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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Astrology Answers - Adrian

I got the free reading. He's spot on in so many areas - so I think that someone is actually doing the reading - which I appreciate. But he keeps calling me a Gemini, and I am not. I copied his signature and blew it up in Photoshop. It's all pixels - he didn't sign or handwrite anything. I also did a little research and realize that Adrian is not the single English gentleman doing this because he wants to better mankind. It's a company. So while I appreciate the excellent free reading I received, I don't want to work with a company and I wrote Adrian and told "him" as much. I was born a psychic with abilities - and have only used them for good, and never at a price. I sense that there is something genuine here - perhaps the astrologer who worked on my chart is the real deal - but the deception...let me know who it is, that you've a network of psychics. It's okay. But don't give us the impression that you care. It was disheartening. But Thank you Adrian for the wonderful free reading.

Christopher Golden

How long does Chris' process take for everyone? Days? Weeks? Any feedback is welcome.
—Guest Jackie B

@ Jackie B / re Chris

Jackie, I haven't, but I figure they're equally as crooked.
—Guest Sheena

Very helpful

Psychic Christopher Golden showed me how to get my ex back. It does sound too good to be true, but he did it in 2 psychic readings. Each reading cost me 150 dollars and was well worth it. There were no spells, just some really good advice and follow up.
—Guest Emily Henry

You need no psychic!

A real psychic wouldn't charge! when you go and seek these sort of things you are bound to run into thieves and everything else that is evil.So seek year first the kingdom of God and all good things shall be added to you!
—Guest Joy come in the morning

Trying to cancel the program

I signed up on Sept.1 for $67. Did not like it and send 2 emails on Sept.3 asking for a refund. No answer! I called and was told one has to try it for 30 days in order to get a refund. Still waiting!
—Guest Sheila

@ Jackie

I have worked with Chris twice. He's great. Very precise, patient and understanding. Would recommend him to anyone.
—Guest Tom

Kephra's Free Psychic Reading

This is about a psychic (a bogus one) named Kephra. Here is her website: http://www.reading-psychic.com/ I only post the link because when I Googled "Kephra + psychic", I found two or three with that name. I want you to be able to find the right one. Anyway, I asked a free psychic question and received a response that started out "I was very moved when I saw your question, so I did your reading right away. The first thing I noticed was the fact that you share a birthday with my mother, so I felt an instant connection with you. " I believe there are people with real psychic abilities but most of them are scam artists. You have to be very careful. Research them first so you don't waste your money. I thought the sharing a birthday thing was suspicious so I posted another question under different name, email and birthday. She wrote back with the same form letter saying I shared her mom's birthday. So her mother has more than one birthday? She's a fake.
—Guest AstridK

@Sheena re Chris

Have you ever used Chris Golden? Has anyone? Seems too good to be true.
—Guest Jackie B

@Jackie B / re Chris

No, they are not the same person. Golden has a whole bunch of news stuff about him and the other guy is like some kind of avatar or automated site that I think rips people off.
—Guest Sheena

In Re to Eileen

Is Chris the Extraordinary the same as Christopher Golden?
—Guest Jackie B

the extraordinary chris

I get those messages from chris too he would like 50 for talisman
—Guest eileen

Astrology report

I paid 19.95 out of my checking account for this phony bullshit. I can't believe I was scammed. I usually research this kind of stuff but I didn't,t. I never received my report after requesting it twice I am now contacting the BBB and the attorney general to get my money back.
—Guest Judy

Disappearing Reviews

I've noticed that this review forum went from over 900 reviews to now only 95. Why is that? There was a lot of useful reviews that are now missing.
—Guest Michael B.


she kept sending me e-mail,saying i;m going to win lots of money,so i pay for her transit and never won any money! then she kept sending me more reports to buy! some people never give up!
—Guest id

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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