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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Libra-Pisces Relationship

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My Libra Guy

Im Pisces and both of us are born under the year of the monkey. We have so much fun & we laugh a lot. We talk about everything, but mostly about him. I have no problem with that because I learn more about him, and I stay as a mystery to him. HAHA! We are very sweet and vocal about our feelings. Sometimes though, I think he's just saying things I want to hear just to please me. I mean, he's kind of an expert in charming girls. He's broken the hearts of many. He is definitely funny and charming. He says he likes me for being pretyt, witty and intelligent. He loves that his friends and family like me a lot. My advice to Pisces gals out there, learn to listen, and think more often. Don't be too emotional as it would cloud your judgment. Understand him, and don't think that he is stupid, please. And try to direct and lead him to make better decisions because sometimes he ignores what he wants just to make other happy. Make an effort to impress the people around him. Lastly, don't be a BITCH
—Guest Marsee


Give me an example of a perfect marriage. There is none. It doesn't exist. People wake up. Marriage requires lot of work. Even the best matched couples under the horoscope universe fail because one or both partners become lazy or don't accept their differences.
—Guest Maverick


But I didn't go because of the way he's been treating me. I miss him a lot and he's been in almost every one of my dreams. I want to talk to him really bad. I don't know what to do I've given him time to cool off.
—Guest Marlo


Mad and the pisces was there trying to cheer me up making me smile and laugh. After the party I invited him over my house. He walked a long way at 12 am to see me it made me feel so important to him. When he got there I had on our favorite movie and we cuddled he couldn't stay off of me. I asked him how he felt about me and he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. He was so good with his words he told me everything the night was perfect. We decided to start a relationship and he wanted me to meet his mom I was nervous but I did it. And she loves me his whole family loves me. Summer came along and he just randomly broke up with me I have no idea why. I asked him why and he said he doesn't want to waste his time telling me. I cried for almost 2 weeks straight. A couple days ago I texted him and he went off on me I was confused. School has started again and I see him every day and every time he sees me he looks mad. Yesterday he texted me asking me to come over.
—Guest Marlo

Libra Girl and Pisces Guy

I'm a libra and I met a pisces at school I would always see him walking I would always watch him from a distance because I didn't really know him and I'm really shy. But we had a lot of mutual friends and one day one of my closest friends was talking to him and I was standing there next to them. He gave me this look and it made me blush a lot and he smiled back. Then I became more comfortable with telling him hi and stuff. He was so sweet he walked me to class and sat with me at lunch. He always made me laugh. We exchanged numbers and he would call me and we'd talk for hours about any and everything. I forgot what he did but we stopped talking to eachother for maybe 2 or 3 weeks. I forgave him then one day he wanted to hang out outside of school I agreed we hung out at a park by my house. Lots of fun. I knew I liked him and that he liked me but I didn't know how fast pisces moved until he tried to kiss me. I got really nervous and turned. One day we were at a party and someone made me
—Guest Marlo

Pisces male libra female

I'm a young Pisces only 19 and I met my beautiful strong intelligent libra when we were both the age of 13 ,in middle school. I remember the first time seeing her ,she stood out so much from the rest and she had a personality like no other. I was instantly attracted so I had to get to know her. We first got together 8th grade and I was so happy she was mine but I strayed off for some reason. Then we got back together our 10th grade year and this time things were a lot better! We started getting more romantic with each other and things were fine until I left again. We didn't talk for 2years but I thought about her all the time. So 2years passed and randomly she emails me(December 2011) we stared talking again and one night we went out together and had sex. and me and her would both say"it was the best"and since we both showed exhother our sexual sides we've been great!Our relationship is the best it has ever been.I honestly don't see myself without her anymore.shes the one girl For me.
—Guest Frank

Libragirl falling for Pisces Man

We had sex and it was amazing..the foreplay was something i heard Pisces men are known for..he was romantic..he loved the tranquility and peace (he actually said it) after the first session i massaged his body and i hugged and kissed him for as long as i could..i believe in that we are reversed i was emotional and he relaxed..its true Pisces men are dreamy , i just hope the rest of the pisces profile fits..that this type of man would already be into me
—Guest Libragirl1001

Pisces female, Libra male.

We met online a month and a have ago. He likes to talk and I love to listen. Sex is amazing. He trusts me beyond measures (I'm 20 and he's 26). We give each other our space and time with friends, but love spending every moment with one another. We're definitely infatuated with one another right now. I'll keep you posted!
—Guest Infatuated

Libra Pisces

I love the Libra-Pisces combination. Libra men have always been attracted to me (blame the quincunx) :) and I have been attracted to quite a few myself. Call it mystical? Libra and Pisces have a 50/50% of working I believe. It shouldn't be too. Yes, Pisces is ruled by Neptune AND Jupiter (masculine planet) which would suit the Venus ruled Libra. Pisces is also exalted in Venus which creates a strong attraction. Do whatever your heart desires. Life is beautiful! :-)
—Guest Miss Mermaid :)

pisces woman libra man

I met my libra guy on my birthday at my birthday party. At first I was afraid of the relationship thing because of previous relationship downfalls. As we got closer together I begin to fall head over heals and not even pick it up. I begin to let myself go and let my feelings take it place not worrying about where it may lead. Then after a long romatic weekend one disagreement and he will not talk to me. All I want is his him back. How do I get there? Any suggestions? I have tried everything, thinking now maybe he just need some time. Is it possible that he will come back do they ever go back when they want someone. Do I just let it go.
—Guest Confused

Young Love

Well I'm fourteen years old. My libra partner is fifteen. We met in 7th grade during 6th hour. I was always too shy to talk to him. Then in 8th grade (sometime during january) I sent him a message on facebook. We started talking more and more. Next thing you know, we're dating!
—Guest Erika

Pisces woman libra man

Me and my boyfriend have been together for three years we met over the Internet. I fell hard for his charm and he fell for my open mindedness. Our love is VERY passionate and we are both caring people. A few issues I have had are his need for the finer things in life, his need for alot of space, and a big issue for me is he's naturally flirtatious!!! Yes he love me with all his heart and has painted a picture of us being together forever but it is hard he has a natural charm that ALL the ladies die for!!! So just be cautious. He can be faithful though but you never know!
—Guest Ms. A

pisces woman libra woman

I've been with my libra for 7 years. She's an amazing woman and at times yes she drives me crazy but I cannot picture my life without her. We have had our ups and downs but we always manage to work through them.
—Guest key

Libra woman meets Pisces Man on Internet

I met my Pisces man on the Internet by accident. We both enjoy word games and started chatting about a month ago during the games. I am 49. He is 42 and in what appears to be an unhappy marriage. He travels days on end because of work so that gives him the time he needs to himself. Our chatting has increased significantly and we are more interested in each other than our word games. So far we have not exchanged telephone numbers or engaged in any video chats. All communication is through SMS on the gaming site or via email. I laughed when I read these comments as we are both living in our heads. I need constant communication; he obviously needs an escape from his reality. Since there is no physical communication, we spend hours on end exploring each others minds. The dialogue is intense and we recently discovered we are polar opposites: I am a black woman from Brooklyn. He is a white male from the suburbs. I believe in God. He believes in Darwin. Can't wait to see how this evolves.
—Guest Older Libra

libra f, pisces m

It is so incredible to read all the comments here. For the most part they describe my guy and me to a "t." We met online a couple of months ago and all I can say is WOW! I have never fallen so hard so fast. Same for him. He has taught me to listen more and not to analyze every single thing and to learn to follow my instincts more. I have taught him to be more open and expressive verbally. We just seem to click. It's still early but we already know this is not the norm for either if us and we love it. We can't seem to get enough of each other. We are both 39 and divorced. We are more mature and know what we want so we haven't had communication issues yet. My ex was an aquarius and he was extremely dishonest and deceitful. I have also been with a capricorn (boring) and a Taurus (much too bossy). He is the most romantic and giving man I have ever met. I think I'll follow my heart on this one. Wish us luck!!! t. I think he truly does complete me. ago and allow can
—Guest Chris

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