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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Part 4

i am so happy to be here to share my great testimony to the world about how i was flee from the bondage of hiv disease, i was diagnosed in the year 2010 since them i was feel uncomfortable because there was no way out for me to be cured, i have pass many ways many hospitals and many churches in this earth, but there was no one to help me out until one day a friend of my told me that she saw many testimonies on internet when she was browsing, she told me how many peoples were giving testimonies about DR.odudu that he has helped a lot of people in this earth, so i quickly told her that she should give me the site which she did and when i searched it on net i saw many testimonies about him myself so i contacted him, he give me some guild lines and also sent me some medications which i will be taking he told me that if i take the medications for two days i will get my sickness cure, so after the two days i went to the hospital to test myself unbelievable the test was negative, i quickly ca
—Guest Guest


he cazed lizzie mcguire and that lovely hocky player to split up. wat kind of a man is he?
—Guest Cara

Part 3

...with Andrew Sexton the psychic. You see what I mean? Psychic Andrew Sexton is a racist. I'm gonnna call me a loyer. That was a waste of $45.
—Guest Guest

CG - part 2

As link didn't show up in my post here a paste of the review: Psychic Andrew Sexton used the word black when talking to me instead of African American. I have 6 children and I want to have one more with my soulma 10th of Feb, 2013 by User205097 I said how come he can't make this man commit. He said can't control that. I said why you say your psychic then. He said he is psychic but not a miracle worker and what about the kids. I said you mean cuz I'm black and he said I don't care if you're blonde honey I still don't think this is right and I'm not having nothing to do with it. So I says to him say black again and he says black. That's when I told him that peoples of African American descent prefer to be called African American these days, not black or negroes or what have you. He said okay but he said it like he didn't really care. The next door man who I want to have a baby with got the woman across the street pregnant with her baby while I was busy wasting my time arguing sematix ...
—Guest Guest


Just found this review on Andrew Sexton. The EXACT same negative review was posted on this site on Chris. Something is very very fishy here.
—Guest Guest

@Guest / re: Chris

Show me ONE psychic who has ever received press coverage other than Chris? Do you really think he's the only one whose ever been presented to them by an independent journalist or a business manager? Do you think any psychic can just fax over a press release and a conservative paper like The Wall Street Journal is just going to print whatever is said? Getting that kind of coverage, as someone who works in media I can tell you, is a miracle, for WSJ and a psychic to get together.
—Guest Benji

Chris Golden is NOT Christian!

Chris Golden doesn't pray to god. You can't have the gift of prophecy unless it is a gift from heaven. Or else it's the work of the devil. He needs to pray to save his soul. Jesus is the only savior and the son of God!!! He needs to beg for the Lord's forgiveness and repent. You will burn in hell for eternity.
—Guest Anonymous

@Guest Chris Golden cheating ex

My sister sent me to Chris Golden so my boyfriend will stay faithful to me. She is also in a long term relationship but Chris won't work with her either. He said the same thing to both of us. He won't make my boyfriend leave his wife and stay with me. He doesn't love her anyway but Chris won't do it. My sister has two kids with her boyfriend and Chris won't make him leave his wife and kids either.
—Guest Lena

Chris Golden

Chris doesn't bring your ex back for you if you cheat. He said the same thing to my cousin about it being bad karma. I just want my ex back and he won't help me because I cheated. He should go to hell.
—Guest Guest G

Chris Golden

He doesn't believ in Jesus. He doesn't Christian and he gonna go to hell and burn. you can only do from God and One God's Son and SPirit and religious.Christian. Only Jesus make miracle. Only God make miracle. Chris Golden is Satan.
—Guest Felicitas

Christopher golden

All the articles on him were written by him or his employee and he gets prnewswire to do press releases on the press release part of news sites Wall Street journal has nothing to do with the press release and their journalists weren't involved in the articles they just allow companies like prnewswire to use their press release section to get press but they say they have nothing to do with those stories
—Guest G

Christopher Golden

Some sites say he is andrew sexton of psychicconfidential.com that's another love psychic with the same promises that no longer exists because it got to many bad reviews and he started under the new name and that's why there isn't any reviews before the last year or so. He just switching names when reviewers start saying his work doesn't work
—Guest Guest

@Guest Simeon Chris Golden

No, Chris Golden refused to bring my ex back because I had an affair with an old flame and he said that I already started dividing myself between my boyfriend and my affair. I promised that I wouldn't do it anymore and Chris said that he could see that I wasn't sincere. I spent the night with my guy a few weeks later and I couldn't hide it from my boyfriend and things took a turn for the worse. Chris said that my boyfriend was already too devastated to forgive me especially because I went back to him again after promising that I wouldn't. I still think that if I was willing to pay for his services that he should have brought my exback to me. I only slipped up once and I didn't spend the night with him again after that. I wanted another chance. He should do the reuniting for everyone that asks for it. Chris said that I would keep hurting my boyfriend and that it wasn't the right thing to do because we aren't supposed to cause heartbreak on purpose.That's not for him to decide.
—Guest Sheri

Christopher Golden

He sent me n my friend the same response to He gave the exact same details about our ex's hearts n thoughts n the only words that were different were the names
—Guest Guest


I guess thats a pretty honest revelation... I mean maybe he's spot on and not trying to make money out of you if he can not help you in the relationship...
—Guest Sarah

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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