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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Libra-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Libra-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

COMPLEX though for Eachother

I'm picses girl nd my economics teacher is a libra man..I'm 18 he is 23..ahh thats 5years gap which keep us apart:( otherwise our relationship would be heaven on earth...!! I'm being taught by him since 2years and I'm sure its true love..all this started wid flirt but later we started understanding eachother...I'd never thought that what charactersticks should my life partner possess but I'm sure that is the one for me..I never had a boyfriend because I feel that love is magic that should be showered only on one person..and I'll do that only when I'll be very sure that he is the one...and now when I realise that he's the one I cannot share my bond... Hell I've never told him that I love him because he's already commited to someone and they look perfect together..I'm not a witch who'll steal him from someone..I don't know what to do..We have shared lots of memory and I can sense that he wants me but age factor collapse everything...love isn't meant for me dats what I belive..I love you!
—Guest well wisher

Pisces and libra are perfect together

Im a female(libra) and dating a pisces guy i've cheated on him and he got really mad at m but somehow he forgave me that easy even thou he wont ever forget it he still gvz me crazy love and he trusts me with his life we've been dating for four years nw and this mouth im giving him my virginity cz i love him and he deserves it so ladies if your star sign is libra get yourself a pisces man and you wont regret anythng
—Guest Bonny

Pisces teen with libra teen

what can i say? he's my first everything and god knows that i love him. but my libra boy is really undecide. he cheats on me every time i turn around. but he'll insist he wants to marry. i don't even know wat to believe. i love him with my heart and soul but somedays i think his love is a lie
—Guest tay

Fish scale

I met my libra man last year 2013, when i first saw him for me it was love at first sight. Im on my way home he was riding his bike. That night i cant sleep i keep on thingking of him. Then one day we met i ddnt know how is that happened. He ask me for a date , and i was very hesitant cause im very very shy. It happened very fast, i fall on him, cause he is very carrying, very kind, sweet, and lovable., he keep on syaing how much he love me, i give all he want. I love him so so much. Then one day everthing was change, he ddnt text me, theres no sign of him. I was so devastated. I keep on contact him, i was very confused, curious at the same time. Then he said that he like some one. The one he was courting before me. He ddnt want me anymore, but he said that he really loves me. My whole world crash. My heary breaks into small pieces. I keep on crying and i beg him to stay. But he leaves me. After 3 months he's back. He want me to come back again. He want us to be better again. He tried
—Guest Basha

Pisces woman and libra man

I'm a Pisces woman and he is a libra man every since I met him I just feel alive . He understands me and can read my mind through anything . I can feel that we have a good connection.
—Guest shay

compare and contrast

very confusing, the way his mind works is amazing, he is logical with every single thing which can annoy Pisces but he is so kind and carring and consideres every thing. and weather or not he admits it he hides himself just as much as most pisses, he also includes everyone, if you are nice,he tells you what he is thinking and gives you a glimpse into his world. vary similar to us. like us on the logical side.
—Guest don't know

Pisces baby dad

I love man but I find pisces very serious being a quirky Libra. .. often i take things too lightly in his eyes .. he's not romantic sort but will do what it takes 2 see me and our son happy . Very quiet compared 2 a happy out going Libra lol
—Guest rach

pieces and libra

Well,my libra man is now fed up wid me....n i want him to love me like first he did.....:'(:'(:'(:'(
—Guest jiya

woman pisces

Im in as much.. absolute, mystical love with my libra man as he is with me. Over 2 years and the key is good communication. He hates when i keep negaive feelings hidden so ive learned to just speak out. I hate to feel ignored wich libra can often feel need to be away . Takes adjustment from both parts but is very rewarding
—Guest layla

I'm a Pisces Woman he's a Libran Male

I've been in multiple relationships with Librans... the biggest problem and obstacle for us is we're both indecisive which can be incredibly frustrating. The best things are the romance and when you connect... it's like the entire rest of the world seems to vanish. A Libran can make you feel like a Goddess, like the most beautiful woman int he world. They will cherish you, chase after you, and make you feel as though no one else exists. The NEGATIVES.... in my experience... librans tend to have a quick temper which doesn't always bode well with the emotional Pisces. As a Pisces woman... I am a communicator and I like to talk about honesty, feelings and relationship maintenance. My current Libra man hates conflict... even if HE is the one to cause it; he would prefer me to "get past it and move on" which is frustrating. Libra men view you as a reflection of them self. If you adore them, they adore you. If you are upset or unhappy with them, so will they be with you.
—Guest Romantic at Heart

pisces M, Libra F

The worst thing pisces man can do is to be in relationship with Libra
—Guest iiioo

my libra Pisces regret

I dated a male Pisces and I dearly loved him he made me happy I felt good when I was around him the sex was amazing the only thing that broke us up was my hate for clinginess and the fact that i didn't feel like i could depend on him his ego got in the way and even after that break up we stayed in contact and i ended up being in love with him and a scorpio Smh i ended up being with the scorpio I TOTALLY REGRET IT !
—Guest lady libra


Libra your pisces loves the hell out of you. Love her forever, you'll be a happy man
—Guest Lovely pisces


The most beautiful match ever experienced in my 48 years of living...
—Guest VVV

not good match

libra girls are too musculine, they are like friends and behaviour as man. We need woman not robocop
—Guest TandG

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