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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Psychic Medium Clarrissa

I found this lady where I stay at in New Jersey. She said oh she can contact the dead and stuff. But then everything she said was like I see an older male figure with a heart problem. Doesn't everybody have in their family at one point an older male figure with a heart problem. Now I just read about the Long Island Medium Teresa Caputo and how she does fishing and cold readings and all that and then turns out she was doing back round checks on her people who go to see her. And they paying her money: http://guardianlv.com/2014/06/long-island-medium-actually-big-time-fraud/
—Guest Carla

fake reviews listed on this site

I am fairly certain that there are a lot of fake reviews on this site, especially when it comes to Astrology Answers reviews. A lot of people here saying they have been using them for years, but they haven't even been in business that long. Also, Lora keeps posting the same review and seems to confuse Astrology Answers with someone else, she keeps commenting about someone named Mirena. Astrology Answers doesn't even have someone there with that name. I have been using Astrology Answers for 6 months now, and they are a reliable and good service. I thought About.com was owned by New York Times? Does that not mean you have to get your facts straight and think twice, maybe 3 times, before publishing any little thing? You could be sued for defamation and slander otherwise, just saying. I am a journalist so I know. Maybe you should stop posting fake reviews to get your ranking up Molly Hall, it's not real journalism. If this comment does not get published I will write an expose myself. Thank
—Guest Anna

Madame Psychic Anna Lopez

When I was at her house she said she wuld break open a egg and if yoke came out i wuld have 7 years of good luck with love but if blood came out i wuld have 7 years bad luck. Well guess what she made fake blood come out the egg and I no its fake becoz shes a faker. Well anyways then she wanted five grand to complete the spell work. I said I dont have that kind of money and she said she wuld go with me to the atm or my bank. I told her no and she said that something bad is now going to happen to my family. So i went to the bank and took out the 5 thousand and gave it to her for her supplies to do the spell work and now she dont return my calls. Everytime i call her a young child answers the phone and says she not here. Im waiting for the good luck but so far only more bad luck. I don't know whether to go back and see her or not.
—Guest Yolanda

Astrology Answers

I out of curiosity went to the site and got the "free" reading and than "Adrian" sent me an email about how" urgent it was that I do the "life changing astrology guide" It included 5 digital books FOR FREE he said. For only $67. I wasn't going to spend that so I didn't reply. Next day I got 2 more emails from "Adrian" and he said because I was at a time where many things were changing and it's important to know what to do, he's going to do something he NEVER does and I can't "tell anyone"- he was going to lower the price for me to $42." Dumb a** that I was, should have known better but for that amount I figured ok what the heck, I'll do it. Well, here I am 4 days later and NO astrology guide yet he keeps sending me emails asking me what I think of the "guide". I emailed that business 3 times w/no response to any email. I"m not reporting this to paypal. Bunch of scammers!!!!!

Psychic Charles is a racist

He made me the last client on his list for the day, okay? What does that tell you? Then he gets all rushed at the 14 minute mark and remind me I payd for 15 minutes and do I have just one more question. If I was white wuld he rush me like that? I am a edgucated women and I don't need to be talk down to becoz my race. Anyone using him shuld no that if yhou are a women of color you will be treated as such. I have complained to the webmaster on his web sight and hope to get him fired for this. I may also tell sertain people in the media. Don't go to Psychic Charles becoz he don't no what he taking about.
—Guest Lowenda

Psychic Maria

She tell me give her more money, more money, always to give more money. I don't give no more money so she says she make demon burn my house down. No I afraid to go inside my house. How come she be like that?
—Guest Pho Nuc

Adrian/Should have listened to my gut.

I am usually level headed with money but when it comes to wanting to know my future I don't seem to know better.I was lured in by the fancy promo and promise of insight that I coughed up the 67usd for my Life Changing Guide, which I was very disappointed in it was very vague and off in many areas.and I was stupid to go with the upgrade that cost me a further 191usd in which I am in dispute with my credit card company. as the site says 100% money guarantee if not happy, we shall see, I should have gone with my gut feeling which said its probably another scam. and secondly read any and all online reviews, Please anyone out there ready to part with their hard earn case for a reading by Adrian, just give it to me at least you will know it went to better use. I should have just put my faith in God.
—Guest Diane

norah astro clairvoyant scam artist

i just saw norah's page yesterday and after reading all these replies i am glad i deleted her email.she sends the same mail to everyone. with all the bull crap about how ur life will take a turn and how bad it has been for u since childhood.wtf???
—Guest vincy

Please read this

To all of you who are like me searching for answers in our lives! I been searching for a good psychic to help me in. I had the worse year last year and again this year with deaths in a family, sickness in the family, and other problems. So I went in the internet searching for someone who could help me, and I found a couple of them and they sent me continuous email after email things that was going to happen in my life and they needed to to resolved quickly. But I had to pay by a credit card at the bottom first. Well Please all of you who reads this don't pay anything by credit cards to these people it happen to me a scam and I tried to get a real email, or real person and no one was real. So all emails are automated from the computer and nothing is real, be aware of these scam, anyone who asked for a credit card is fraud please believe me. we don't have a place to complain to.(I TRIED A FEW) and the ones who doesn't give a real email are fake, please be aware of this BIG SCAM!
—Guest Maria

I was duped by Jenna

Hi, having read all of the above, I'd just like to say that I was scammed by 'Jenna'. She offered exactly the same 'you are on the cusp of a transition' crap as Norah, and I'm ashamed to say that I was so down on my luck that I swallowed it whole and spent money I didn't have on an 'astrological reading'. None of it was correct. None of it offered any truth or insights. None of it was worth the paper I could've printed it on, don't waste your money on this false astrologer/ medium. Keep it in your pocket and dig deep inside yourself for salvation.
—Guest Moi

Billboard sighting!

Saw a billboard on the side of the road in Oregon..with "Nora's" face on it..I remember the billboard wasn't advertising Astrology/Psychic !
—Guest Lazlo

Lucky I Checked out Norah Before

Hi, yes I followed my intuition sense and checked out Norah before falling for this scam. Norah mentioned that it was no coincidence that I just happened to run across her website on this day and time. She also spoke about coming into a Transit Period, in fact I was right on the cusp of this transit period and how my life was going to transform and that I would mend this rif between my True Self and my Higher Self. Norah mentioned that this was necessary in order to achieve one's True Potential and recognizing what's your True Purpose in this lifetime. I'm so glad that I researched her before spending any money, now I plan delete her email.
—Guest Gold

Bully! http://www.tara-medium.com/

I requested a free tarot reading. This "person" bombarded me with emails telling me bad things were going to happen unless I paid for the full reading. Any "gifted" person would not behave in such a way! If you want a true psychic, look for Russell Grant!
—Guest DreamItBeItNow


i was lied to by norah but just out of curiousity is tupaksensitive.com a real or fake
—Guest everything

Online spiritual guidence

Sometimes when you are lost and don't quite trust your conscience, or cannot hear what your heart tells you, and you do belong to organised religion, you still feel you need to understand your existence and seek a meaning with it. Therefore you pose a question to the powers beyond trough an "online-medium". You get the answer and you chew on it. Maybe it gives rise to reflection. If they tell you you are one in a million and they clear their schedule just to care for your special and truly unique spiritual path, then they ask for money. You leave it at that. If you want Clair-Voyance, seek one in real life. Get to see and communicate face to face. Go on seeking but show common sense too.
—Guest Argunova

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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