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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Libra-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Libra-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!


I'm a libra woman and my guy is a Aquarius man. When we first started talking it was like love at first sight. He says he is ready for a relationship and I said I was too but let's go slow. I have 3 kids from a previous relationship but he didn't mind. He wanted my attention 24/7. I seen him when I had free time. When we talk to each other its like we don't hear what the other person is saying. There is no understanding between us. The attraction is high between us but the misunderstanding is breaking us apart. He lost his mom so he is looking for someone who can give him that type of mommas boy attention. I usually keep my word with him but when I didn't he became angry and left me alone. I never felt like this before.
—Guest libra woman

To Confused Aqua Girl

HIS YOUR NEIGHBOR! OMG YOU GO GIRL! Gather some courage ang tell him! I've done the feeling of the weight being lifted off is GREAT I guarantee you. And I'm an Aquarian too. ;)

Fuck a libra

I still stand by it. Fuck a libra! They are very arrogant and a narcissist. Please avoid them if you cherish your sanity. They are also habitual liars, and cheaters ( hoe bags to be frank).
—Guest Fuck a libra

Libra female Aquarius Male

So I was just reading the stories. Its funny how some of yall say Libras are controlling, or fuck libras. Not all libras are controlling
—Guest libra.sinceday1

love in a hopeless place

I'm a lovely Libra and he...an abstract Aquarius we met in 5th grade and we have been inseparable every since sex was sensual : no matter who we have been with...we find ourselves back together always I love him(: indescribable
—Guest lovelylibra

Friends to lovers

Im a Libra woman and I been with my partner for 4 months when we met we clicked instantly. We have been unseperateable since.
—Guest Nomi

My Libra Guy

Well this is so crazy to read all the similiar comments. I met my libra guy online we inboxed on another til finally he gave me his number. From the moment our conversations started I was instantly attracted to him...and the fact tht he had a nice "manly" voice didnt hurt either. We would tlk for hrs and this would be constant convo. I tried to stop tlkn to.him time and time again bc I felt myself getting to emotionally attached to him. But some.how some way we always came bck to one another.I eventually went to see him like face to face and the thing that was strange was it wasnt akward at all.it was just like we took our phone convos to face to face convos. He was not like any guy ive met before...he was very loving, caring, compassionate, and always put my well being before his.But all things good come to an end...my bluntness and the way I speak my mind often bothered him . I sometimes felt like he was being overly sensitive!
—Guest Radiance

good for a while.

Ima Aquarius girl and my ex was a libra guy. The sex was good but we didn't have any mental chemistry. So I got bored And dumped him. He still wants me back.
—Guest bewhh

Confused Aqua

Hello, sorry for my bad English I met a libra girl, I am aquarius, like a month a go trough internet chat(not fb xD, we are like 100km away of each other), at first we talked a lot, she was interested in me, I at her, then we video called on msn, played games, and communitaced a lot. One day she was sad, and I told her to give me her number, that I would like to her it on phone. She was right for it. We talk like 5 times, but mainly trough msn. On phone if she was alone, she was soo sweet talking, but if someone was around she was soo cold to me(that's have I felt). I can say she can charm people, one's on video call she asked if I like her boobs(shoowing me a little), and bite her lips, showing her toungh, then she said I'm a pervese. But soon she desapired for a half of the week, I could reach her on phone(she told it's dead, once she said that, she is layz to send me one back), after I sent her sms, next day she was back online, and I asked her how is she doing. We talk for a while

It Was Something So Good

Well Im a aqua girl and he's a libra guy. We got to know each other on a facebook comment. Traded numbers and talked till the sun came up. After that one night we talked everyday all day all night. Slept on the phone together watched tv together and woke up on the phone and started talking like nothing happen. I fell in love with him and I think he did to. Then apast girlfriend came along after she ignored him for 2 months and told him it wasnt over. The sexual tension is their he is sooo real. Its the kind of relationship that talking never gets boring. He's so different if we argued and I would hang up in his face. He would call back because he wanted to work it out. I am in love with him to the point I wish he would marry me . Im so in love. But she's back and she's a Libra I wonder who has a better chance with him. I hope its me and I hope that he comes back around. Because ever since he stop talking to me I wont consider anyone thats not on that level of interest...
—Guest Airy


I was reading some of the comments here and decided to leave my thoughts on libra+aqua. I am a libra woman married to an aquarius man. Like some of the comments here I want to say, yes, the relationship will be great IF the aquarius man is ready for commitment. I have been with the same man for 5 years and for the first 3 he cheated. They like excitement and like the thrill. I am a beautifulsexy woman and i KNOW that for a fact. I am a beast in bed aswell so i have o idewa why he cheated. With disgusting easy girls. When I found out, I left him and ignored him for weeks. He begged me to take him back and apologized for it all. I forave him but i havent forgotten. Its been 2 yrs and he is a COMPETELY diffrent person, now that hes ready. Hes the man Ive always wanted always dreamt of, but I am still very hurt by what has happened. Now the tables have turned, and he is the one begging for my attention while he sees other men want me. Ill let im suffer a while hhaa
—Guest darling


I am an aquaris girl, and I have a crush on a libra guy. All that I can say is that the moment he walked in to my art class on the first day of school, we made eye contact and my world turned upside down. He can't stop staring at me! But he doesn't talk to me, and I dont talk to him... We are too shy. I wondered and thought so much if he was the guy for me, but, sadly, that was last year. I regret not making a move like talking to him... We could have been perfect for each other. Now I only see him in the hallways once or twice a day. Hes still single, but there is no possible way I can talk to him because he is super duper popular, and all of the girls want him... He sees me sometimes, but not much. He is my neighbor though! :P But, I seriously regret what I did every day of my life. We could have been soul mates. :(
—Guest Confused aquaris

Libra-Aquarian Lesbian Love

I am an aquarius and my girlfriend is a libra. From the moment we met, the chemistry was through the roof. We decided to make it official soon after we met. Although we clash at times because my libra can be bossy and a little moody; i can't imagine myself with anyone else EVER. Our relationship is completely different from ANY past relationship i've been in. It's different in the best way. We find something new in common every single day and after two months of being together i am MADLY in love with her. I have been in serious relationships before but none compare. I truly feel that this girl could be my soulmate. She was made for me and i plan on keepimg her forever! Match made in heaven, literally.
—Guest In LOVE!


My boyfriend ( Aquarius) and I (Libra woman) have been dating for 4 years now and I haven't been happier. You know that cliche, " we finish each others sentence," well that is exactly how it is in our relationship. Being a Libra woman I'm very stubborn and kind of on the pessimistic side. My boyfriend is the oppiste, he deffinetly balances out my personality. The longterm relationship with both signs results in amazing passionate sex. And also important to mention that our moods and energy level is at a much healthier level when were together. Love you babe.
—Guest good day

so loved

when i met my aquarius man,his eyes was what attracted me to him we are so beautiful together.We laugh together and sometimes it can be so quiet that to is comforting.When we make love its so wonderful to finally have some one you can connect with and you can be you and not compromise ourselves. Ilove him sooooooooooooo much. THANKYOU GOD FOR HIM.
—Guest libra

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