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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

Responses: 124


Christopher Golden

Hi, I'm thinking of writing Christopher Golden to reunite me with my ex. Any honest feedback is appreciated. I've read that it is costly, but want to know if it's worth it and how long it took. Thanks in advance.
—Guest Jackie B


hi guys letting you know if you really want a real psychic go to sylvester stallones mother that's areal one
—Guest burn crash

Psychic Mediums

Absolutely no one can force you to hand over your money to a psychic. Some people are genuinely psychic while most are phonies. If you give your money to a phony and then later come to regret it, you have no one to blame but yourself. No one forced you. You had to have wanted something, like the power to like yourself better, or you were easily fooled into thinking there was a curse against you, in order for fake psychics to hold your attention such that you will give them your money. But if you did, then own it. You were the one who willfully handed it over. You have no one to blame but yourself.
—Guest Charles

Psychic Jennifer Mesa

I have been spending about $150 per night speaking to the same psychic for a few months now. During that time she has revealed much to me that has come true. Recently a friend of my brother learned about this and became concerned. He said that this psychic is using background searches on me and involving a number of my friends, family members and professional colleagues to help to make sure that her so-called psychic "predictions" come true. In order to gain their full cooperation she has threatened them all with spells to cause them to grow horns on their heads and hair on the palms of their hands. I have asked for a refund, but the disclaimer on her website says there are no refunds. The police have indicated that if I was foolish enough to give her all this money and willfully, there was nothing they could do. The website for the FBI has no area to report this and my study on Google shows that this is technically not a crime. I am not a happy camper right now. I want justice.
—Guest Angela

Best Michigan Psychics, Michigan Psychic

Sherrie Ellen's Psychic Reading Room is located in Oakland County, MI. We are open 24/7 and available by appointment. Ask about Psychic Sundays.for details visit my site http://www.mipsychics.com/
—Guest Jhonson


SCAM - miss ivy is a scam 928-221-6062 She took 800.00 from me about 2and half months ago - said casted spell claimed to be the strongest and best caster around that her spells were strong and could garantee 24 hour results she also said she was so good that she would return my money if it did not work - well two months later she said that the delay was my fault because I had negativity it would not ORkge. If she was real she would know that this was so false. I requested money back and she refuses.... This all coming from someone who claims to me a church going person...if she was real she old have known the right thing to do was to return the money for what she guaranteed did no work. I have friends in the FBI and local police and I will be filing complaints... If anyone else has experienced the same thing from this women let me know.
—Guest Unfortune

Does Anyone Know of Nicolas Pierre?

I saw his extensive advertisement in Spirit & Destiny and thought he would be genuine. However, I was asked to send a lock of hair plus 45 pounds sterling after his first response for £20. He said that he can see more clearly if he has a lock of hair. His reports sounded so fake. I am somewhat psychic myself so it just felt like a scam. I gave him the benefit of doubt the first time he asked, but when a further request for another lock of hair and £45 came, I knew my suspicions were correct. I would be interested if anyone else has had this experience. How could I have been so gullible?

7th sense psychics

iI had a few readings done last year fro 7th sense Psychics, where they claim you can hear your recordings anytime, I could not, it did not work, secondly all three of them told me different things, which NEVER happened, i went to put in my reviews and they did NOT print it!! THAT TELLS YOU SOMETHING, also they take there sweet time so your minutes can go by fast. SCAM!
—Guest liza

Psychic Selena of Los Angeles

I met her in the parking lot after a show at a theater where the Medium named "Fluer" did her show. She asked me for a ride. While we were in my car she said was also a very famous psychic and that if I gave her some money and went back to her motel room with her, she had some tarot cards and she would give me a reading I would never forget. When we got to the motel she asked me to set the money down on the dresser. Then she said to lay down on the bed. I told her I felt uncomfortable with that and she said this is how she works and not to worry becoz she would lay down right next to me. The she told me to close my eyes. What happened next I am too ashamed to say except that it all happened so quickly. Then she asked me for more money to buy cigarettes and then said I had to leave because "Tyrone" was coming over, whom ever that is. I asked her on the way out what about the psychic insight and all she said was I was a very curious and adventurous person. I feel gipped.
—Guest Bob

Chris The Extraordinary

And NOTHING AN ABSOLUTE SILENCE Iesha, you cannot imagine how your silence weighs on me! Don't see any misplaced pride. This type of attitude is completely unknown to me. But I wonder. I say to myself, 'Chris, what have you done wrong or badly to justify the silence of Iesha ? ». Usually, in the heat of the action and passion I feel for my job, I always capture the interest and attention of those I choose, and know I can help. It is not my doing alone, but the power of my convictions blah blah blah..... This is some of the email I copied and pasted from the email I received from "The extraordinary Chris". I agree with everyone on here, don't let this Chinese/Japanese scam business trick you, I even googled the address from the email, it looks like a dump smh...

Master of destiny on keen scam

After several years of speaking to master of destiny he kept tell me that the person I was calling about wanted me and there was no other women in his life.... But I found out this was not true....my friend ended up being in a 9 month relationship I was not aware of....so devasting to find dont waste your monry!!!! Beware
—Guest Who knew

Psychic reknown miss ivy scam

Miss ivy scammed me big time - sent money she claims to have done a love spell - shortly after getting money her website went down now in place is website under name Katherine North and venessa - she claimed 100 percent garantee money back which she did not 2 month later nothing!!!! Beware
—Guest Who knew

Astrology Answers

I got a free reading they everything looks good then I get another reading with different information I email and ask which one is correct I have emailed them at 5 times someone emails me back saying they are customer service and can not give me any answers I need to talk one of their Astrologers but of course they don't tell you how they just keep sending the two different charts I think it's just a computer some where


Chris does not do spells. It says so right on his site. He has also published articles which say that spells do not work. So whoever is saying that he charges for spells is a troll.
—Guest Cherie

No such thing as spells

I No Longer believe In spells anymore. How are all these people still able to get costumers I don't know. I have tried Christopher Gordon he talks you into spending 400 and it never works. I have tried Ashra spells and she is also a rip off. The price looks good but then after every spell she talks you out of more money. I have also tried alexandra@ancient-magic.com and another rip off but lucky with that one I was able to get a refund because I filled a claim with a system she uses call plimus. Now my current one is lovespellsbyangel.com Psychic Angel. She will make you do western union or the vanilla reload card. I picked the card. She will tell you to burn the recipients and the card but luckily I took pictures of both. She will make you spend 75 and guarantees that you will get it back if your lover doesn't return within 48 hrs she then tells you to get $400 out to use during the cleansing because you have to have it on you. She THEN says Send Her the money So Her AND Her Siste
—Guest renee

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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