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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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@Guest Sarah

You sound like another Chris groupie. I hope you get sick and die. I hope he gets sick and dies. I either want my ex back, or I want him and his wife to get sick and die.
—Guest Guest

@Guest Guest

... Um... Wishing I'll against another is never a good thing. If you really love someone, it's not about owning them and being angry is only because you can not control their choices. If you have been given instructions, it's for your own good. If you can't see why that's good for you, maybe you should question your motives.
—Guest Sarah

Astrology Answers - Katherine

Looks like I've been scammed, sort of. Did receive online excerpts from books which I enjoyed reading. Still awaiting my Transit Period Guide (paid one which does ask for your birth date and place). Oh well, if I don't receive the Guide then the only damage done is paying for overpriced excerpts from some books. And wanting to believe and trust that Katherine wanted to help and now feeling a little foolish :)
—Guest Em


In fact, by now I've been scammed by probably 30 different psychics and healers. Nobody will help you unless you pay them for their time and they all make you follow directions. The whole racket is a scam. I just want somebody to either get me my ex back or else to make sure he is miserable and his new girlfriend gets sick and dies.
—Guest Guest

Christopher golden

I almost bought that excuse except that his website has lots of detailed "client" testimonials so he clearly has no problem with success stories
—Guest Guest

@Guest / re: Chris

That is defeatest thinking. Chris did for me exactly what he said he could and would do. He was realistic from the start that it does not happen over night and that I wud have to follow his instruction. I did everything he said to do. I'm glad I did becoz it worked and I'm happy.
—Guest Barbara

@Guest Chris Golden

Your energy dilutes if you start talking about your success and your relationiship picks up energy from other people so I don't think anyone would really want to tamper with the progress of there situations. Negativity is toxic. I had to push through that myself. Stay positive and it all comes together. I just don't want to mess with a good thing that I have now but i can tell you that if you stick with it and do not let yourself fall into a funk it works. Keep your chin up and just focus on all the good things so you draw more of that to yourself. Another thing that really helped me get through the rough patch was my affirmation boards. Love and light and blessings!
—Guest Guest Guest

Chris Golden

feelin like a fool while my ex was getting over me I was visioning us getting back together now im still where I was when we first broke up and he is over it I probably could have gotten him back if I didn't follow the directions and talked to him while he still cared
—Guest Anonymous

Christopher Golden

its discouraging no one has had success since Brit and lots of you say you are working with him for a long time and any good reviews there is no way to know for sure they are real. if you search pictures and names from some reviewers on other sites they seem to be generic pictures so likely not real reviewers
—Guest Guest


Any update on the planning of your call with Chris?
—Guest Guest

The extraordinary Chris - Astrologer - P

DO NOT SEND PAYMENT TO THIS ADDRESS HK.INTERNET - Flat 2305 Tung Chun Commercial Centre 438-444 Shanghai Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon, HK that's all I needed to see thank god I have piss poor eye sight and have on screen mag, I know how this guy does it he gets into your computer and looks for documents and internet searches and then tailors the first couple of emails to you hoping for a hit or miss, I end up getting his email as I clicked on it by mistake when doing paid online surveys now I'm not saying there isn't people with abilities he claims to have but people with those type of abilities don't charge and say they want to help for 59 or 300 dollars and yes I do believe that he gets that from rich people with too much money, maybe Justin beaver should get his help, might help I personally do believe in these sort of things I don't think god has a problem with it just like god if you believe made everything then well its by his hand anit it, so believe what you will faith is blind
—Guest alexis

Mary White Sheldon Scam Psychic

Went to the psychic shop on Ocean Ave and she spooked me and my boyfriend with curses and bad spirits around us. She was talking to the dead peolpe in my family and said that my Aunt Kelsie was murdered by her husband and that it wasn;t jsut a overdose. Mary had a back room with velvet walls and a round table covered with purple velvet. It was really dark and she only did the medium work there to talk to the dead. After lighting a white candle, she held my hands and the table started rattling and she rolled her head back and then her eyes rolled back and she sounded like she was going to choke. I wanted to get out of there but she was holding my hands to tight and she was talking in a scratchy voice, way to deep sounding. I almost made a mess I was so scared. She said that my Aunt had a message for my mother but I had to do another mediumship reading because my time was up. I am really scared but she got someo of the facts right about my family so I am worried and I don't know if
—Guest Dolphin27FL

@Guest Guest

Chris got our relationship back on track. He's sometimes more like a personal trainer than just your every day psychic, but he helped me to face some tough stuff and get my whole thing back together.
—Guest Robin

@RobinW Chris Golden Worked for you?

Hi Robin, can you share about your fiance and what Chris Golden did with your situation? Did it take a long time?
—Guest Guest

Kristel of Beverly Hills

I went to see this fortune teller with a neon hand sign in her window and she tries to tell me she's Chris Gold the 90210 celebrity guy. I know he's a man and she says that Chris is a girl's name short for Kristel. Now I've heard he can change a person's gender cuz I red it on another site. But I do not think he changed his own gender and I think Kristel is lying to me. However, because I do believe in Jesus I gave her the five hundred dollars she axed for to remove a spell on my family so that we don't all die in a tragic taxi accident on the way home from winning a red gold fish at the fair.
—Guest Sammy

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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