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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Thanks for Katherine warning!

I was soooo close to paying for the Transit Period Guide until I read these bad reviews today about Katherine from Astrology Answers. I have received emails (almost harassing) every two days for two weeks, asking me why I am resisting and still thinking about responding to her offer (always very polite and so endearing). The price has now dropped to $19.00 with strangely enough - three easy payments of $9.00!! That obviously doesn't add up to $19.00!! Also, when I tried to ring the 1800 number (probably USA), it says it is disconnected and when I sent questions to the Chat Line, they were not answered. So the warnings were there. I'm very glad I read Jmak and Mukwah and other's comments. I have been to a clairvoyant and she was extremely accurate. I'd rather see someone in person from now on.
—Guest Shirley

christopher golden scares u strait

i cant fit my hole letter here neither but it was scary how real he was. I was furious at first tho cuz I nvr thought my ex was cheating on me and later I found out that he was still going on and off with his ex and she was already pregnant like he said. I emailed him back so mad sayin he was a fraud and a scammer but i found out about his ole lady some time later and i apologize to christopher golden cuz he was right. he cant give lotto numbers tho.
—Guest Panthera88383

Letter Chris Golden

Hi B------ Thank you for reaching out to me for insight regarding your love interest --------. Before we look at anything further out into the future, I must address the most pressing issue that I pick up on - do not deceive this man and go through with your plans to get pregnant. The trajectory that you are on will result in devastating chaos not only for you but also for the unborn child you are trying desperately to bring into this world. -------- has no intention of staying with you and regardless of the promises he has made to you in the past, he will not make good on any of them, especially once he hears that you are pregnant. Furthermore, I am sensing that he already has a child on the way with another woman. As much as your heart is holding the most intense feelings for -------- at this time, you will not stay on this path and it will prevent you from engaging the higher love that you seek. If what I have said resonates with you, then please get in touch with me to book a
—Guest Panthera88383


He does not believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. He is going to hell and I hope that he dies of AIDS. If he's telling celebrities like Hilary Duff to dump their husbands than there is a special place in hell for jew boys like him.
—Guest Bernice

@ Ben Letter from CG

Hi Fran - Thank you for reaching out to me for clarity on your marriage. As much as you feel your heart awakening and expanding in Charles's direction, your inner voice is guiding you to stay and work on the connection that you and your husband have been cultivating over the last 9 years. I feel the sincerity of your emotions being drawn to this man - he has brought you to a more lighthearted place where you feel valued and noticed for the woman you have become, however, you took a vow and your heart was true when you started the journey with Darren. Your marriage is NOT over. You and Darren love each other but you have stopped expressing your appreciation for him when you believed he no longer valued you and the growth you have made, especially in the past 2 years. This has to end and you already know that. The heart space begins with givingness and compassion. Love is ignited when we give it as the gift that it is meant to be. Your heart of hearts still hungers for your husba
—Guest Guest Guest

@Guest @RobinW C. Golden

ex girlfriends started contacting him on facebook and then they started texting and it was at my birthday and now I know it was totally harmless because she was just wishing him congratulations for getting engaged to me but I have major trust issues and angermanagement issues and I blew up at him again infront of all my party guests and started screaming at him being a jerk and a-hole and my birrthday was ruined and I said ti was his fault and i was so hurt and it was really a bad situation. I got in touch with Chris again and before I said anything he told me that he could see Roy was in a really bad head spaceand that it looked like he was hiking.I couldn't believe it because for the bachlors party Roy and his friends went for a hunting trip and they almost cancelled it because he called off the wedding. So I messed this one up really bad and Chris and I had a lot of work to do but I was super dedicated and I knewthat he was successful everything I worked with him before so I listed.
—Guest Guest Guest RobinW

Fiance Breakup Reunited Christopher G

So Chris knew that I had to stop pestering him and also that my anger management was totally out of hand. He did a karma healing for me and that totally worked.It took about a week and a half and he told me step by step what to do. I actually listened thefirst time because I was desperate to get Roy back and I would do anything. Chris was really clear though and he told me I would have a rough patch in 3 weeks and to keep my mouth shut and he was dead on. But I didntlisten to him and I startd badgering Roy again about something stupid I don't even remember what and it was at the grocery store and I hyelled at him again in public and made a huge scene and it was so embalarasssing and Roy was pissed off this time and we were just getting things going so well and i had to ruin it by not listening to Chris.so I had to go back again do some other healing. Thisngs were going great again for the next year and I ddint talk to Christ just updated him and then we got engaged and one of Roy's
—Guest RobinW

@Guest @RobinW C. Golden

I went to Chris Golden 2 years ago not long after I met my fiance. We had a huge blow up over something small and it just kept escalating. I thought we were over since he stormed out and stopped answering my texts. Chris knew exactly what happened and told me that I had to fix two things right away. I know I have a problem with nit picking but I don't know how Chris knew it. He said that I just kept aggravating the situation because I was trying to force Roy to admit that he was wrong but I was snooping around in his apartment in the first place and I wouldn't admit to that. I questioned him about somethings that I found and not being exclusive and one thing led to another and he turned red and I was devastated because I couldn't stop and I knew it was getting worse and everything was driving me crazy. Also Chris saw that I dumped a pitcher of beer all over Roy in front of his friends at a hockey game and totally embarrassed him in front of everyone and I couldn't control my temper.
—Guest Guest RobinW

@Guest Ben

I can't fit the whole letter in here but here is the meat of it... "You are incorrect that xxxx is your soul mate, in my view. What you felt was powerful but also very temporary. While he has moved on with his life you are still hanging on to something that is over. Some times I can help people to get their ex back and sometimes I cannot. This is clearly a situation where he has moved on and is happier now. I am sorry to tell you this, but honestly I do feel you will be happier the sooner you let go. You will not be open to something more fulfilling as long as you maintain an obsessive, one-way attraction to your ex. This is not a battle worth fighting. If you care to book a session with me, I would be happy to steer you in the right direction, in terms of connecting with the man whom you will share genuine and lasting happiness with, provided you manage the relationship correctly..." And then he goes on to give me a link to give him $75 for a 15 minute psychic reading.
—Guest Loretta


how long were you working with Chris and how long did it take for you to start seeing results. What happened in your case?
—Guest Guest

Katherine Scam NUmbers

I don't know how everyone is making it to her site but I was convinced at first to. The predictino I got seems to be fine but I just really hoped the numbers were going to be my licky numbers. I played them on wednesdays lotto and just for good measure did Thursdya and saturnday but nothing.Im also going to a rtanstiion phase but that doesnt seem like now. I was in January. I wwas also going to move .ast October and not now.Dont send over anymore to ehr. just dont.
—Guest Patricia

@ Guest Guest - Letter from CG

Can you copy and paste the letter on to this? I lost mine as it was so long ago... I'm just curious to see what it said.
—Guest Ben

Katherine is a scam!!!!

Please be careful, I am a smart person and this Karherine from Astrology Answers got me! Paid $70 and received nothing!!! Biggest mistake I made, wish I never gave over my credit card details. Too late now, but please save your money and buy something else. It is sad there are people like this in the world that prey on us believers.
—Guest AussieGirl

Christopher Golden

He sent me and my friend the same response word for word. Don't lose your money and you ex
—Guest Guest


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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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