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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Christopher Golden

I am waiting for an email from Christopher. I want to do the Chakra and waiting for a response. He says he can save this and I am putting my faith in him. Does anyone have their ex's say anything to them why they come back? What made them do it? A feeling?
—Guest Chris

Storm Cestavani fake celeb Astrologer

Celebrity Astrologer? No celebrity has endorsed him publicly. He talks about reading for Madonna and had a list of other soap stars on his website. He claimed to someone who chooses to remain anonymous that he was in Madonna’s movie Truth or Dare. A frame by frame examination of the film doesn’t show anyone who looks like any on Cestavani’s web photos (which aren’t real) and no one in Madonna’s film matches the true description of an overweight man with bad skin. He talks about high powered actors getting readings from him, yet no one has written a public testimonial? Clients are confidential, so if he feels he can speak so freely about these stars, where are their testimonials? Would you want someone to read for you if they were shopping around intimate facts about your life especially whether real or false?
—Guest Dave Solomon

Storm Cestavani lives with Mommy

His business Astrological Encounters, Inc. is located in Massena, NY also where he resides. http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/Astrological.Encounters.Inc.315-764-1434 http://www.manta.com/c/mmzgncy/astrological-encounters He claimed he lived in an $8 million penthouse on Park Ave and 73rd, New York, NY. No address available, no property records. He claims to have been able to see Time Square from his penthouse, but Times Square is on 42nd Street and it would be impossible to see Times Square from 73rd Street and Park Avenue. He claimed to have sold that to his brother’s law firm and moved with his boyfriend a prominent gay/lesbian activist to Amityville, NY. He has told people he lives in the actual Amityville Horror house, a home that was seized from a financial banker and purchased the alleged Amityville home in December 2009. He boasted that Madonna’s brother decorated the home down to spending over $30,000 on the floors. In fact he LIVES WITH HIS MOMMY.
—Guest Dave Solomon

Storm Cestavani uses aliases

A report done by a private eye hired by someone who wants to remain on deep background for fear of reprisal questioned his claims regarding his astrological certifications in 1998. Mr. Cestavani claimed to be a graduate of the London School of Astrology and was the holder of the D.F. AstrolS degree. Inquiries to the school in London revealed that no on had ever heard of him there and no one knew his name. He also claimed to have a Diploma as an Analyst in Psychology from the Association of Jungian Analysts. He also claimed to have a Masters Degree in psychology from UCLA. No record of anyone with his aliases have degrees from these institutions. He claimed to be under contract with Weiser Books for a book on Mars. An inquiry to Weiser Books revealed that no such books were ever in the works and that no one at Weiser Books had ever heard of Storm Cestavani. The Private Investigator’s report mentioned above showed the many different aliases. Storm is a con artist criminal.
—Guest Dave Solomon

Astrologer Storm Cestavni is a fake

The person who calls himself Storm Cestavani is someone who goes by many aliases. He appeared as Richard Mariani working for the psychic line Psychic Friends Network, the psychic line hosted by Linda Georgian and Dionne Warwick in the early 90s. He did in fact work for this company doing infomercials and doing ―radio‖ with a woman who confirmed this. Three people have been known to have met him in person and all but one confirmed the name he went by was Richard Mariani. Richard Mariani was described as a large man, overweight, pock marked skin, dark hair and glasses. He was also known as a chain smoker. This is not the image he portrays. He posts pictures of models or men who look like models and thus misrepresents to the public what he really looks like. That by itself isn’t so egregious, but the facts tell another story. He tells people that he’s had $75,000 worth of plastic surgery and that his waist size is 31 inches. He is a total fraud with a radio show on Keen.com
—Guest Dave Solomon

Storm Cestavani

I want everyone to know that an individual who comes on here who claims to be a good looking man named Storm Cestavani is not the good looking man that the photo depicts on his web page. Enough is enough and I am not going to cover for him anymore. His real name is Richard Oakes. Now he can probably get away with using the name "Storm Cestavani" since he claims to have purchased rights to that name from the real Storm Cestavani but he cannot get away with using a picture on his web page that claims to be of him when it is not of him. He can not get away with using the bio of the real Storm Cestavani and making it appear to be his personal bio. It appears to be unethical to conduct a business in such a deceptive manner. How did Miss Cleo's business get taken down, does anyone remember? Wasn't it similar deceptive practices, such as claiming to be a Jamaican shaman? Didn't the FTC get involved? I don't see a whole lot of difference here. He is a crosssdresser who own Coventry Creations
—Guest Dave Solomon

Atrology Answers

I did the free reading for fun, just to see what would happen. The "free" report I received seemed legit in a way; I've never seen charts like that and there was a lot of info to mull through. However; as soon as he said "Very important time; I'll give you a discount, but you can't tell anyone" I realized he was scammer. Sure enough I look at tons of reviews for the website and NONE of them are pleasant one's.... my advice to anyone is ALWAYS do your homework when it involves spending your hard earned cash; you work hard for it, while scammers trick and lie for it. The only thing I will say is that 'Karma' is a harsh and cruel mistress at time's (if you're in debt on the wrong side to her) that no one can escape. Astrology Answers should no this with all their "teaching"; lol
—Guest G

Astrology Answers

This is the second suggestion here that I'm trolling my own site for some kind of gain? I do the best I can ferreting out which comments are fake and which are not. I'm not familiar with Astrology Answers as a business, and many names are mentioned here. Yours and the previous AA-related comment suggest slander. I see in your comment an accusing finger pointing at me and three pointing back at yourselves.
—Guest Molly - Moderator

Fake Astrology Answers reviews

As a reg user of Astrology Answers, have to agree with what Guest Anna said. You state here that the comments are being 'heavily' trolled and fake comments will be deleted, but Anna has pointed out some fake reviews and you have not deleted them. The one from Lora for example is so obviously fake. So I can't help but wonder what else is phony on this site. Is it you Molly that is the one heavily trolling this site with fake comments? Posting fake reviews to bash another company for your own publishing gain is not only morally unethical, but it is also slander. You also are giving the New York Times and About a bad name. Very enlightening, thanks for that info Anna. You should write that expose anyway. What is worse than being tricked by a scam artist online, is being tricked by someone using a reputable publishing platform to lie to others for clicks and SEO advantages. Dear About and NYT, one reader lost, spreading the word to many others.
—Guest Jan


I have spent more than I should have on this scam and will not be spending anymore! With every purchase you make it is only follwed by trying to get you to make another purchase when you haven't even received anything for your original purchase!!!
—Guest Ann

Psychic Medium Clarrissa

I found this lady where I stay at in New Jersey. She said oh she can contact the dead and stuff. But then everything she said was like I see an older male figure with a heart problem. Doesn't everybody have in their family at one point an older male figure with a heart problem. Now I just read about the Long Island Medium Teresa Caputo and how she does fishing and cold readings and all that and then turns out she was doing back round checks on her people who go to see her. And they paying her money: http://guardianlv.com/2014/06/long-island-medium-actually-big-time-fraud/
—Guest Carla

fake reviews listed on this site

I am fairly certain that there are a lot of fake reviews on this site, especially when it comes to Astrology Answers reviews. A lot of people here saying they have been using them for years, but they haven't even been in business that long. Also, Lora keeps posting the same review and seems to confuse Astrology Answers with someone else, she keeps commenting about someone named Mirena. Astrology Answers doesn't even have someone there with that name. I have been using Astrology Answers for 6 months now, and they are a reliable and good service. I thought About.com was owned by New York Times? Does that not mean you have to get your facts straight and think twice, maybe 3 times, before publishing any little thing? You could be sued for defamation and slander otherwise, just saying. I am a journalist so I know. Maybe you should stop posting fake reviews to get your ranking up Molly Hall, it's not real journalism. If this comment does not get published I will write an expose myself. Thank
—Guest Anna

Madame Psychic Anna Lopez

When I was at her house she said she wuld break open a egg and if yoke came out i wuld have 7 years of good luck with love but if blood came out i wuld have 7 years bad luck. Well guess what she made fake blood come out the egg and I no its fake becoz shes a faker. Well anyways then she wanted five grand to complete the spell work. I said I dont have that kind of money and she said she wuld go with me to the atm or my bank. I told her no and she said that something bad is now going to happen to my family. So i went to the bank and took out the 5 thousand and gave it to her for her supplies to do the spell work and now she dont return my calls. Everytime i call her a young child answers the phone and says she not here. Im waiting for the good luck but so far only more bad luck. I don't know whether to go back and see her or not.
—Guest Yolanda

Astrology Answers

I out of curiosity went to the site and got the "free" reading and than "Adrian" sent me an email about how" urgent it was that I do the "life changing astrology guide" It included 5 digital books FOR FREE he said. For only $67. I wasn't going to spend that so I didn't reply. Next day I got 2 more emails from "Adrian" and he said because I was at a time where many things were changing and it's important to know what to do, he's going to do something he NEVER does and I can't "tell anyone"- he was going to lower the price for me to $42." Dumb a** that I was, should have known better but for that amount I figured ok what the heck, I'll do it. Well, here I am 4 days later and NO astrology guide yet he keeps sending me emails asking me what I think of the "guide". I emailed that business 3 times w/no response to any email. I"m not reporting this to paypal. Bunch of scammers!!!!!

Psychic Charles is a racist

He made me the last client on his list for the day, okay? What does that tell you? Then he gets all rushed at the 14 minute mark and remind me I payd for 15 minutes and do I have just one more question. If I was white wuld he rush me like that? I am a edgucated women and I don't need to be talk down to becoz my race. Anyone using him shuld no that if yhou are a women of color you will be treated as such. I have complained to the webmaster on his web sight and hope to get him fired for this. I may also tell sertain people in the media. Don't go to Psychic Charles becoz he don't no what he taking about.
—Guest Lowenda

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