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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Libra-Pisces Relationship

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Iron Fist in Velvet Glove meets Dreamer

I have been w/ my Pices man 4 yrs. I noticed his distinguished apperance and presence immediatly. I also noticed that he was very modest in his self presentation initially. I found out that he was very direct and persistant about what mattered to him. He's very direct to the point, a man of few words. I was frustrated at first as I am very talkative and articulate. I am quick thinking. He on the other hand needs more time to process. I also learned his language. He comunicates quite effectively but you have to pay close attention because it's not always with words. We are both very romantic and never need a special occasion to celebrate our love/relationship. I have learned that communication is much better between us if I just relax and give him time to compose his thoughts. We are very respectful of each other. We never shout but calmly talk things out. It's a concious effort for me as a Libra that likes immediate feedback but it's better than none. Love making is GREAT!
—Guest Love Struck


I really don't want to believe half of what's been said.. I am a pices and my man is a libra.. I admit my communication sucks.. When he asks me what's wrong; '' I'm like nothing.'' I love him to death.. And know he cares for me, but sometimes I think he can be an careless attitude.. He doesn't accept confrontation very well.. He thinks he's right and always tellin me what I need to change. But he has his moments where he can be extremely sweet and I can feel love radiating off him.. He has a temper and I pay no attention, cause he gets over it. We have been going out on and off for 4 years and we always seem to find our way back 2 eachother..
—Guest Jessica

Pisces Woman, Libra Man

Our relationship could be great at times and other times it could be very difficult. I'm a laid back type of person and I like to be lead by my man. Sometimes he makes me take authority which is hard because its not my nature and he gets real frustrated with me. He likes taking risks and I like playing it safe. Our relationship can be very confusing at times because I'm not exactly sure how to react to things and somethings I believe he would have a problem with he doesn't...its the complete opposite. He gets very defensive at times and gets mad at the littlest things.. I just give him time and patience. No relationship is perfect. But I can say one thing... the Libra's personality can tend to be too much for that of an Pisces..sometimes I question if I'm trying to "make' our relationship work But they do say opposites attract. It's all about what you can handle.
—Guest anonymous

The Best Sexual Connection Ever

This was the best sexual experience that I have ever encounter, but not a good match when it came to trust and communication. As a Libra, I like to talk and be open with my partner. The Pisces can be too standoffish, and mysterious for the open and airy Libra. All in all the connection was their, but the "it" factor was not.
—Guest Ms Libra

Me Libra - Ex husband Pisces

We were married for 14 years. I always wanted to talk but could never get him to talk. Lack of communication on pisces part.He dwelled on the past where i looked for our future. He HATED change and i loved change. NOT A MATCH made in heaven.
—Guest Guest

Between a pisces woman /Libra man

I've seen a lot of responses between a libra woman and pisces man. I'm glad some of them are able to work it out. However, one of the things I could say between a pisces woman and a libra man is that it's a relationship that can go either one way: Right or Wrong, not both. If it didn't work out in the beginning, don't try to make it worth fighting because it's either one suffers from it or one's love dies from it. They will always have each other in hearts, but never together because there is too much differences and lack of communication/understanding. We pisces love doing things that's unpredictable. It makes our life interesting. Libra men is all about balance and will be confused. They leave you hanging and do things you light think they will never do. It's a crazy emotional roller coaster ride. After My advice is if you're a libra, find another libra. Your same sign will suit you perfectly. After finding my scorpio man, I am finally better and happier. He completes me wholefully
—Guest an evolved pisces women

4 years and still going!

I'm a libra and my boyfriend is a Pisces. We have been dating for 4 years and while we have our ups and downs, he is a great listener and can calm me down when I get over anxious. Our biggest problems always relay back to his lack of communication skills. I share my feelings with no problem but it's hard for him too. We over come it, hopefully we always will be able too!
—Guest Amanda

Libra female with Pisces Male

I've only been dating my Pisces boyfriend for one month now, but love is already blossoming and blooming. He is sensitive, caring, gentle, patient, kinder than words, attentive, and genuine. Due to my tumultuous past, I had many emotional wounds and a deep mistrust of men. As such, I grilled the poor guy, asking him every question under the sun, and testing him in every way I knew how to keep myself from getting hurt. In spite of my in-your-face attitude and constant questioning, he puts up with me and has truly been a blessing in my life. I've personally not found there to be difficulties in communication above and beyond the average. For all of you who are experiencing that, be sure to give your Pisces time to process and think through things, and try not to take things too personally.
—Guest gracesong815

My sentiments exactly

It was magical when we first got together.Im a Libra he s the pisces.It was bliss personified.Shortly after we started having issues.I would have given anything for him to communicate so we could better our relationship but sometimes i felt he just wanted me to leave him alone even when matters to be discussed was important.We both were extreamly sensitive and were triggered off very easily by sometimes the smallest things.Id always leave and then he d always come begging me to come back like he was gonna die if i didnt.Id always believe we can work on it and go back and then we d have the same problems again often caused by the communication problem we have.He is way too laid back and i have a big problem with that especially because there is so much to be done and more so we have a child in the midst.Now we r separated after 7 years cause im tired of trying and have given up hope.Have also moved to a different country .I still love him and he calls me everyday wanting us to try again
—Guest Ronda


Im the libra nd he's the pisces we've dated on and off never lasting more than a month together as a boyfriend and girl friend status bt as friends tht r flirty romantic always showing each other we care nd like each other our relationship lasted from aug 2008 till late 2009 when we gt 2gether. wen we broke up he always showed he loved me nd we gt back 2gether nd we broke up in 3-4 months becuz we let or ego(S) nd lack the of COMMUNICATION get n the way... Which is still a problem because our ego is in the way becuz im still n love with him like he's still n love with me.... i knw this becuz every morning wen he or i walk n the roomnd our eyes meet we dnt say hi bt give each other a long stare as if we r saying goodmorning u look nice 2day!!! it warms my heart and makes my heart sad becuz were nt 2gether i jus hope we get bac 2gether nd REALLY make it work because we finally understand one another... UNTIL NOW I'VE BEGIN 2 BELIEVE N ASTROLOGY JUS BY THE COMMENTS ND THE ARTICLE.
—Guest Madison


He is a Pisces, I am a Libra. In the beginning it was perfect, we understood each other & it was all fun & romantic. Communication definitely lacks in our relationship, it's the main thing! I talk the most while he barely responds with anything. I want him to share how he's feeling, but he backs down. We've had this happen a few times but we always overcome our problem. Right now we're having communication problems again & I've just been trying to support him & be by his side no matter what cuz we do are for each other :)
—Guest KD

Libra Wife with Pisces Hubby

I am married with a baby to my pisces husband and this is the first time in years I have ever checked our signs compatibility. Our natural compatibility works for us, but that is thanks to our way of living. We are honest but never brutal. We are romantic, me somewhat more so, but I have learned that I just need to ask when I need more affection. My husband loves his romance to come in a physical package, while I appreciate the gestures. We talk every single day, and we try to watch our egos when we disagree. Our relationship works best when we are well fed, rested, and spiritually fit.
—Guest Lily

pisces and hes a libra

this is strange, when i met him i didn't see him romantically at all, we clicked though and he got to know me over a few months, then suddenly one night he kissed me and that was that! we definitely click and he is a year younger than me..i noticed some other posts say the same thing! Is that a coincidence, I wonder, that the libra guy is younger than the woman? Well Im just going to see how this goes! but ever since we started dating we have been inseparable, we don't get sick of each other, and he is so caring and does hang on to my every word!
—Guest alicia


At this point we're just friends but I'm falling and can't get up. He's so sweet and understands my pisces mumbo jumbo. I've gained a little more experince in gauging my emotions but I am over the moon about meeting a male that is two years younger than I that thinks along the same lines as me. It just hasn't happened to me. I don't know what this guy has up his sleeve but I'm praying that its not tooo good to be true. After reading all of the previous posts I do see that him and I might bump heads a bit but hey I'm willing to take him for a test drive. LOL ;)
—Guest 5th element


I need help. I have a friend and we've been friends for years and he's a picese and I'm a libra. I just realized that I'm totally head over heels in love with him. The thing is I don't know how to tell him just because we have been friends for so long!!!!! What should I do????
—Guest Pauly me

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