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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Libra-Pisces Relationship

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pisces woman/Libra man

I have known him for about a week and we hit it off right away. He is so sweet and caring. He makes me feel safe. We talk about everything and anything. He is eight years older then me, which I don't know if it makes any different. I want to see where it goes.
—Guest Ana

Libra chick/Pisces dude

So I met him online, we are both out of terrible (roughly) 10 year relationships, he has a son, and I have no kids. We've been dating for a month and a half now. He's amazing. We haven't had any communication issues so far, he texts me all day! He gets me out of my shell, which is a little scary, but it's great. I find myself starting to make decisions which is crazy! He thinks about me all the time (one day he saw something that reminded me of him and bought it for me, just because!) he's so sweet, which is a HUGE difference from the Scorpio I married. (I know, what was I thinking?!) we just both see the best in the other and he makes me feel so special! I hope it stays this way because I don't want to let him go! Lol
—Guest Head over feet

My love

I'm a libra and I met a boy and were just friends but I'm in love with him. Our relationship is just like this. I'm always helping him find the words to his thoughts and when I'm with him I become mesmerized and disconnected from the world. It's amazing
—Guest X

Libra, F.... Pisces, m

I am the libra female, 25. And he is the pisces male, 27. I love him and he loves me. We both fell so easily!! Unlike anybody else i've encountered, I dont need him to say it bcuz I feel it all the time. Im not saying we dont disagree, but when we do, its a understanding not a arguement. This is our third year together and im expecting and I couldnt see or think of anybody else to even compare. Im in love now more than I was when I first realized I was falling so hard. After reading the compatiblity text, I figured that was us 90%!!!
—Guest Two hearts

Libra F vs Pisces M

We sound just like all the other commenters. Me, being the libra female that I am, need constant reassurance that I am loved, but he never gives me that. He's very detached, moody, and always dwelling on the bad that's going on in his life, which I HATE. I try to talk and he always dances around the subject by changing it or just ignoring me all together. I've been with him for a year although we're having those infamous downs to the point of me being fed up, I can't seem to leave. When I focus on his actions instead of dwelling on what he doesn't say, I do realize that he cares in his own weird way.
—Guest Hailey P.

Roller Coaster

I'm am Pieces and he is Libra and not only that I'm a 42 year old women with a 26 year old man. When I met him I didn't feel connection at first as I was still hooked on the Pieces man I was seeing on and off for 3 years. With that all being said he found me on facebook and kept at me until one night I just gave in. We have been dating for 7 months and it's been magical and hell all wrapped into one. I have never been attracted so much to someone but his lack of responsibility, partying and spending gets a little much for me. He is alos onesided meaning he controls what I do but he takes off all the time all hours of the night cause he doesn't work and I have to. He texts all the time and I never know where he is at which makes me jealous and insucure even though he tells me how much he loves me. We break up every week lol but he keeps coming back and wont leave me be i'm the stubborn one. I feel the extreme excitement when we get along but it doesn't last long. Is it Love or Luv
—Guest Guest Sheri

Sometimes its great sometimes its not

I am a Libran woman and my boyfriend of 1 year is a Pisces. Sometimes its magical and other times my dreamy dominating personality gets to him and he brings me hurling back to Earth. He's a typical moody Pisces, and I find it hard. Sometimes I can't cope with it, but other times we get along really well. It's hard.
—Guest lola rose

My b/f is a pisces

Pisces are very sensitive and like to escape from any pressure or display of emotion. I am a libra and very emotional and need constant display of affection. To make it work I give him alot of space. We've been going out for almost two months and he has been very sure to stay in touch, take me out and make me feel very special. I really like him. I hope it works.
—Guest Mel

im libra my husbend is pisces

i think after when i saw all the comments i have seen the samething on my husben but what can i say i love him very much and i just don't know sometimes i get angry coze we r not together we r in diferent country he tells me im the one but i don't trust him i got jealouse lol

Libra and my Pisces Man

We have been together about two months now and openly communicate about everything. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease. I love him to death and believe that he is my solemate and he feels the same way about me. I didnt ever think that I could feel this way about someone especially in the short period of time we have been together. I am finding it to be a match made in heaven!!!

Libra man & picses woman

The first time I saw her she was so stunning. I remember I had to work on her for about a year before she could take my clever complements serious. Our first date was so great I had to have her. That was eight years ago, and we have been married for six. We have two daughters and they love her as much as I do. We have some conflicts I push her to process things quicker and to see what I believe is the right. This sometimes does not turn out well. She is a mothering type generious and pleaser And I am a risk taker, spontanious thrill seeker. But in all she and the family she has given me must be the greatest blessing in my life.
—Guest libra33M

I love my libra prince

We've been dating for almost 9 months now. I'm a pisces and when I first met my libra guy,it was not love at first sight. But he went after me head strong.Lol!So far we've had one disagreement,which we both agree was more of a misunderstanding.We have learned to communicate better with one another because of that. He's 46 yrs.old and I'm 41,and he says that he has never had a woman like me.Smart,witty,loving and outgoing.Yes I too have kissed many frogs in my past.But I finally have my prince.Leave the past in the past and live in the now.My libra guy taught me to trust and love again...Yes!I love my libra prince:-).
—Guest T G

Love my Libyan boy

I'm a pisces lady with a libran hubby that I adore. We've been together 9 years married 5. I have my faults, I'm lazy, moody, don't like talking and can be incredibly grumpy, he can be selfish, controlling, spendthrift and very arrogant but we click and have done since say one. We don't row both of us hate confrontation but work things thru by talking. He met me wen I came out of an abusive relationship, he picked me up, dusted me off and loved me all the time since. He is a dream fella who I love like no other man I ever loved before..... Together 9 years and we still make each other giggle like kids.
—Guest Lissie1

Pisces Woman with Libra Man

I'll admit, my relationship with my Libra man is difficult at times, but it is worth it in the end. Sometimes when we are together, we just lay there and talk, about anything that is on either of our minds. He is definitely the risk taker, and I'm the paranoid mother-hen type, but we balance each other out. He pushes me to reach for my goals, no matter what it takes, and I keep him grounded and out of trouble. My Libra can get a little selfish, especially when it comes to time. He is always "I don't have time for this, I want to go do that" and it is upsetting, but when I tell him how what he is doing is affecting me, he does whatever he can to make it up to me, and it's nice. When we fight, it's war, but when we make up within the next couple hours, depending on how big the fight was, so fights never last too long. He was my high school sweetheart, We've been together for 5 years now, with many more years to come.
—Guest Amazing

My Pisces man....I don't get him, but...

I am a Libra woman and my on again, off again relationship is with a Pisces man. We have a stronger, truer, more spiritual connection than any I've ever known. I love him more completely than I knew I was capable of. When he is not around my heart aches & my world stops. He is the only thing that makes me happy. I think our relationship suffers because of his communication skills (has none). When he does talk, it's as clear as mud and somehow, I always end up giving in or apologizing, even if it's not my fault! All I want is for him to understand how I feel but it's like he's in his own world and refuses to stop, join the real world, and listen to me for a second. I love him but don't know that I can continue on this roller coaster forever. When it's good, it's amazing; when it's bad, it's horrible. He is truly the love of my life and I will never love another man like I do my wacky Pisces. I love you, Jeff.
—Guest DevilsGirl

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