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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Capricorn Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Cap men are great.

I'm an older leo woman having a "thing" (not sure what I'd call it at this stage) with a lot younger Cap guy. The sex is I guess you'd call basis, at least more basic than what I'm used to but the passion behind it is all consuming and very powerful. Outside of the bedroom, althoug we don't see each other on the regular, he's a very kind, tolerant and considerate person but at the same time very elusive and hard to get hold of and pin down. Pretty much everything is on his time and when he is ready. but when he is, I feel like I have 100% of his attention and it feels great. Have no idea how long this "thing" will last but it sure has turned me onto Cap men as it's the first one I've been involved with.
—Guest LeoLover

Most Powerful Match

I am a Leo female. My first love was a Taurus. Current bf is Cappy. We were friends in high school. He is extremely funny, and he approaches the relationship rationally. He is one of the most revered employees at his job because he is really disciplined. He can just quit anything and get to business no matter how much he seems lost in enjoyment ;). I admire and adore him. He is the first person that I've took pride in more than my own self. It is not easy to be with this man. My ego gets bruised without mercy every day, and sometimes it's his way or no way at all. I have learned that this does not mean he loves me any less. I like giving up power and letting him lead. I never thought I'd say that! Since I understand his way of love, I recognize that I have been consistently treated like an Empress from Day 1. Leo ladies: give up your Ego for a Capricorn man and he will boost it back up 7-fold. This is the most powerful match of the Zodiac!
—Guest Mimi

Capricorn woman, Leo man

We've been together going on 4 years. We have our ups an downs, but our strong love for eachother has managed to pull everything together.. When we get along everything is picture perfect, we see eye to eye on almost everything, share a lot of the same wants & in the bedroom it's beyond great! But when we argue, we go to war. Arguing is where we share our most differences.. A lot of times he wants to leave it alone & doesn't ever want to talk, & that causes me to get frustrated because i like to get down to the bottom of it, while he likes to put it all on the back burner... we both always want to be right & have the upper hand. His anger goes from 0-100 really fast. He is very protectant over me, but i can be with him too.. id say he's worse with it, but those are things he never likes to admit.. He likes being in charge, & doesn't like having someone tell him what to do or how to do it. He can be very outspoken when mad & say very mean things, which i feel he uses as his weapon.
—Guest rmk1114

Cap Man Leo Woman

I didnt care too much about him at first, but when we talked we had this instant connection and he found me so funny and charming. we always cut straight to the point instead of playing games. I love him so much and were very good friends like besties. but it didnt really work out because we were too different and ugh he drove me crazy, he was soo cheap and always cared about stability. I felt like he brought me down and i had to act fake. The relationship was electrifying, it felt real, the sexual tension was always high but it was fake!, it was not true love. were really good friends though.
—Guest Guest

Sage and Royal

I am a Leo female age 39 and he is a Cap male age 34. We've been together a few months now and STICK WITH IT - it CAN work! We are wildly in love and have our ups and downs. We are both the description of our signs (to the letter). The push & pull of the Capricorn is tough for us Leos. It really feels cold and cruel at times. But don't worry one bit...he's just thinking and processing and you have NOTHING to worry about, I promise. Caps are loyal. Let them take their leave of you (just be patient) and if you can get through the initial stages, its MORE than worth it to be with Caps I swear. But the beginning will make you crazy. Keep a journal about how you're feeling if you seriously want to pursue and stand by your Cap but have to stay cool up front. Capture all of your feelings and it will come in handy.
—Guest Jennifer

leo lady cap man

I spent 8 years with my fella only to find out he was a cheat and a liar. He stole my heart and when I caught him out, he simply left - never again
—Guest andre


I m a 37 yrs old cappy woman in love a Leo man of my age... I hv been in this relationship with him since last 4 years even though he was my teenage love but I cudnt say it to him then because of the serious look he carries. Anyone would think he is so stern and reserved but with me he's totally the opposite. We felt strong attraction with each other ever since we met. He is crazy for me n so m I. We fight n gt to the verge of breakup, break each others heart with our stubbornness still once all is done he comes back to me n tells me how much he loves me n I too m waiting for him with open arms. Our chemistry is perfect outside n inside bedroom. He's a passionate lover n brings out the best in me. We r so deeply in love that can't even think of living without each other. Both have a few flaws but then who doesn't hv!!!! I m v happy with him n wish he is with me forever n ever.. N yes I do feel we r soulmates coz the way we complete each other no one else will!!!!
—Guest cappy in love

Love and Hate

I'm a Capricorn woman and my fiance is a Leo. We have been together for a year and a half and still going. I love him with all my heart, but we constantly fight about the stupidist things. I'm very hard-headed and I feel like I can never get though to him! He treats me like no other man ever could, its obvious that hes truly in love with me and I love how he showers me with love...at times its extremely annoying. I wouldn't say he is socialy strong in fact hes actually socialy awkward, but I don't plan on giving up. There has been countless times I've told him to move out, but then I turn around and beg him to stay. Its a very demanding relationship and takes quite a bit of work to stay happy. I love him so much I can't bring myself to leaeve him.
—Guest Ariel

critisizing capricorn & a loving leo

I am a Capricorn woman in love with a Leo man . We have been together for close to 10 months . He is my everything , my sweet love . I don't think I could spend a day without him . He doesn't fight with me , he just listens and gives his opinion . When we are apart , it feels like century's . My boyfriend and I are very different . He tends to be lazy And I'm very impatient and compulsive . I also tend to critique him in a lot of things that he tries to do , but I only tell him the reason why I say anything is because I'm trying to make him better because I love him . I see a bright future , hopefully it stays , I would love to be called Mrs Amanda Santos .:)
—Guest Amanda

Appreciate a Cap Man

I'm a leo woman and have spent countless days and years of not finding true love, although I have loved deeply, just never received it on the other end. The only man that truly cared for me and that I didn't have common issues with was a Capricorn Man. We were together fo a short period of time and then he got a scholarship and moved away, so I never got to see where this relationship would go. I am happy to say that we have reconnected via FB and it has been almost 2 years now that he has been back in my life. Still not a committed or exclusive partnership, but he is my best friend and there is amazing potential for a future together. I am not wasting my time in persuing another, because he is such a treasure to me and he makes every effort to see me when he can. Hopefully one day, he will reside in Cali again or maybe I go to TX. Who knows?, but I am hopeful & he is amazing. BTW Not all Leos are bad & some will appreciate & love you like no other; I am one of the good ones:)

Capricorn-Leo Relationships req. effort!

I am a 20 year old Capricorn guy who has recently split with his 19 year old Leo girl. I am the typical Capricorn guy who likes his peace and quiet, his work, and being financially stable and sometimes in teh heat of all things says things out of complete character. She is the typical Leo girl who always puts a smile on your face, makes you happy, likes to socialise with friends, and is fiesty like a lioness! My lioness is the only woman I ever loved truly and I am killing myself inside for not showing her the affection she deserved, despite our constant quarrelling and clashing. I still love her very much and I know deep down inside, that she loves me too. The Cap-Leo relationship requires effort, but with mutual understanding, it can work.
—Guest Daniel

So far so good.

I am a Leo. We haven.t been dating long but it seems to be fine so far. If kept asking me out and when i decided i had said yes. Have never had a guy like him. Sex is great. We get into arguments but quickly resolved. He always compliments me and knows when i am bothered. We are both suffering from self harm and depression. We help eachother and are almost always together. Some things i hate is that he has no job, bums my cigarettes, and sleeps too much!! I need attention and you will get it with them and they will compliment you at random times and work hard to prove their love.
—Guest brittany


I am a leo lady and have felt there was something missing from my life ever since i started having relationships, i had a brief but very intense fling with an aquarius man, my two marriages were with a cancer and a pisces (see the fire and water pattern emerging?) then i met my capricorn man, what a revelation, we are equal in all things, we challenge each other constantly, we both abbhor argument and confrontation, we have a twisted sense of humor which we don't always share but which complements each other it helps that we are both in our late forties, i think i have calmed down and he has grown into himself, we are perfection together, a marriage (or [partnership) made in the stars

Just friends...for now..

Well im a leo women :) and he is a capricorn. and we are best friends! been best friends for...like 3 or 4 years now. we met in high school. we went out like once but it seemed so weird to us because were best friends. but i kno he wants to be with me because he has told me before. we even talked about marriage...and were not event together! idk..sometimes i feel like he is jus not as spontaneous and outgoin as i am. i mean i loveee to party and he jus likes to chill. we can talk about anything thought. we talkd on the phone for 8hrs once. no lie. i guess i jus have to wait and see how things go.
—Guest Sally

Love her.

I am a leo and she is a cap. We are both "different" i am an emo and she is a steampunk. I love our conversations. We are always in touch via text but when she is busy I miss her a lot. She seems to hide our relationship from some of her friends, which annoys me but I dont care that much because she is too amazing to give up over that! We always try to make time for eachother, days off school mean a day spent together. Weekends are almost always taken up cuz of my volunteering but its fine because we spend every minute we can at together. Sometimes we just sit and do nothing for hours on end :) i love those days because we have a chance to chat and find out more about eachother. I feel like I can tell her anything because she doesnt judge. We both spend a lot of time on coursework so our time outside of school is very short. But whenever we do have time outside of school we spend the whole day together. :) Love her.
—Guest Teddyninja

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