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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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@Guest Pink63

As always, the grass is greener on the other side.... there were times I almost said aloud... cmn you gotta be kidding me... again today??!! And one of the instructions... do not try to get a read on the other person... this works in your favor :)
—Guest Rose20

@Guest and Rose20

@Guest Guest, great advice. And Rose20, at least you can see your ex at work. Mine completely out of my life.... So hard.
—Guest Pink63

@Guest Pink63

Just Christmas and New Year greetings, however I had to let Chris Golden know if it would be right for me to send out greetings.... but I do pass by my ex but he's accepted that I would ignore unless he makes the move which is as per instructions. But seriously...follow the instructions given, I have messed up unknowingly and Christopher made the time to talk to to understand the situation & work through it.... so its kind of like a restart for me again.
—Guest Rose20

Psychic Christopher Golden

Been going to him for years. He's a combination of being warm / caring and at the same time total tough love. He won't email you just to reassure you or coddle you. If he has something important that you need to know, you'll know it. He's like the brilliant surgeon who gets the job done but doesn't have time for a lot of hand holding. But one thing he does not do and that is ignore people. Just be patient. That's my advice.
—Guest Guest


Hi Osiyo Let me assure you that Astrology Answers, Katherine, our website and our services are real and here to help. Astrology Answers looks at various factors surrounding your life including your Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth and Star Sign. While it is not economically feasible to personalize every free sample reading that is requested, I assure you that every purchased reading is 100% personalized and no two are alike. We have helped thousands of people reach a higher level of happiness since we opened our doors in early 2013. You can check out our Facebook community with over 17,000 followers at: https://www.facebook.com/AstrologyAnswers Also learn more about us by visiting our website and checking our testimonials http://astrologyanswers.com/ If you do have inquiries about Katherine, and AstrologyAnswers.com please email me at astroclientcare@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Sincerely, Susan Head of Client Care
—Guest Susan, Astrology Answers

@guest guest Ariel

Amen! I feel the same. Chris said my ex. will contact me. he said it like the sun will come out and the moon. I believe this man has a gift to help us.
—Guest Diane

Chris golden energy work

Chris is not God people. He is human like us all. His religious preferences are none of my business because mine are none of his. I don't feel my life is on hold because that's just physically impossible. No one can make me "wait" or "hold on" I wait and hold on if I choose because it's a cause that I believe in. But in the process I'm still living. Still loving, still working, still being who I am. Chris golden had given me accurate advice, he's says he will never force two people together, there has to be love already there. That's commendable on my opinion because there's some people out there who would do anything, even forcing another person on someone else which isn't cool. If my ex don't come back I know in my heart I will be absolutely fine. I made it this far and I know I'm a great catch, I'll find love again. But he will come back. I feel it. I know it and I trust golden. Just waiting for the sweet day. I will tell my success story when my ex and I reunite
—Guest Guest Ariel

@Guest Brit, Rose20 and others

@Guest Brit, I am trying to find your blog however unable to locate. How often did you communicate with Mr. Golden? Also Guest Rose20, did you ever hear from your ex at all???

@Guest Brit, Guest Rose20 and others

How often were you in contact with Mr. Golden? Also Guest Rose20, have you heard from your ex at all?
—Guest Pink63


I'm so happy to hear it Chris Golden was able to reunite you with your ex, that does give hope for others still practicing patience. I can't find your blog, can you give the domain XXXXX.blog.com. And did you have any of the symptoms that can occur with the energy work?
—Guest Guest

Finding it hard

Im finding it hard to keep positive or even enthusiastic about CG. The reason for this is that I've paid for a consultation a week ago and I haven't heard anything back as yet... how do I know for sure that this is work for me, or know that he will get back to me?
—Guest Sarah

Support @Guest rose20 Others

I want to support you ladies on this journey towards your energy work I have started a blog for people who are waiting to see results it is very important that we have a support group I know you ladies will have a good outcome I just want to keep encouraging you ladies you can go on blog.com finding a good Pyschic just give Chris Golden a chance I'm still in shocked that this man helped me get my love back I was in depression I thought this would be a waste of time but he proved me wrong so don't give up stay strong and hang in there.
—Guest Brit

@ guest Brit

The one posting these crazy reviews is probably one single guy that seriously needs to see a psychiatrist. Let's ignore him.
—Guest Isa

Christopher Golden Reunited By The Real

Mr. Golden is the real deal he does not scam anyone!!! I paid a little over 1000 for the energy work all together it's expensive but it's really worth it I had a positive outcome I'm going to keep going back to Mr.Golden he is a genuinely nice man I'm reading this negative feed back why are you people trying to throw shade at this man ??? I got reunited with my ex it took a month and a half I'm glad I didn't give up. This man is the real deal he is honest with you he doesn't sugar coat anything if he say he is going to do it then trust me he will get it done you just have to hang in there I know its emotionally draining and frustrating but you gotta stay positive and meditate whether its two times out the day for 15 - 30 mins keep a journal write down your thoughts and how you feel. Remember Follow the instructions and don't mess up and everything will be alright ;-)
—Guest Brit

Psychic Christopher Golden

have a sneaking suspicion that Psychic Christopher Golden is secretly running some kind of escort service or brothel. I know I am crazy, or sound crazy, or maybe both, but think about it... he is a psychic, and he says he can get people back together. I think, really, I mean, really really, he is not actually getting people back together with their exes. I think, and I heard from a friend who may or may not exist, that he is actually hypnotising people, or mind washing them with his psychic powers into believing they are getting back together with their ex, but really he is putting them together with one of the girls or guys in his escort service. That's right - he's just a pimp using his psychic powers to make money. And he's running for class president too.
—Guest Jeff Smith

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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