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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Premium Astrology Is a fake!!!!

I got a reading for free then 49.00 then without my knowing I was charhed 79.00 for monthly reports.Did get that back stay away from Norah and Premium Astrology They Are One In The same.Be Very Wary
—Guest val c

old people are doing this...

i happen to know one of the so called care team that works for this Astrology crap. the entire team is made up of rich retired people over 50 yrs old. do not pay any money to these people. all are scams and the basterds should be thrown in jail
—Guest Mike


I received the same free reading and scam about Transit Period etc from "Norah" at Premium Astrology as several other people, telling me that quote " it is a very rare occurrence that I come into contact with an individual who is on the cusp of a personal Transit Period." and but there's bad news too " I sense that there has been some evil pursuing you practically since childhood, and that you've had one problem after another, especially as far as money is concerned. I saw all the anxiety and suffering you've had to put up with, and I saw your present problems too." Sad thing is I believed this because it rang true to me, so I emailed her after making my purchase for a full reading/transit period chart and over a day later I received an email from "Monica" totally unrelated to my query. This company is so fake! Call your bank and get a refund! They have Premium Astrology's number if this one gets changed. Note that I had to call two times to get an answer 1-866-732-9787. Good luck!
—Guest Sigh

Tara Scam-Norah Not

Hi I purchased a reading from both Tara, Gabriella and Norah. The only one with interesting and useful advice was Norah. It is somewhat vague at times but does address some key life events. I only paid 49.00 dollars and am happy with the reading. I think people looking for someone to change their life are just silly. However, if you are just looking for some valuable insight then I recommend Norah. That's my two cents. Cheers, Alex
—Guest Alex


Not all mediums give false readings, I do it for free and I give out what is channeled to me from Spirit. I agree that some who send things via the email are all the same, so one has to be very careful who they deal with. I cannot tell you the future, but try to help when I can. My daughter keeps getting these emails from Nora, I feel that if they cannot work through and with Spirit then do not get a reading from them. This is my opinion only. Maybe they will not publish this that I have written.

She's An Evil Witch!

I purchased a report and paid $80. It did not resonate with me at all and while i figured I'd just bite the bullet and never make the same mistake again by ordering astrology online, the worst part is, I continued to get unsolicited charges on my credit card. THIS IS A SCAM. She is a terrible person and her team are basically the devil. They will get what's coming to them for their evil scam.
—Guest Elle


Hey everyone every single psychic online is a scam artist. However the best advice I recieved was from Gabriella for a free reading, don't buy it... it's not worth it.. She just opened my third eye and it was a miracle to me at that time. However go to www.grupovenus.com it's the best free readings out there! I guarantee it! It's always accurate!
—Guest Tia

Premium Astrology For Fun

A few hints about the method of Norah at Premium Astrology: (1) Every day of your life is a transition period, so that's a safe prediction. It appears in all the personalized free readings. (2) People who claim to hold good luck hostage until you pull out your Visa are preying on our fears that we aren't living up to our true potential. But we can do that for free. (3) Making good choices is always desirable. But "Norah" (v.2.1 beta) pretends to have some secret. That's the oldest charlatan trick in the book. The real "secrets" to a good life are no secrets. (4) Be your own messiah for a change, at least so long as the professional messiahs like Norah use phrases like "you must act now" and accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.
—Guest Jammer

Fools Gold

These sites remind me of fools gold! How PT Barnum said it best, There is one born every minute. Save your hard earned money. No one can force you to turn over your money, its a choice. Chose wisely and keep it for better legitimate causes. The Deborah (customer service rep) is a hoot! She is paid to maintain damage control to the facade that Premium Astrology is legit. It is a legitimate scam :) Too bad the internet can't be sprayed with bug killers ....
—Guest Guest Enlightened

Premium Astrology Fraud

i posted the details for my wife as well as myself. Both of us received exactly same content about transit period & luck coming our way. premiumastrology.com is a fraud.
—Guest Shiman

Norah is a scam

I recently clicked on a link to this "Norah." It said something along the lines of her offering free readings because she wanted to share her gifts with the world. That she lived very comfortably and didn't need the money. I chose to get this free reading by entering my email address, name and DOB. The email that she had promised was there the next day. It had come at about 3am. This was my first clue that "Norah" was not a real person and that a computer must have generated the email. I mean, who emails someone that early? I read it anyway and it was long and generic, with my name sprinkled throughout to make it feel personalized. She said that I was about to enter this great transition period and must act now to take advantage of it, that I had no time to waste as this may be a once in a lifetime thing. Today I got another email from her. Turns out I've had an evil force or entity or something since childhood. Sounds scary right? Its the same for everyone. DON'T BE FOOLED.
—Guest Mo

thanks for sharing

I'm quiet new to these psychic readings,I'm trying to know my inner self and i had to search on the internet for resource.whats peculiar is that they say you get a free psychic reading but after they give a brief reading they demand for money for you to get a full reading.i also read somewhere were it was said these readings are just to help mankind not for greedy purposes as is the case now.i thank all of you for sharing your experiences and i believe that this is the practical part of serving mankind.
—Guest yeye 1


People do not fall for this one. I actually was dumb enough to pay $80 which is very high for an unemplpyed starving student but the lady scared me into it. Turns out in the actual reading she never mentioned the "evil that had been pursuing me since childhood" and what it was. It turns out she gave me a lecture on the law of attraction and how I need to change my mindset to attract things. WTF?? I paid $80 for this? Thank God I got my money refunded by a monica. Its a computer!! She is not real. My friend got the same exact reading (free one) only difference was her name. They all say the same thing even i got free reading with Gabriela so called psychic she seemed accurate at first but knew it was the same as Norah. It was the same reading..I am in a transit period and it was a miracle I found her..bla bla...so i hear she tells that to everyone. How can everyone be in the transit period all at once. BS!!!
—Guest y80


Hi all it seems there are more and more scammers, the shame is the target the people that are in need of help, i have noticed over the last couple of years the market has been saturated with all sorts of awful and tasteless services, this saturation hounds the real light workers like me to be able to get out and help. Just think before you buy or sign up does this situation feel right, if you have a little doubt then walk away :-) www.darrenbayliss.co.uk
—Guest Darren Bayliss

Premium Astrology

Hi Everyone, We appreciate your feedback and want you to know that we are avaliable anytime to speak to. The content from Norah's readings are catered to the specific individual. Please note that your individual Transit Period is the focus of Norah's work. We have a complete 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy or uncertain about your specific reading. I am avaliable anytime to talk so please feel free to email me at deborah@premiumastrology.com Thanks!
—Guest Premium Astrology

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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