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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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is a scammer i sent her 20 dollers and most stupid reply she hassled me till i gave in dont get caught in her lying web
—Guest auzzie


I applied for a "free reading" from Gabriella, and after a few emails she "reduced" my fee to $20US for it. Since then, she has been sending me up to 7 emails a day wanting me to order more readings, pendants, books etc. She keeps saying we are 'friends' and why haven't I answered her emails? I am so tired of being harrassed by these so-called professionals on the web! I have told her I am on a pension and very broke, but it doesn't make any difference. I am a tarot reader myself, so why don't these people do what they are advertising? If it is FREE, why do we need to send money??!!
—Guest Justiceonline

Tara - Scammmmmmeeeerrrrr BIG TIME!!

I have several email accounts and I must say that I kept all my emails i sent her and sure enough all my emails got the same response and info. I also wrote to her asking if subscribing to her and her asking me for $$$ was an ongoing thing. Her reply back to me was, she's so busy that she only replys back to her members and ONLY members will get emails from her. She can keep her emails which i'm sure she has plenty of people that have given her their hard earned money. I truly feel sorry for people that have gotten scamed, but no matter how desparate one is (we all fall into this situation) we need to go with our gut instict. Our destiny is already planned out for us, it's how we put it to use and make the best of it. I want to wish everyone the best in all their choice of living...may everyone find all they're seeking. Don't waste your money on anyone online, especially emails that have empty words of promise. Seek within yourselves and you will find it, never give up on yourself.
—Guest Mary S (toronto)


me and my friend sent Tara our details and were shocked she sent us exastly same reading and same lucky numbers etc.we ewre born at different time at different place only thing was diference was we both are different people .last 3 reading sent to us the same not even slight different.my friend got cut price offer I asked but was blanked out.WE think she is asking for money from people for doing nothing ,she got same prediction for every one who get in touch with her. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HER.
—Guest anthony

Con artist: Reading by Maria

Hello readers, I am a very smart professional evolving in New York City and despite my faith in God, my alertness and my multiple degrees, I got caught in a similar psychic fraud! In a span of 1 week, that repulsive devil in disguise was able to extract a total of $960.00 out of me!! I want to share my story as someone else’s story prevented me from giving her an additional $9,000.00, which I was about to withdraw from my retirement funds! The scammers name is “Maria” – She hands out pamphlets in the streets of New York and most frequently hangs out on 7th or 8th Avenue in Times Square, and around Grand Central on the East Side. She has an apartment on 41st Street and 2nd Avenue and does readings out of 939 8th Avenue – Suite 200, between 55th and 56th Street and also has another location on 51st and 7th Avenue according to her pamphlet. Her cell phone number for now is 646-643-9149. She is a petite blonde hair gypsy, who seems so innocent but only has evil intentions. I am glad I wo

Beware of this so-called astrologer

His name Galen Halimar.I bought a report from him which called future prospects. I thougt I would receive a detailed answer to my question but instead he sent 1 year transit report.it was a computer generated report and offered by some respectable astrology sites for free.I mean I paid for something which can be found easily on internet for free.To hunt his victims he says on his webpage that he will refund money promptly if any one would not satisfied by his report. Of course this is a huge lie and sure no money refund at the end, plus if anyone asks for a refund he attacks and couch a reply in insolent terms.so stay away of this site astrologyhoroscope.com and this vulgar person .if you need a astrology consultant make a thorough search and look for a open adress and contact number on their website.Because one of the main indicator of charlatan and scammer astrologer is there is no open contact informations on his website.
—Guest Nazan


Scam. A group of us sent for our horoscopes from Tara. With our own details and we got identical horoscopes. Truly amazing in view of our different ages!
—Guest Heather

Jhair Jamin

I agree with guest reader, would love to know if it is a scam, but haven't been able to find much information. I have almost been fooled by Pasqualina, so but found out it was a scam just in time. Does he handtype his predictions or are they all just computer generated?
—Guest Guest Sarah

response to arty

hi arty and all readers. i ordered tara's reading awhile ago. she told me some stuff that was intresting but i did'nt like when she said i had a negative cloud following me and $400 would take that away. i asked for my money back and got about a third back. i ordered from gabrielle also for $80. i asked my bank if they could cancel that but i haven'nt heard anything yet. be wary and do your research first. bobby
—Guest bobbyauto


I sent and paid for a reading,which I have never received. I have emailed her several times requesting my reading,but still nothing.I am still receiving emails for readings from her.Tara is a scam.
—Guest Kayla

Jhair Jamin

I recently received an astrological analysis of my life by Jhair Jamin. It was in many lengthy sections with bewildering titles such as 'Mercury in Fourth House', Venus in Fifth House' etc. I found many true statements about my personality and life history, but much more that was not true. The report literally described all types of personality, talent and career and life path, but initially, because I was so fascinated by what was right, I ignored the mass of material which was wrong. This is how the con-merchants operate, and how people are taken in by them. Since the first report, I have had had more e-mails from Jamin, saying I need more astrological help to understand and make the most of earth-shattering events which are about to happen to me, urging me to pay yet more money. Best ignored.

who knows

i have started to get the emails from Jhair Jamin, and like mentioned above its the same doom and gloom if you dont respond, and i agree, stay away from tara, she does continually ask for money and i orderred a reading from her and it said nothing, not that i wanted lotto numbers etc, but it was full of the same repative stuff
—Guest anyoneoutthere

Jhair Jamin - Not a Scam

To answer the previous question regarding Jhair Jamin. I got one of his Astrology Readings last month and it was very accurate. I have tried several different reports on-line and Jhair Jamin was by far the best. They offer a money back guarantee so that alone tells you they are not a scam. Be very careful with Tara and Gabriella Psychic. Those sites I feel are definitely scams and they will never give you your money back if you are unhappy. Hope this helps.


I once responded to Tara and paid the money she had asked for but after that she kept asking me to pay more money at every turn and that is when I lost my trust.
—Guest maffy

uncertain with guest reader

I have my doughts about Jhair Jamin too. In one of my emails he said AND I QUOTE "You know that you and I are no longer 21" I'M 15.
—Guest Maggy

from the article

I haven't been cheated by scamed astrologers, but now I have a question about J hair Jamin. Some months ago, I went online, and saw the website of J hair Jamin. I tried to send him my birthday to see what he said. First of all, he gave me a free reading that it did not really persuade me. After that he sent me his email and gave me a limited time to send my order for his books and my second reading. I ignored it, after that he send me warning words about my future if I did not care for, then i clicked on "unsubscribe". Now these days I saw his email, he told he has known my future and continuously to send me email to suggest me to buy my readings prepared by him and his book. I googled him, but less information about him, no words said that he is a scam. I has a feeling that he is a scam, but I did not find the website to tell to riff of him. Really, who is J hair Jamin? Is he a good astrologer, or a scam?
—Guest reader


I do not have story, I am just writing to ask if anyone has had astrology emails from 'Tara'. If so, are they legitimate or scams ? Please contact me if you know, thanks.

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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