really rough and I tried to dominate him, but he would not let me. We separated for three weeks and during that time, I realized my faults. We are back together and have a strong relationship. He has made changes to give me the attention I need and I made changes and stopped dominating him and giving him time to himself. One advise that I could give Leo women, if they do not want to talk, that means they want time to themselves so go do something else like read or talk to your friends on the phone. They need that time by themselves and if you give it to them willingly, they will really respect you for it. GOD I AM SICK IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!
—Guest Blondy

Worth it

My Leo man is just amazing! Wouldn't trade him for anyone in this world.
—Guest May

Leo woman with Capricorn man in love

We have been together going on two years now. We have had our up and downs, but more ups. I love my Capricorn man dearly. He tells me he loves me too on a regular basis. He is my best friend, my lover, and my soulmate. I have never felt for anoher man the way i feel for him. He is all man, stern, but tender. I am so happy with him and he tells me i make him happy. Life is good now. I do believe they need to change compatibility of a Leo and Capricorn to excellent. Love his humor. He asked me to marry him, so i am taking the plunge into heaven, even though i am already there. Smiling!
—Guest Purr

me capricorn my partner leo

I and my partner my male partner is of capricorn leo combination.i can feel the aggression emotion and the proud of a male leo.while on the otherside i am a cool silent and inside stubborn person who can tame a lion by praising him appreciating him and paying all time attention to him.he does nt like favour.watever i do have to be from heart.sexually highly aggressive and often dominates me with his aggressive moves smetime even suffocates as a capricorn women loves slow steady and later aggressive sexual coupling. and all time longing for care and possesion. But its going really good because of loyalty faith and leo man normally no matter what never wastes and tries to look after other women when they already have a women of their choice.Its a very good sign and experience with leo.he will make you special ,come out of your covertness and also will cheer you up.but only problem is the stubbornness of a mysterious deadly capricorn women and a proud robusted leo male
—Guest Saraswati


MET A CAPRICORN WOMAN AND ITIT WAS INSTANT ATTRACTION BOTH WAYS.RELATIONSHIP IS THE BEST I'VE HAD IN YEARS Sexually and physically attracted to each other and her eyes wow!!!! I can see her love for me and feel it. She is my HOMEY LOVERLOVER

Capricorn Male - Leo Female

I'm currently with a Leo female. I've known her for 7 years but we just started dating about 4 weeks ago and let me tell you; there is instant attraction and crazy sparks right from the beginning. Our charming nature and their fiery nature is a very strong physical factor. We are both very straightforward and don't like beating around the bush and playing games. Very stimulating conversations and the sex is by far the best I've had. The problem comes down to arguments. Caps are really stubborn. We know how we feel and we don't feel the need to go into detail. It is what it is. Her leo is a beast that will not be tamed. She also knows why feels what she feels and cannot be swayed. Communication is very vital. They are very proud people. Strong-willed so don't try to break it. But after our arguments are resolved they are completely resolved. We grow amazingly closer from them. Don't expect the relationship to be a breeze. It takes work. But, so far, mine has always met me in the middle.
—Guest Joe

Best I've ever had

I'm a Cap woman and I've dated a Cancer, Libra, Sag, Gemini and even another Capricorn but nothing can compare to Leo! He's amazing! I never knew what love was until I met him! It was instant and I know it's going to last forever!!
—Guest Happy Cappy

cap women/leo man

I am dating a leo man an I still learning him as he is me. He comes down every other weekend. I never met a man quite like him. I hope an pray it work out. But leo are abs awesome.
—Guest teresa

relentless force vs. immovable object

Capricorn woman, was with a Leo man for a year. Ends in disaster...unless as a woman willing to put up with the ego and misogynistic mannerisms of what literally is a LION! Ladies don't sell yourselves short. Find a man willing to stand next to you, or behind you, never in front of you!
—Guest ash

Leo girl Cap guy

I've seriously dated two Capricorn guys. And also went out on a few more casual dates with two more Capricorn guys. Capricorn guys seem to be very attracted to me, and I am to them. But, it never works in the end, because we just do not jive on the same wave length. It also seems very difficult for them to be faithful. I am not even talking about long term commitment. But if you date someone, then date just them, without any commitments to the future, just be faithful while you are in that relationship. Apparently, this is too much to ask. I also don't quite feel comfortable in Capricorn relationships. I always feel this pressure to tone it down, whereas I only want to act as my usual, fiery self. I know exactly how to act in order to attract Capricorn guy. The problem is that I get too bored and tired of putting on this "refined", "dignified" demeanor, to which Capricorn people seem to be so attracted to, and want to burst out with dirty jokes and crazy ideas, i.e. be my true self.
—Guest Leo female

leo man capricorn women

well,, i dated 2 leos both were fn and incredible lovers but the first leo we got along great!!!! second one was so sensitive took everything personaly ....ugh i felt like saying grow a set of balls lol so who knows???
—Guest diana

It can work !

I'm a typical leo woman in love with a cap . We've been together off and on for 11 years and share two kids . We have our issues that has resulted in numerous break ups but we can't stay away from each other . He is quite a bit not picky and I'm a but careless which seems to be the basis of most of the issues that has ensued . Overall though he is ryy best friend , we laugh nd have so much freakin fun together . Once the communication is flowing we can talk about any thing . I am madly in love with a cappy man .
—Guest Chance


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im cappy and his leo, we lived together for almost two years and shift to ldr after that. He went back to his country so we only communicate through internet. As cap i dont want to feel that im being forgotten But my leo when his busy, he never have time to call me anymore. we are not prideful we listen to each other. We balance things well. But now, i dont think so im still expecting to marry a leo man . He forget what he just promise after being sorry of something plus he will not call me when his busy even it takes untilll one month no communication, he has no problem with that at all. But what about me? It seems like his cutting down the bridge between us. He dont know his crashing the whole part of me. Nothing left, for i gave all my love to him. Leo is not good at sustaining good relationship when far and keep on running dont care if whos being left behind or who waits. Even im his gf he forgets me for the sake of his business. Someone out there deserve me specially my prayers.
—Guest young joy phil

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Tell Us About Your Leo-Capricorn Relationship

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